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It was David Klein’s Day on Monday, June, 10 at the press conference held at the Budapest Congress Center whereas coming back from the Earth’s highest point, sharing, giving in-depth an overview of his experiences whilst reaching the top of the World towards …onwards … upwards to the Csomolungma, which he had been his task to conquer the peak throughout the past 15 years. David brought own photos taken, on route attacking the Mount Everest. A little background before heading back to the press meeting … (The Csomolungma located on the border of Nepal and China, the world’s highest peak, 8,848 meters high. English name called by the mother mountain Sherpas in the world was the British George Everest, who performed measurements in the 1850s. First came up with a British expedition to the summit in1953.Hungary started to peak in 1996 when the first attack began, but the first Hungarian citizen who has reached the point was  Zsolt Erőss  in May, 2002. Apart from him, Anita and Attila Jelinkó also succeeded.  David Klein a total of seven times was up on the high mountain, but has not yet reached  the heights over 8,800 meters. At least five thousand individual climbers with the oxygen cylinder had climbed the Csomolungma, but not without the oxygen cylinder, however only hardly two hundred made it.)

Nutshell of David Klein … the 39-years-old climber since his childhood loved the highlands sports. Been climbing since the age of 13.  Reached his skills at home and in the United States. After graduating in high climbing in the Tatras mountain, then in 1998, Pakistan tried his first serious mountain peaks by climbing in Pakistan. During the coldest months, repeatedly besieged by Denali in Alaska. In 2004, first targeted the Himalayas on the Pipe Oju.

This year according to his plans, on April, 6, the Hungarian climber said goodbye to Budapest … Istanbul and a detour to arrive in Kathmanduthe. The expedition was sponsored by the Spar Everest Expedition Courtesy.The Hungarian climber David Klein wasn’t a beginner. He climbed 8-times before the Csomolungma, but this time his goal was to do it for first time without an oxygen cylinder … In 2005 the expedition to Csomolungma he faced bleeding and had to turn back. Most of the climbers trying to hit the top with oxygen cylinder. This time David Klein, however, tried it the hard way in clean climbing to the top point of 8,600 meters. Of course he took an extra oxygen tank just incase to have one sniff, but as he said, the goal is to live up to the top without it. For the maximum concentration to a brutal endurance, previously trainings were required in the last few weeks.He layed plans to reach Csomolungma to climb the north side on the standard road to Tibetan – China, than  to make the tour through Nepal, because there was much easier to obtain the necessary equipment. Took five days to reach the base camp of the 2012 expedition crossing glacier carves. The “warm-up tours” was the core of the body as to accustom, tolerable climbing, high mountain, in anoxic conditions. In such a situation one can hardly rest, therefore spent a lot of time at the base camp, especially when over being at 7,000 meters. The death zone is above 7,500 meters where the oxygen is getting lower and less to breath, blood flow slows down,  your hunger leaves you and drink only water, and if there is lack of water, can easily be fatal . This unbearable physical sense is a challenge, but to be in a few steps  in outer space is worthwhile for all the climbers in the world. As David Klein said, scarf, warm knitted head-gear is needed if you want to climb the highs of Csomolungma. David, the Hungarian climber manage without oxygen cylinder. From now on he is the ONE of the greatest figures in our time of history of high mountain climbers. Not because of updating his career into the date basis, but rather in his performance of climbing the Csomolungma without having to have the oxygen cylinder, so far no climber could make it. Climbing, reaching the 8000 meters is like Old Man and the Sea of Hemingway gripping out the Big Fish so he said. Continuing … there are only 14 high mountain climbers in the world to have had succeeded to target the highest point on Earth. David Klein also went to the point where probably his friend “Konyi” László Várkonyi had his last glance around mountain. visit.  David said Konyi was a great  friend not to be forgotten with whom he previously  climb the high mountain. Took a piece of rock with him to place it at the small plaque bearing Konyi’s name. David Klein did not wished to hunt the records, he took as a challenge in reaching the highest point in the World, but Before heading on the maximum concentration of a brutal endurance was a must so he said. Reaching the end to the press meeting, he added the following: Quote: „The Himalayan tourism began to take quite astonishing proportions in recent years. Until the year 2006, more than two thousand people went to climb the mountain. What is even more is shocking … nearly ten percent of the athletes died …  due to various reasons … during the climb up to the Csomolungma. A lot of the dead bodies are still out there not having to have been brought down to the base camp.”

David Klein told us many stories of his adventure which warmed up his heart in the cold-cold weather saying that the mounter climbers are one of a kind of big family, where you can meet on the way to the top of the world other nation’s climbers. This was on he shared by saying Quote: “Met an Australian climbing team. Greeting each other, they asked where I am from? Told them… ‘I’m from Hungary”. Then the Australian answered then you must be David Klein…right? David was surprised that how come he  was recognized having a  long beard, sunscreen glasses and the head-gear, absolutely unrecognizable.” The Aussie Bloke was high as to meet in person David. Heard about him already. The Australian climber said this is ONE reasons why it was worthwhile to come to the Himalayas to have met the already known by reputation the Hungarian mountaineer. That was really a treat for the modest David Klein.

Update ans snaps by Aggie Reiter

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