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Peruvian National Day – Great Market Hall – Budapest.

August, 14 – 16. 2018.

District, IX. 1-3 Vámház Blvd. Budapest … On the Pest side of Liberty Bridge.

The National Days events is organised within the co-operation with the Municipality Hall, Market Board of Directors and the Embassies in Budapest.

It is a fine time to discover the products  from Peru such as … culinary delights, cultural and items from their natural treasures. Also having a peck of authentic handicraft, ceramics, stone figures, hats, ponchos, typical folk art art’s musical instruments, such as panties, jewellery and many more eye-catching items.

The National Day in Budapest of course, not just for the locals but for the tourist during their stay in Budapest to discover or for those already visited Peru to bring memories and purchasing some items.  The tourists visitors at the same time can take a peak at one of Europe’s oldest huge market hall three-storey building.

„At the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, after Budapest was formed by unifying Buda, Pest and Óbuda, the city begun flourishing and expanding.The chaotic outdoor markets could no longer adequately supply the growing number of inhabitants with fresh produce.The city leaders decided to build covered market halls similar to those in Paris and other Western European cities. The building itself was dressed up in the 19th century with a unique architecture, colorful porcelain ornaments from Zsolnay – Porcelain Manufacture Ltd. Also won the 1st place by the CNN chose among the 5 most vibrant city markets in Europe, followed by Mercat de San Josep de la Boqueira in Barcelona, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the Portobello Road market in London and Les Puces in Paris .

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The Nazaroff Brothers – Soul Exodus



Musical documentary film – Distributed by: Mozinet

The film will be out screening throughout the country from

December, 15. 2016.

The Nazaroff Brothers –  four Americans and one Russian klezmer musicians produced a musical documentary on their world tour. This will be presented nationwide from December, 15. 2016. During the 93 minutes  Michael Alpert, Dan Kahn, Psoy Korolenko, Bob Cohen, Jake Shulman-Ment will make sure to provide a one-and-a-half hour entertainment for not only individuals with the same identity. The venues and songs loosen from everyday life.

The Band decided to explore Eastern European roots. Hitting the road in order to find the origins of their music, and  to learn about themselves, the past of their parents and their Jewish grandparents. A kind of reverse exodus journey from The West to The East … from New York to Paris, then on the road to Berlin, Budapest, Oradea and onwards further ahead.

Director: Csaba Bereczki, Screenplay: Csaba Bereczki , Cinematography: Tibor Nemes.

The film is screed in original English language with Hungarian subtitles.

Here a trailer:

The tickets will be available on the spot at the cinemas cash desk.

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SOUL EXODUS – Premier Pre-screening – Budapest – 2016.



Monday, October, 10. 2016.

Uránia National Movie Theater – Ceremonial Hall

District, VIII., 21. Rákóczi Road – Budapest

8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

The Nazaroff Brothers, five American klezmer musicians produced a musical documentary on their world tour. This will be presented across the country before the mid-December. However, before  the nationwide premiere, the film will be presented for the first time at the Urania National Film Theater in Budapest!

The Band decided to explore Eastern European roots. Hitting the road in order to find the origins of their music, and  to learn about themselves, the past of their parents and their Jewish grandparents. A kind of reverse exodus journey from The West to The East … from New York to Paris, then on the road to Berlin, Budapest, Oradea and onwards further ahead.

After the screening  there will be an opportunity in a conversation with the audience by the director Csaba Bereczki. 

Prices of the movie ticket: 1400HUF adult ticket and 1000HUF  for students, pensioners and teachers. Mind you, can only get a student, pensioner or teacher discount ticket at the time of buying the ticket at the cash desk.

The tickets are available on the spot at the cash desk.

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The 4th Oktoberfest – 2016 – Budapest – Hungary

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September, 29. to 2 October, 2. 2016.

Get your tickets to Route Oktobertfest!

It’s your day … for the liquid bread lovers … as the Hungarians call the beer…   cannot complain … that’s for sure of lack of beer at the 4 days Octoberfest Festival in Budapest!

The world’s biggest beer festival this year will be rolling along to Budapest. So you can live in Hungary and be under the Big Tent and feel for the 4th time as if you were in the true land of Bavarian experience in Budapest!

