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Asha – the “baby” elephant birthday celebration – Budapest Zoo – 2016.

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On Valentine Day the Budapest Zoo was crowed, especially knowing of Asha having its 3rd birthday. Many were out to see this special occasion. At  11 a.m.,  small kids and folks of all age surrounded the elephants enclosures.

The Budapest Zoo’s small elephant Asha was born three years ago on this very special day, the Valentine’s Day. Although in the beginning for the two days it was pretty tough for her because the workers had to struggle to feed him. Did not want to eat anything at all. At the time being the “small in weight” Asha was 70 kilograms. To-day weights 1500 kilograms to “small animal.

Asha, on its 3rd birthday received a specially prepared birthday cake on this prominent occasion.

A delicious “mountain” cake was made of straw, bran and oats made over the dough and on the topping was apples, bananas, small bamboo any veggies. Asha’s birthday cake was specially baked at a bakery.  Asha with its family seemed  to enjoy the delicious treat and ate eating it all up.

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Musical Evening at the Budapest Zoo – Sounds from the King of Waltz!


Coming up Musical Evening Concert at the Budapest Zoo!

Friday, August, 21. 2015. 

8.30 p.m.

District XIV., 6-12 Állatkerti Blvd.

The most popular and the most well-known Strauss melodies will fill the air at the Budapest Zoo as reaching the end at the zoo’s summer concert. Johann Strauss, the Austrian composer of light music, particularly dance music and operettas is well-known around the world. He composed over 500 waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, and other types of dance music. The evening’s concert will feature a selection of Strauss’s masterpieces such as: Pizzicato Polka, the Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka, Emperor Waltz, Voices of Spring, Rose from the South, the Bat Overture, the Gypsy Baron Overture, the Hunting Polka,  the Long live the Hungarian polka and last but not least the Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz referred as the Austrian national anthem will not be missing.

In his lifetime, particularly the waltzes earned him enduring fame as Vienna’s Waltz King and was largely then responsible for the popularity of the waltz in Vienna during the 19th century.

The concert will be brought alive by the MÁV Symphony Orchester whom are also celebrating its 70-year existence.

The Orchester is currently ranked among the best professional ensembles in Hungary.

Tickets are available on the spot at the Zoo’s booking office or through pre-order at Seat reservation is in order of arrival. Until the start of the concert guests are invited for a walk in the Zoo. Those guests who miss to purchase their ticket in time or because they are sold out, with a little luck may get extra standing tickets available at the entrance of the Zoo from 8.30 p.m.  So be quick and get them ASAP.

The gates open before the concert at  7 p.m. The concert ticket enables you to take a romantic walk through the Zoological Gardens  and then at 8.30 p.m. enjoying the concert.

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The Budapest Zoo is now on the home to Hungary’s only koalas.

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Less than four years ago Molly and Wally the two combats arrived straight from Melbourne to the Budapest Zoo. On Friday, March,3 again was a big day in the history at the Budapest’s Zoo. Two unique newcomers Vobara and Nur-Nuru-Bin koalas arrived again to enrich the Zoo’s community.

Subspecies: Queensland – Nur-Nuru-Bin born at Wild Animal Park Mechelen Planckendael (Belgium) on June, 15.2012. Vobara came into the world on July, 29. 2012. in Germany, at Duisburg Zoo.

The koalas names bear in the Australian Aboriginal language “south wind”.

They both came to Hungary within the international koala program, which needed in advance 6 years of hard work, filling 660 pages, 60 individuals work, 1066H’s of training and documenting in Germany and Belgium the koala care personals. Their doctor was trained in France. In deed, welcoming the koalas needed a special environment – home that was built especially for the comfy. As for the daily feeding to provide the on eucalyptus plant … they both eat ½ kgs/day. Furthermore, taking into sum of other tasks. which also says at first the new zoo residents can only be males.

Nur-Nuru-Bin  and Vobara  koalas both are males … This is always the case when koalas are given to another Zoo. Hopefully, in a couple of year there will be a chance to have a female, replacing one of the male koala and time will tell if and when the koala baby will be born at the Budapest’s Too.

