Herald News: Millennial closed culture – Treasure of the Incas @ Budapest

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The glittering gold treasures ended the legendary 1000 years of the Inca Empire!

Exhibition from March, 13. 2019.

Venue: Komplex Event Hall

District, VI. 26. Király Street – Budapest

More than 100 Inca gold items arrived to Budapest. The value of these items worth over 3 billion HUF … (11 million US$ ). The JVS director expressed gratitude to the Peruvian government for lending high-value items.

The legendary gold treasure of the Incas consists of gold jewelry, religious items, masks, and symbols of power from the collection of the Peruvian Gold Museum operated by the Mujica Gallo Foundation and enriched with special ceramics lend from the Thúry György Museum -Hungary, exhibiting Chancay culture 1100-1450 AD from Nagykanizsa and Colima culture 200BC-500BC from Science University – Szeged.

The exhibition is brought to Hungary by the Czech event organizer, the JVS Group. It is the biggest gold collection in the world. In the previous years the JVS Group held breathtaking exhibitions such as The Titanic, Body and World of the Mummies in Budapest.

Walking through the exhibition area is as walking back in BC and AC age, giving a great insight into the life of the enlisted cultures, which have flourished and present how gold became the source of so much suffering in the Peruvian highlands and during the conquest of Central and South America.

For centuries, the Incas from the Andean damp mountain ranges to the desert and the shore to the Ocean, within thousands of kilometers of power … the Sun and their Gods, as well the Warmth of Light, and Life Gold was their rulers.

The mystery of bloody rituals and the cult of gold as divine essence literally creates a mythical empire of the Incas civilization. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, artworks the flourishing cultures, the blood covered the glitter of precious metals was destroyed on the South American continent.

The Inca Gold exhibition represent an extinct civilization,  but also its predecessors, so that some artefacts age 2600 years is on show to the visitors of today, what a fascinating culture they have created and is left behind. Come and get to know this millennial closed culture!

Visit the Gold Exhibition in Budapest and find out just how rich Peruvian civilisation a thousand years ago.  Foreigners living/staying for the time  being in Budapest, locals and families are awaited with interactivity, virtual reality, VR corner and treasure hunt adventure programs.

Over 150 original exhibits … 100 gold artifacts from South America … Painted potteries from Hungary can be seen on 900-1500 m2 exhibition area.

“Originally, the Inca name was the ruler of the Quechua tribe, but today the people and culture of the whole empire he ruled are designated by this name.”

Ticket price: 3800HUF – 4400HUF

Opening hours: Daily 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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