Hungary’s Cake of the Year 2022


Every year, Hungary’s birthday cake is chosen, which is traditionally presented to the public for the first time in Budapest during the 20th of August celebrations.

This year there are only 5 cakes in the competition for the title of “Hungary’s cake”. Here are this year’s finalists, and the winner will be chosen from among them.

The Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association announced that only five are competing for the title of the country’s cake. This year, the competition was announced for the 16th time to celebrate our national holiday on 20th of August, the feast of St. Stephen, the founder of the state, and the symbolic birthday of Hungary. The competition is accompanied by huge interest, every year more and more people await the festive cake with increasing curiosity.

The Industry Board was looking for new, creative ideas, cakes and recipes with a Hungarian flavor, which can be associated with the holiday or Hungary, and which can only contain natural and healthy ingredients. The contestants was open throughout the country and this year become extremely exciting creations.

The first round of judging the jury selected five cakes from the anonymously nominated cakes, they were tasted again in the second round and suggestions were made to improve them. In the finals, the contestants have to prepare the cakes in the presence of the jury, in the workshop of the industry body, where the jury again chooses the winner by scoring based on specific characteristics. All took place live in front of a professional audience at the SIRHA Budapest International Food Industry and HORECA exhibition. All named cakes were displayed in display cases. The professional audience and members of the press could also see them. During the judging, competitors and visitors could see and hear the evaluation of the competition works. The audience could follow the event from the auditorium with the help of a projector, which was moderated by master confectioner Ádám Pataki.

This year’s finalists were: Cheeky Plum Prince – Orsolya Karikó – Vanília & Gelarto, Nagykőrös; Seasons – Zita Szívós – Major Confectionery, Budapest; Rapture from Hegyalja – Zsuzsa Halász – Kishalász Confectionery, Szerencs; Treasure of The Blue Apron – Pál Lakatos – Lavendula és Kert Confectionery, Szigetszentmiklós; Carmelite – László Gyuris – A Cappella Confectionery, Szeged.

The “Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány” – “A Drop of Attention Foundation”, with the professional support of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association, is organizing the Hungary Sugar-Free Cake competition again this year. After the first judging, the final will be held in parallel with the Cake of Hungary final. The winner of both competitions will be announced to the public at the end of July and beginning of August and can be tasted for the first time at the celebrations on the 20th of August. Thereafter, sweet tooth individuals can buy them at many pastry shops throughout the country.

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