The koalas consume just about 50 types of eucalypt of the several hundred species and have a strong preference for young, juicy leaves. The koalas are offered an extremely varied menu in Budapest. They have a choice between several species of eucalyptus, most of which originate from Southern English. The freshly harvested shoots can be kept for about a week in fridge room, at a temp. of 7C (44.6F)

Throughout Eastern and Central Europe this is the first arrival of the koala bears. In Europe there are eight zoos having koala bear, one in Lisbon, one in Madrid, one in Beauval, one in  Edinburg, one in Vienna, two in Dresda,  one in Schönbrug and one in Duisburg . Form to-day now-on the Budapest’s Zoo  as the 9th zoo having koala bears in Europe is proud to say, two more unique animals originally living  Downunder  can not only be seen on TV or magazines, but can be visited see alive sleeping on top of the trees. As at the press gathering was said, lucky will be those visitors who come around 1 p.m. cause that is the feeding and weighting time and can see them walking around their environment as well.

Before heading to the koalas resident, the director of the Zoo and the DHL representative signed a co-operation agreement that stood for the daily delivery of koalas meals, the Eucalyptus leaves.

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OCTOBER, 11-13. 2013.


Hungary is heading to the fall’s season of festivals. As a newcomer in the line of festivals, this year, there will be the 1st. Chimney Cake Festival to be held Downtown at the City Hall Park,  beside the Deák Ferenc Square, Budapest. In the late morning hours on a pouring rainy day the media representatives were invited to the Gundel’s garden at the Budapest Zo,  were the organizers announced their upcoming plans for the festival.  Ms. Tünde András said, quote: “There is so many festivals in Budapest and throughout Hungary,  yet no chimney cake festival has entered the world of festivals in Hungary. This was my dream and seems like my dream will come true by organizing the first chimney cake festival.”  Not only the wide variety in flavors of chimney cakes will be around, but the visitors who join the 3 days event may also learn how to prepare the traditional  chimney cake.   Also there will be chimney cakes in all size from  XL, L, M, S and XS “.  As far as planed, there will be a baking of 50 piece of chimney cake to set a new record” … so we were told by Gáspár Bálint, one of the founders of the Vitéz Kürtős  (Chimney Cake).

Just in brief about the birth of the „kürtőskalács” chimney cake  which has several stories of original. One of them is that when the Mongols were approaching Székelyföld (to-day in Transylvania). The locals from Budvár és Réz fled into caves to hide away from the Tatars. The Tatars thought by making the locals to starve they will come out of the caves. In the meantime, not only Transylvanians, but the Tartars also ran out of food. Then a wise Transylvanians woman scraped her rest of the flour, and formed a huge chimney cake  then baked it above the ash of the fire. Later placed it on a long chopper and showed, said to the Tartars, “Look how well we are living and you’re starving,” The Tartars were so devastated that they departed from the area.

Since then the chimney cake made its way to be one of the favorite Transylvanian delights. Way back it was unimaginable to have not on the table the chimney cake as a tradition food at religious festivals and weddings. In the past years it has become an everyday delight not only in the territory of Transylvania but throughout Hungary as well.

For the  soles music will not be missing beside preparing, tasting the chimney cakes with a wide programs.  Mr. László Járási, member of the Indygo band  told us, j they wrote a particular song for the occasion of the „Kürtőskalács” Chimney Cake, which will be presented at the festival on Friday, the first day of the festival.  In the evening the Sugarloaf and the Heaven Street Seven band will roll the live music. On Saturday, the X-Factor smokers:  Ms. Adel Csobot, Ms. Timea (Timi) Antal, Mr. Gergő Baricz will be on stage. The night show will end by the Cross Band with Ms. Ildikó Keresztes. During the daylight there will be puppet shows, magic shows, fire jugglers. In addition to the performances, on the final day, children’s programs and adult Hot Jazz Band, and the Balkán Fanatik group hits will fill the air.

The mood was excellent, especially good to be a bit by the fire, as the ash warmed up ourselves on a cold and rainy autumn morning .

By participating at the press gathering, brought a  true gastronomic delicacy!

