Secrets of Rembrandt’s portraits @ Hungary’s Cinemas

My Rembrandt

Thursday, January, 20. 2022.

Art theaters will be screened nationwide at the Uránia National Film Theater in Budapest, in original language, with Hungarian subtitles, as well as in Hungary @ several other art cinemas including Debrecen, Szeged, Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Szolnok and Szombathely. The length of the projection is approx. 108 min.

Through the My Rembrandt documentary personal stories of art collectors, art dealers and art historians, the work of the Dutch painter giant is still captivating millions of art lovers to this day.

Rembrandt, the master of intimate portraits, is still able to shake the art market more than 350 years after his death, generations of art lovers, there are nations there for his paintings. Aristocrats admire his works, experts make revelations about them, art dealers search for them, collectors hunt for them, while museums compete for them. My exceptional documentary Rembrandtom digs deeper than ever into the art of the Old Masters and attempts to uncover the motivations of the painting princes.

My Rembrandt is nailed to the canvas with exciting story crumbs stemming from an obsession with Rembrandt paintings, more than once with a dramatic, unexpected ending. Passionate art collectors such as the Dutch Eijk and Rose-Marie De Mol van Otterloo, the American Thomas Kaplan and the Scottish Prince Buccleuch testify to their close connection to Rembrandt’s paintings and then witness an open clash between the Rijksmuseum and the Louvre when the French bar Eric Eric offers two portraits of Rembrandt for sale. The film accompanies Dutch aristocratic art dealer Jan Six as he proves the authorship of not one, but two “new” portraits of Rembrandt right away, fulfilling his childhood dream.

Oeke Hoogendijk, the new documentary for the director of the award-winning work The New Rijksmuseum.

Distributed by Pannonia Entertainment.

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