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VII. Gyulai Sausage and „Sódarmustra” – 2017.

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The first whiff of spring arrives to the City of Gyula!

Chapter 1.

March, 31 – April, 2.  2017. – Mark the date at your Gastro Calendar!

Even though Gyula is worthwhile to visit anytime of the season, the coming event not in the peak season is to bring together families, friends and enjoy the delicious, mouth-watering yummies outdoor in the ray of the early spring.

This year it will be held for the seventh time the Sausage and Sódarmustra Festival. The main goal of this event is to present internationally with presentations, to popularization and to introduce experience-focused exhibition, by showing the traditional way with smoked products and sausages. One of the curiosities of the festival will be the “growers” trade competition. The Gyulai Sausage already been listed in a remarkable place of „Hungaricum”  goods and this festival is also a fine time to present by showing the traditional way smoked products and sausages are made. These were the introduction words by the Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Major of Gyula at the press gathering in the  Gyulai Pálinka House.  Also said, Q.: As part of this event will be continuing the popular series of guess the weight of the ham. He/She who guess at as closely as possible the weight of the Sódar will be the winner and to take home whole ham. A couple of highlights … Craft fair, Theme Park, participate at a professional presentation to learn about the “Gyulai Sódar”  at the HQ’s of Gyulai Traditional Butchers’ Association  guided tour to visit the Museum and tasting sausage. In addition to the 3Days event, many colorful concert program will be to entertain the visitors. On Friday, the focus will be on rollicking music, including the Republic  and the Familiar faces, Pernahajder Campbell, Over3  and the Dirty Slippers bands  step on stage. Over the years has become a prestigious cultural and gastronomic festival, which in terms of tourism is of paramount importance.” 

Aliz Komoróczki – managing director – Gyula Tourism Office,  spoke about the population of Gyula which has 30000 inhabitants. The city is offering so much to see and visit in the aspect of tourism. The city has 5000 beds at 3, 4 and 5 star hotel and a number of rent a room and apartments.  Mainly, known already by locals and foreigners who yearly came to enjoy the healing strength of the mineral spa at the Gyula Castle Bath – Aqua Palace. The opening of last year the Almásy Palace after reconstruction already well received by the locals and even visitors arriving outside of Gyula. The city’s main goal is to be at hand serving its resident all the locally prepared and produced honey, beer, pálinka, confectionery, hand-made bonbons, veggyies, food, meat and last but not least the famous Gyulai Pálinka. This is biggest sausage festival.  The guests once again are welcomed with local products which is an important fact for the city.  The city has so much to share with its visitors. Mainly, Gyula Castle Bath – Aqua Palace with its medical Spa is the highlight of the city. The opening of last year the Almásy Palace, after its reconstruction already well received by the locals and even visitors arriving outside of Gyula. And now in the south-east of the country has become as tradition the country’s biggest sausage festival and needless to say welcomes its guests once again.

The event organizer: Tibor Bórdás commemorated the tradition year-by-year as the  introducing their famous butchers of Gyula.  Added, all professional appearance emphasis on the city’s gastronomic and touristic values. ​​During the festival will be presented the city’s rich region gastronomic and opportunity in displaying local values. At the event the visitors may learn the way of the traditional meat processing and its customs.  Can taste the real Hungarian pork dishes  highlighted the main organizer. The Gyula System Ltd. has managed to win the Gyulai Butchers Association of Traditional – culinary programs related technical supervisor of the event, ensuring a high standard of professional gastronomic. This year, for the first time proclaiming the Viharsarki Sausages Championship. Beside the sausages also traditional practices: as hams and smoked products will be at the international competition. Both taking place on the opening day of the competition and applicants are more than welcome  by registration.  Last year there were 117 entries, such as from Transylvania and Highland  bringing their handicraft products. Also there has been interest to join this unique festival from Germany and Spain  highlighted the main organizer.

For the media representatives a demo was shown how  the famous home-made Gyulai sausage is produced on the spot by  Imre Dinya – small producers – owner of Gyula Sausage manufacture and served  for tasting. Also at the press gathering the representatives were taken on a Palinka route in tasting dozens of winner of the world spirits awarded  Gyulai Pálinka Manufactory Ltd., at the Tasting Hall.

The coming week-end is worthwhile not to be missed to join by Hungarians and foreigners to the well-intensity programs to the quality of meat products offering special dining experience, serving excellent,  home-made prepared offers by “craft” butchers hams, smoked meats, sausages entice guests to taste. In addition to the traditional meat-processing practices, methods, of course, the presence of the majority of the pork dishes can be tasted during the event. Also keep in mind to pay a visit downtown the superb sophisticated and cozy place the Guinness Pub.

An excellent opportunity to take a break to join Gyulai Sausage and Sódarmustra

by locals and foreigners to Visit Gyula!

Visitors will be guaranteed at the time being not to be disappointed as gaining experiences on the tasting tour. Excellent food, meat products, Hungarian pálinka  and display of crafts at hand will be filled with the cavalcade of colorful programs for adults and children.

