Come and join be on a Pálinka diet starting this week-end and you lost three days!

Friday, May, 17 till Sunday, May, 19.2013.

Pre-opening day,  two concerts on Thursday, May, 16. 2013.

District V. – Erzsébet  (Elizabeth) Square – Budapest

This year by visiting the scene at the Elizabeth Square a variety of  more than 400 full range of  fruity flavors of pálinka, blends and flavor of Unique Pálinkas will be standing alone, if you don’t make it, which I can hardly believe. This year the visitors can  taste beside the liquid form of pálinka the wild garlic-pálinka filled in chocolates  and also go for the spicy sausage, beef cheek prepared in the sour cherry jam. Also being a volunteer, there is a chance to take an experimental tour in preparing your own blends. You may also get to know and take some home for your own pleasure of the sour cherry mustard and other sour cherry items.

The exhibitors of this year are all major producers along with some smaller, family run distilleries will showcase at 25  stands their finest spirits at the festival.  Now how does that sound ? None can say they haven’t heard about this  herald news!

A bunch of opportunities mainly all about pálinka will be throughout  Friday, May, 17  till Sunday, May, 19. to get to know the meaning of the „real”  fruity taste of the Hungarian Pálinka. On Thursday the nails and hammers will be featuring by the exhibitors to prepare their stands for the grand opening on Friday. Yet there will be two concerts during the evening hours on Thursday and  hopefully the hammers won’t be playing by then.

For example: The Tokaj wine, liqueur and pálinka offered by the Manufactors at their booth are the first of a kind in the country using 27 different herbal extract within ​​the premium wine and pálinka brought by the “Harmatrázó” Pálinka-House. Here at the  festival can be tasted the rich flavor of the wild elderberry pálinka produced in limited quantity edition and  a selection of premium  sour cherry pálinka, which already received the 2013 International Spirits Awards silver medal named Panyolai Quince and can be both tasted for the first time at the festival.

For  the chocho addicted persons, the extreme flavor of the  „Lady Levender Chocolate” mustn’t be forgotten to taste.

The major new feature of this year’s Pálinka Festival will be  presented at the Rézangyal booth. The visitor’s can give it try to create by the use of a unique cell to distillate four blends in creating their own spirits. The course will take place every day, every two hours from 4 to 10 p.m. For participation a  pre-registration is required, see at:

The culinary experience will neither be missing.  The scent of the delicious inevitable sausages and other mouth-watering Hungarian food,  the homemade cheese, wine, champagne will be in the air. Not only the eyes and mouth will get plenty of goodies to taste, but the ears aren’t left out. Music will  also be around for the ears during the late afternoon and evening hours. Here’s a peek into the musicland  …

Thursday, May, 16. – 6 p.m. Sena then at 8 p.m. Péterfy Bori Love Band.

Friday, May, 17. –  6 p.m.  Belmondo plays Beatles tunes and  at 8 p.m. “Intim Torna Illegál”.

Saturday, May, 18.  – 4 p.m. Heinz Gábor Biga  and the Voice Band,  at 6 p.m. Zséda  Concert and at 8 p.m.  Zsola and the Wild Orchiea.

Sunday, May, 19.  – 4 p.m. Mr. Gyula Babos, Mr. Attila László and the Tibor Tátrai Guitar Trio, at 6 p.m. Color Star acoustic World and finally closing the evening  and the 8th Budapest Pálinka Festival of 2013 the „Kéknyúl” Hammond Band starts its concert at 8 p.m.

Admission includes a tasting glass. 

Day pass: 2000HUF. Festival pass: 5500HUF

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