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MONYO brewery joint beer with Iván & The Parazol – Exotic Post Traumatic completed

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On April 5th at the KEG Brewery – Budapest, MONYO Brewering was officially introduced their latest beer co-operating with Ivan & The Parazol group. It was the new strawberry Brut Ale jointly prepared beer.

This was the latest flagship beer of the small beers of the MONYO Brewing and presenting the beer for the 4th album of Ivan & The Parazol group.

At the presentation and tasting was said by Antal Németh – brewing master MONYO CEO , Q.:“As a lover and consumer of beer specialties, the band has long been interested in some kind of co-operation with a brewer. MONYO Brewing has proved to be the best option for the group in many ways. Basically the group wanted to have an accompaniment around the record, that hangs along in use all the senses … music for the ear, clips and bottle photos for the eye, and the taste buds to be for their own beer. After a lot of common ideas, arose, and “surprize …surprize the Brut Ale came to be the winner. The Brut Ale, was the star in 2018. This brand new beer style originates from the west coast of the United States, exactly from San Fransisco. It  came to be the biggest bang during to the past years of beer for the misty and juicy east coast New England IPA’s. The name Brut Ale refers to the dryness of beer. Experiencing of various techniques and methods born a real dry ferment beer, and the final result born. It is mostly an Extra Brut Champagne, so you get the name from the style . Exotic Post Traumatic Brut Strawberry Ale has been made a total of 2000 litre, … can be reach on the tap and bottled form  and can be  traced throughout the country, and especially visiting rolling over to the MONYO Pub in Budapest.

The whole group took part in tasting, within the birth of the new taste beer said Iván from the group… added Q.: “The sparkling effect is also a reference to the cover of the new Parazol album. The album was also recorded on the west coast in the legendary EastWest studio in Los Angeles. To the special brew was added a huge amount of real strawberries (200kgs).  So, has a duality in it as it is in-and-on the vinyl record itself … in other words: sweet but sour, clear but not transparent, strong yet „lightweight” as  the way Exotic Post Traumatic is!”  Iván, added they had been involved in creating this common beer from start to the end also ranging from recipe to label.

By-the-way, MONYO Brewing have had already cooperation with the popular Quimby band. Previously, they had already brewed beer for the Bishop of Székesfehérvár, also for Ádám Bogdán – the goalkeeper of the Hungarian National Footy Team. Many may know about their premium-quality craft beer co-operation within the series of „Hungarian Terroir”, beer maturing in wine barrels and … so on.

Those in interest of the group’s latest album  may drop over to  the Aquarium Club – Budapest on Friday, May, 3. 2019.

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Latest News … Live ice-carving show – Mini Basilica – Budapest

District, V.,  4-5. Saint István Square
7 p.m.

On the 6th of April, a special event will be to experience of those who visit St. Stephen’s Square in Budapest, because on this evening will celebrate the opening of the Platz restaurant at the cozy terrace in the immediate vicinity of the Basilica.

This evening a mini copy  formed in an ice sculpture of  the St. Steven Basilica by Zsolt J. Tóth, an ice sculptor, can be viewed on the spot.Using the ice block of almost 200 kg, which has to be frozen a week before carving. The life of the statue will last only 8 to 9 hours depending on the weather … so off you go to watch this unique show.

Celebrating the season in springtime, Tamás Veréb musician-singer giving a concert and  Haida DJ will entertain audiences on the terrace of the Platz Restaurant, where visitors can also enjoy gastronomic specialties.This special event is not only welcomed by local residents but also by tourists.

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Lindsey Ross @ Budapest Art Factory – 2019


Opening on Tuesday, April, 2. 2019 .

At:  District, XIII., 2 Vizafogó Street – Budapest
Visiting hours from 6 p.m.- 9 p.m.

Lindsey Ross lives and works in Santa Barbara, California and arrives in Budapest to be part of Budapest Art Factory.

This year Lindsey opens the season with a solo show, entitled Uncultivated. Ross will be the first guest of this year’s BAF’s International Artist Residency Program.

