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Monday, September, 23., 11.05 a.m. of this morning, the first W!ZZ AIR flight lift-off  from Budapest to Moscow with 149 passengers on board. On this occasion the press was invited to see the happening.  The plane  will arrive to the Vnukovo Airport in Moscow.

Officials of W!ZZ AIR in the meantime are having five flights during the week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday). starting from October, 28. of this year the flights will be 7 days a week.

The passengers reaching the plane were pretty surprised when seeing a bunch of people standing beside the stairway, taking snaps. Mr. Victor Sorokin from the Russian Federation stepped to tell the excited passengers, that to-day is W!ZZ AIR’s first flight from Budapest to the  Vnukovo Airport in Moscow and when they saw the celebration cake with the Russian  Matuska dolls and the W!ZZ AIR plane on top of the cake, they understood this a special day for them as well.

This will be for many a memorable day… first flight on board W!ZZ AIR from Budapest to Moscow … first passenger reaching the stairway … was a couple of weeks old baby on the arms of a young lady. Now this is another proof there is no limit to age to fly on W!ZZ AIR! (see lady stepping on the red line on the slide-show).

Probably, ears are sharpen now to hear the low-price, well the one-way trip cost: 15.990.-HUF and this fee covers: includes taxes, non-optional charges and a small hand luggage. The W!ZZ AIR flights to-and-from  Budapest-Moscow already sold out 13 thousand tickets, which reflects on the intensify connections relating to both countries in the area of business, trade and tourism.

Mr. Daniel de Carvalho, spokesman for W!ZZ AIR said this morning, Quote: “We are very excited that W!ZZ AIR is landing for the first time in Russia today, this event is a milestone.  To-day’s passages were greeted on the first W!ZZ AIR flight from Hungary to  Russia by  traditional live Russian music and when they came on broad and heard the sound of the piano accordion  playing the KALINKA tune (composed by folklorist: Ivan Larionov – 1860), some folks danced their way to their seats.  Have had already seen the passengers enthusiasm which reflects on the importance of bringing the airline as a bridge to connect directly Russia and Hungary.  Upon the view of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the  Russian tourists are considered to be on top spending  a lot. Now the low-fare services surely will bring new affordable means of travelling for those who want to come to Hungary.”

During the history of W!ZZ AIR in Hungary, it has have been searching, looking for the possibilities to wider open the sky. The past years, it also has open its wings beside the domestic lift-off to new international routes. Maybe, by now needless to say, but there might still be 1-2 persons who does not know … W!ZZ AIR is the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe’s and probably not too far by saying it is also a low-cost airline considering flights to Tel-Aviv, Dubai or Azerbaijan, where the W!ZZ AIR wings also fly you there.

Working hard during the week…then relax hard on week-ends, or taking a break and save on the low-cost it is said you have come to the right place.  Light flights for business, trade travelers and travelfanatic individuals. W!ZZ AIR  is about to offer 95 cities within 35 countries to drop by. In the meantime there is a list of other destination and handy information at

Jump straight to the internet grab your tickets, go for one of your most popular destination you have been dreaming of and leave the rest to care about for the W!ZZ AIR!

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Carmen Souza is rolling over to Budapest for the first time on her debut tour Kachupada, the new world music album’s material. Reserve your seat at the Margaret Island’S Open Air Stage and enjoy the hot summer night of Carmen Souza’s Soundscapes.

Friday, 8 p.m., August, 2. Margaret Island – Budapest

Carmen was born 27 years ago in Lisbon. She is a  Portuguese singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Her family immigrated from Cape Verde. She was in her teens when already experienced the “Sodade” feeling of missing someone with the long absence of her father due to his work out on the sea. She grew up in a mixed environment of Creole, the Cape Verde dialect her parents spoke at home, and Portuguese, always surrounded by the capeverdean way of life. Carmen started singing professionally at the age of 17 in a Lusophone Gospel Choir and since then she participated in several projects from the road of Funky to Soul and from Jazz to World music.

