Jewish Art Days – Columbus Ship – Budapest

On May, 31. 2018, on the Columbus Ship at the port of the River Danube will host a special concert. Three unique jazz players: András Dés, outstanding musician of Hungarian jazz life, Polish jazz singer Grzegorz Karnas and Alan Wykpisz Polish a bunch of unmistakable performances will be heard at the Jewish Art Days at the „Linking” Concert.

With András Dés, one of the most experimental musicians in home jazz, they played for the first time in the summer of summer, and it was immediately revealed that their musicality, openness to the world and their dedication to free self-expression provide a fertile ground for joint music.

It is based on Karnas’ compositions, but starting with the personalities of the three musicians. In music, they also love to unfamiliar, undiscovered areas, Karnas speaks in languages ​​that no one has ever talked about, Dés plays drums that have had other functions so far, and Wykpisz is a whimsical and creative bassist for the game of their trip.

Update Aggie Reiter

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