The event ticket is required. Daily ticket: 1000HUF. The 3-day pass: 2500HUF.  Free admission under the age of 10 years.

Chapter 2. with sights and sound coming soon!

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Before speaking about  the real purpose to the invitation of the press  and media representatives  to be at the newly opened Városliget Cafe and Bar, should like to take short trip around the surrounding area.

Having a peek back-in-time the Városliget – City Park  already had a role in the  . The park and its surroundings was considered to be a popular scene, a territory to noblemen for hunting. In the Age of Reforms,  the entire park was extremely popular as a neat place for the residents to spend timeout in the woods and forest, and in those days it was called the City Forest.

Historical  Panorama – ANNO 1895 … „Városliget”  – City Park is one of the most popular parks in Budapest.  Culture and the Hungarian hospitality have had received significant role for over 150 years. This venue is the place where during the blissful days, months and years was  recon as a place for peace around the nature and peace within the soul for the visitors. At the City Park there was always something happening, ongoing developments, festivals, entertainment, sporty events … just mentioning a few … throughout the years.

Hopping over to the millennium era … In the year 2000, Hungary went through an enormous cultural and architectural developments. At the Városliget – City Park  there was, is always something happening, ongoing developments, festivals, entertainment , sporty events, fairs … just mentioning a few … throughout the 365 days.

Városliget – City Park … To-day – 2013.  come rain, come shine the Városliget – City Park is worthwhile to visit  at any season. During the 365 days both locals and tourist would catch their attention to the rich attraction, choose from different activities, like heading out on a gastronomic tour, but  can meet the eye for culturelovers, because just steps before entering  the City Park, there is at both sides at the Heroes’ Square the Museum of Fine Arts (built between 1900 and 1906) and just across the platform facing  the Contemporary Palace of Art (built between 1900 and 1906). The awesome sites doesn’t end here,   cause just a short walk and there you are, arrived to the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden (established 1866). We are still in the circle of the Városliget – City Park when we arrive to Hungarian Circus and Variety (first show in 1889). Actually, the surrounding area  at the Városliget -City Park  has so much to offer, not only can admire the visited places but while rolling along  getting hungry  there’s a classy place to eat  at the Városliget Cafe and Bar.

Now here comes the cream on top of the cake  coming back to the place where during the midday hours the press and media representatives were invited  to a pre-official opening of this newly renovated gorgeous interior taking folks back in time with dishes and cafe from the early times.  Along the “Városliget” – City Park’s  Ice Ring, the beautifully renovated building officially opened a new spot in town, the “Városliget Cafe and Bar” offering traditional values.  Beside the press individuals, public figures also attended the opening. The press call was opened by Mr. Stephen Bottyán, Head of project who talked about the conditions of the contract and its fulfillment. As he also added, Quote: ” The actual execution, research, designers and draftees works took 9 months.  It was an enormous challenge, having to have deeply in mind the aspect to create the historical and cultural continuity, presenting the historical values. The implementation only took 3 months. The building was demolished at several parts of the building. A new face was presented with a newly design kitchen and cafe interior. Superb panorama to the skating ring during the season of winter and rowing boats in the summertime can be viewed from any corner of the Vajdahunyad – City Park  Cafe and Bar’s wide windows. The Budapest’s ice rink and the rowing boats  give many locals and tourists much pleasure. It’s one of Europe’s most beBejegyzés előnézetebeautiful open-air ice rink for the skatelovers. One of the house’s popular features comes in the form a  dish:  the “Tányérhús” (Boiled calf-meat in broth) and its history goes like this … This is the finest dish of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It became very popular because it was a favorite meal of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria. Soon it spread throughout the entire Monarchy. Hungary included, prepared in the kitchens of aristocrats and bourgeois as well. The Tányérhús is an original  gastro-historical classic, where only the top quality Hungarian meat and veggies, served with special toppings and garnishes.   Beside other specialities of the house is the “Liget Cafe”, rosted, drilled, cooked on the spot, severed aside as like in the old days  with a small glass of fresh water and a mini cookie, just like in the days of 1895.  Cannot leave the place without not tasting the “seal of a delicious meal”. It might as well be a dessert. These are from the old cook books and revives the memory of the Városliget and Budapest during the blissful days of peace in the early nineteen hundred. See some heavenly taste at the slide-show. At the end of the presentation all present were invited to have a taste of the house. The complex currently has 30 people working, but at its mature stage,  this figure may rise 60 people. They also have kids menu and while their yummies are prepared there are available  coloring sheets with crayons  to color the Vajdahunyad Cafe and Bar  and if wish so take their art home.

Looking contemplatively through the huge windows from the Vajdahunyad Cafe and Bar shows a breathtaking scene  to the oldest construction at the City Park, the Vajdahunyad Castle (built between 1896-1908) which was to build in the year 1000, to celebrated the Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin (895).  The Vajdahunyad Castle can  easily be reached  from any side of the castle having four bridges connecting this superb site.