Already released four albums, influenced on traditional African and Cape Verde rhythms like Batuke, Morna, Cola djon, with her jazz-’n-soul contemporary influences  brought a totally intimate and acoustic vibe, indeed different from the traditional environment of Cape Verdean sounds.

Just mentioning a couple of musicians  whom made a great influence on her personal style:  Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Etta Jones, Ella Fitzgerald and as for the men: Horace Silver, Keith Jarret, Theo Pas’cal and Luis Morais, Joe Zawinul … but thanks to Theo Pas’cal, her producer and mentor and one of the best bass players in Portugal was the one who discover her talent and introduce her to the land of Jazz, Fusion and other contemporary sounds that really influenced her a lot.

Those individuals who are in the house on rooted jazz music needn’t have to introduce the band, but for those who ain’t too familiar with them can describe them in seven words: ”Remarkable, splendid performers in the current jazzville!”

So it’s now up to you rollinginbudapest out to the Margaret Island on this coming Friday, August, 2. to see and hear a slice of music which reflects the Cape Verde sound, yet bringing to it a superb evolution by Carmen Souza – vocals, guitar, Theo Pas’cal – bass guitar, double bass, Filipe Melo – piano, Kacomanolis Elias – drums, percussion.

Here’s an  “appetizer”,  a YT video from Carmen Souza:

Last, but not least here comes … the real musical delicacy, offering a premium experience package within: a round trip boat ticket, Latin style welcome cocktail, light meal, water tower observation deck. Now how does that sound?  Your seat can be purchased online at the website: Budapest Summer Festival 2013.,

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The World’s Strongest Man contest … have had  proved already to be an interesting and eventful day at the Ramada Resort Aquaworld. 

Tomorrow,  2 p.m. Saturday, June, 22. 2013.

That will be the DAY! when we will see the World’s Strongest Man competition on the spot and also this day will be for many an unforgettable event to see them walk the line in blood, sweat and tears!

See previous  Herald News  concerning the competitors:

The Ramada Resort Aquaworld had created an awesome locale for this year again , just like in 2012. The „Giants Live”  will be arranged for the second time at the same place. The  series  of  Giants Live is a superb and popular event throughout the world. The Giants in every sence are here in Budapest and no one will miss not seeing the competition minute-by-minute if they roll over to the Ramada Resort Hotel, District IV., 16. Íves Street, Budapest, By car , GPS N.47.5190263,  E19.0612392. Within Public transportation can be reached  on bus number 230, back-and-forth from the Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station to the Ramada Resort Aquaworld, Budapest.  The bus runs every hour.

At this morning’s press conference we not only heard about what tomorrow may bring, but also nine out of ten giant competition were present at the press gathering. Unfortunately, the Ukraine competitor Mr. Sergey Romanchuk had a hard time with overdose of delay flying  to reach Budapest, but tomorrow he will be just fine, so we were told at the press conference.  Of course within this number two out of ten  are on home soil Mr. Ákos Nagy and Mr.Tamás Hajnal.  Mr. Szabolcs Juhász – Director of the Water Theme Park welcomed the  media representatives and expressed his and the Park’s organizers team the pleasure to have the buddies and mates back for the second time. He also mentioned, Quote: The visitors to the event will experience two-in-one! First of all … cheering  the Giants Live strongest men and thereafter splash into one of the most attractive WATERVILLE in the world. To be a viewer at the competition is free of charge, but later on who wish to enter  the land of the Aquaworld, must purchase an entry ticket. Also said, Quote: „It became a world trend to visit countries around the world, whereas sporty interest takes place on time and on the spot. Definitely, it will be THE DAY tomorrow … it will be longest day … (In the Northern Hemisphere on June 21 is the summer solstice.  The maximum altitude of the Sun will be on the horizon.) … count on the extreme heat wave, which will make the competition hot…hot…hot for the Giants and surely be a DAY TO SURVIVE!  

Mr. Colin Bryce may not immediately ring the bell for all when it comes to think about the worlds strongest man competition, but indeed many may know him to be involved with the competition for several years and who has met many of the past and present strongest men. Colin has been working along with several sporty channel. One of the tops was being the commentator at the Eurosport on the Sydney Olympics, Last year on Channel5, (UK), 1.2 million viewers watched 25 minutes of summaries, six times a year of this magnificent GP. As for the World’s Strongest Man, Quote:” I have a few roles with Worlds Strongest Man. During the year I help organise the Giants Live Qualifying Tour.”

The Giants Live two judges were also present, Mr. Svend (The Viking) Karlsen, the former Norwegian strongman, powerlifter, and IFBB professional bodybuilder who has an awesome rich sporty history along with 30 Norwegian records, 3 European records, and 1 world record. He was pleased he could make it this time to Budapest cause last year he missed it.  So he added to the tomorrow’s competition, „Quote: This is a qualifying opportunity of this year’s World Championships in the powerful man … the World’s Strongest Man grand prix. So here in Budapest the competition is „worth a golden ticket” to the final which will be at Szany, China. It is not just the prize money that counts, it is the Olimpia  game of this sporty. The other judge is no less well-known Mr. Darren Sandler, a British strongman competitor, winner of the World Strongman Challenge in the under 105 kg category, and notable for being a repeat competitor at the World’s Strongest Man.

Mr. Sándor Német,  Biotech, one of the supporters of this event. He said, Quote: „ The Biotech is present over the five continents around the world and being the representative here in Hungary, it is most natural and with pleasure  we will all wow for Mr.  Ákos Nagy, the Hungarian champion of last year. Also for the second Hungarian competitor Mr. Tamás Hajnal.

Of course the main protagonist of the event will be the World”s Strongrest Man qualifying competition, but that doesn’t take as long as to end the day, so after the glory and award goes out anybody can go for their splash at this superb  adventure park  and view the sophisticated  constructions to make you feel you’re in another World, but of course you have arrived to the Aquaworld in Budapest.

Pretty sure many who haven’t been there have missed a lot. Even some of the worldwide Waterville could have a word or two of the Hungarian awesome environment which is all about water-and-water-and of course fun, entertainment, food and drinks,  throughout the day.

Six out  of ten competitors have been in the previous years  participating in the World’s Strongest Man competition.

About the challenges of the ten competitors where they will have to  turn their gear on … in strength, speed, stamina and skill to compete in different types of „battles with their energy wouldn’t like to spoil the party by going into  the number of events, must go to see one-by-one for yourself. Wishing all out to be there a splendid day!

Attached video showing a brief intro of the competitors, the draws and measuring the size of their biceps:

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In the frame and headlines to this year’s Summer Festival will be the following: Celebration of the Day of Freedom at 7 p.m. on June, 19. 2013. at the Margaret Island Open-air Stage Theater, but before rolling on to the end of the day, in the morning hours Major Mr. István Tarlós will hand over honorary citizen titles at the New Town Hall. thereafter, at 3 p.m. he will inaugurate the newly renovated fountain on Margaret Island. A tremendous Gala Concert will take place by reaching the end of the holiday, starting sharp at 7 p.m. with the Budapest Festival Orchestra giving a free concert in honor of celebrating the honorary citizens of the day. This free concert is organized for the second year. The surroundings of ancient trees and the fresh smooth air will surely be an evening to remember and hopefully the summer weather will be finally here in Budapest at this wonderful concert show. The Budapest Festival Orchestra  will be conducted by Mr.Gábor Takács-Nagy and the music of Mozart’s K 199 in G major Symphony, followed by Bizet-Shchedrin Carmen  will fill the air at the Open-Air enlarged modernized stage. Also the audience will for the first time have to opportunity to relax and enjoy  the show in the newly renovated auditorium seats.

