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“Hungary’s Restaurant Week” Eatery @ Budapest and Countryside Restaurants – 2019.

During the Restaurant Week –  3-course dinner at top restaurants, with participant restaurants offering their menus: 3900HUF, the premium menus: 4900HUF  and  the exclusive menus: 5900HUF.

Not just for locals, but foreigners staying in Hungary and tourist on a short visit can be considered as interested in a country’s traditional, an international foods. So foodies lovers your time has come and for those perhaps who have not had the experience already to join one or more restaurant in Budapest during Hungary’s Restaurant Week take this as a call.  These discounted prix fixe menus at more than dozens-and-dozens of delicious eateries for lunch and/or dinner  can be a good idea.

Be on the voyage of meals that delights your eyes, taste on the plate that defines the art of dining when siting down at one of the chosen Restaurant between March 18 -24. 2019.

To participate, reserve a table during Restaurant Week is easy! No tickets or passes are required! Reservations are strongly recommended to make sure you’re able to sample your favorite flavors, or get to know the new Hungarian flavors! The public is invited to experience cuisine that will amplify your palate and highlight the fun of dining in Budapest and/or at the indicated country’s regional restaurants.

Food lovers may simply dine out at as many participating restaurants as they wish. No long phone calls  are required, nor waiting for confirmation. Written confirmation follows by e/mail immediately after the reservation. Enjoy your meal … good appetite and don’t forget to taste the fruity pálinka, and the fiery succulent wines from award-winning wine makers.

See the listed restaurants and keep in mind the bookings can only be made through online:

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Hungarian Style Pancake Festival @ Budapest 2019.

Countless delicious Hungarian style pancakes and with fillings you have not yet tasted until visiting the Hungarian Pancake Festival!

March, 8 – 10. 2019

District, XI., Kőrösy József  street (next to Allee shopping center – promenade)

Pancakes around the world … You name it! … Stuffed pancakes, stacked pancakes, granny pancakes, fried pancakes, sweet pancakes, salty pancakes, sausage filled pancakes, chessie pancakes, pancakes burger, pancakes within soup, all kind of veggies filled pancakes and even the very special delicacies that can be made from pancakes. Pancakes styles from different regions of Hungary and cannot leave out the American pancakes. At the stalls offering tasty treats.

There are most probably no kids or adults who wouldn’t love pancakes in some form. At the festival see, taste the most interesting, made from the finest recipes to celebrate the event. Pancakes will be only just for the eyes to those people with a healthy lifestyle or those suffering from any food allergies. More than 100 kinds of pancakes or dishes made pancakes in one place.

For the Ladies joining the festival will have a special surprise, cause the calendar says if it is 8th of March then sign as Women’s Day!

Beyond the exhibitors, there will be a common pancake baking, pancake eating competition,  special seasonal hot drinks, wines, pálinka, street music and all our eyes desires. In addition, waffles, chocolates and sweets, hot and cold drinks on the spot.

Foreigners, tourist staying in Budapest wish to have a taste of the Hungarian Pancakes … saying “having the sweet pancake of mine” then do not miss the date, mark it on your boots list … join the festival with family and friends.

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Tony Curtis Memorial to be @ Mátészalka – Hungary – August – 2019.

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Exhibition of memorabilia connected to American actor Tony Curtis will open this year in August @ Mátészalka, Szabolcs county – Hungary.

It is held at the  birthplace of Curtis’s father.

Curtis – born Bernard Schwartz (later changed his name to Anthony Curtis) was born in New York 1925 – 2010. In 1987 Tony Curtis in honor to his father, Manó Schwartz and mother Ilona Klein, who emigrated to New York from Mátészalka in Hungary created a foundation.

(The Memorial lays at the Raul Wallenberg Memorial Park. It is located in the courtyard of the Great Synagogue @ Budapest. The Holocaust Memorial, a.k.a  the Emanuel Tree, which is the statue of a weeping willow tree with the names of Hungarian Jews killed during the Holocaust inscribed on each leaf. The memorial was sponsored by the Emanuel Foundation of New York.

