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Newsflash – XV. L1danceFest – Budapest – 2016.


L1 Association organizes its outstanding yearly event, L1danceFest for the 15th time.

This festival is a truly unique international dance festival in Hungary.

The association is preparing for a jubilee, for which they have expanded their yearly festival to a ten-day- long event including a three-day symposium, a three-day workshop block, a designer cooperation as well as a three-day showcase programme. Tickets are available at the festival venues and through the well-known tickets offices or online as well.
September, 13-15. SYMPOSIUM entitled Collectivity/Responsibility/Performativity with invited international guests, performers
September, 16-18. WORKSHOPS
September, 19. presentation of HUNGARIAN DESIGNERS
September, 20-22. SELECTION of SHORT WORKS (max 15 min)

Tuesday, September, 13.
1.30 pm CEU Christine BORCH (DK) From the forest to the sea
2.00 pm – 6.30 pm CEU Collectivity/Responsibility/Performativity Symposium 1st day (free of charge, pre-registration is needed, in English)
7.00 pm CEU Oleg SOULIMENKO (RUS/A) & Jasmin HOFFER (AT) Songs and Stories (free of charge)

Wednesday, September, 14,
2.00 – 6.30 pm CEU Collectivity/Responsibility/Performativity Symposium 2nd day (free of charge, pre-registration is needed, in English)
4.15 pm – CEU T.Bali/Rosinflux (H) Hanginstalláció (free of charge)
7 p.m. – CEU Dame de Pic/cie. Karine PONTIES (FR/BE) Havran (free of charge)

Thursday,September, 15,
2 p.m. – 7.10 pm CEU Collectivity/Responsibility/Performativity Symposium 3rd day (free of charge, pre-registration is needed, in English)
8.30 pm RS9+ Vallai Kert Dominik GRÜNBÜHEL (AT) & Luke BAIO (GB) Ohne Nix

Friday, September, 16.
11 a.m. – 1p.m. – Trafó Stúdió Tomáš MORÁVEK (CZ) workshop for lighting
1.30 p.m. – 3 p.m. – Trafó Stúdió ZENON Dance Company (USA) dance class repertoire
3 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. – Trafó Stúdió jaro viňarský (SK) contemporary dance class
5.30 p.m. MAMŰ Body’s Slim curator of the exhibition: KOROKNAI Zsolt DLA (H) closing of the exhibition
Valencia JAMES (BDS) AI_am project
Réka HARSÁNYI & Dóra Ida SZŰCS (H) Birth Réka SZŰCS (H) dancefilms
Zsolt KOROKNAI & Márta LADJÁNSZKI (H) Singular Resonance Performance
Helén Sára HORVÁTH (H) Transcendental, media based spiritual graphics
7p.m. – RS9+ Vallai Kert Cédric DUPIRE & Gaspard KUENTZ (FR) We don’t care about music anyway film screening (free of charge)

Saturday, September, 17.
11 a.m. – 4 p.m.- Trafó StudioTomáš MORÁVEK (CZ) workshop for lighting
4.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. – Trafó Studio VASS Imre (H) Waiting for dance dance class
7p.m. – RS9+ Vallai Kert John HEGRE (NO) Concert / Céline LARRÈRE (FR) & John HEGRE (NO) Average Bastards (free of charge)

Sunday, September, 18.
11 a.m. – 3 p.m. – Trafó Studio Tomáš MORÁVEK (CZ) workshop for lighting
3 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. – Trafó Studio BAKÓ Tamás (H) contemporary dance class
4.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. – Trafó StudioTami LEBOVITS (IL) In connection dance class
7 p.m. – – RS9+ Vallai Kert KOVÁCS Gerzson Péter/Tranzdanz & ÁGOSTON Béla (H)

Monday, September 19.
5 p.m. – RS9+ Vallai Kert ZIGGURAT Project (H) Floating work-in-progress premier
6.30 p.m. – MU Theater Céline LARRÈRE (FR) Papalačinke
7 p.m. – MU Theater L1 Egyesület (H) GOOSE-FLESH catwalk premier
9 p.m. – MU Theater FEKETE Péter Géza (H) & VARGA Zsolt (H) and friends concert

Tuesday, September, 20.
4.30 p.m. – Szlovák Intézet Budapest Roland SZABO (SK/H) L1danceFest – My point of view opening of the photo exhibition
6.30 p.m. – MU Theater KOVÁCS Kata (H/D) Blond Lady performance
7 p.m. – MU Theater showcase program 1
JOBBÁGY Bernadett & KERTÉSZ Endre (H) A Way Inside
ZENON Dance Comp. (USA) my very empty mouth
Uri SHAFIR (IL) The Koloklum
PATAKY Klári Company (H) we live happily részlet
tanzfuchs production/Barbara FUCHS (D) Ariel’s world pre-premier excerpt
VerTeDance/Halka Třešňáková (CZ) Heroine West pre-premier excerpt
Valencia JAMES (BDS) Between the World and Me premier