The Uncultivated exhibition showcases Lindsey Ross’s fine art photography. A selection of autonomous and at the same time a spiritual the process of works created with wet plate collodion technique, a unique and an archaic photographic process to reimage the archetypes and phenomena of the American West. Each photo is a one-off and nonrepeatable work of art and original in every respect.

Between 1850 and 1890, the wet colloidal process was one of the dominant photographic methods. Since then, the world has been enriched by a hundred and fifty years of history, political movements, artistic and cultural values.

Llindsey attended several exhibitions in Santa Barbara, California, including Portraits. at The Arts Fund a Slow Hands Exhibition c. at the SBCAST exhibition and the Tonalism Now c. at the Sullivan Goss Gallery. Colorado at the Ingress, Egress, Regress, Telluride Arts Gallery, Utah at the Faces of Summit County, at the Kimball Arts Center.

On the day of the opening, each studio can be visited, have access to the creative processes and talk to the artists.

Permanent Artists: Nathan BROWN, Dora JUHÁSZ,  Zalán KIS-TÓTH Márta, KUCSORA, Sandor SZÁSZ. Invited Artists: John CHIARA, Lindsey ROSS

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Pope Francis – “An authentic man” – Screenings in Hungary

Pope Francis – An authentic man / Pope Francis: The Man of his Word /
Swiss-American documentary, 96 minutes, 2018
Directed by: Wim Wenders
Age limit – 12
April, 18, 2019

The three Oscar-nominated Wim Wenders (over Paris, Texas, Berlin, Sky, Buena Vista Social Club, Salt of Life) can get insight into Pope’s travel and religion views, while the head of the church gives honest questions about general issues serious, sometimes humorous, responses such as death, social and economic inequalities, immigration, ecology and the role of the family.

The Pope Francis – An authentic man is one of the rare creations made in close cooperation with the Vatican. The director gained an unparalleled insight into the life of the Pope: he has been accompanying him for more than two years, and the Vatican TV Archive has also provided the exclusive recordings of Pope Francis around the world. Thanks to the visual style used in the film, viewers can come close to the pope, who personally addresses the audience.

Projection sites beside Budapest Uránia National Film Theater will be throughout the major cities in Hungary.

Brought to Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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Temples of Art: Leonardo 500  – Uránia National Film Theater – Budapest

Temples of Art: Leonardo 500 

Color Italian Educational Film, 90 Minutes, 2019 – Director: Francesco Invernizzi

Hungarian premiere: May 9, 2019, before the premiere on April 25, at the Uránia National Film Theater – Budapest.

Did you know Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist and artist, whether or not, a great opportunity to admire on screen Leonardo’s sophisticated nearly 100 art of works by one of the famous artist of the 15th century!

The next presentation of the art series of the temple of art honors Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most well-known and prominent figures in universal art history, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his death. Leonardo is the master of the Italian Renaissance polyhistor: painter, sculptor, architect, naturalist, humanist, and inventor in one person – but above all, he was a tireless explorer exploring the secrets of the world. His scientific records and descriptions of his inventions are thousands of pages, which are commonly called Da Vinci codes. The film going to the cinema on the occasion of the anniversary attempts to decipher them, from a completely new perspective and interpreting this monumental work. Using the results of several decades of research and artificial intelligence-based technologies, the Da Vinci Codex explores new perspectives, showing their theoretical and practical uses. Experts and engineers in the film put Leonardo’s studies in a new light, where viewers can learn about the master’s genius through the achievements of the modern age, discovering that industry, engineering and medicine, communication, anatomy and the 21st century the roots of modern art go back to Leonardo’s work.

Director of the film Francesco Invernizzi work is no stranger to the domestic audience, producer of his name is associated with the most successful parts of the art temples series, including the Vatican Museums, 3D, Florence and the Uffizi Gallery, 3D and Raphael – the painter prince 3D c. movies.

