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Before speaking about  the real purpose to the invitation of the press  and media representatives  to be at the newly opened Városliget Cafe and Bar, should like to take short trip around the surrounding area.

Having a peek back-in-time the Városliget – City Park  already had a role in the  . The park and its surroundings was considered to be a popular scene, a territory to noblemen for hunting. In the Age of Reforms,  the entire park was extremely popular as a neat place for the residents to spend timeout in the woods and forest, and in those days it was called the City Forest.

Historical  Panorama – ANNO 1895 … „Városliget”  – City Park is one of the most popular parks in Budapest.  Culture and the Hungarian hospitality have had received significant role for over 150 years. This venue is the place where during the blissful days, months and years was  recon as a place for peace around the nature and peace within the soul for the visitors. At the City Park there was always something happening, ongoing developments, festivals, entertainment, sporty events … just mentioning a few … throughout the years.

Hopping over to the millennium era … In the year 2000, Hungary went through an enormous cultural and architectural developments. At the Városliget – City Park  there was, is always something happening, ongoing developments, festivals, entertainment , sporty events, fairs … just mentioning a few … throughout the 365 days.

Városliget – City Park … To-day – 2013.  come rain, come shine the Városliget – City Park is worthwhile to visit  at any season. During the 365 days both locals and tourist would catch their attention to the rich attraction, choose from different activities, like heading out on a gastronomic tour, but  can meet the eye for culturelovers, because just steps before entering  the City Park, there is at both sides at the Heroes’ Square the Museum of Fine Arts (built between 1900 and 1906) and just across the platform facing  the Contemporary Palace of Art (built between 1900 and 1906). The awesome sites doesn’t end here,   cause just a short walk and there you are, arrived to the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden (established 1866). We are still in the circle of the Városliget – City Park when we arrive to Hungarian Circus and Variety (first show in 1889). Actually, the surrounding area  at the Városliget -City Park  has so much to offer, not only can admire the visited places but while rolling along  getting hungry  there’s a classy place to eat  at the Városliget Cafe and Bar.

Now here comes the cream on top of the cake  coming back to the place where during the midday hours the press and media representatives were invited  to a pre-official opening of this newly renovated gorgeous interior taking folks back in time with dishes and cafe from the early times.  Along the “Városliget” – City Park’s  Ice Ring, the beautifully renovated building officially opened a new spot in town, the “Városliget Cafe and Bar” offering traditional values.  Beside the press individuals, public figures also attended the opening. The press call was opened by Mr. Stephen Bottyán, Head of project who talked about the conditions of the contract and its fulfillment. As he also added, Quote: ” The actual execution, research, designers and draftees works took 9 months.  It was an enormous challenge, having to have deeply in mind the aspect to create the historical and cultural continuity, presenting the historical values. The implementation only took 3 months. The building was demolished at several parts of the building. A new face was presented with a newly design kitchen and cafe interior. Superb panorama to the skating ring during the season of winter and rowing boats in the summertime can be viewed from any corner of the Vajdahunyad – City Park  Cafe and Bar’s wide windows. The Budapest’s ice rink and the rowing boats  give many locals and tourists much pleasure. It’s one of Europe’s most beBejegyzés előnézetebeautiful open-air ice rink for the skatelovers. One of the house’s popular features comes in the form a  dish:  the “Tányérhús” (Boiled calf-meat in broth) and its history goes like this … This is the finest dish of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It became very popular because it was a favorite meal of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria. Soon it spread throughout the entire Monarchy. Hungary included, prepared in the kitchens of aristocrats and bourgeois as well. The Tányérhús is an original  gastro-historical classic, where only the top quality Hungarian meat and veggies, served with special toppings and garnishes.   Beside other specialities of the house is the “Liget Cafe”, rosted, drilled, cooked on the spot, severed aside as like in the old days  with a small glass of fresh water and a mini cookie, just like in the days of 1895.  Cannot leave the place without not tasting the “seal of a delicious meal”. It might as well be a dessert. These are from the old cook books and revives the memory of the Városliget and Budapest during the blissful days of peace in the early nineteen hundred. See some heavenly taste at the slide-show. At the end of the presentation all present were invited to have a taste of the house. The complex currently has 30 people working, but at its mature stage,  this figure may rise 60 people. They also have kids menu and while their yummies are prepared there are available  coloring sheets with crayons  to color the Vajdahunyad Cafe and Bar  and if wish so take their art home.

Looking contemplatively through the huge windows from the Vajdahunyad Cafe and Bar shows a breathtaking scene  to the oldest construction at the City Park, the Vajdahunyad Castle (built between 1896-1908) which was to build in the year 1000, to celebrated the Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin (895).  The Vajdahunyad Castle can  easily be reached  from any side of the castle having four bridges connecting this superb site.

Actually, the surrounding area  at the Városliget – City Park  has so much to offer, not only can admire the visited places, but while rolling along  getting hungry  there’s a classy place to eat  at the Városliget Cafe and Bar.

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The Bonbonetti has signed last year and  strategic agreement with the  World’s 15th  largest confectionery manufacturer, Roshen Confectionery Corporation to start with  the factory in Budapest with investments in technology and developments … these were the opening words by  Mr. Sándor Sánta, Bonbonetti Group CEO, President of the Association of the Hungarian Confectionery  at the press gathering  where he continued quote: “The year of 2013 is a significant year, because we have worked continuously to changing circumstances and market demands and to meet our customers. Here at our newly open store  we welcome  our consumers  locals, Hungarian sweets known significant foreign guests and the tourist who are just about to get acquainted with our usual high quality products along with unique offers and ongoing promotions.”

As we were told … Recently, many new locations opened in Budapest. The Bonbonetti wouldn’t wish to be absent from this high-spin. They were searching for a while looking for the right place where they can show the palette of their products for the domestic and foreign  “sweetcoholic” visitors at their shop.  They finally found a great venue chosen on the  Andrássy Boulevard  which begins at the Downtown area and  goes all the way to the Heroes’ Square. The newly opened very neet Bonbonetti brand store is on the corner of the Andrássy Blvd, and the Jókai Square. A wide range of extremely well-known chocolate names are  well, just to meet the eye arranged on the shelves . Also at the shop can be found the first to be seen, tasted decades ago, the “Tibi” chocolate on which generations have grown up.  Many European markets already well know the heavenly taste of one of the Hungaricum, the sour cherry soaked in brandy.  To stroll along the Andrássy Blvd. is also a good way of getting to know, gain experience of the Hungarian culture, with just a short  walk to-and-from the Opera House,  a range of museums, exhibition halls, and to look up high to see fine architechture, which all started to grow when the construction works began building the Andrássy Boulevard in 1872. BUT the Bonbonetti  products preceded, were available and as time went by to the  present  day since 1868. The Andrássy Boulevard is a World Heritage Site since 2002, so the Bonbonetti,  opened  its store on the right venue, where beside the historic and cultural values meet the pure Hungarian made sweets-for sweet lovers as well.

Beside the Bonbonetti chocos, some candies are the new features which can only be brought here at this store. There is a neet cellophane bag at each selection of sweeties and the customers can pick-and-pack  their chosen candies, milk, dark, white  based chocolates,  dragees filled with almond, raisins, peanuts, Hungarian nuts, jellies covered with choco, coconut, passion fruit, real fruit cream filled with pralines, cognac filled delights.

They have also came out with a new flavor, the Nostalgia “Nosztalgia)”within the filling of Christmas sweeties (in Hungarian called: “Szaloncukor”). This is a very special sweet within the Hungarian tradition, only for the season for Xmas not just for decorating the Xmas tree but to pinch and eat one-or-two from the tree when nobody sees you.  This special delight this time came out with a new filling: almond, orange cream covered by chocolate. You cannot guess what it taste, you have to give it a try. The list is long, so here just was to give a picture of a couple of flavor to meet at the store.

Wish to make it clear in case of any misunderstanding …  the Bonbonetti  word may sound for many as an Italian word. Nothing to do with the Italian sweets. The Bonbonetti  brand stands for  100% of Hungarian sweets. In other words …

BONBONETTI sweets are equal to  MADE IN HUNGARY!

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Thursday, September, 20.

Starting at noontime.

This year it will be held for over 4 days.

Day1:  Will be opening and celebrating the 2nd “Sweet Days” in Budapest, up on the hills at the Buda Castle area.

On this day, beside being the professional day, the public Choco lovers can also pay be visit. On this day the adults visiting the scene can come in by buying a cheaper ticket. According to the last year’s great success, the area and the number of exhibitors will be increased to the double.

For the first time during the “Sweet Days” there will be “Sweet Bus” giving a direct bus transportation back-and-forth on the route from the Adam Clark Square (Buda-side just a few steps from the Chain-bridge) with stops at the Castle Hill, Dózsa Square and the Tunnel route.

The patron of the Sweet Days is Mr. Sándor Sánta, President of the Association of the Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturer.

Last year, the Guest of Honor was Ms. Sarah J. Evans who gladly accepted our invitation and was present with “sweet” lectures at the Sweet Days.
This year we invited to be the Guest of  Honor the not less known in the world of Choco, Mr. Chloé Doutre-Roussel, who is internationally recognized as a popular expert in the land-of-sweets. He already has served many courses, organized conferences, released publications and has created his own brand chocolate. He also runs and is an expert at the Chocolate Department at the Fortnum & Mason in London.

At the “Sweet Days” will not be missing the domestic industry professionals, a showcase on which all major Hungarian chocolate and confectionery manufactory show up, the best traders, as well as the well-known international and domestic brands.

Beside the high standard of professionals  family services will be offered to the visitors. Just mentioning a couple: Toxicological lectures, whereas there will be possibilities to consult  on the spot with members in the dental care, diabetes and listen to nutrition consultants.

During the daytime professional workshops and artisan chocolate truffles basics tutorial courses will be held.
Professional “gurus” presentations can be followed. Options to re-discover, the renowned manufacturers again.

During the afternoon, cosy street jazz music will fulfill the air to entertain the audience at several points at the “Sweet Days” surroundings.

During the evenings, same as in previous year, funk, soul, jazz and the cocktails, champagne and wide selection of wines that also go with the chocolates will surely make the visitors day, I mean evening to get into the mood.

For the first time there will be a Chocolate Sculpture, built by the Callebaut chocolate sculpture building professional team of the National Gallery. Can be seen how the sculpture layers “gets alive” and on the Sunday evening, the 4th day at the end of the “Sweet Days” the visitors may eat bits-and-pieces of the grand statue.
The National Gallery invites families and gathered friends  to pay a visit to the Gallery’s permanent exhibition. With the “Sweet Days” tickets the entry is free of charge. Having chocolates all around you is a great teaser and a challenge not to be left out on the nights for doing “Chocolate Night Shopping”.



Roll over to rollinginbudapest to the next update to take place in  introducing, showing the eight ladies strictly selected by the jury going through competitions in order to gain, as the well deserved lady to wear the crown:

“Miss Chocolate Cherry Queen”

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