The people of Europe and at several parts of the world celebrate their own way German way of celebrating the Oktoberfest beer. The more than 200-year celebration will bring together the beer lovers. The event is held in other countries as Munich, Paris, New York and Sydney and now for the 4th time the beers and delicious bowls of meals and finger food lovers on the parade ground in Budapest.

As known it is biggest brewing giants holiday! Just like around the world dancing party, Sramli mood music, official Paulaner Oktoberfest Shop and giant adventure park will be set up at the ’56’s Square in Budapest. In addition to our country’s international craft breweries and beer manufactories can be visited at the ont the spot at the „Budapest Street”.

Just as in  the previous years the locals and foreigners staying in Budapest may feel the atmosphere as just as being over in Munich.  Enjoy the „Beery Nights” programs with a bunch of  entertainments, when  the audience with over fifty artists and band, included… hosting Mr. President, Beatrice, Tibi Kasza, Gigi Radics, Gabi Tóth, Caramel, Charlie and others can feel the mood getting higher. The retro Sramli artist and band will also provide a great atmosphere. Beside the Bavaria  beer,  the best craft breweries from Hungary all on the spot and other country’s beers will be presented “tap on the spot” during the four-day event offering altogether a choice of hundreds of beers. To  higher the mood other two tents will be present the Hacker Pschorr tent and a Retro Party tent. 

Last year the tickets were sold out as a wink, therefore if your intention to be at the biggest beer festival of the year, you have to buy your ticket ASAP. Could be, that in a few days before the festival it will not be possible to get your tickets online, nor to buy tickets even on the spot!

Good Q. …What comes along with the purchased ticket … the custom-made Paulaner Oktoberfest Budapest mug as a gift only for pre-brought tickets. Anyway, if there may be some available tickets on the spot no mugs does not go with it. Food and drink coupons can be purchased online only.

These were all announced at the Paulaner Beer House – Budapest during the press gathering.

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The 3rd “SZEM” Festival of European University of Dramatic Art – City of Miskolc – Hungary – 2016.


In just less than a week, the theater life will burst at the City of Miskolc holding its 3rd SZEM – Festival!

The Hungarian abbreviation of SZEM  in English stand for the word EYE.

Place and time where Europe’s young talent show themselves in front of the audience in Miskolc!

Wednesday, February, 3 –  Saturday, February, 6. 2016.

1. Déryné  street – Miskolc

Tickets available on the spot at the ticket office.

The SZEM (Európai Színművészeti Egyetem) abbreviation stand for  European University of Dramatic Art.

The preparations for the 3rd SZEM  Festival have had ended with entering a new phase! This year a new artistic director Máté Szabó and organiser Dávid Cseh. On stage will be introducing  local and international exciting performances arriving from Paris, Prague and Marosvásárhely.

Insight to the wide variety of programs:

Wednesday, February, 3, 2016.

Starting off with guest theater production at 7 p.m. Sándor Weörös: Psyché – University of Kaposvár, Faculty of the Arts, Kaposvár, Hungary – Chamber Theater

9.30 p.m. Official Opening

10.30 p.m. – Midnight – László Felhőfi-Kiss: Bath Inauguration

Thursday, February, 4, 2016.

10. 30 a.m. – Jens Raschke: Do fish sleep?  – University of Theater – Film Arts  – Studio Theater

5.30 p.m.-  GÓG  Theater Faculty of the Prague University – Dramatic and Musical Arts, Prague – Studio Theater

6.15 p.m.  – Play House – National School of Decorative Arts, Paris – Chamber Theater

8.15 p.m.-  Play House – National School of Decorative Arts, Paris – Chamber Theater

9 p.m. – Artist’s talks …  Studio Theater

Friday, February, 5, 2016.

5 p.m. – Zoltán Egressy – University of Art Târgu-Mureş, Târgu-Mureş – Studio Theater – Martonvásárhely

7 p.m. – Eugéne Ioesco: Improvisation – University of Art Târgu-Mureş, Târgu-Mureş – Chamber Theater – Martonvásárhely

8.30 p.m. – Artist’s talks …  Chamber Theater

Saturday, February, 6, 2016.

5 p.m. –  Charlotte Roos – Juli Zeh: Yellow line  – University of Theater and Film Arts, Budapest – Studio Theater

8.30 p.m.  – Artist’s talks …  Studio Theater

Gathering of Artists Talks with the Audience.

