Thee “Dissident” film – Assassination of Jamal Khashoggi

American crime – thriller –  documentary –  119 minutes – 2020

The film will arrive to Hungarian cinemas from October, 7. in its original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

An Oscar-winning director’s film arrives in cinemas as a kind of thriller – a combination of a documentary about the world-shocking Khashoggi murder titled “Dissident”. In 2018, one of the leading news in the world press was the case of a Washington Post journalist, Jamal  Khashoggi of Saudi Arabian descent, who disappeared without a trace as one of the most significant system-critical intellectuals in the Middle East after entering the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul. His bride and Saudi emigrants from all over the world rushed to his aid to launch an investigation that revealed disturbing details about the brutal murder and the geopolitical entanglements behind it.

Director and Producer Bryan Fogel – who presents “Icarus”, the darkest side of professional sports and the doping scandals. won an Oscar for his film – he made a “thriller documentary” about the case.

“The Dissident” made its debut at the cult Sundance Film Festival and received many professional awards on its international festival tour, including the Hungarian Cinefest Miskolc International Film Festival competition program.

Distributed by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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