Projection sites beside Budapest Uránia National Film Theater will be throughout the major cities in Hungary.

Brought to Hungary by Pannónia Entertainment Ltd.

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Silly Walking … Here WE Go Again @ Budapest 2019

Wake this Way …  Still a couple of hours ahead to exercise!

From 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. downtown at Deák Ferenc Square join the gathering on the spot not just to watch but to walk with young and every age folks by creating own silly walking! 

Flash mob culture has reached cult status all over the world and now you do not have to gape in wonderment as people around you jump into the crowd and break into some smooth moves. The 1st. of April is known around the World … here in Hungary as the Fools Day when anybody can take a fool on someone. On the other hand this day calls go out seeking volunteer of locals and foreigners  to have fun joining „Silly Walks in Budapest”.

What basically means the silly walking style!?!  It is borrowed idea from the comic stylings of Monty Python. The organizers are seeking volunteers and so on to hop on down on Monday April, 1. 2019. at the District, V., Deák Square – Budapest, sharp starting from 6 p.m. till 7 p.m.

Flash mob will take place of  the group gathering  and convenes specifically to surprise and stun to the public walking by.

The Walking Silly still thunders Monty Python cult since the day that was established a half a century ago.

The world-renowned team shotted their first movie the Monty Python on and the Holy Grail 44 years ago.

By-the-way … Wayback in the UK,  Monty Python established the Ministry of Silly Walks!

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“American Musical Journey” – IMAX soon launch @ Budapest – 2019

“America’s Musical Journey” … 3D documentary in 40 minutes.

Many may have already visited cities as tourists in the States, now inviting viewers to the hometown where the American music was born!

No less famous than Narrated by Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman the film.

A story of Culture, Relativity and the Music that Shaped America. Leading the ensemble are Academy Award-nominated director Greg MacGillivray and his producer son, Shaun MacGillivray. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc stars the movie, who has studied everything from psychedelic rock, soul to pop funk to reggae and salsa has proved himself as a distinguished singer, songwriter. His „Wake me up” hit blasted around the world.

Aloe Blacc explores the collision of cultures that gave birth to America’s diverse musical heritage. Races the roots of America’s music through the colorful locales and cultures where they were born. He is a traveling man to trace the roots of American music through iconic cities seen at the latest IMAX feature film „America’s Musical Journey”. Many of the America’s cities hold musical  history … every chord, every riff, every bang of a drum tells a story. Within the America’s Musical Journey, these stories come alive together to create a soundtrack for the American experience. The soundtrack showcases the nation’s diversity and its collision of cultures, culminating in a unique blend of sound, music and innovation unlike anywhere else in the world.

Follow the footsteps of many new genres over the last hundred years. America’s Musical Journey introduces the artists, music makers, having storytellers and innovators who are shaping America’s culture of today.

The IMAX takes the audiences on a musical journey to New Orleans – Jazz,  Chicago – Blues, Detroit – Motown, New York City – Hip Hop, Nashville – Country, Memphis – Rock’n’Roll, Miami – Latin, Atlanta – R’n’B, L.A. – Pop, Austin – Cowboy Songs and many more venues.

Along the way requires no backpacks, all you need to enjoy the country’s trailblazing spirits is a comfy seat, nice set of headphones and some dancing shoes to touch the rhythm along the way seated in the theaters.

The Discover America Hungary Association (DAC) founded in 2010 with the aim to actively support American tourism. A lot of Hungarians choose the United States as their destination, but maybe even a few of them are familiar with the places of birth connected to American music. The film was produced jointly by Brand USA – US target market organization, and MacGillivray Freeman Films.

The film premieres on April, 9. 2019 in original language on a private screening by the Discover America Hungary Association at the IMAX Theater in Budapest.

Miklós Farkas – President of the Discover America Hungary Association indicated, there is no possibility to buy tickets to the a/m screening date, but later on will be able to play for tickets on the Facebook page of the United States Promotion Association.

No matter what your taste in music, have a preview in advance to ease the hunger for good old music!

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