Another interesting program to be kept in mind  during the festival …

Every evening after the final performance of each day. These talks will be about the day’s productions, with special emphasis on the artistic work done by the participants. Everyone will get a chance to the share their views. The discussion will be moderated by Hungarian theater critic -Tamás Jászay. The invitation goes out to all the guests to take part in these talks. A fine time to learn more about the practical, aesthetic and philosophical aspects of these exciting performances. Also to get a glimpse into the future of theater arts in Europe! Beginning at 9 p.m. – Studio Theater.

From Shakespeare, Goldoni to Chekhov.

An exhibition of the 1st and 2nd year stenography students

It has become a tradition to hold unique exhibitions as a part of the Theater Festival. Therefore, beside the official programs of this year’s SZEM festival, an indoors exhibition can be visited of the 1st and 2nd year’s scenography MA students, from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts,  titled … From Shakespeare, Goldoni to Chekhov. This year’s young artists based their works on Chekhov’s Three Sisters and Cherry Orchard, along with Shakespeare’s classic Comedy of Errors, Goldoni’s Mirandolina.  They chose Hungarian theater spaces when designing their sets and they were both directors and dramaturgic of their imagined productions.  For the viewers, a young French designer bringing the diploma thesis will arrive from Paris. The exhibition consists of costume, puppet and set designs based on works by Shakespeare, Goldoni and Chekhov with very diverse material, with exciting experiments and interesting use of classic forms. The exhibition will be open throughout the time of the SZEM  Festival at the Foyer – Main Stage inside the National Theater – Miskolc. The exhibition will be open until the end of the festival. Place and time: 9 p.m. –  Studio Theater.

Here is a link in English language, for those interested to learn more about the National Theater at Miskolc …


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Herald News – DanteXperience at the 35th Budapest Spring Festival

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Welcome to the 35th Budapest Spring Festival, an event which celebrates art and bustling cultural programs at 170 programs on 43 sites for more than two weeks and last but not least …  one of the largest festivals of its kind in Central Europe.

The best-known and most universal poetic text of all the time returns to modern audiences in a new and grandly spectacular, production … DanteXperience.

Saluting to the two great artist … Dante Alighieri, who was born 750 years ago is well-known an important figure of the Italian culture and the finest romantic music of  Franz (Ferenc) Liszt.

 Friday, April, 24. 2015. –  7.30 p.m.

Palace of Arts – “Béla Bartók” National Concert Hall

District IX., 1. Komor Marcell Street – Budapest


Francesca da Rimini – Symphonic fantasy after Dante, op. 32

Liszt: Dante SymphonyDante’s Divine Comedy in poetry, music and images, a cornerstone of European culture, with an endless series of works of literature, fine art and music reflecting on it over the past centuries. In 2002, has been created a massive Gesamtkunstwerk of a production called Liszt, Dante and Doré: The Divine Comedy in music, poetry and painting, which was presented with great success at the Ravenna Festival, the Rome Opera and the Verona Arena. It went on, under the title Multimedia Dante, to be shown in other Italian cities, as well as at the Weimar Art Festival.

In 2005, DanteXperience renewed and extended the show both in terms of its technology and content, turning it into a breath-taking audio-visual journey.

For the Dresden premiere of his Dante Symphony, Liszt planned a „multimedia” performance, with a projection of Bonaventura Genelli’s illustrations of Dante’s work. The costs eventually proved prohibitive, and the plan was abandoned. A few years later Liszt and the young Camille Saint-Saëns performed the Dante Symphony, on two pianos, in the Paris home of Gustave Doré, the famous painter. 150 years on, this event came to suggest a synthesis of Doré’s own breathtaking Dante series and Liszt’s music, making reality of the composer’s dream.

Featuring: MAV Symphony Orchestra, Angelica Girls’ Choir (choirmaster: Zsuzsanna Gráf), Narrator: Chiara Muti. Conductor: Vittorio Bresciani, Assistant to the visual director: Gianluca Brigo. Visual director, artistic leader: Vittorio Bresciani.

Ticket prices from: 2500HUF – 6900HUF. To order ticket:

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The 100-year-old “Orient Express” world premiere musical show at the cultural center of Gödöllő was sold out!