Actually, the surrounding area  at the Városliget – City Park  has so much to offer, not only can admire the visited places, but while rolling along  getting hungry  there’s a classy place to eat  at the Városliget Cafe and Bar.

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OCTOBER, 11-13. 2013.


Hungary is heading to the fall’s season of festivals. As a newcomer in the line of festivals, this year, there will be the 1st. Chimney Cake Festival to be held Downtown at the City Hall Park,  beside the Deák Ferenc Square, Budapest. In the late morning hours on a pouring rainy day the media representatives were invited to the Gundel’s garden at the Budapest Zo,  were the organizers announced their upcoming plans for the festival.  Ms. Tünde András said, quote: “There is so many festivals in Budapest and throughout Hungary,  yet no chimney cake festival has entered the world of festivals in Hungary. This was my dream and seems like my dream will come true by organizing the first chimney cake festival.”  Not only the wide variety in flavors of chimney cakes will be around, but the visitors who join the 3 days event may also learn how to prepare the traditional  chimney cake.   Also there will be chimney cakes in all size from  XL, L, M, S and XS “.  As far as planed, there will be a baking of 50 piece of chimney cake to set a new record” … so we were told by Gáspár Bálint, one of the founders of the Vitéz Kürtős  (Chimney Cake).

Just in brief about the birth of the „kürtőskalács” chimney cake  which has several stories of original. One of them is that when the Mongols were approaching Székelyföld (to-day in Transylvania). The locals from Budvár és Réz fled into caves to hide away from the Tatars. The Tatars thought by making the locals to starve they will come out of the caves. In the meantime, not only Transylvanians, but the Tartars also ran out of food. Then a wise Transylvanians woman scraped her rest of the flour, and formed a huge chimney cake  then baked it above the ash of the fire. Later placed it on a long chopper and showed, said to the Tartars, “Look how well we are living and you’re starving,” The Tartars were so devastated that they departed from the area.

Since then the chimney cake made its way to be one of the favorite Transylvanian delights. Way back it was unimaginable to have not on the table the chimney cake as a tradition food at religious festivals and weddings. In the past years it has become an everyday delight not only in the territory of Transylvania but throughout Hungary as well.

For the  soles music will not be missing beside preparing, tasting the chimney cakes with a wide programs.  Mr. László Járási, member of the Indygo band  told us, j they wrote a particular song for the occasion of the „Kürtőskalács” Chimney Cake, which will be presented at the festival on Friday, the first day of the festival.  In the evening the Sugarloaf and the Heaven Street Seven band will roll the live music. On Saturday, the X-Factor smokers:  Ms. Adel Csobot, Ms. Timea (Timi) Antal, Mr. Gergő Baricz will be on stage. The night show will end by the Cross Band with Ms. Ildikó Keresztes. During the daylight there will be puppet shows, magic shows, fire jugglers. In addition to the performances, on the final day, children’s programs and adult Hot Jazz Band, and the Balkán Fanatik group hits will fill the air.

The mood was excellent, especially good to be a bit by the fire, as the ash warmed up ourselves on a cold and rainy autumn morning .

By participating at the press gathering, brought a  true gastronomic delicacy!

Worthwhile to note the time and dates, to go for the  various flavors of the chimney cakes!

Click here to see how Timi  and  two lads from the Balkán Fanatic group baked their chimney cake:

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As in the previous herald news have been mentioned, the village of Szomolya has the calf-length black cherries which are famous because nowhere in the world can be reached this fruit in size, color, sweet  delicious taste and crunchy  like the ones from the village of Szomolya. The locals actually say  „We are a Cherry Republic’s capital”.

So the „Cherryville” opened for the week-end and many locals and visitors from other parts of  Hungary just for the purpose to be at this once a year fair  came to Szomolya join and celebrate the well ripe cherries of their land.

This year the weather wasn’t in favor for the „Szomolya” cherries. Dreadful pouring rain hitting the cherries ruin a lot in their growth. Never-the-less there were a many locals whom brought crates full of freshly picked cherries from their „cherryfields”. Locals  and also nearby  the village of Szomolya, like from Nostvaj also brought their freshly baked cherry strudel, jams, syrups,  cherry wines and pálinka at the annual cherry festival, so the visitors wouldn’t have had to leave without obtaining from these delights for their own. Was hard to pass each-and-every stand where these marvelous cherry winked  and coax on the folks rolling by. Often had to stop couldn’t simply pass on the wide-spread of yummies without not giving in and leaving the opportunity of tasting. Also once  your eye calls for these cherry delights need not have to be a weak person, to simply dropped in vain. The traditional folks art and crafts created by the locals of Szomolya were very attractive and popular among to buy.

As for the culture, the  stage was never empty, so everyone was able to find their own choice of programs to follow. Traditionalist group shows, musical songs  and evergreen songs filled the air throughout the day by well-known artists.

The children were not left out of the happy-go-luck day.  Face painting, creating crafts, music programs and fun contests were awaiting for them throughout the day.

The heavens were of good favor seeing so many cherry fans as to please them with sunny times  given to locals and visitors.

Looking through the window at the sideshow will surely show  the mood of what was going on in-and-around Cherryville.

Also added two videos whichwere taken at this awesome event.

First the  „Nessma”  Belly Dancers, second the local folk song singers … lyrics all about the Szomolya cherries:

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Come and join be on a Pálinka diet starting this week-end and you lost three days!

Friday, May, 17 till Sunday, May, 19.2013.

Pre-opening day,  two concerts on Thursday, May, 16. 2013.

District V. – Erzsébet  (Elizabeth) Square – Budapest

This year by visiting the scene at the Elizabeth Square a variety of  more than 400 full range of  fruity flavors of pálinka, blends and flavor of Unique Pálinkas will be standing alone, if you don’t make it, which I can hardly believe. This year the visitors can  taste beside the liquid form of pálinka the wild garlic-pálinka filled in chocolates  and also go for the spicy sausage, beef cheek prepared in the sour cherry jam. Also being a volunteer, there is a chance to take an experimental tour in preparing your own blends. You may also get to know and take some home for your own pleasure of the sour cherry mustard and other sour cherry items.

The exhibitors of this year are all major producers along with some smaller, family run distilleries will showcase at 25  stands their finest spirits at the festival.  Now how does that sound ? None can say they haven’t heard about this  herald news!

A bunch of opportunities mainly all about pálinka will be throughout  Friday, May, 17  till Sunday, May, 19. to get to know the meaning of the „real”  fruity taste of the Hungarian Pálinka. On Thursday the nails and hammers will be featuring by the exhibitors to prepare their stands for the grand opening on Friday. Yet there will be two concerts during the evening hours on Thursday and  hopefully the hammers won’t be playing by then.

For example: The Tokaj wine, liqueur and pálinka offered by the Manufactors at their booth are the first of a kind in the country using 27 different herbal extract within ​​the premium wine and pálinka brought by the “Harmatrázó” Pálinka-House. Here at the  festival can be tasted the rich flavor of the wild elderberry pálinka produced in limited quantity edition and  a selection of premium  sour cherry pálinka, which already received the 2013 International Spirits Awards silver medal named Panyolai Quince and can be both tasted for the first time at the festival.

For  the chocho addicted persons, the extreme flavor of the  „Lady Levender Chocolate” mustn’t be forgotten to taste.

The major new feature of this year’s Pálinka Festival will be  presented at the Rézangyal booth. The visitor’s can give it try to create by the use of a unique cell to distillate four blends in creating their own spirits. The course will take place every day, every two hours from 4 to 10 p.m. For participation a  pre-registration is required, see at:

The culinary experience will neither be missing.  The scent of the delicious inevitable sausages and other mouth-watering Hungarian food,  the homemade cheese, wine, champagne will be in the air. Not only the eyes and mouth will get plenty of goodies to taste, but the ears aren’t left out. Music will  also be around for the ears during the late afternoon and evening hours. Here’s a peek into the musicland  …

Thursday, May, 16. – 6 p.m. Sena then at 8 p.m. Péterfy Bori Love Band.

Friday, May, 17. –  6 p.m.  Belmondo plays Beatles tunes and  at 8 p.m. “Intim Torna Illegál”.

Saturday, May, 18.  – 4 p.m. Heinz Gábor Biga  and the Voice Band,  at 6 p.m. Zséda  Concert and at 8 p.m.  Zsola and the Wild Orchiea.

Sunday, May, 19.  – 4 p.m. Mr. Gyula Babos, Mr. Attila László and the Tibor Tátrai Guitar Trio, at 6 p.m. Color Star acoustic World and finally closing the evening  and the 8th Budapest Pálinka Festival of 2013 the „Kéknyúl” Hammond Band starts its concert at 8 p.m.

Admission includes a tasting glass. 

Day pass: 2000HUF. Festival pass: 5500HUF

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The statistic figures say there were more than 18 thousands of people curious to visit the new Hungarian gastronomy Market.
One of the big hits, as a new scene at the market was the gastronomic points   where  fish, wild meat and aurochs meat stews were served.

Friday’s opening day was only a few visitors. Most likely of  being Friday as the working day. thereafter, the Saturday and Sunday hit the scale, was so full of customers that was a real challenge to step from one desk to the other with rows awaiting to be closer at the aurochs salami, the gastro points serving stews, sausages, hungarian pastas, salads, sweets for the sweets breads with many kind of seeds inside and sprinkled on the tops. As during the previous market fairs the organizers of the fair emphasis on the charity of the Hungarian Ecumenical Assistance Organization to host the needy children at the fair.

