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The annual Hungary’s largest Tourism Trade Show and Exhibition took place at the Hungexpo … letting folks to go around five continent within a week-end. Getting to know close and far countries culture, the beauty that lies in them and the trade marks in their gastronomy.

Uncountable discount offers of domestic and international travel were at the visitors fingertips.

At the Travel Exhibition was Tunisia as the guest of honor  and at their press conference reported the country’s concept of unified marketing. Tunisia’s ambassador to Hungary- Abderraouf Betbaieb said that much thanks to the our country because of the support from Hungary during the course of the transition to democracy.

Ben Zakour Leith –  Director of the Tunisian National Tourism Office, said that with pleasure by saying “Tunisia reopened tourism representation in Budapest”. This year, new approach set to develop the image of Tunisia and Promote the country, and do their best to raise awareness to Hungarians towards Tunisia as a destinations. Within the media promotion he wished to present and introduce in a creative way how anyone to visit Tunisia can relax and explore in one day traveling  from North to South… from East to West exploring different venues, for example, can bath at sunrise in the morning on the Island of Djerba …  traveling during the afternoon hours trekking riding on a camel in the Sahara -… spending time in the land of culture at ancient Carthage …  splashing into the Sea and enjoying the sandy seashore … participating at traditional folklore shows …  excluding the day having a Thalassa therapy treat. ALL IN ONE DAY! Mr. Leith also added: Quote: ” a large-scale advertising campaign will begin from May through  Hungary’s commercial televisions and online sites. Also on tram in Budapest line number 4 and 6  as well as the number 47 and 49 will advertise Tunisia’s tourist attractions. Among the agency’s medium-term plans are that by 2016 the number of Hungarian visitors  to Tunisia will reach the number of fifty thousand.”

At the Tunisia booth, fashion show of gorgeous folk art outfits, as a gift, a  Tunisians artist wrote Hungarians names in arabic language, which was a great success and having the Tunisians musicians and dancers holding a short performance to please the audience.

Last but not least, the Tunisian Ambassador to Hungary invited the media representatives to the Budapest’s  Amphitheater of the French Institute  to the Tunisian National Folklore Ensemble evening’s show combined with Tunisian snacks and indeed a very tasty fruit liquor and wine from Tunisia. This event was  an arrangement within the frameworks of the Francophone  Festival.

Video at the Hungexpo Travel Exhibition – Tunisia booth:

 National Ballet of Tunisian Popular Art at the Amphitheater of the French Institute, organised by the Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Hungary disclosed on April, 7.:

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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