Wednesday,September, 21.
6.30 p.m. – Bakelit MAC KOVÁCS Kata (H/D) Blond Lady performance
7 p.m. – Bakelit MAC showcase program 2
Ruri MITO (J) workshop-presentation
Martine PISANI (FR) Jardin et Travaux excerpt
Francesca FOSCARINI (IT) Grandmother
Chris LEUENBERGER (CH) & Matthew ROGERS (USA) Desire & Discipline pre-premier excerpt
SZENTE Borbála (H/D) & Beto REA (MEX/D) Suspension premier two-women-machine-show (DK) A solo for the Duo work-in-progress premier
BERGER Gyula/ZÉRÓ BALETT (H) Spiral Inputs pre-premier excerpt

Thursday, September, 22.
4.30 p.m. – NTSZ-Marczi Közösségi Tér Talking through V4+ open discussion with members of KÖM by L1 Association
6.30 p.m. – NTSZ-Marczi Közösségi Tér KOVÁCS Kata (H/D) Blond Lady performance
7 p.m. – NTSZ-Marczi Közösségi Tér showcase program 3
Daniel RAČEK & Anna SEDLAČKOVÁ (SK) The Elegance of Quantum Bunny részlet
Ruri MITO (J) Matou
GÓBI Rita (H) & Andrea MILTNEROVÁ (CZ) Counterpoint bemutató részlet
BLASKÓ Borbála (H) Hekabé részlet
HARASZTI-ZWIEP Adrienn (H) Inside out
Nadar ROSANO (IL) Red Belt

Throughout September, 6–20 two-women-machine-show (DK) A Solo for the Duo is on residency period in the invitation of L1.

It is required to register online for the symposium program (free of charge), please check the web-site.
Registration for the workshops beforehand is needed at

Partner and Supporter organizations:
Austrian Cultural Forum, CEU CAC, Croatian Embassy Budapest, Czech Center Budapest, Embassy of Denmark in Budapest, Estonian Institute in Hungary, French Institute in Budapest, Goethe Institute Budapest, Israeli Embassy in Budapest, Israeli Cultural Institution in Budapest, Japan Foundation in Budapest, Polish Institute Budapest, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Budapest, Slovak Institute in Budapest.

Source: L1danceFest 2016

Update Aggie Reiter

The „Csardáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen operetta celebrating its 100 hundred anniversary.

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The „Csardáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen operetta was composed by Imre Kálmán.

Exhibition and Gala night at the Operetta and Musical Theater – Budapest.

The „Csárdáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen is once again back home after its long journey to charm the Hungarian and foreigner audiences.

To the grand event arrived to celebrate with  the troupe Yvonne Kálmán, the composer’s daughter, the composer’s son, Charles Kálmán, his widow and his son, Charles Kálmán Jr. In addition to the current  performance, former legendary participants, director and foreign guests.also attended the Gala show. Zoltán Balog – Minister of Human Resources opened the „Csárdáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen  past 100 years operetta exhibition

The melodies of the Czardas Queen for the first time on November,17. 1915 rang in Vienna, at the Johann Strauss Theater. At the time being nobody would have had suspected that this is the beginning to a successful story that continues up to this day.  No surprise that at the original venue in Vienna the audience saw the show 533 occasion since after the 1915’s premiere.The piece was staged despite the WWI  also in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia and Italy. Probably not on my own by saying, that the melodies of Imre Kálmán’s, (born 125 years ago) right this minute is somewhere  around the world played either on stage, on television, on the radio, at a concert hall or within a gala show.

To Budapest it finally made its way a year later in November at the Broadway Theater.  Kálmán’s music was praised by the local librettist – P. G. Wodehouse saying:“The Kálmán score was not only the best that the gifted Hungarian ever wrote but about the best anybody ever wrote…”

The Czardas Queen musical operetta already toured all around the world and the audiences just alike in Budapest gave standing ovations, in Tokyo, Rome, Munich and in Amsterdam had pleasure to see the original play as it is on show at the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater. While in Salzburg and Prague was a co-production, directed by KERO® with the local stars on stage.

The Czardas Queen story in a nutshell: The story is about a hopeless love of the Duke Edwin to Sylvia, a star from the Budapest Orpheum. The family disapproves of the lowly relationship. The parents everything in their power to lure their son back to Vienna, where the have already chosen an appropriate girl for him, the Countess Stazi to help haste matters by buying a New York contract for the chanson singer Sylvia Vereczky. However, the dear foolish Count Bóni conspires to help the lovers, as does also the waiter, Miska and his twin brother Alfons … the butler at the house of Lippert-Weilersheim … and Uncle Feri, Bóni’s friend from the Orpheum. He is the main weaver of threads and is even ready to disclose the love of his youth, and Edwin’s mother hoping to succeed.

Unfortunately, cannot update about the evening’s performance, cause the tickets were all sold out.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter