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World Premiere @ Budapest Sport Aréna – The Legend of the Golden Horse!

In less than in 3 weeks to come!

Papp László Sport Arena  – Budapest

District, XIV.,  2. 1143 Stefánia Rd.

Saturday, November, 30.  – 7 p.m. and Sunday, December, 1.- 6 p.m.

The equestrian show hit the road back to the ancient times … battle scenes featuring the warriors of Europe’s biggest traditionalist event … Back to the Kurultaj age.

A three generation family performance “The Legend of the Golden Horse” is brought to life by Győr Ördöglovas Group coordinated by Szilárd Tóth and the Warriors of Kurultaj and the National Cavalry Unit. The internationally acclaimed company promises a spectacular show with scenic elements.

Also among the participants will be Lajos Kassai, a prominent figure in modern horseback archery, and his team. If it wasn’t for him, who is a Merit of the Hungarian Republic-winner, probably there would be no horse archer teaching program at the University of Physical Education that is actually the very first institution in the world to accept this education practice.

As special guests, the Ossetian Jigit Show’s … Riders of the Storm … will also take part of the performance, including 100 horsemen, 70 horses, horse archers.

The legend in nutshell: The Legend of the Golden Horse tells a story from the time of the Hungarian conquest. According to the narrative, chieftain Rajan is preparing to bid farewell to the throne and aims to give the command over to someone worthy of being a leader. He wants the tribes of his empire to live in peace after his retirement. But which of his three sons should be his descendant? The chieftain summons candidates to prove their aptitude in 3 trials related to weapon usage in a fight against the best valiants. As a reward, the one who rises to the challenge will be the descendant and deserve the hand of the empire’s most beautiful girl, Mildana, as well as the chieftain’s Golden Horse.

The monumental horse theater attraction merges 21st century show elements with the millennial values of eastern equestrian traditions. Fast horses, a cloud of arrows, battle scenes, falcons and fire rain, all in one.

This show will surely attract not only the Hungarians but also tourist spending their holiday time in  the Capital and for those foreigners elsewhere staying, working, in Hungary.

Get ready to a truly spectacular evening!

Audience will be able to see horseback archery and horseback combat demonstration at this historical show.

Ticket to be purchased on the spot or through online.

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Waiting for the Miracle – MÜPA @ Budapest

MÜPA –   District, IX. l. Komor Marcelli Street – Budapest

Saturday,December, 21. 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Sunday, December, 22. 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The performance is presented in cooperation by MÜPA and the Heritage House and the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.

Director/Choreographer: Gábor Mihályi of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

The production of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble in celebration of Christmas Eve, the Christmas vigil, the happiness, excitement, miracle of waiting, is based on the games, customs that come from folk tradition, the Christian tradition of welcoming the birth of the baby Jesus, and the incredible, miraculous stories associated with this day.

The audience can experience the joyous moments of the last day of Advent, from the early hours of the dawn to late in the evening, from the icy dawn magic of the frost fairies, through the secret meeting of snowmen and the preparation of magic, honey-smelled food, to the ceremony of setting up and decorating the Christmas tree.

Bewildered sled horses, hilarious snowball fights, partner choosing ice-skating dances bring a sense of humor to the preparation for one of the most popular mystery plays of the Christmas season, the nativity play, which, at the end of the performance, assembles all participants of the mythic journey, so that they can see together the son of God personified and share the joy of the birth of the Savior.

The Advent dance performance of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble provides a true holiday through seven images (Christmas Dawn, Winter Games, Snowmen Meeting, Jingle Bells, Let’s Cook, Cook something, Nativity Play, Beautiful Christmas), it brings the secret of Christmas closer, and evokes the childlike joy of waiting.

MÜPA stands for “The Palace of Arts” – Exists of three main venues:

Bartók National Concert Hall (The concert hall features acoustics designed by Russell Johnson and has one of the largest organs in Europe) – Ludwig Museum (This is a state of the art Contemporary Art Museum with paintings by;Picasso(“Musketeer With Sword”),David Hockney,Tom Wesselman,Richard Estes(“Rappaport Pharmacy”)plus paintings by these Modern Hungarian Masters: Imre Bukta(“Officers at Pig Feast”), Laázlo Fehér,and Imre Bak.There are also creations by: Claes Oldenburg(“Lingerie Counter”),Yoko Ono,and Markus Lupertz) – Festival Theater.

