Run for a Reason! … Run for it in Budapest! … 30. SPAR Marathon – 2015.


October, 11. 2015.

9.30 a.m.

The Marathon festivals are organized by the BSI – Budapest Sportiroda (Budapest Sport Office) who organize these huge sport events in Hungary.

In less than two weeks expected  to be a real cavalcade at the biggest running event in Hungary, Last year 23450 participated in running through Budapest’s route that crosses the River Danube seeing both the Buda and the Pest sides. Beside the Hungarians, foreigner runners also entered the marathon arriving from 71 countries with a total of 2200 participants.

Just over 2,500 years ago, according to legend, after a marathon battle a soldier ran to Athens to tell the good news to the Greeks … We won!

Throughout the marathon weekend get ready for plenty of additional events to take place, including musical performances  around the open-air venues.

Distances: marathon, 30 km, Relay for 4, 10 km

Here is the route description map:

spar_map-570x1024 (1)

„UNICEF participates in the 30. SPAR Marathon  event by providing humanitarian assistance to children who live in a conflicted area.
Participating in a marathon makes you feel good for several reasons. You have the chance to achieve your individual goals and in the meantime you can fight for a noble reason, you can gain others’  attention to a serious issue and help those who are in need. The most recent case is the crisis in Syria, due to which 2 million children live in refugee camps. The neighbouring countries have to cope with the regional consequences. Globally 30 million children had to leave their homes due to armed conflicts. 
How does UNICEF help? …  Saving children from becoming refugees! UNICEF has been on the ground in Syria and in its neighboring countries for 5 years (Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Libia and Egypt), where we provide education, physical protection, psychological support, clothing, we immunize children against disease and provide millions of people with drinking water.
In 2014, in Syria and in the neighbouring countries UNICEF has achieved the followings: approximately 1.3 million refugees gained access to adequate sanitation systems and safe drinking water in refugee camps, to prevent measles 1.2 million children were vaccinated. 22.3 million children under the age of five were vaccinated against polyiomietilis, 376.000 children went to school, 163.000 children were provided with winter clothing, 663.000 children received psychological help in children-friendly centers.
Team UNICEF is a sport community where members link the joy of doing sport with the joy of giving and helping the most vulnerable children of the world. Join the Team today! Register:
Team members receive:  UNICEF sport T-Shirt … Regular updates of the community … Meetings, programs, photo sessions at your chosen race event. 
Source from UNICEF.

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