The concert is free of charge, but ticket requests are previously required. They can be purchased through ordering online at the site, starting from May, 24 and onwards. The tickets can be picked up at the Open-Air Stage Theater’s Ticket Office at District VI. 68 Nagymező Str. and also at the box office on the spot at the Margaret Island during the opening hours, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.  through Monday-Friday, and from 11 a.m.- 7 p.m.  on Saturday and Sunday- Whether by any chance they run out of the 2700 seats by the time you wish to purchase yours, then you may still have a chance to book for your tickets (there is 800) at  the water tower encompasses the cloister, through:

 and for those who couldn’t make it to reserve a seat, they will not stay OOPS, cause the program organizers do not wish them to miss an awesome concert like this, therefore at the surrounding area  at the entrance to the Theater’s on the green grassy plain, projectors and speakers will be placed to follow and enjoy the show.

Special shuttle bus service back-and-forth to the scene of the event will be provided by the Budapest’s Transport Center.

The event is organized on behalf of the Municipality of the Open-Air Stage Theater Ltd.,

Ms. Theodóra Bán executive and artistic director.

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In the recent days a press conference related to the forthcoming marathon days of the 10th Summer Festival was held at the National Opera House Budapest by Teodóra Bán festival director, Deputy Mayor Miklós Csomós, Ókovács Szilveszter Opera Director, Secretary Monika Balatoni, Géza Kovács, Director General of the NFZ and Tamás Solymosi ballet director.

Just to pull your attention before rolling into the deep,  not just the weather will be hot this summer, but be prepaired for the 10th summer festival’s hot days and hot nights!

So … upon the opening at the press conference  Mr. Miklós Csomós Deputy Mayor said, quote: „The capital city is proud of the leadership of the ten summer festival, which will be  filled with  rich and diverse programs. The summer festival will hold from the folkdancing and the folk music up to the opera events. From the variety of programs there will be for everyone to choose from programs that suites their own taste.” The Deputy Mayor also pointed out that this year the Margaret Island Open-air Stage will celebrate its 75-year saying, quote: „One of the jewels of the capital” and the government and the capital support the cost to renew the stage by 700 million Hungarian Forint. This will cover this year’s and the next year’s cost renewer. The modernization is an important element  and there will be a roof pulled above the stage as well.”

The first phase of the renovation will be completed, by June,14, when it opens to the works of Verdi and Wagner concerts. The National Symphony Orchestra director Géza Kovács said there will be the overture from popular melodies and “reconcile” the two giant composers whose attitude toward life was far from cloudless. Both born 200 years ago, two of them one of a kind, very opposite personalities, yet indeed were linked together by the harmony of music.

The  festival strategic partner will be the Hungarian State Opera House, which will present  two operas and one ballet staged at the Margaret Island. Trustee of the Opera ballet director Tamás Solymosi said that a renewed  ballet choreograph will take place  in honor and memory of the one year ago gone ahead  Mr. Laszló Seregi  the first dramatic ballet choreographer. He was also 40 years on stage with grand success playing Spartacus.

Mr. Ókovács Szilveszter stressed, quote: “Those amazing cultural resources, which in Hungary have become apparent will be in the Budapest Summer Festival Programs.” Under his institutional managament will be brought on stage Madame Butterfly and beside Puccini’s evergreen, the summer season holds one of the world premiere of, Stephen the King composed by Ferenc Erkel.  So far the Hungarian National Library of Music Collection held the manuscripts but for the first time at the Summer Festrival’s concert  the sheet music will be available told the good news for sheet music lovers Ms. Theodóra Bán director of the Festival.

Representing the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Secretary, Ms. Mónika Balatoni made an announcement, quote: „One day before August, 20 the public holiday, wish to highlight the event with Cardinal Péter Erdős Primate of Hungary  who will patronage by his presence at the Stephen the King – Erkel’s opera at the gala performance whereas, beside the Members of the Government and the foreign delegations jointly with the public audience will be invited and to be promising a real social experience.”  The Stephen the King opera’s costumes and scenery will be seen by designer Centaur, descendant of Erkel family, so this time he will learn firsthand the values ​​ of arrangement and grandiose he will lay infront to see for the audience. The title role will be sung by Mr. Gábor Bretz.