Barbara Streisand also join in funding the weeping willow tree at the memorial Park, but she couldn’t make it together with Curtis at the time of official opening.

Curtis arrived to Hungary several times and during his stay also visited Mátészalka. Jill-Curtis Weber, Curtis’s widow, donated a collection of 20 items to the local municipal tourist project of Mátészalka. These items will be presented at the renovated building this year in August.

Curtis supported by financing in renovation of Budapest’s Great Synagogue in the early 90’s. He received the Hungarian Republic Order of Merit Officer’s Class in 2009, and at the time being presented his autobiography and paintings at the Budapest’s Book Festival.

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Hungexpo Travel Fair @ Budapest – 2019

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It is up to you … Travel around in Hungary and/or around the World!

 Hungexpo Travel Fair from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Sunday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

District, X., 10. Albertirsai Rd.

Hungexpo by now has grown up as an adult considering it has been organizing Local and International Fairs for over 40 years  having the Travel Fair as one of the most popular events.

This week-end needn’t have to drive, neither catch a train, nor reserve a seat on the air plan to visit local and international sights just need to visit the Hungexpo Travel Fair. On the spot several exhibitions such as: the Travel Fair, the Budapest Boat Show, the Africa Expo and Fair, the Caravan Show is all on the venue at the visitors fingertips. The international  participants of 300 exhibitors from 30 countries attending as well.

Between February, 21-24, 2019 at the Hungexpo Travel Fair focus on gaining fun experience, establishing personal connections and information for visitors. Wide range of foreign destinations, Hungarian tourism regions and travel-related service companies representatives are present to offer personally guides, information on destinations and highlight holiday resorts, accommodation facilities and at the same time the visitors receive answers to their questions.

This year the foreign guest of honour is Algeria showcasing the country’s multitude of interesting famous sights. The country to the Hungarians  is a kinda white sheet not  too familiar by many. Guiding information available on the spot.

This year’s local guests of honour is  from southern Hungarian county of Bács-Kiskun county and its seat Kecskemét, and are present with 28 municipalities and 6 organizations to introduce their colorful region in highlighting local health, wine and gastro tourism. The area is rich in healing thermal waters, and their special culinary upon the county’s traditions. Kecskemét is one of the most dynamically developing cities in the country, where business tourism is significant due to the car factory and many conferences. It opens the Kecskemét airport for civilian use after two years. The slogan of the county “Bács-Kiskun makes you happy”. The county has the most thermal baths and spa facilities in Hungary, and is the largest cellar village in Europe, with its 1200 cellars. They also brought tasting from their hungaricums. Find out more at their stand.

The Day1 was the professional day and official opening. The representatives in brief talked about the following three days programs, local and foreigner exhibitors and about Budapest which this year is officially the European Capital of Sport. It was also mentioned that throughout 2019 Budapest will host over 365 sports events, including community, national, regional, and international competitions.

Throughout the fair is organized a forum for international and domestic B2B meetings, tourism-related presentations and workshops. The featured theme of 2019 will be sport tourism.

At  India exhibitor area the visitors  are called to stop by Incredible India, at least here in Hungary, look around, tastefully furnished exhibition space calling and receive information along where culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthrall and diversity delights. A land of vivid landscapes, magnificent historical sites, royal cities, misty mountain retreats, festivities throughout the year and much more. A kaleidoscope of traditions, rich culture and vibrant geographies, India speaks for itself as a soul-stirring journey that must be visited at least once in the lifetime.

The slogan goes “Dominika has it all” …  adventure culture, leisure, swim with whales… A real Caribbean country. A place for architecture and history lovers by visiting venues such as:  historic Spanish fortress was built to protect Puerto Plata from the British and the Dutch, as well as French pirates back in the 1500s and many more to explore.Indonesia never sleeps … has more 485 ethnic groups living in the land of beauty among the exciting seas, waiting visitors to explore and feel its warm hospitality. It is a country of thousand islands with variety of culture and traditions. A lot of information awaits the visitors. Daily have culture programs with dancers as well.

Day2 and Day3 visitors may stroll around and make their plans  to visit  sights-and-sounds around the Globe may it be  Spring, Summer, Fall and/or even Winter.

The Travel Fair’s co-event is the Budapest Boat Show which has been for over 28 years. It is Hungary’s largest land port, sailing and water sports exhibition,  where the entire range of Hungarian sailing, motor and electric boats  can be viewed.

At the Caravan Travel Ltd. there is also opportunity to buy supplies and accessories and receive information about camping service from the providers.

Throughout the 3 days local and foreigner exhibitors are coming up with entertainment programs  to entertain the visitors.

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ITTF Table Tennis World Championships @ HUNGEXPO – Budapest – 2019.

Between April, 21-28. 2019.- Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center will host after 58 years again the largest table tennis event the 2019 WTTC, the ITTF Table Tennis World Championships. Budapest in the past has had hosted three world championships: in 1929, 1931, and recently in 1950.

The World Cup is organized by the Hungarian Table Tennis Association (MOATSZ).

The competition will be carried out in four halls: the finals will be held in the latest Hall G: at nearly 10000 square meters, which will be able to set-up seating up to 5000 people. The main sponsors supporting this event will also be accommodated in this hall with having their own booths. In Hall F: VIP entrance hall, court and play rest, press center and the conference room are formed. In the Hall A:  players may practice, and in while others can see the qualifiers from the 2000-seat spectators area.

At the Hall D: Food service area with contestant food service. At rest of the Hall will be a fan zone where fans can try their table tennis skills as well as shop various sports equipment, sports clothing and memorabilia related to the TWP competition.

Table tennis was  way back and still is one of the popular sports in Hungary. Among the world championships, table tennis is the 6th biggest event of the year. Hopefully, many of fans will be arriving from Europe, but needn’t to say from Asia a mass of fans will also be on the spot to cheer their loved sporty ones. It is also expected to increase the nights at the Budapest’s hotels during the period of the Tennis World Championship.

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Balaton Circle Gastro Picnic @ Csopak

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The Lake Balaton Circle has been established for four years as a group of hosts who are most committed to the quality renewal of gastronomy in the region. Among the circle members there is local restaurant, confectionery, pálinka maker, wine bar and several wineries that are open all the year-round Northern Lake Balaton.  Main goal driving the members of the association lies in their co-operation and  their common thinking and a message about quality, authenticity.

Csopak’s succulent wines, award-winning wine makers have a huge wine list for wine lovers to find their favorite variety and vintage.

The Csopak picnic on Saturday, February, 23. opening at Noon.

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Jewish Heritage of Herend – Temporary Exhibition

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District, VII., 2. Dohány Street – Budapest

Just in case it was missed to visit, it is still open for the visitors the unique exhibition  which opened in October of last year and can be still visited until April, 29. 2019. The Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives opened a joint exhibition with the Herend Porcelain Museum, featuring the story and art of the Herend Seder Plates. The exhibition is on the second floor at the Hungarian Jewish Museum – Budapest.

Herend Porcelain Manufactory operates today as the world’s largest porcelain manufactory and as a profitable enterprise. Herend achieves the balance of tradition and innovation passing on its 19th Century traditions into the 21st Century.

The Herend porcelains are one-by-one only painted by Master-Painters, so it is a Very High Standard Product. A real artwork of hand-making unique pieces.

The exhibit highlights two dozen ornate Seder plates made for wealthy Hungarian Jews by the famed Herend Porcelain Manufactory. If you view the plate’s illustrations carefully, you can trace the increasing assimilation of Jews into Hungary. The Hungarian Jewish Museum stands  jointly at the venue  to the Dohány Street Synagogue.

Admission ticket to the exhibition is 4000HUF/person which covers access to the museum and guided tour to the synagogue.  

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