Best Art Vinyl 2021 Award Winners

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The winners of Best Art Vinyl 2021 were announced on 27th January 2022.


The 1st  artwork by Paul Phillips at True Spilt Milk Designs. Design by Matthew Cooper, assisted by Paul J Street for Villagers. The winning design, chosen by public vote, was awarded first place this evening at a special presentation ceremony in Hari Hotel – Belgravia – London. Fending off stiff competition from a pool of 50 nominations2nd-Duran-Duran

Coming in 2nd was the artwork for Duran Duran’s 15th studio album by art direction Rory McCartneyFuture Past”. This features two black and white images from Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota.
The pictures have been blended together and brightened for the cover, and show two ambiguously human figures – one in motion and the other standing still.


In 3rd place was design by Neel Panchal,  photographer Jason Joyce developed the artwork for hard rock band Thunder’s 13th studio album “All the Right Noises” Unique Interchangeable Dreamy Artwork Wins the Prize. The cover features an un-touched final capture of the Singing Ringing Tree Scultpture in Burnley. The image used on the cover was the result of a 24-hour photoshoot in freezing cold temp.

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