Special flavors were not missing this time at all: the gray beef sausage with prune, raspberry duck sausage with mustard, or spicy sausage with mustard core. During the 3 days was a real sensation to taste and buy the four hundred years extinct aurochs meat sausages and salami as well. Mention a couple of outstanding producers I have met,  Mr. and Mrs. Csaba Sápi’s  heavenly fruit wines and fruit brandy all prepared by the pair from fresh fruits coming from his relatives plants living throughout the countryside.

Mr. Gábor Galuska  oenologist representing the Gajdos winerey from Egerszalók. Had the pleasure to taste all which were brought to the Gastro points and my both thumbs were up when tasted the Chardonnay of Eger (2009).  It had it all, the harmonic clean, fruity taste is accompanied by spicy and the touch of vanilla flavours from the old oak barrels. Even just giving a smell to it was mouth-watering. Delicious tasty home-made wafers  with spicy seeds and  flavors brought from Mohács by producer Mrs.  Furák Andrásné caught many to stop at the stand and have a bit or two. Most probably for many it rings the bell as the name Tokaj is pronounced. Yes it is linked to the land of Hungary’s  unique wine. Saying this not that I’m biased, but yes indeed the region of Tokaj  has superb wines. Mr. Tibor Jarabek, commercial representative, made sure to give a snip. He was sorry fo r not being able to give a taste of their this year’s new product produced  for an Easter present with a “Halas” lace on the label … just for the ladies  They where out of the lady’s most favorite of the day. So cannot add my experiences  in taste this time to it.  The  about the Tokaj-Hétszőlő – Seven Grape Vineyard just in brief of its background: “The Seven Grape Vineyard in 1502 was named when the Garaiak seven smaller plots developed by purchasing their own. The estate is owned by the former is found in the King James Version Bible translation, Gabor Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania and the Rákóczi ones. After 1713 the area became the property of the imperial court. The Tokaj Wine Winery Seven of the center was built-in the early 1700s Dessewffy Rákóczi castle. The Tisza is Baroque mansion was a Salt customs house for a long time, the salt from Máramarosból barge in and declared to be loaded on a cart. Contemporary documents Palace cellar, and referred to as the Palace today and Rákóczi Cellar is located above the building complex. The building above the cellar in Tokaj Castle Destruction (1705), the estate became the center of Tokaj. Today, the Teutonic Order Knights’ Hall of wine and wine tasting ceremonies will take place. It later became the estate wine museum with old wines and old vintages aszú SZAMORODNI rest and covered with noble mold.”

PR1MER stand was a ” breadland”. Their composition of the product range includes traditional Hungarian bakery products, packaged sliced ​​breads and pastries taste of whole wheat.

When it comes to fish … there’s my place and for the first time I had the pleasure to see at  the Gastro Market  a  stand representing the  Szalajka Valley’s  smoked trout and imported  smoke and non-smoked salmon. Mr. László Sáfrány talked about breeding the trouts, which ain’t a mystery, yet it has pitfalls of fish farming and the aquatic and forest ecosystem services. It is worthwhile to pay a visit to his spectacular smoked trout site at  Szilvásvárad in the Szalajka Valley to see and enjoy the mouth-watering tastes of smoked trouts served directly from the producer.

 One of my most favorite stand I have had been visiting in the past few years is the “V”  – Vitabox products.  The Vitabox is a fmaily ran  company by Mrs. Edit Kézér Kissné.  Hope don’t mind for a little personal intermezzo here …  A couple of years ago I told Edit for me the “V” stands  for Victory,   Edit  looked strangely at me and asked how come?  I told her my panty zip doesn’t show the “V” since I am  drinking her 100% natural freshly pressed fruit-with-fruit and  the fruit mixed with veggies. The Vitabox products are free of added  any material, just the pure fruits, made ​​by heat-preservsation. The  natural juice plant manufacturer is operated  by the use of the Austrian company’s Voran machine.  Edit’s 3 children were out at the stand to give a support to their Mum’s two hands. Many-many walking by stopped, tasted and bought  a box of  “V”, but the “heavy weight champs” bought two boxes. Each box … fruit juice and  fruit mixed with veggies weighted 5 liter.  

This was the fifth gastronomic fair and market with producing 120 Hungarian choose from among more than 5 ,000 customers taste.

The visitors were able to taste more than 20 kinds of cooked food at the gastronomic points. and had great success in the Mr.Krisztian Papp MIKSZ CEO, the organizer of the fair said at the gastro market coming to the end “we had great success at this year’s first gastronomic market and visitors, as buyers throughout the three days were once again able to vote for their favorite producer. The organizers of this year handed over two industry awards. One of these was also engaged in meat processing by Mr. Dezső Szomor, while the other most voted producer of pure fresh fruits and veggies in the syrups forms and jams won the prize by family owned  couple: “Török Ada”.  Mrs.Törökné Katalin Dancs came with her husband from the former huge Hungarian territory Ard, Serbia.  

