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The Harvard Krokodikloes Concert in Budapest

Thursday, August, 10. 2017.
7 p.m.  –  CEU – Auditorium,

District, V., 15. Nádor Street

The concert is co-hosted by CEU and Harvard Club – Hungary

Now-a-days the summertime in the City Budapest ain’t easy, the temperatures  becoming to rise higher-and-higher, but to forget for a short while the heatwaves, entertainment and relaxation is a fine opt.  to hang out with friends to enjoy the choir’s emotional performance.

From Cambridge to Cape Town to Carnegie Hall, the Harvard Krokodiloes have delighted audiences worldwide with their unique blend of a cappella harmony and humor. Founded in 1946, the Kroks are Harvard University’s oldest and finest a cappella singing group. Having derived their name from the ancient Greek word for crocodile, the group of 12 tuxedo-clad male undergraduates sing music from the Great American Songbook and beyond.

The Kroks, who perform over 200 concerts every year, are in Budapest as part of an annual 10-week, 6-continent world tour.

The Kroks have recorded over 30 albums and performed at Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, and the Sydney Opera House.


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KAFF – Report on the Animated (documentary film) of Celebration of Australian Animation by Monahan, Craig – 2017 – Hungary.

Summer fun at the KAFF 2017: Animation Celebration in the City of Kecskemét – Hungary

The biggest festival of animation in Central Europe!

Hopping back in time  – Kangaroosism.

KAFF moreover was not only for the animation film’s addicted individuals, but spectators with families were also present.

Film coils rolling back in time … The Aussie artists had already made animations and cartoons as a hobby for over 50 years for domestic and as special request from the States. But before that era comic strip artist established  animation starting in 1917. Easy to see they have a hundred years of history. Even before the sound cartoons, during the silent film era was made Felix the Cat (from head to toe „dressed” in black and living in „Pussyville”) by creator Pat Sullivan – Australian cartoonist, film entrepreneur, owner of the Felix character. The cartoon was extremely popular world-wide and don’t forget  this was years before Disney films came to life, but upon arrival in the „20’s the whole style of cartoons changed.

„Art takes 2 and is the shortest distanced between 2 artist! If you got imagination then you can make cartoons. In Australia a lot of kangaroos and bats, so the basic was there… there was in those days no Book of Animation so had to make it up” said by Will Owen.

The revolution in broadcasting cartoons on TV channels all started with the jump of Freddo the Frog who became nominally the star, the scene-stealers … it is a little-known fact that Freddo Frog was the star of the first Australian television cartoon. More than 50 years ago it hopped out. At first it was broadcasted on Channel 9s long running children’s program, later debuted in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Around 50 episodes were made and kids in those days watched Freddo’s cartoons which each lasted 5-minutes.

Australian animators have made cartoons on request for US orders. For instance … Hanna-Barbera co-operation started with the Flintstones and thereafter many other cartoons created and produced in Australia apart from the voices.

Serious time from Overseas under political pressure were the Hitler cartoons showing how to kill people without dirty your hand. Also in those days at Church in Sydney was sang „I like airplane jelly” that was pretty strange to have happened. At the cinemas films were screened: „Back to Attack, Victory of War, before and during the intermission the full-length movie was cast.

In 1954 cartoon was actually a very important part of Australia’s animation history. Animated by Eric Porter Studios for Columbia’s Color Classics, this film and 52’s was very hard to find Rabbit Stew, represented all of Australia’s theatrical cartoon shorts during the golden age of animation.

In the 50s became popular to create animation commercials as manipulation to buy certain products as: Suzy Q … Pepsodent toothpaste etc.

In the 60s the wind-swept into the „free life style” giving much more freedom to the animators. From that era „Adam and Eve” was award-winning film.  And by the ’80s became most popular to express adding emotions with animation.  Mentioning just two terrific bands, probably seen by thousand-and-thousands through TV channel: INXS  – “What you Need”and Don’t Dream It’s Over” the song by the Australian rock band Crowded House.

Summing up the brilliantly organized KAFF animation film days spent at Kecskemét – the Capital of Animation Films, can only quoted by words from Yoram Gross … “The secret to animation is imagination and within that drawing funny pictures”

Academy Award winner and nominee Australian shorts were also featured. A separate program was organized for the best female animation directors of the ’90s, and the newest Australian animated shorts, selected by Malcolm Turner – Director of Melbourne International Animation Festival.

One of the highlights at the KAFF was Australia‘s full-length animation the Grendel, Grendel, Grendel

An animated story covering the ancient legend of Beowulf, as narrated in a Monty Pythonesque way by Grendel himself, the “monster” in the legend. Director: Alex Stitt (as Alexander Stitt)… Writers: Anonymous (epic poem “Beowulf”), John Gardner (novel) … Staring: Peter Ustinov, Keith Michell, Arthur Dignam.

Animators and its lovers are more than welcomed next year around June at the KAFF Festival – Kecskemét – Hungary

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Herald News … The 13th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival! KAFF – 2017!

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The local festival of animated films is organised between

June, 21 and 25, 2017 at the City of Kecskemét – Hungary

KAFF is Hungary’s largest animation show and  definitely awaiting animation film lovers!

More than 400 films from 27 countries are to be screened during the Festival.

KAFF Festival is more than just  screening – watching the movies it opens a diverse range of talks with guest filmmakers , industry experts conference, exhibitions, concert and book presentation will highlight the event!

In just a couple of days … at the City of Kecskemét will open the screenings at the Animation Film Festival (KAFF). This year holds two festivals in parallel: the festival of Hungarian animation films and the international festival of European  animated features, TV- specials and TV- series.

Looking back in history, the  decision to organise a festival to celebrate both Hungarian animation and the city of Kecskemét itself was made over forty years ago with the foundation of the Pannonia Film Studio in Kecskemét. The era is customarily defined as the golden age of Hungarian animation film production. However, it was not until the mid 1980s, more precisely 1985, that the first Hungarian animated film review was organised, jointly by the studio founded in 1971 and the dynamically growing county seat.

In parallel with KAFF, the 10th Festival of European Animated Feature Films and TV-Films, running under a new name, together with the European animated feature films and TV Specials, TV Series ( to be continued at (Part2 update) will compete for the first time this year.  In addition to the festival favorites, many fairy tales and historical animations will be launched at KAFF event.

This year, the special guest of the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival will be Australia with introducing  animated films of more than one hundred years. The anti-German propagandistic short movies of Harry Julius, Cartoons of the Monument (1915) are considered as the beginning of Australian animation. However, it is Eric Porter who really pioneered the Australian animated history. As an enthusiast of Disney’s work, he opened his studio in Sydney, which functioned almost 50 years. The first 3D animated film, Slip Slop Slap (1983) was made here by Alexander Stitt, the creator of Grendel Grendel Grendel. The latter will be screened during the festival.

In the Australian programme of the 13th KAFF festival, a selection from jury member Dennis Tupicoff’s films will be shown. Academy Award winner and nominee Australian shorts are also featured. A separate program is organized for the best female animation directors of the ’90s, and the newest Australian animated shorts, selected by Malcolm Turner, director of Melbourne International Animation Festival.

Michael Dudok de Wit, director of the Red Turtle, visiting Kecskemét to the 13th KAFF. On Saturday, in the evening  June 24th, at 10 p.m. the work on the Oscar Award will be screened on the open canvas on the sophisticated main square at Kecskemét.

The Dutch director in France won the Oscars Prize in 2000 with his Apa and Daughter short film. First Animation, The Red Turtle was commissioned by the legendary Ghibli Stúdio founded by Hajao Mijazaki for nine years under. The film produced in the French-Japanese co-production was made by an international staff, including Kecskemét Ltd. The prize winner of the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes International Film Festival will be nominated for an Oscar Award in 2017. The cartoon, featured in the 13th European KAFF European Competition Program, tells the story of the encounter between a shipwrecked and a giant turtle with an impressive spectacle.

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The 4th Oktoberfest – 2016 – Budapest – Hungary

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September, 29. to 2 October, 2. 2016.

Get your tickets to Route Oktobertfest!

It’s your day … for the liquid bread lovers … as the Hungarians call the beer…   cannot complain … that’s for sure of lack of beer at the 4 days Octoberfest Festival in Budapest!

The world’s biggest beer festival this year will be rolling along to Budapest. So you can live in Hungary and be under the Big Tent and feel for the 4th time as if you were in the true land of Bavarian experience in Budapest!

The people of Europe and at several parts of the world celebrate their own way German way of celebrating the Oktoberfest beer. The more than 200-year celebration will bring together the beer lovers. The event is held in other countries as Munich, Paris, New York and Sydney and now for the 4th time the beers and delicious bowls of meals and finger food lovers on the parade ground in Budapest.

As known it is biggest brewing giants holiday! Just like around the world dancing party, Sramli mood music, official Paulaner Oktoberfest Shop and giant adventure park will be set up at the ’56’s Square in Budapest. In addition to our country’s international craft breweries and beer manufactories can be visited at the ont the spot at the „Budapest Street”.

Just as in  the previous years the locals and foreigners staying in Budapest may feel the atmosphere as just as being over in Munich.  Enjoy the „Beery Nights” programs with a bunch of  entertainments, when  the audience with over fifty artists and band, included… hosting Mr. President, Beatrice, Tibi Kasza, Gigi Radics, Gabi Tóth, Caramel, Charlie and others can feel the mood getting higher. The retro Sramli artist and band will also provide a great atmosphere. Beside the Bavaria  beer,  the best craft breweries from Hungary all on the spot and other country’s beers will be presented “tap on the spot” during the four-day event offering altogether a choice of hundreds of beers. To  higher the mood other two tents will be present the Hacker Pschorr tent and a Retro Party tent. 

Last year the tickets were sold out as a wink, therefore if your intention to be at the biggest beer festival of the year, you have to buy your ticket ASAP. Could be, that in a few days before the festival it will not be possible to get your tickets online, nor to buy tickets even on the spot!

Good Q. …What comes along with the purchased ticket … the custom-made Paulaner Oktoberfest Budapest mug as a gift only for pre-brought tickets. Anyway, if there may be some available tickets on the spot no mugs does not go with it. Food and drink coupons can be purchased online only.

These were all announced at the Paulaner Beer House – Budapest during the press gathering.

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