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Italian Master: Caravaggio – Soul and Blood – Budapest.

Wednesday, September, 19.

7 p.m.  and  9 p.m.

Urania Cinema – Ceremonial Hall

Italian documentary film biopic, documentary, screening: 90 minutes.

The art educational movies are now 4 years of the series arriving  to Uránia Movie Theater at Budapest.

After huge success in terms of audiences and critics of “The Vatican Museums” and “Florence and the Uffizi Gallery”, and after the release of “Raphael – The Lord of the Arts”, here comes a new documentary … a retelling of the life of the celebrated 17th century painter through his brilliant, nearly blasphemous paintings and his flirtations with the underworld, dedicated to an Italian Master: Caravaggio – Soul and blood.

The film by the creators of the „Painter Lords” new film, which is again a prominent Italian master Caravaggio shows the time path of the working class and through personal struggles.

A journey through life, works and struggles of Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio. His existence, no less than his art, is characterized by lights and shadows, contrasts and contradictions, genius and sobriety. Revolutionary artist, he was often not so beloved by contemporaries. He travelled Italy in search of luck or perhaps in search of himself, escaping the enemies that he always found at his passage. Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Malta, Sicily. His death seems a twist of faith: he died in Porto Ercole, one step away from Rome, one step away from salvation.

According to the Longhi’s lesson (the main Caravaggio expert), his work will be read with strict reference to his existence, finding in his masterpieces the echo of personal experiences.

The narrative unfolds on two levels …The artistic digression, in which the commentary of the main artworks will be entrusted to an illustrious art historian from the first painting: Bacchus and Boy with a Basket of Fruit. Through the roman period artworks: cardsharper, Judith Beheading Holofernes to the last works as David with the Head of Goliath. “Photographic” scenes that, accompanied by the voice of Caravaggio himself, evokes an object or a situation symbolizing his life and his works. A basket of fruit, a musical instrument, a sword, a great of a cell etc. These emotional and evocative moments – thanks to the use of light and cinematic techniques such time-lapse and slow motion – help the viewer to go deep inside the mind and soul of Caravaggio, empathizing with his impulses and fears.

The Artistic Film productions are brought by the Pannonia-Entertainment Ltd.

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The internationBalLET presents: “New Choreographers’ … “Nuovi Coreografi” – Budapest

The internationBalLET presents: “New Choreographers’ … “Nuovi Coreografi”

7 p.m. on April, 3. 2017.4

Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest

District, VIII. 8. Bródy Sándor Street – Budapest

The performance will be on for  this night only!

The project was founded by italian dancers Mark Biocca and Angela Mingardo last year and successfully presented the evening of dance “Passion, Love…Life” both in Budapest …

and in Italy (Padova and Rome).  Now the goup is back and has grown to include 21 dancers and a brand new set design by Józsa Anka to show the audience in the production at the Sala Verdi Hall.

The 7 international choreographers will present new modern ballets, dancing by the 21 artists from the Hungarian State Opera.

Entry is free of charge, but registration in advance is needed … Deadline date: March, 30.2017.

I N V I T O – internationBalLET presenta: “NUOVI COREOGRAFI”

Sala Giuseppe Verdi – Istituto Italiano di Cultura
ore 19.00 – 3 aprile 2017 – Partecipazione gratuita
Posti limitati Registrazione obbligatoria entro il 30 marzo 2017 –

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The „Csardáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen operetta celebrating its 100 hundred anniversary.

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The „Csardáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen operetta was composed by Imre Kálmán.

Exhibition and Gala night at the Operetta and Musical Theater – Budapest.

The „Csárdáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen is once again back home after its long journey to charm the Hungarian and foreigner audiences.

To the grand event arrived to celebrate with  the troupe Yvonne Kálmán, the composer’s daughter, the composer’s son, Charles Kálmán, his widow and his son, Charles Kálmán Jr. In addition to the current  performance, former legendary participants, director and foreign guests.also attended the Gala show. Zoltán Balog – Minister of Human Resources opened the „Csárdáskirálynő” – Czardas Queen  past 100 years operetta exhibition

The melodies of the Czardas Queen for the first time on November,17. 1915 rang in Vienna, at the Johann Strauss Theater. At the time being nobody would have had suspected that this is the beginning to a successful story that continues up to this day.  No surprise that at the original venue in Vienna the audience saw the show 533 occasion since after the 1915’s premiere.The piece was staged despite the WWI  also in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia and Italy. Probably not on my own by saying, that the melodies of Imre Kálmán’s, (born 125 years ago) right this minute is somewhere  around the world played either on stage, on television, on the radio, at a concert hall or within a gala show.

To Budapest it finally made its way a year later in November at the Broadway Theater.  Kálmán’s music was praised by the local librettist – P. G. Wodehouse saying:“The Kálmán score was not only the best that the gifted Hungarian ever wrote but about the best anybody ever wrote…”

The Czardas Queen musical operetta already toured all around the world and the audiences just alike in Budapest gave standing ovations, in Tokyo, Rome, Munich and in Amsterdam had pleasure to see the original play as it is on show at the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater. While in Salzburg and Prague was a co-production, directed by KERO® with the local stars on stage.

The Czardas Queen story in a nutshell: The story is about a hopeless love of the Duke Edwin to Sylvia, a star from the Budapest Orpheum. The family disapproves of the lowly relationship. The parents everything in their power to lure their son back to Vienna, where the have already chosen an appropriate girl for him, the Countess Stazi to help haste matters by buying a New York contract for the chanson singer Sylvia Vereczky. However, the dear foolish Count Bóni conspires to help the lovers, as does also the waiter, Miska and his twin brother Alfons … the butler at the house of Lippert-Weilersheim … and Uncle Feri, Bóni’s friend from the Orpheum. He is the main weaver of threads and is even ready to disclose the love of his youth, and Edwin’s mother hoping to succeed.