The Török Ada family own manufacture was established in 1985  and is well-known by now to the visitors at  the  Market of  Hungarian Home-Made Food. Their products face on pure jams,  100% of vegetable juices,  goat milk soap and quince jelly cakes produced all from fresh fruits. The lay importance to  produce fruits in liquid forms that supports our daily health.  The vitamins and trace elements both are locked in every bottle. One of their new products was this year the  wonderful blackberry wine vinegar and the mulberry vinegar, the world’s most powerful fat-eater. The fruit vinegar is known from way back  in the ancient times. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine also remembered multifaceted health-enhancing effects. In the mid-20th century became to be re-known. Even to this day it is considered  as  one of the most popular and most frequently used method of weight loss.

Beside the current Fair in June, will be at the Millennium Center the Goose Festival. In October the Wild Fish Festival. Reaching the end of the year in November will knock on the door again the  Handicraft Flavors of  Hungary Gastro Fair and markets.

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Caution to all those folks who are planning an early arrival to the Jelly Meat Festival.

The road blocks began to-day at 5 p.m. with traffic signs by the Public Transport network of Miskolc (MVK ZRT) According to service connecting 21, the last of the “outwards” direction at17.50 leaves at 17:55 then backwards back-expectancy.

Accordingly to the public transportation, closure plans, at the Dayka-Bridge 5.40 p.m., then at the Brewery Arts Hall 5.50 p.m., as well at the Beer House 6 p.m.

Can eat anywhere in the world stew, but no stew is like the Hungarian stew!

Beside strolling along the Jelly Meats on the streets of Miskolc, there will be highly recommended events to take place at the National Theater of Miskolc on the Déryné Street … with meeting “Csörgheő Csuli” and the “Primate” competition to take place.

Minding everyone … the Meat Jelly accompanying events are not free of charge, tickets are available at the National Theater’s ticket office, just a hop from the theater.

For reservation:

Three superb Hungarian actors György Cserhalmi, András Stohl, and Tibor Gáspár will talk about the role in their own way as having brought alive the figure at their theater. The three actors play in the country’s different theaters and their performances were directed by Zoltán Bezerédi, László Keszég and Attila Vidnyánszky. The Csuli’s figure inherent in the eating, drinking, and other character signs is as famous for the Hungarians, Just like for the Czech’s Svejk and the figure of Oblomov to the Russians we got our Csuli (pr:choolee)

Thereafter the talks, the night doesn’t end, continues with the three gent’s getting a hold on to the wooden spoon and head to cook one of the best stews in the world … of course the Hungarian.  For a couple of hours the actors forget the stage and turn themselves over to be the  cooks!  Of course when it’s cooked  then at Miskolc’s Summer Theater area , the audience can enjoy eating the stew  by the actor’s taste.  Decide, vote which of the three tasted the best.

Afterwards, with tummy filled can layback and listen to the Miskolc’s five excellent violinist kindly, emotionally playing to the audience and finally the three-member jury (the Hungarian stew cooks) at the end of the evening are going to hand over an award to the best-of-the-best violinist with a prize. The program will be led by Artúr Szőcs.

About and around Csuli  conversation starts at 7 p.m.

The wooden spoon handlers, the three grand actors will be serving their pleasures at the chamber lobby with a call…

„My Way” of Hungarian Stew at 8 p.m.

Primate performance in competition with excellent violinist from Miskolc at

8.45 p.m.

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Just this Sunday at the Akvárium Pool and the 1st Fish Festival will be coming to the end. Hope many visitors enjoy their walk-around at great floating  fish soups in the air.

Besides the traditional Hungarian dishes of fish, the most well-known Asian cuisine dishes were also available on the spot. As said at the press call, three invited countries will be cooking, representing their traditional culinary delights, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. unfortunately, too much fish was around to try to find my way to see and visit ‘Nam’s and Japan’s culinary specialties. I think these two countries should have been given more space and advertising attention, or at least a map of stands, showing where is what. Very narrow was the passing walking area, that made the visitors hard to „swim” through the crowd.

“The festival is aimed at encouraging the domestic consumption of fish and to strengthen the fish culture here Hungarian within the gastronomy of specially cooked Hungarian soups and dishes ” …  told by Mr. József Németh,  “Venesz” awarded  president at the Hungarian National Gasdtronomic Association.

The consumption of fish for centuries was/is an integral part of the Hungarian cuisine. However and ever though the territory of Hungary has many fast running rivers (great meat of energetic running fish), lakes (more fatty meat of lazy fish) and fish at breeding establishments (One of Hungary’s Fish Farm is at Hortobágy area, where there are fish ponds operating.The carp capacity is between 200 million and 50 million, herbivorous and carnivorous fish rearing.

At the Hortobágy area and the Tisza region for thousands of years was self-sufficient in fish. Upon recorded information it is said … at the dawn of the new age at the unregulated rivers there were “more fish than water.”

My way: „The Hungarian fish soup needs no chief’s headgear in preparing a unique full of harmonies, delightful fish soup. Basically, all you need is a variety of carp, catfish, pike, bream, onion, salt and pepper, then add bay leaf, tomato, fresh green paprika to specie up your day…. and there you go.”

