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The „Csardáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen operetta celebrating its 100 hundred anniversary.

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The „Csardáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen operetta was composed by Imre Kálmán.

Exhibition and Gala night at the Operetta and Musical Theater – Budapest.

The „Csárdáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen is once again back home after its long journey to charm the Hungarian and foreigner audiences.

To the grand event arrived to celebrate with  the troupe Yvonne Kálmán, the composer’s daughter, the composer’s son, Charles Kálmán, his widow and his son, Charles Kálmán Jr. In addition to the current  performance, former legendary participants, director and foreign guests.also attended the Gala show. Zoltán Balog – Minister of Human Resources opened the „Csárdáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen  past 100 years operetta exhibition

The melodies of the Czardas Queen for the first time on November,17. 1915 rang in Vienna, at the Johann Strauss Theater. At the time being nobody would have had suspected that this is the beginning to a successful story that continues up to this day.  No surprise that at the original venue in Vienna the audience saw the show 533 occasion since after the 1915’s premiere.The piece was staged despite the WWI  also in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia and Italy. Probably not on my own by saying, that the melodies of Imre Kálmán’s, (born 125 years ago) right this minute is somewhere  around the world played either on stage, on television, on the radio, at a concert hall or within a gala show.

To Budapest it finally made its way a year later in November at the Broadway Theater.  Kálmán’s music was praised by the local librettist – P. G. Wodehouse saying:“The Kálmán score was not only the best that the gifted Hungarian ever wrote but about the best anybody ever wrote…”

The Czardas Queen musical operetta already toured all around the world and the audiences just alike in Budapest gave standing ovations, in Tokyo, Rome, Munich and in Amsterdam had pleasure to see the original play as it is on show at the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater. While in Salzburg and Prague was a co-production, directed by KERO® with the local stars on stage.

The Czardas Queen story in a nutshell: The story is about a hopeless love of the Duke Edwin to Sylvia, a star from the Budapest Orpheum. The family disapproves of the lowly relationship. The parents everything in their power to lure their son back to Vienna, where the have already chosen an appropriate girl for him, the Countess Stazi to help haste matters by buying a New York contract for the chanson singer Sylvia Vereczky. However, the dear foolish Count Bóni conspires to help the lovers, as does also the waiter, Miska and his twin brother Alfons … the butler at the house of Lippert-Weilersheim … and Uncle Feri, Bóni’s friend from the Orpheum. He is the main weaver of threads and is even ready to disclose the love of his youth, and Edwin’s mother hoping to succeed.

Unfortunately, cannot update about the evening’s performance, cause the tickets were all sold out.

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20th Danube Carnival … International Multicultural Festival – Hungary


Budapest –  June, 6 – 12. 2015.

At the Danube Carnival will feature 80 programs with more than two-thousand artists, appearing at a dozen of venues. The organizers each year bring new attractions  and its main goal is to foster intercultural dialogue.

The Danube Carnival is now held for the 20th occasion in Budapest. Within the Carnival a combination of special series of programs of the folk dance, folk music, contemporary dance, brass, symphonic and world music combining diverse culture based on national and international traditions.

Budapest will be welcoming the colorful culture brought by foreigner countries with dance groups, bands and artists. Also will take place the “Chain Bridge” – International Folk Dance  Competition,  where an international jury  will evaluate the performances on June, 18. 2015.  Three prize to be won … Golden Chain Bridge, Silver Chain Bridge, Bronze Chain Bridge and Special Prize voted by the audience.

Budapest’s air will be filled with festive feeling. On June, 19., at the Erkel Theater in co-operation with the European Dance Caravan will be presenting Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Spanish, Finnish and  Transylvania artists. On June, 20., at the Margaret Island – Open-air Theater can be seen on stage the Carnival Gala with international guests and locals,  as the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the  National Dance Ensemble. As for music in the ears lovers … at the Carnival Gala Evening will be held an unusual concert with over 100 musicians both Hungarian and European at the Pesti Vigadó.

Special guest at the concert Márta Sebestyén – Kossuth and Liszt Prize-winning folks singer will entertain the audience.

At the Danube Palace where the festival was launched 20 years ago a photo exhibition opens introducing the twenty year of the Carnival’s history.

The series of these exclusive events are patron by Zoltán Balog – Minister of Human Resources and Katalin Bogyai – UN Ambassador. The directors of the Danube Carnival are the Danube Art Co.  and  János Mucsi – choreographer awarded by the Knight Cross Distinction of Hungary and the Gyula Harangozó Prize.

A peak into the invited countries dance groups: Bulgaria – Thrace State Folk Ensemble – Plovdiv, Finland – Jarkko Peltola Prcheter – Helsinki, Greece – Hellenic Center for Folklore Dance Ensemble – Athens, Georgia – Dance Gurjaani – Girjaani,   Italy –Dance Akragas, Agrigento, Philippines – Bayanihan Dance Company – Manila,  Serbia – Mladost Dance Avala – Beograde, Serbia –  Vojvodina – Talentum Dance Company – Subotica,  Slovakia – Sluka State Dance Ensemble – Bratislava, Slovakia – Treasures Dance – Zseliz,  Transylvania – Romania – Holly Dance – Cehu, Transylvania – Romania -. Three’s Dance Ensemble – Saint George, Turkey – Aegean University Dance Ensemble – Izmir, Turkey – Karagöz Folk Dance Group – Bursa.

For grabbing  to some events tickets:

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