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Wine and Gastronomy Events @ Badacsony – Lake Balaton

Highlights to the forthcoming events at Badacsony – Lake BalatonBadacsony – Lake Balaton

Martin’s Day Wine Dinner -Laposa Estate – November, 09. Welcoming a small number of participants  to their traditional, Martin’s wine dinner at Laposa Estate! Of course beside the goose flavors the leader to the dinner will be the this years new wine.

Badacsony New Wine Tasting – November, 16. This fall they wish to fill the Hableány – Mermaid spaces with life and restore to its old function, create a meeting point for the region’s winemakers, and a space where can show the outsiders dropping by the wine of the region. There is no better time to do this, as of November, when its  the new period of wines.They are already beyond the harvest, and finally can taste first “fruits” of their work, the exciting, fresh new wines.

Gastrohegy – Badacsony Flying  – November, 23-24. Poultry meat week-end. Traditional and unconventional dishes are rounded up by the chefs’ soaring imagination: chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck, goose, guinea fowl, rooster, pigeon on the plate in all forms. The rich white wines will go well with the dishes!

GastroHegy/  Non-HAKE –  November, 26-27. Fish gastronomy  at Badacsony but Hake (Merluccius merluccius) by no means! But sturgeon, catfish, bream, perch, fish that the water of Lake Balaton gives on the plate at the vineyard. The menus – comprising seasonally available ingredients of local producers – is put together by our chef based on our own recipes, while having particular regard to the individual wishes of their guests.

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“Sunlegend” – Hungarian State Folk Ensemble – Heritage House – Budapest

Hungarian Heritage House – Budapest

 District, I., 8. Corvin Square – Budapest

Friday, December, 13. – 7 p.m.
Saturday, December, 14.  7 p.m.

Director of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble: Gábor Mihályi.
Composer: Nikola Parov
Performing: Dance choir and orchester of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble


‘Sunlegend’ spectacularly features the perfect harmony of Nikola Parov’s music and Gábor Mihályi’s choreography. The show meets the requirements of the 21st century audience, being a unique and powerful combination of the ancient motives, the dynamic quality of traditional movements, mysticism and music in a fresh, modern tone. The production is firmly set in the 21st Century, and conveys a disconcerting glimpse of the future through archaic ethnic images.

It is a tale of the Sun and its various phases (day, night, eclipse, full moon) mirrored in human life and Hungarian history.

Sunlegend is a two-part performance with 17 smaller scenes, therefore it is suitable for presentation in excerpts as well. Forty dancers and two singers, computer-controlled lighting and special effects provide the audience with an unforgettable dance and music experience.

Sunlegend is a breathtaking show inspired by folklore, yet with a powerful modern message. Its fresh and dynamic conception includes the rhythmic movements of traditional Eastern European dance and new choreographic ideas alike.

The choreographer Gábor Mihályi was chosen “The Best Author of the Year” by the Association of Hungarian Dancers for making Sunlegend.

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The 16th Verzió Film Festival @ Budapest & other regional cities – 2019

November 12–17. 2019.

 Toldi Film Theater

District, V.,  36-38. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky  Road.

Between November, 21–24 screened at the cities in Debrecen, Kecskemét, Pécs, Szeged, Szombathely.

Eleven Hungarian films, of which 7 will be screened within the Hungarian Panorama section and 2 in the Student and Debut Competition. Three new topics into focus …  A Hungarian documentary on young swimmers, and another about hacking the media, will also be screened. In addition to the Human Rights CompetitionStudent and Debut Competition, and Hungarian Panorama.

Hungarian Panorama … Réka Szabó poignant film, The Euphoria of Being, won the Grand Prize at Critic’s week in Locarno. It tells the story of Éva Fahidi, who returned, alone, from Auschwitz-Birkenau to Hungary at the age 20. Now, at age 90, she has been asked to participate in a dance performance about her life and she immediately agrees. Hungarian-Australian director Péter Hegedűs, centers his film, Lili, on a mother who abandoned her two-year-old daughter as she fled Hungary in 1956. Lili carried this trauma with her for decades. Now, her younger daughter has set out on a journey to uncover her mother’s buried secrets and reunite the family.