Unfortunately, when you have plenty it is not always fully appreciated. The Hungarians annual fish consumption of an average of 4 kilograms/year/person.Throughout Europe Hungary has the most field of water sources the figures show we eat fish among the lowest in Europe. Even though knowing the beneficial effects of fish, known to be rich consumption effects: the heart and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

One of the highlights of the festival was that distinguished fish folks inn’s represented themselves by cooking on open air their style of fish soups These people were from several corners of Hungary’s famous  „csarda” Folks Inns. Mentioning a couple which had their own stand called: „Soupi” at the festival.  The unique Russian Fish soup called: „UHA”  which exist since the times of the Tsarist domination. What is special about this fish soup … no red paprika powder, as I mentioned to him „it looks like a pale-faced Indian” … this is how we Hungarians call those who have no tan of their face, they put many kinds of fish: salmon, catfish and other fish with carrots and  potatoes and the „cream on top”  they add 40% of „Lya Vodka” or whatever is at home on the shelves. As was told, this is an everyday fish soup in Russia. The next caldron to be visited was already boiling the fish soup Alá-Mohács by Lajos Havas and Péter Szikra, the team of two arrived from Mohács. They also brought the traditional „Mohács Black Ceramic – as to serve their fish soups – made by the famous local László Lakatos pottery maker. There speciality was cooking their soup with the strong aroma „CRNI LUK” onion powder bought from Serbia. As Péter Szikra added, without the use of the powder they would be falling into tears while peeling a half-a-dozen of palm-sized onions. Now it is not available in Hungary, but the talks are going on between the parties to have it available in the stores in Hungary. Péter Szikra has a „Fish Island” at Mohács, where there is an Inn, fishing opportunities and fish cooking combined with the possibility of arranging events. Pál Nagy was also there but this time as a visitor. He is from the area of Baja, well-known by all Hungarians they have  their own specially cooked fish soup with their special noodles which are called the „matches” noddles. The also have annual fish soup festival at Baja, which is a  traditional for 300 years and ont he occasion of this anniversary there was 300 stands of fish soups from all the territories of Hungary. As he said their fish soup is prepared with pike, perch, catfish, sterlet and zander.

Now to the fish soup the wines were not missing. The Fekete Wine Cellar brought their products from Agárd, at Lake Velence.  Rolling around the stand, man there were  many Pálinka to rinsen the throats. Passing by the stands, was  called to have  a shot and taste the Madarasi Pálinka House’s  clear fruit pálinkas.  I thought I would go for the blueberry, was as having a bunch of fresh fruit,  could not stop in smelling it, cause the aroma was just amazing. The pálinka house stand in the town called Madaras and is owned by Mr. Márton Lakatos.  The  family owned company was one of the first’s „hire distiller” joining to the Pálinka Order of Knighthood in 2004. Was also told: ” For example getting 2 liters of elderberry pálinka you need 100 kilograms of elderberries to gain 60-70% of pálinka.” 

The Fruit Wine from the Sápi Family company, located at Csömör was all day long surrounded by visitors at their stand. Csaba Sápi was like a PA calling the visitors for free tasting. While I was there a couple of bottles of fruit wines were brought and on their way home, taken to brighten up the rainy days. “Unfortunately, the fruit wines do not have such a great prestige among the Hungarian wine makers, most of them think wine can be made from only grapes, which is not true” said Csaba Sápi, winemaker. Also added: “We realized that the fruit wines should be treated as a good mother to hear  what the child says. I always listen to them, care for them.”  Csaba’s  wife, Ili on the stand told me: „We have now strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blue elderberry wines made purely from the fruits , also produce red and black currant and  our latest product is preparing figs wine. The brand name stands of the daughter, Timea. By all means forms further motivations for us to create a quality product. “My daughter’s face marks the products, so I create a wine that matures in my child’s name and face. Last year our brand, the fruit wine was presented at the Real Wine Fair in London. As the  wine makers  stopped by and tasted them it become popular among the locals.  Foreigner wine makers  we also interested in our wines. The China’s sales representative also bought selection of dozen bottles of our fruit wine. Hopefully at this year’s  Real Wine Fair in London we will be again represented with our  fruit wines.” Ili, also was so kind to bring her home-made previously prepared special pasta for Hungarian donuts. We usually eat them with home-made jams. As can be seen, topped with apricot jam as the home-made jams are common  here, cut in 2 pieces so the fruit looks not only wonderful but tastes good. The snap can be seen in the slide show.

Last but not at all visiting the stands, must say a word or two about the „Pisztrángos” stand, where a wagon length of crowd was awaiting to get the taste of the famous trout to eat by „Feri Pisztrángos” from Dunabogdány.  Many said on the spot they have heard about the delightful fish dishes served at his restaurant at Dunabogdány that is why they will not leave the stand before not tasting these „good looking” trouts. Well, I was already on my way, just dropped by to Mr. Pisztrángos taken some snaps. Asked me whether I have been at their restaurant and tastes their special trouts already. Hearing I have not, was invited to visit his restaurant and based on my experience to evaluate what kind the royal trout got the hook on me.