During the festive season, many artists will take the stage. Ms. Andrea Rost opera singer for the first time will be in the title role of Madam Butterfly, the National Philharmonic Orchestra  will be conducted by Carlo Montanaro  at the festive opening concert. Ms. Andrea Caré Italian tenor will be seen for the first time in Hungary in the Puccini opera.

The 10th Place in Budapest Summer Festival festive season will include among the shows: Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” by well-known opera soloists as: Ms. Beatrix Fodor, Ms. Viktória Mester, Ms. Anna Herczenik, Ms. Bernadett Wiedemann, Mr. Szabolcs Hámori Szabolcs. There will be a co-operation gathering staged into to-day’s history, an orchestrated work directed by Mr. Andrew Hábetler. They present a The grand classic Viennese operetta author Mr. Karl Zeller’s „Birdwatcher” play will be shown, a   piece of play which hasn’t been staged for more than  forty years,  starring Mr. Géza Egyházi. Both shows will be presented at the Városmajori Outdoor Stage where the kids are awaited to see fabulous fairytale performances week-by-week.

This year the Theater Review will be renewed at the Városmajor outdoor stage will welcome seven provincial theaters from Nyíregyháza, Veszprém, Kaposvar, Szombathely, Kecskemét, Székesfehérvár and Transcarpathia with drama productions and classical music pieces as well. The performances will be accompanied by a professional jury and audience. At the end of the Theater Review, the best male and best female performance category will receive a gift awards.

The protocol lecture dated 19 prestigious guests call the Secretary of State, but those interested in the Outdoor Theater website can register for free tickets. The next day’s lecture ticket prices they go gifts inventory, the 20th of may 2000 HUF per person entry to change.  Information in-depth will be after June, 10. follow

The Budapest Summer Festival will present exhibitions connected to the City and Theater History, whereas the 75-year’s anniversary of the Margaret Island Stage can be seen beside the Deák Square at the City Hall park opening on June, 1. The title of the exhibition will be „Margaret Island Anno.”  The next exhibition to open will be the „Metropolitan Archives postcard”collection can be visited from June, 14 at the exhibition of collected Historical Photographs taken at/ by the water tower on the Margaret Island. These images are from the legacy collection of the 100 years old Mr. György Klösz. Within this collection: photos, posters and theatrical specialties from the first moment to open the Margaret Island Open-air Stage in 1938 and the Water Tower courtyard of the era will be on view for visitors.

Minding the visitors, just like last year, the Margaret Island can be reached by the special Theater Boat Service. The standard scheduled boat service operates 5-times /day . Rolling over to the Island the  visitors  and the audience members can enjoy the unique sights while reaching Island. The boat stops just a couple of steps to the  Open-air Theater  and before the performance the 102-years old Water Tower may counted in to visit.  There is a 100-years old giant Platanus tree, that ain’t a usual thing to see in its glory in a metropolitan city.  Taking a short walk to visit and see the Saint Margaret Ruins, as well as the monument of the Premontre Monastery would be a pitty to miss if your out on the Island.

Well these are just in a nutshell of some events to mark and worthwhile to keep an eye on!

There will be  many more  eye catching events coming up, as the slogan says:


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Caution to all those folks who are planning an early arrival to the Jelly Meat Festival.

The road blocks began to-day at 5 p.m. with traffic signs by the Public Transport network of Miskolc (MVK ZRT) According to service connecting 21, the last of the “outwards” direction at17.50 leaves at 17:55 then backwards back-expectancy.

Accordingly to the public transportation, closure plans, at the Dayka-Bridge 5.40 p.m., then at the Brewery Arts Hall 5.50 p.m., as well at the Beer House 6 p.m.

Can eat anywhere in the world stew, but no stew is like the Hungarian stew!

Beside strolling along the Jelly Meats on the streets of Miskolc, there will be highly recommended events to take place at the National Theater of Miskolc on the Déryné Street … with meeting “Csörgheő Csuli” and the “Primate” competition to take place.

Minding everyone … the Meat Jelly accompanying events are not free of charge, tickets are available at the National Theater’s ticket office, just a hop from the theater.

