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Aftermath … Home Wellness No Longer An Unattainable Dream!

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Everything that is connected to the bathroom … visitors were welcomed to their comfort zone and chose their own taste of style.
Thousands of products from hundreds of bathroom and tile brands were open for 2 days on 7000 square meters at the Bathroom and Home Wellness Exhibition @ BOK Hall – Budapest 2022.

Considering that a bathroom is usually built for ten years or even more the interest was high by the visitors and on the spot were able to gain information about the products quality, practicality, comfort, innovation and durability.
The manufacturers also held presentations … tile by tile, piece by piece … to the public about the latest bathroom and home wellness developments and rolling up a number of unique innovations that have never been seen earlier in Hungary such as: a wide range of – vinyl flooring from Baudekor, showers from Hüppe.  Bau-Styl offering to choose from Italian, Polish and Hungarian coverings, German, Polish, Italian and Spanish sanitary ware, with unique ideas smart toilets that can be controlled from the application. Wide range of products from  Strohm-téka, such as: bathtubs, basins & bath cabinets, showers, accessories, WC & bidets and children’s jacuzzi.

Walking through the hallways heard from the exhibitors, saying they do not design bathrooms for homes they design them for people with their own ideas. Therefore, people can also make sure that home wellness is no longer just a dream, in luxury.

Most of the bathroom brands were presented in ready-made bathroom solutions, interiors, range of whirlpools, steam rooms, saunas and salt rooms. Those interested pick up a bunch of ideas on the spot without just flipping through brochures.

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“Q” & “A” Slovenian Culinary Heritage Into Hungarian Kitchen

Slovenian unique culinary journey on “Slavic Cooking” 

Most of Hungary’s food was formed and influenced many centuries ago by the cuisines of many different people kitchen … Turkish,  Italian, German, Bohemian-Moravian,  Polish, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Romanian,  during the Austrian Habsburg Empires expansion and also Jewish dishes just to mention a few.

It is no surprising foods migration to one and another  countries and becaming popular dishes kept boiling in today’s kitchens.  The Sloven foods are often simple and hearty. Many dishes are made with cream, such as mushroom soup, and pork sour soup. Horseradish with cream, a specialty of northeastern Slovenia, is often served with beef dishes.

In Slovenia also by experience realized “Cabbage” is a veggie which goes with many version in their gastronomy.

The Slovenian Cabbage Soup made its way to Hungary namely “Káposztaleves” which is a meaty cabbage soup that is often eaten on New Year’s Day. Káposztaleves is also thought to relieve the symptoms of a hangover, and this is probably the reason why this traditional Slovenian Soup became tradicional Hungarian soup is so popular on New Year’s Eve, but not to be confused with Korhelyleves or “Hangover Soup” which is known as one of the world’s greatest recipes with lots of paprika and 3 kinds of meat, topped off with a dollop of sour cream.

Hungarians call the soup (“Man-Catcher”) similar to the Sloven Cabbage Soup

Ingredients:  Ham hock, good size with lots of meat, 1 smoked sausage, ½  large head cabbage chopped or shredded, 8  cups of homemade chicken stock as a broth base or substitute or combined with water to make 4 quarts of liquid, 1  large onion chopped, 3 ribs celery chopped, 1 heaping tbs Hungarian paprika, 1 – 2  cups diced tomatoes, 1 or 2 Bay leaves. Add Sauerkraut (as much or little as you like), Salt & Pepper previously taste it. Sour cream to garnish.
Cooking Instructions. Saute onions and celery in bacon grease or lard, Toss in your cabbage, Add some S & P, Stir around until beginning to heat. Add your stock or water, ham hock, bay leaves and paprika. Bring to simmer. Allow to bubble on low for at least 2 hours. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Remove ham hock and dice the meat, placing it back into the broth.

Sloven Baked Mashrooms filled with Chesse

Ingredients: 12 whole fresh mushroom, 3/4 pound good quality of sliced Parmesan, mild Cheddar or Muenster cheese.

Cooking: Preheat oven to 300°F.  Wash the mushroom caps under running water, and remove the stems. Dry with paper towels. Cut the cheese into squares to fit between two mushroom caps. Make a “sandwich” of two mushroom caps with one square of sliced cheese between them. Secure with a toothpick, and place the mushrooms into greased pie plate or baking dish. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 to 30 mins until the mushrooms are tender, until bubbly and the cheese has turned golden brown.