Well, this was no surprise for the awaited performance on  December, 13. 2014., because the expectations were huge. On board  the Orient Express all viewers must have felt really rolling on the railway tracks back time. Within the musical several art style, music solution appeared, which varied through the country’s train stations. The Hundred Years’ War  ended the Orient Express  journey from Paris to the city of rough times in history with several names as: Atatürk, New Rome, Constantinople, to-day known as Istanbul.

The audience arrived to take part at this special two-hour journey and nostalgic atmosphere. Before entering the auditorium, had a peak at the small exhibition along the hallway showing  items from the eating room in the era when the Orient Express was rolling on the tracks from East-to-West and back-and-forth. The travelers   ticket was examined by the train ticket controller who worn that railway uniform from that era. Shortly after signaled the beginning of the show communicated via announcer indicating the time in minutes of departure from the Paris Railway Station, also with the loud horn blowing. Special VIP, as the mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komsic and Şakir Fakılı the Turkish ambassador also honored by their presence the world premiere unique musical show. A lineup of sponsors and several knowledgeable professional eyes were present to view the musical world premiere performance. The mayor of Gödöllő Dr. György Gémesi greated Mr. Mihály Babekmayor of the city of Szarvas, Ms. Ildikó Pécsi – actress, Mr. Károly Eperjesi – actor and Joshi Bharat – popular TV personal. The auditorium was completely filled with viewers also arriving from the capital and other provincial cities. Furthermore, way beyond the performance, the news spread crossing boarders, because there were viewers coming to see this awesome show from Prague and Vienna as well.

The actors from Békéscsaba Jókai Theater: Ms. Petra Gubin, Mr.György Szomor and Ms. Boglárka Farkas, Enikő Litauszki, Tünde Török – professional dancers were met with great enthusiasm from the audience. Péter Fekete brought many sights and sound within the musical … no wonder … his previous experience in working in the circus arts and having the illusionist’s past knowledge was spectacularly in use at the scenery elements, screenings and his great ideas appeared on the stage. The second part was more of the outbreak of the First World War, already showing the perceptible of pains and sorrow.

The grandiose, unique visual-world, luxury pieces was spiced up with the 15 years old  Percussion Talamba group. The superb Cimbaliband played nonstop throughout  the show. The Fricska (Flick) dance show was fulfilled with unmentionable fantastic energy. Most probably as the audience watching them laying the railway tracks, building bits-and-pieces of the bridge many held their breath, provoking the viewers of the symbolic meaning. The production was interactive as well, as the audience was pulled int he show becoming to add a little more sound with musical instruments which were handled to them during the break and together with the band in the pounding rhythm.

At the end of the performance the audience would not let the actors leave the stage. Over-and-over again the artists had to come out while around 15 minutes standing applause and cheers fulfilled the auditorium. Was really impossible to put a full stop to the production to have come to “THE-END!”

Sakir Fakılı, the Turkish ambassador expressed he has high hopes to see the show in Istanbul. A total of five foreign invitation already hit the day… I mean by night … at the end of the production, so number of attention already speaks for itself. Roaring applause maybe more than minutes waiting for the troupe to international guests arriving to the reception. As all gathered dr. György Gémesi Mayor of Gödöllő praised the magnificent work done by all on stage and thanked all the members bringing this awesome production and last but not least, for the theater lovers of Gödöllő this was real treat and were proud to have this world premiere in their city… which can be named as a pre-Xmas present to the City of Gödöllő.  Balázs Kovács – executive director also expressed his honor to have had brought to the House of Arts at the Cultural and Conference Center – Gödöllő this magnificent  production on stage and having the world premiere at Gödöllő.

At the reception after the show had a few minutes conversation with the Sarajevo Mayor Ivo Komšić, who said he absolutely wish to bring this show one day in front of the audience in their own country at the “Sarajevo Train Station” and will work together on this path with director Peter Fekete.  “It was a great performance and I am still under the influence. It was certainly classy musical performances that should be out to see not just in Europe. Not seen anything like this in amount of time. Congratulations to all the extraordinary participant in the show, and I look forward to not only the dream by director Peter Fekete to have come true, but to my dream to be fulfilled” said the mayor.

TIME-WILL-TELL! … hopefully it will not have to be only kept as a dream to wish to come true to have a train with the “Orient Express” logo which could take the musical artists on route from Paris to Istanbul to present this breathtaking production at each country’s city were once the Orient Express stopped previously before the First World War.

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