For reservation:

Three superb Hungarian actors György Cserhalmi, András Stohl, and Tibor Gáspár will talk about the role in their own way as having brought alive the figure at their theater. The three actors play in the country’s different theaters and their performances were directed by Zoltán Bezerédi, László Keszég and Attila Vidnyánszky. The Csuli’s figure inherent in the eating, drinking, and other character signs is as famous for the Hungarians, Just like for the Czech’s Svejk and the figure of Oblomov to the Russians we got our Csuli (pr:choolee)

Thereafter the talks, the night doesn’t end, continues with the three gent’s getting a hold on to the wooden spoon and head to cook one of the best stews in the world … of course the Hungarian.  For a couple of hours the actors forget the stage and turn themselves over to be the  cooks!  Of course when it’s cooked  then at Miskolc’s Summer Theater area , the audience can enjoy eating the stew  by the actor’s taste.  Decide, vote which of the three tasted the best.

Afterwards, with tummy filled can layback and listen to the Miskolc’s five excellent violinist kindly, emotionally playing to the audience and finally the three-member jury (the Hungarian stew cooks) at the end of the evening are going to hand over an award to the best-of-the-best violinist with a prize. The program will be led by Artúr Szőcs.

About and around Csuli  conversation starts at 7 p.m.

The wooden spoon handlers, the three grand actors will be serving their pleasures at the chamber lobby with a call…

„My Way” of Hungarian Stew at 8 p.m.

Primate performance in competition with excellent violinist from Miskolc at

8.45 p.m.

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The Jelly Meat Festival organizers from Miskolc and the  „MÁV” Experience Nostalgia Trains Ltd. held in advance a press conference at the Városliget’s Ice Rink , Budapest.

One of Hungary’s best-known awarded tourist festival is at the City of Miskolc. Now-a-days have had outgrown of its place where in the past 12 years it was arranged.  Well,  in just 3 days to come, between February 22-24 and the entire city center will be the scene of the 13th Jelly Meat Festival.
They Jelly Meat Festival has what it takes for the local folks and absolutely sure the foreigners to come have never seen, been to such an awesome gathering. Especially the jelly meat (not all with meat…there will be jelly fruits and veggies balls as well … (I am hungry already for the jelly meat) and food…food…food so many culinary values​​ not to be missed. Be prepared (!) you won’t be hungry in Hungary! Get ready for the special wines from the surrounding areas to ease your thirst. Traditional Hungarian hand-made folk art works will be also available. The Jelly Meat Festival is one of Hungary’s largest and if not the most popular social event. As in the previous years, this year it is also expected to have over 300 thousand visitors.

Each year there is a foreign country’s city invited. This year will be the city of  Kosice  the guest of honor, which is the European Capital of Culture in  2013. Slovakia. 

In addition, during the festival, photographic exhibition can be seen of Kolontár, the red sludge disaster victim’s village showing the unity and strength of their soul.

This year, the City of Mezőkövesd will be the nation’s special guest of honor. Connected to the  occasion the  popular Matyó folk art , will be placed on the List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Beside the land of Matyó, debuts Szomolya, Gönc and Monok. The Matyó Folk Dance Group, the Tard’s and the St. Stephen’s traditionalist groups will be on stage.  The well-known folk art gingerbread from Matyó will not be missing. Members of the Matyó folk art association, will be presenting some amazing embroideries and their woven technic. The representatives of the Tourist Office of Mezőkövesd will join the festival to inspire, bring the attention to the nature hot spa at the Bath of Zsóry.

The „MÁV” Experience Nostalgia Trains will also roll on the tracks to the Jelly Meat Festival  on Saturday, February, 23. to Miskolc. The company wish to make it easy to reach Miskolc by offering to their passengers  a one-day special ride back-and-forth to the Jelly Meat Festival with reduced ticket prices. But that’s not all, rolling on the tracks to Miskolc: light snacks, welcome drink, surprise gifts  and entertainment like live band and dancing on the train will definitely shorten the ride.

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