Attention for those who have might not have had a chance to see the Cold Case Hammarskjöld  by Mads Brügger doc movie. English with Hungarian subtitle, November, 13.  6.15 p.m. previously screened at the Uránia National Film Theater  here can do it. (In 1961, United Nations secretary general Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane mysteriously crashed, killing Hammarskjöld and most of the crew. More than 50 years later, the case remains unsolved. Danish journalist, filmmaker, and provocateur Mads Brügger leads us down an investigative rabbit hole to unearth the truth. Scores of false starts, dead ends, and elusive interviews later, Brügger and his sidekick, Göran Björkdahl, begin to sniff out something more monumental than anything they’d initially imagined. In his signature agitprop style, Brügger becomes both filmmaker and subject, challenging the very nature of truth by “performing” the role of truth seeker.)

The Crazy Circles of Freedom, András Dér and Klára Muhi’s documentary, gives an account of the Intapuszta psychiatric hospital. A legendary and contested institution in Hungary in the 1960–70s, it was the first fenceless work-therapy institute in the country where artists and anti-state aristocrats lived alongside patients. Márta Bolba is a Lutheran pastor in the slums of Budapest’s 8th district. In The Pastor of Mandák House, Mária Takács captures the pastor as she fights for the needy in her community, and tries to lead and unite her colorful congregation while seeking allies for her work.

The protagonist in Ágota Varga’s The Prison Chaplain is a tireless priest who makes his own rules and takes care of those society considers lost. Árpád Bogdán’s film Ghetto Balboa highlights the struggle of a former mafia member, now boxing coach, trying to prevent his trainee from repeating the mistakes he made in the past. In Alla Zingara, Glória Halász gives us a glimpse into the everyday for the extraordinary, world-famous Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchester and Hundred Gypsy Violins, who are spending months preparing for a concert in Moscow.

The 16th Verzio is hosting all of the aforementioned Hungarian filmmakers, who will be available for Q&As following the screenings. The Hungarian Audience Award, a prize of 100,000 HUF, is decided based on votes cast by audience members following Hungarian film screenings.

The closing ceremony of the 16th VERZIO Film Festival will take place on Saturday evening, November, 16.,  at Toldi Cinema. Award-winning documentaries will be rescreened int he afternoon, same place on Sunday, November,17. 2019.

The 16th Verzió Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is supported by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

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“LEGEND” – Budapest International Guitar Festival – 2019

This Friday begins the Budapest International Guitar Festival with Grammy-winning  legends concerts and public masterclasses.

November, 8-10.  2019.

Academy of Music  – Ferenc Liszt University of Music

District, VI., 8. Liszt Ferenc Square

József Eötvös convened by the Liszt Prize-winning guitarist, a professor at the Academy of Music six years ago  his goal was to bring life prestigious festival of classical guitar music  on the domestic music scene in the right place, showing the versatility and outstanding artists of the musical and literature.

One of the concert originally planned at the Solti Hall of David Russell’s evening, had to change  the venue to a bigger Hall of the high interest of public, therefore the organizers announced to hold it in the Great Hall.

Tickets are available again for the November, 10.  concert at 7 p.m.  Further concerts tickets are running out  within a short time. Worthwhile well in time to provide a ticket for anyone who wish to listen  to the guitar legends.

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BPBW 2020 – Budapest – Hungary



Special Early Bird offer ENDS on the 5th Tuesday, November, 5. 2019. at 10 a.m.

Click on the images, check the remaining 3 ticket types (Imperial tickets have been SOLD OUT a long ago, and we’re not planning to release further of any of the tickets types, once they are gone, they are gone for good), save some money before all the tickets get sold out or the more expensive pre-sale prices go online and go full craft – with us, the breweres by person from all around the world and the Budapest beer scene – in next May again!

Oud Beersel (BE), KCBC (USA), Wylam (UK), Finback (USA), Dry & Bitter (DK), Zagovor (RUS), Dugges (SWE), Black Project (USA), Warpigs (DK),  By The River (UK), Dealbreaker (HUN)

Hang-up to for further information of breweries to be coming up.

In the meantime get your tickets:

This year at the Budapest Beer Week there were 44 breweries from 17 countries and hosted 60 breweries from 22 countries.

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