Can be served up to 15 to 20 snacks, as an appetizer, but depending on the number of mushrooms can be a prepared for main meal as well with the same cooking as a/m.

The stuffed mashroom became one of the favorit yummy food in the Hungarian cuisine. It can be varied in many ways throughout all seasons. There is no limit in making stuffed mushrooms with all kinds of delicacies. Most of the work will run through… by the oven, and the result is very appetizing.

These stuffed mushrooms are full of flavour and a great way to start a dinner party. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Slovenia Potica Bread

“Q” What does Potica mean?

“A” A cake or bread filled with (ground) nuts, popular in Slovenia and in Croatia. (In particular, the Slovene variant of this pastry, in contrast to the Croatian variant, termed a povitica.

Slovenian nut roll is a celebratory bread baked for almost every important occasion and it is essential to the celebration of Palm Sunday and Easter. It resembles a jelly roll and is made of very thinly rolled yeast dough spread with a nut paste. The nut paste or filling may differ from region to region.
In Hungary namely different  … Chocolatey cocoa swirls, puffy dough and sprinkle of powdered sugar … this is the divine kakaós csiga (literally “cocoa snail”- cocoa rolls) and the dough can be include with chopped walnuts, pecans, poppy seeds, honey, butter, and dried fruits. There are around 75 sweet and savory traditional bread rolls around the world.

Ingredients:  3/4 cup of butter, 1 1/2 cup of sugar, 4 eggs, 3 cups sifted flour, 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder, 1 1/2 tsp. baking soda, 2 cups sour cream, 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla.

Prescription: Have butter at room temperature; cream with the sugar. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Re-sift flour along with the baking powder, and baking soda. Add the dry ingredients alternately with sour cream and vanilla beginning and ending with flour mixture. Spread 1/3 of the butter in a greased bundt or 10 inch tube pan. Top cake mixture with 1/2 of the filling. Repeat; spread remaining butter over all.

Filling: 1 cup ground nuts, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 2 tbs. flour, 1 tbs. cinnamon. Mix together nuts, sugar, flour and cinnamon.

Bake at 350 °F  (175 °C) on lowest oven shelf for about 1 hour or until toothpick inserted in cake comes out clean. Make sure cake is cooled completely before taking out of pan. Before serving, dust with confectioners’ sugar.

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„The Swan Lake” performance @ Erkel Theater – Budapest 2019



Erkel Theater

Monday, 2. December – 7.30 p.m.

Tuesday, 3.  December, –  3 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

District VIII., 30. II. Pope János Pál Square – Budapest

After a spellbinding performance of „The Swan Lake” of last year in Budapest. This year the Moscow Ballet is to showcase again the most beautiful gems of classical dance The Swan Lake Ballet. The performance will be on stage twice in 2019 for a culture-hungry audience.  The motto of the company is simple: to present the beautiful noble traditions of the classical dance theater to the widest audience and young people. it has been a pledge of uninterrupted success for thousands of audiences on five continents of the world – for over two decades now.

Set to Tchaikovsky’s magical and mystical score , The Swan Lake is one of the most famous and best loved works in the Ballet repertoire worldwide . The Royal Moscow Ballets production of Swan Lake is an irresistible combination of drama and tragedy set against the dramatic battle between good and evil.

Premiered by the Bolshoi was in 1877, “The Swan Lake” tells the story of Princess Odette, turned into a swan by a wicked wizard. Her near rescue by Prince Siegfried – played by Nijinsky in the classic 1911 version in London before his house arrest in Budapest – provides the ballet with its tragic ending.

The ballet troupe permanent participants of the Russian, French, Swiss, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Austrian, Irish and German theater people, but occur in Israel, in the Canary Islands, China, Korea, Japan, Malta and Sri Lanka.

The RMB has since given one thousand shows around the world, from Austria to Zambia, also toured with evergreen favorites such as ‘The Nutcracker’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Cinderella’.

The troupe was founded by Anatoly Emelianov, August 12, 2002 took place first show – and pillars of the Moscow intellectuals also attended the show. By the tenth anniversary of the dance group, had already staged 20 modern and 15 classical ballet performances, choreographed by Anatoly Emelianov. Since the group’s existence, they have toured in many countries such as Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya – the dancers have been staged in the immediate vicinity of Victoria Falls and the audience has received a huge ovation from Don Quixote.