Unfortunately, cannot update about the evening’s performance, cause the tickets were all sold out.

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At the Puskin Cinema –  District, V., 18. Kossuth Lajos Str. Budapest.

Tickets are available on the spot.

Continuing the pre-Herald News from the other day … Participated  at the press conference and heard that this year will be screening a variety of films for the pleasure to the audience, animation film, and short works. We were told that all the films are in Italian language, with Hungarian subtitles, but later on will be other cinemas where the films will have synchronized version in Hungarian language as well. Better to have a look for what suites the best of the whereabouts in advance. We were told many already have had won several awards at international festivals. After we were given a short briefing of the  films to come (see below the short versions of the films) the press individuals were invited to the screening of „The great beauty”. A film which relates to the sixties era in Rome. The movie was shown through the recollections of a time in which a journalist was looking for The great beauty of Life (Bellezza La Grande). Those who are fond in going out to the movies can see the film on Tuesday, November, 5. 8 p.m. The film will be later on out throughout the country.

Itaker – Wednesday, November, 6. – 8 p.m.

Toni Trupial director‘s new film which is enlightening one of the international perverse social conflict during the 20th century. The Italians left their homeland in large numbers after the Second World War. Many people tried their luck in Germany, where they were not specifically awaited. The word „itaker” is a term of Italian immigrants. The story is set in the sixties, and shows an individual off from Italy to Germany. The main character is a nine-year-old, orphaned by maternal boy who goes on a search for to find his immigrated father.

One day must go (Un giorno devi andare) – Thursday, November,7. – 8 p.m.

The tough drama. New works by the director leaves the boundaries of Italy and goes all the way to the Amazon jungles. The main character, Augusta result of a family tragedy makes him question his own life. A small boat embark on Amazon posts to discover the hidden depths of his own soul uncertainties.

It is strange that my name is Federico (Federico Che Strano chiamarsi) – Friday, November, 8. – 8 p.m.

The director focused fulfilling a “Small portrait of a mighty man”. Shows the early years, those times when Fellini arrived to Rome and was in the cartoon business within Marcus Aurelius team. The film is shown as a documentary as well by Scola. 70th Venice Film Festival.

Good morning, Dad! (Buongiorno Papa) – Saturday, November, 9. – 8 p.m.

A real classic and comedy at the same time made ​​by the Italian Cultural Institute in Mittel-cinema-fest. A Good morning, Dad! is a pure Hollywood story. Screening on December, 5.

Pinocchio (Pinocchio) – Sunday, November, 10.  –  4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Within the Mittel-cinema-festen program kids will most probably enjoy one of the most famous Italian story called Pinocchio. Pretty sure needs no introduction, although in theory the new process differs from the others that followed very faithfully Carlo Collodi‘s original novel. The Pinocchio will pop-up at nationwide cinemas from November, 14.

Every day (Tutti i Santi Giorni) – Monday, November, 11. – 8 p.m.

Paolo Virzi has also been a filmography for some time and to hear his name for many wouldn’t be unknown, like works as: „Piero’s world” or „Life is in front of you”. Every day another scene of the Italian society. The two main characters, Gudi, as a night porter, Antonia working on day shifts at a car rental service. Their workings schedules makes it almost impossible to maintain a common life together. Kind of an everyday topics, but we were told, it is recommended to go and see the movie, because both characters have had been nominated for several awards as well.

A selection  from  the RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival 2013. – Tuesday, November, 12.  – 6 p.m.

Films in Italian language with English subtitles.

Rope Dancers (Gli equilibristi) – Wednesday, November, 13. – 8 p.m.

Ivano De Matteo new movie actor-director also made ​​last year, which was presented at the 2012 Venice Film Festival. The success of his first new movie was primarily due to the conversion of a great protagonist. Valerio Mastandrea plays as 40-years old guy who lives with his wife and two children in peace. However, is a cheating mate and for surprising the society creates barriers to the extent to divorce and subsequent new life.

Long live freedom! (Viva la Libertá) – Thursday, November, 14. – 8 p.m.  

The organizers intended to mark the final piece of Mittel-cinema-fest with the  widely acclaimed movie at the Crystal Globe at Karlovy Vary film festival. Director Robert Ando up till now will be unknown to the Hungarian audience,now his movie coming to the Puskin Cinema will most probably catch the attention of those folks who are people interested in politics. The story focuses on the main opposition party’s secretary, who suddenly disappears after a protest movement. After the person’s circumvent unexpectedly the party’s popularity beings, and the mysteries surrounding the party’s secretary foreshadow a number of uncertainties.

In addition to the a/m list will also project a few minor films. The Bellas Mariposas playing at Sardinia and presents an 11-years old girl in crisis, on Tuesday, November, 12. – 8 p.m. The protagonist is about a 40-years old traveling alone Irene, who travels as a secret shopper, stays at a luxury hotel, but her life is absolutely empty beside her tours, on Saturday, November, 9. – 5 p.m. In addition to the feature-length film will have a selection of two short films: one participating at the Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013, screening on Sunday, November, 10. – 8.30 p.m. The other shown at  the Rome Independent Film Festival 2013  and will be screening Tuesday, November, 12. – 6 p.m.

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