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A new gastronomic festival is just in front of our doorstep.

February, 15-16-17. 2013.


District 5. Erzsébet Square –  Budapest

A Great Family, Friends gathering for  not only Fish Food Lovers, but the better you are!

It is going to be a friendly atmosphere, meeting, outdoor cooking in the heart of the city where everyone is welcome.

The thought of bringing a festival of fish has been never before in Hungary, even though Hungary has 3 lakes, main rivers, the River Danube which rolls through the country dividing the country map into two parts, the River Tisza. and many small rivers. So Hungary is rich in a land of waters. Now anyone can image how many fish are swimming and awaited to be on the hook.  There is no age limit to join the festival. Young-and-old who are fish food lovers are invited to eat fish their heavenly tastes with the special Hungarians spices. Those who come around will not only have the experience to eat the ordinary Hungarian style way of prepared fish, also  will be able to taste fish  the way it is prepared in different regions of Hungary. Beside eating these melting tastes the organizers are come along with culinary arts, cultural programs and social events to highlight the coming 3 days. The organizers goal was to bring this fish festival  to encourage people to eat more-and-more fish food and promote the culture of fish consumption in Hungary.

Besides of the fact that fish has beneficial effects on human health , it also forms part of our gastronomy and is essential part of our holiday feasts.

However, fish consumption in Hungary is far below the European average; therefore the aim of the event is to popularise fish dishes to all the visitors at the festival. Another key objective is to raise awareness of the locals to our domestic surface waters with a special attention to the cleanness of River Danube.  The River Danube was ranked among the 10 most endangered rivers in the world.  Due to numerous initiatives which have been taken, quality of its water has improved, yet further efforts are still needed.

Our Fish Festival seeks to raise awareness of the values of our natural resources.  Profile of the festival The Budapest Fish Festival is planned to be an interactive event, where both the adults and the smallest can enjoy the programmes and the culinary delights. During the course of the first fish festival of the capital, visitors can not only taste the fish specialties but can take part in the cooking and preparation as well.

I festival could not be a festival without not inviting a guest country to also show their specialities. The organisers consider uniqueness extremely important. Therefore. Budapest Fish Festival, overstepping the usual Hungarian fish-soup festivals, will bring maybe not really well-known, new, international flavours to introduce to the visiting guests. Besides the traditional Hungarian dishes, the flavours of Asia will be presented, also traditional recipes from Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.

I bet many are already been ingested a big one Ain’t have to wait for the delights too long, just 2days and here comes the 1st Fish Festival, 2013. Budapest.

The rather cold weather is still here, but the warm atmosphere will be brought by Ms.Veronika Catfish (yes heard it well … Catfish) Could a Fish Festival be more appropriate to have one of Hungary’s talented singers named Catfish on the stage!  She will give a concert on Friday, February,15 at 6 p.m. The concert is free of charge just as to the 3 days festival programs!

There will be a talent contest during three days of the Fish Festival.

Anyone who feels the talent in declamation, dance, music or even stand up comedy genre of entertainment which theme is inspired by the fish, may have a chance to perform at the Budapest Festival stage. Applications are awaiting to be forward with a short introduction to the e/mail address:

It’s a friendly atmosphere, meeting, outdoor cooking in the heart of the city where everyone is welcome.

The event will be mostly about fish, but the pálinka, wine, fresh loaf of bread and a good atmosphere will not be missing. If you are believer that’s the place to be.

You are not in the kitchen’s fiend or the fairy … Does not matter, come and taste the flavors of our cooked fish delights on the spot.

Mapping the 3 days:

Friday, February 15.

2 p.m. Opening Event

3 p.m. Official opening by the orgaziers

4.30 p.m. – 6 p.m. Cooking Fish on the stage. Wine and Pálinka tasting.

6 p.m. – 7 p.m. Fish Cooking Class

7 p.m. – 8 p.m. Danube Miss International beauty contest – finalist of  Hungary

8 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. Ms. Veronika Catfish concert

Saturday, February, 16.

10 a.m. Festival opening with the Fish Soup contest

11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Presentation of Hungarian Fish dishes Fish

2.30 p.m. Announcing the winner of the Fish Soup Cooking competition

3 p.m. – 5 p.m. Hungarian folklore programs

5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Gastro young jazz ensembles – Jazz presentation

8 p.m. – 10 p.m  Budapest Festival of Street Musicians

Sunday, February,17.

10 a.m.- Noon Children’s Dance House

Noon – 4 p.m. Introducing of the Asian fish cuisine and folklore programs

4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Celebrities cooking and along with charity programs

6 p.m. – 8 p.m. GasztroClassic presenting young musicians

Hope it sounds good enough … See you there …

Update by Aggie Reiter