Due to the rapid decline in tickets and the great interest,  “The Swan Lake” ballet troupe will hold an extra performance! On 3. December, before the evening performances, at 3 p.m. will include Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece at the Erkel Theater.

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Next spring will start the shooting of “Kincsem” – “My Treasure”, the wonder mare of Hungary!

The movie’s first run will be out in the spring of 2015.

The idea of making a film about “Kincsem” – “My Treasure,”  was born one day before the sunrise at dawn about five years ago  these were Mr,  Losonczi beginning words at the press conference at  the recent International Press Conference, held at the “Kincsem” Horse Racing Park – Budapest.

The movie is on the road in the  stage of preperation.The film’s script is by Mr. Géza Bereményi. The playwright Mr. Géza Szőcs, poet and Chief adviser to the prime minister who said, quote: the history of the one-time wonder horse can help to overcome the desire and knowledge to become important again in the Hungarian psyche. Mr. Gábor Losonci, the producer informed the press and media representatives, about the film as to be a joint co-production with British, Russian, German, Austrian and American team. Concerning the rolls, there will be six Hungarian main characters, and soon the casting will start. Two Academy  Award-winning actors (no names out), including the director from the overseas, United States of America. Even though we all at present were anxious to hear the names filling the casts, it  seemed to be early to get the answer. As we were told … “Until the contract is signed – sealed delivered  the secret remains a secret who are to come to join  shoting.the movie. “He also pointed out by „winning” the American stars, it will most probably tickle  the movie lovers to see what they are up to in this superb background history of  “Kincsem”, the wonder horse . Expecting to have a big audience to see  the movie.  Last, but not least the producer talked about the role to play “Kincsem” – My Treasure  as to be a tough job to exactly find the same  horse outside endowments.  He continued, saying the will be three horses just outside the stable. “Why three horses? Many may ask… we need to be sure to shoot the movie by not taking any chances, whether the horse is fit, reliable, energetic and just like the humans to count on having different temper and many other circumstances should be kept in mind.  So … the horses will go through the casting procedure as well. In Hungarian language, the horse is called  “Ló” by pronouncing the word would stand in English language  “Low” … i.e. the Horses will go through the “Low Casting” procedure. Yes, the words have different meaning, depending what language it is spoken, interesting  in sence of coincidences.  So, the crew will shop around in Europe, for the proper horse also visiting Baden-Baden. The producer also talked about the background remuneration of the two American actors and director, calculated budget and stated that the three fame make up half of the budget. Mr. Losonci also talked about the production costs He said, they are not taking advantage government support, nor from the Hungarian National Film Fund to provide the necessary resources. Most of the support are coming from the ground of entrepreneurs and investors.

At the press gathering we also found out why a question marks stood beside  Ms. Fanni Weisz’s name, the former beauty queen of Hungary.  The producer  revealed the answer to the question by saying Ms. Fanni Weisz will be the Goodwill Ambassador,  and also will play a role in the movie.  Ms.Elena Drapeko, Russian actress, first deputy chairman of the Duma Culture Committee, will also be in the movie as the Kincsem’s trainer as playing his wife. We found out one Hungarian actors Mr. Sándor Oszter, who for sure will be a superb role in the movie.

Also held  a ride on honor by  young talented  horseriders at the Kincsem Park and the goblets seen on the snaps were the prize for the first 3 winners.

Now about “KIncsem”, My Treasure, the wonder mare (CV) in a nutshell …

Many horse race lovers around the Globe have had probably heard about “Kincsem” –  My Treasure,  the wonder mare who was born on March, 17. 1874. The world-famous Hungarian horse raced 54 times and won all then races. “Kincsem” –  My Treasure career began quite early at the age of two years, her  trainer was Mr. Robert Hesp who use to live in England, and later come over to Göd – Hungary (outside area at Budapest). The racehorse was admired during its races while traveling half of Europe. Unfortunately, the discovering of joint injuries worn it out from racing at the age of six. thereafter, it  became a breeding mare, and had been taken to  Tápiószentmárton.  “Kincsem”  – My Treasure – passed away March, 17. 1887.

In the history of horseracing there hasn’t been a horse  who came even close to be as many occasions to be the champion like the “Kincsem” – My Treasure, who also achieved making the whole Hungarian racehorse breeding  to gain to be world-famous.

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