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The Best Light Painters Are Coming To Pécs – Hungary

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Pécs brings the highlight of autumn!

Attended at the press conference organized at the Cella Septichora Visitor Center @ the City of Pécs where a full overview  was given to the upcoming Festival of Light presented by Csaba Ruzsa, Deputy Mayor of Pécs. Péter Bleszity – festival organizer Zsolnay Heritage Management NKft. managing director. Tapodi Gabriella – Festival Director of Zsolnay Light Festival. Tamás Zádor – Zsolnay Light Art Light Painting Competition professional partner – Burning Bulbs
Serbian Light Beings – Mirror Crew

Was told … The Zsolnay Light Festival @ Pécs arrives between September, 30.  to October, 3.  with nearly 150 programs, including breathtaking attractions not found anywhere else in the country. The best light painters in the world compete with each other, and their international competition reveals who can best enchant the Cathedral of Pécs.

 Was told that the Zsolnay Light Art International Light Painting Competition attracts tens of thousands of audiences every year, three-dimensional light creations come to life on the façade of the Cathedral. The festival will feature the top 10 light artists, including Japanese, Italian, Ecuadorian, Spanish, French, Romanian, German and Hungarian artists. They receive a prize of € 1,000 to reach the finals, and the € 5,000 grand prize and the audience prize will also host the competition.

The country’s first and only light festival will be shown upon 23 venues @ Pécs, features dazzling light paintings and light installations, which form the Way of Light, which takes visitors into a dazzling fairy tale world during the festival … Day &  Night. 

After New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Toronto, the grandiose work of light entitled Talking Heads will make its debut at the Zsolnay Light Festival in Hungary, in the fountain in front of the Theater Square! The two human heads of 4,000 LEDs communicate with each other with light – providing an astonishing experience.

For the first time, there will be a Path of Light station outside the city center: in cooperation with the University of Pécs, a 6-meter-high light installation will be seen on the new campus of the Faculty of Medicine (12 Szigeti Rd.), forming a detail of a neural network symbolize the flow of information between.

The works come to life at the Csontváry Museum …The spectators can can see of leaves on the branches moving of the lonely cedar … a breathtaking vision bringing it to life.

The lightwork of the award-winning Italian fuse * art studio depicts the eternal birth and death of parallel universes through its spectacular light installation. The installation of László Zsolt Bordos invites the visitor to a meditative experience of three-dimensional Space and Time. In addition, the visitors can admire the magical garden of light, walk on the carpet of light, control illuminated mandalas with a touch, see a rainbow slide and there will be a “foliage coronation” that shows how to organically interweave forms of nature with light.

Exciting programs await visitors not only in the evening, but also during the day: concerts, street art productions, acrobatic circus performances, as well as breathtaking performances by international street theater, dance circus and fire juggler companies.
Peruvian-Brazilian Equilibra has already performed in more than 20 countries, a fire show reminiscent of a love story, spiced with a rope dance.
We have already met Papito, the diaphragm-moving clown, at previous light festivals, this time he sees his previous success as coming with his partner, Pepe.
Arriving Joli Vyann Company  – UK, creates an innovative fusion of circus, dance and theater performances; and the first variety company of Pécs, Savage Works, is also introduced; their latest performance, MAZE, leads you into a maze.

Thoughout  the Light Road – (Fény út) free to visit according to the current  health regulations, the Zsolnay Light Art Light Painting Competition, street art programs and concerts  will require a certificate of protection.

Most of the programs are free of charge, but the Light Path Extra locations can be only visited by redeeming an armband.

Riport & snaps: Aggie Reiter



„The Swan Lake” performance @ Erkel Theater – Budapest 2019



Erkel Theater

Monday, 2. December – 7.30 p.m.

Tuesday, 3.  December, –  3 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

District VIII., 30. II. Pope János Pál Square – Budapest

After a spellbinding performance of „The Swan Lake” of last year in Budapest. This year the Moscow Ballet is to showcase again the most beautiful gems of classical dance The Swan Lake Ballet. The performance will be on stage twice in 2019 for a culture-hungry audience.  The motto of the company is simple: to present the beautiful noble traditions of the classical dance theater to the widest audience and young people. it has been a pledge of uninterrupted success for thousands of audiences on five continents of the world – for over two decades now.

Set to Tchaikovsky’s magical and mystical score , The Swan Lake is one of the most famous and best loved works in the Ballet repertoire worldwide . The Royal Moscow Ballets production of Swan Lake is an irresistible combination of drama and tragedy set against the dramatic battle between good and evil.

Premiered by the Bolshoi was in 1877, “The Swan Lake” tells the story of Princess Odette, turned into a swan by a wicked wizard. Her near rescue by Prince Siegfried – played by Nijinsky in the classic 1911 version in London before his house arrest in Budapest – provides the ballet with its tragic ending.

The ballet troupe permanent participants of the Russian, French, Swiss, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Austrian, Irish and German theater people, but occur in Israel, in the Canary Islands, China, Korea, Japan, Malta and Sri Lanka.

The RMB has since given one thousand shows around the world, from Austria to Zambia, also toured with evergreen favorites such as ‘The Nutcracker’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Cinderella’.

The troupe was founded by Anatoly Emelianov, August 12, 2002 took place first show – and pillars of the Moscow intellectuals also attended the show. By the tenth anniversary of the dance group, had already staged 20 modern and 15 classical ballet performances, choreographed by Anatoly Emelianov. Since the group’s existence, they have toured in many countries such as Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya – the dancers have been staged in the immediate vicinity of Victoria Falls and the audience has received a huge ovation from Don Quixote.

Due to the rapid decline in tickets and the great interest,  “The Swan Lake” ballet troupe will hold an extra performance! On 3. December, before the evening performances, at 3 p.m. will include Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece at the Erkel Theater.

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Final results of the Nation’s Cheese Competition – Budapest – 2015.

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 The SZEGA Foods this year organized its III. Cheese Nations competition, having  17 countries race.One Hungarian and 16 internationally acclaimed cheese manufacturing countries competed in the traditional specialties.  Namely the competition was to select, vote for “Hungary’s favorite cheese” .

The qualifying round was held between  August, 24. 2015 until September, 8. At the SZEGA  market, district II.,  121 Erzsébet Ave. – Budapest  those folks interested to taste  fine cheese  could have voted on the spot or  may have shown their favorite cheese by visiting the store’s internet site. Was kind of challenge to really choose and vote for their favorites  from the 17 countries cheese.

After the first round the voting continued between  September, 9 to 13. By then many local and foreigner individuals selected  their kind of cheese. So the competition kept on running to receive  the title of best, most tasteful cheese of 2015 in Hungary. Day-by-day at the SZEGA Market the climbing up votes appeared  at the local display screen and followed on the internet.  The winner(s) were announced at  the venue of the 24th Wine Festival – Royal Castle on September, 13. 2015., The competition ended with an award ceremony.

Here are the result of the competition receiving  awards: 1st Pater – Hungary, 2nd Sartori Merlo  – USA , 3rd Provolone – Italy,  4th Comté – France, 5th Dubliner – Ireland.  6th Belgium –  Hervé La Bière, 7th Switzerland  –  Appenzeller .

This year for the first time, the United States of America,  as a guest nation,  also entered the Nation’s Cheese competition and the voter showed  surely their appreciation of the fine „Sartori Merlot„ cheese.

Unfortunately, even though the nations cheese were very flavorful,  yet excluded from the award, but still the audience very much enjoyed their cheese … Spain – Idiazabal,  Netherlands  –  Edam Balls, Portugal  –  Sao Jorge, Estonia – Forte Classico, UK -Leicester Red, Denmark –  Danbo, Germany  – Limburger, Greece –  Kefalotiri,  Austria – Mölltaler Almkäse,  Czech Republic – Zlata Praha.

Well it seems like for a year to the completion 2016 had come to an end, but for those who missed to taste these delicious cheese during the period in time, may not have to be down, because all year around at the SZEGA Market these Nation’s Cheese can be purchased.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter


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At 11.30  of this morning, October, 21. 2013. on the banks of the River Danube, between the Chain Bridge and the Elizabeth Bridge, on the fourth port on the boat named COLUMBUS – Restaurant and Pub held on board a press call by the Hungarian League Rugby Federation,  whereas proclaimed members : George  Nébald, Head of Sporting Dept. Ministry of Human Resources, Bálint Mézes Head coach of the Hungarian National Team, Zsolt Hobóczki board member at the Hungarian League Rugby Union, Mr. Zsolt Solti, Captain of the Hungarian National Team and Kata Huszti, Captain of the one-and-only Hungary women’s Rugby National Team welcomed the press representatives.

“First of all the main goal for the press call was to introduce and popularize the Association of Hungarian Rugby League.  Secondly, of nurturing a new generation, which allows to achieve international results, quoted words by George Nébald. Continuing his thoughts, Quote: “It is one of the main goals in Hungary to pursue sports activities to our children. Since the school year started this September, at every elementary school  kids have gymnastics classes everyday throughout the week.  In our age with the high-tech and gadgets kids are less doing sport and hopefully a lot of kids arriving with their parents thgis coming week-end to the Rugby Game will get into the mood and decide to join a rugby group/team.” Asked Ms. Huszti – Captain of the Hungary women’s Rugby National Team to talk about her input to her rugby  play and give some background info for my readers. In summary to my Qs she said the following: Quote.” I play rugby for the past four years, but basically for almost 20 years I am a handball player beside being on the ground of rugby. Our rugby team is based at the City of Székesfehérvár. We exercise 3hs/day. Our team is an amateur team. We have kids  coming from the age of 10 to 12 joining the rugby team. Also I give training lessons, get them workouts. We had already been in the „A” group at the European Championship. Played joint match with the Vienna’s Women Rugby Team. This year in June traveled to Paris with the Men Rugby Team and met, played, exchanged experience with the French, Italian women’s rugby players. This was a 3 days visit by the invitation from the Paris Rugby Team. We agreed to have annually this kind of meeting with the same teams and newcomer women rugby teams to join our training and exchange experiences. Plans are out to  be during the season of Easter with a 7days program. We are doing the best as we can on the field of rugby. Someplayers are still studying, having family and  kids and some are in the team beside their daily work.”

The Rugby League team will play its first RLEF (Rugby League European organized by the Federation) match with the opponent Greece rugby team.

In Hungary, the Hungarians only saw footage of the chaps playing rugby through the telly. Now coming soon, this Sunday, at 2 p.m. October, 27. at the Margaret Island Athletic Center anyone can go have a seat … no age limit 🙂  see a live match, holding the ball close to their heart or belly being on the run, as the „roadrunner”. Fine nice day … No rain is expected, said the weatherman.

The Hungarian Rugby Federation offers an invitation  TO WATCH – THE MATCH of 2×40 minutes by the Hungarian League Rugby Federation playing vs with the National team of Greece.

During the  two breaks the HUNGARIAN LADIES RUGBY TEAM will present  a seven-minute demo of their play.

As this sporty comes for the first time in Hungary, the event for everyone who comes along will be free of charge.

Disabled people in wheelchairs will hold a presentation as well.

The Greece team will arrive to Budapest on Thursday, October,24 and the host rugby team will take them on a sight and Hungarian delicious dishes tour in Budapest. Schedules are out  in   getting together, having joint workouts with the Hungarian Rugby Team before the final day comes for the match to take place. Many may know, yet refreshing  the facts is  sometimes worthwhile …  rugby league is a dynamic, highly visible, self discipline-specific sporty, which became in 1890 independent from the EU Rugby. The match is virtually the same, with only some minor differences within the final rules. Hungary under the EU disciplines have had been already present for many decades. The Hungarian Rugby Association organizes national events, participates as observer members at the European Federation of RLEF ‘s, and as well the Australian based global alliance of RLIF. The “Hungarian Bulls” team, as guests were invited previously  to pay a visit to the Czech Republic, Serbia and France. Now finally, the time has come to play for the first time an official RLEF match.

Prehaps not too far in saying, the number one sporty in Australia is the RUGBY! Therefore, the Hungarian organizers were pretty much happy to have  as guest players in the Hungarian Team of 2 foreigners players, both having Hungarian roots. The Mate need noto to be introduced, cause in the field of National Rugby Downunder in N.S.W. David Farkas name is pretty much known. The other chap, Norbert Csapó will  aslo join the Hungarian team arriving from the France being in the Paris Rugby Team,  he  also hasHungarian ancestry.These two persons have a hell of a lot of experience that will most probably strengthen the Hungarian team.

Both match  virtually  will begin in the same time.  The Rugby World Cup October, 26 with overall 14 teams taking part in the games. It’s going to be held in the U.K. The opening match will be at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium, while the pre-finals and finals will take place at the Wembley Stadium and at Manchester’s Old Trafford. Until the 30th of November the best-of-the-best Australian, British and New Zealand rugby league players will be on the spot. Hooray … for those being present at a real ball watching them live in catching the ball. The best and most famous sporty players have become real celebrities and national heroes in their homeland! Some names which at the moment doesn’t ring the bell for the Hungarians names such as  from the South: Benji Marshall, Sonny Bill Williams, Greg Inglis and Sam Tomkins from the North and also currently playing in the NRL the Burgess brothers. The Rugby League World Cup attracts sporty lovers like the magnet. Over one million people are considered to be in the stadiums, and hundreds of millions folks watching the match through the telly broadcasts to hundreds of millions of people. The biggest clubs have from 60000 to 80000 people cheer to their favorites.



Photos by József Lantai

Update by Aggie Reiter