Not only the beer taps will be open, but the Simple RuinPub  on the Kertész Street comes back to where it started in 2001 … being on the Beers Street again!

Saturday, January, 11. 2014.

Berlin Craft Beer Bar

District VII., 48 Kertész Street – Budapest.

The Simple Garden – Szimpla Kert ), was one of the first RuinPubs – RomKocsma to be opened at Budapest. The reason why it was named “RuinPub” in the first place, was of its building, being vacant and abandoned. The idea was to open a pub in that venue and that’s where it all started and then after named “Simple RuinPub”. Had large open-air inside garden with many rooms previously  functioned as  housings. During the weekdays worked as a Pub, but on the week-ends the garden was arranged for the thrift hunters and picnic tables for guests to loosen up. The place became pretty soon Budapest’s highlight for hundreds of people to come along, feel-good, having a beer, wine, cocktail and a bite of light food, in other words enjoying company and to dissolve of a weary day.  Was pretty popular by of  its trend-settings, a real cult place for locals and to visit by travelling youngsters to pop by for a pint of delicious home-made cool beer. Also the middle age folks frequently visited the place.

Saturday night the place will be officially re-open, whereas previously a whole generation of young adults grew up and revel in the culture blend of the pub. As time went by … on the first hand, it became one of the main tourist attractions of Budapest. On the second-hand, the place became the birth of the venue of gastronomic and beer delights.

The Simple was once again forefront with new trends and when teamed up with the members of the FőzdeFesztivál – BreweryFestival together exported the Hungarian revolution brewing to Berlin. The Hungarian home-made beer in Berlin is known as „Braufest Berlin”. In couple of days, the Braufest experience will be brought to Hungry, introducing the Hungarian and German relations by hosting beer lovers this coming Saturday, January, 11., at the Berlin Craft Beer Bar …at  the old Simple Garden venue … District VII., 48 Kertész Street- Budapest.

Upon the re-opening there is going to be a list of delicious tap and bottle beers, special beer menus. The newly reconstructed Simple RuinPub has six new original taps of which cool ongoing national and international craft beers will be served.  Also small ala carte delicacies imported from Italy will be available, but needn’t have to be disappointed from missing the Hungarian food known from the old days … Simple hadn’t forgotten them and  still can go for them.

The highlight of the evening will be unveiling the modern Hungarian painter Gáspár Gombos epoch-making work  titled: “Beer Revolution in Pest-Buda”.

The Simple RuinPub sends a call out to locals, foreigners staying in Budapest to be their guest for a glass of Hopfanatic “Campania Cervisia”  … Beer champagne on the night at the reborn Simple RuinPub!

Update by Aggie Reiter

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