Worthwhile to note the time and dates, to go for the  various flavors of the chimney cakes!

Click here to see how Timi  and  two lads from the Balkán Fanatic group baked their chimney cake:

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The 2012 year is a Jubilee year at the Budapest Zoo!

Received an invitation to the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden season-opening press conference. The event was held by Deputy Mayor Mr Miklós Csomós and prof. Dr. Miklós Persányi, Zoo Director General.

Before heading to the scene to be held the press conference the gathered representatives  placed wreath at the statue of army officer of the 1848 Independence War, later the first director of the Budapest Zoo, Mr. János Xantus. Thereafter, our way led us to the Botanical Garden cupola hall.

The main purpose of gathering the representatives of the press and media was to provide information about the forthcoming programs, plans and the difficulties for the season of 2012.  On this Jubilee Year the Zoo is to open officially the “Magic Hill” but I would rather call it the Cave of Magic, and its reconstruction works at the “Main Gate” and its surroundings, as well as  the update of the Project II., of the “Habitats and those collections”.  We were also updated with the institution’s plans for the year 2012. Also was informed  us about the coming  “animal” stars in the year 2012.

During the Jubilee year, the most important event will be the opening of the “Magic Hill” the Cave of Magic.

The  most important event to the hundredth anniversary day “will be pulled aside the stones”  from the entrance  gate  and the visitors can enter into the world of magic!  It is a 100-year-old Huge Rock! This was the dream of Mr. Adolf Lendl, the director’s plan in 1909, as  to give shelter to a zoological museum. Well, it did not come true and the inside rock remained unused!  But in a way on this anniversary day his dream comes alive. Though the huge rock would not to be a place for a zoological museum, but live animals and natural history museums citations, a site of interactive exhibition will be brought alive. His heart would be surely filled with happiness to see by this new project for his dream to come true.

Connected to the jubilee year, the Budapest Zoo, is to prepare an outstanding professional program. Between May, 17 and 19 will organize a symposium whereas the world’s oldest zoo, (zoos over hundred years older) leaders will gather to exchange experiences. The “IVY ZOO” symposium will be held for the 2nd time here in Budapest. The first of a kind of professional gathering took place in 1996, also initiated by and at the Budapest Zoo.

Last year’s newcomers were the wombats and the ground pigs, which immediately became a favorite of the audience.

This year, more new species will be visible inside the Cave of Magic. We were also told the Zoo is delighted to be able to show the world’s rarest insects. The stick-insect eggs will be posted by the Australian Zoo. The last species was believed to be seen in 1930 and then after had been thought as extinct species. In 2001 they were re-discovered at a small rock, on an Island close to Australia. Since then, they are propagated in the Australian Zoo as to be rescued from their extinction. The first egg species to ever to arrive to Europe will be to the Budapest’s  Zoo after its long journey from the Australia Zoo. As far as I got it right 14 species of Pyramids will arrive this year to the Budapest’s Zoo from the Lord Howe Island. Oh well, this is just what we surely need…  We will have to be aware not to ease the appetite.O.K. just kidding.

Programs at the Budapest Zoo there will be no shortage. Speaking of the near future: the “World Water Day”, in April the “Earth Festival”. Continuing last years popularity, concerts will be held once again. Also the “Early evening and evenings rolling along” will welcome all from 9 to 99 years of age.

Finally, important figures were brought alive ending press gathering: The “Magic Hill” the Cave of Magic  has a total of 17 rooms, 3,200 square meters, with fauna, giant animals, models, special fossils, living fossils, adventure games, simulators and 3D cinema projection-room is to be a creation of a unique environment.

The Zoo management believes it is fair enough to reduce the entry ticket prices during the major construction work. Even though all the animals and venues can be visited at the time being, with some ongoing works along the paths. From March,15 (National Holiday) with temporarily reduce prices of 15% discount on tickets will be available until April, 15 so  still  will have the reduced price during the season of Easter.

Just couldn’t resist not shooting a couple of snaps seeing the peaceful natural life before leaving the Zoo. I would also like to share those with you 🙂

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter