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As an eventful summer approaches in the world of sports, Warner Bros. Discovery‘s weekly thematic magazine show The Power of Sport returns on Wednesdays, which sheds an exciting light on current events in the world of sports through human stories and issues.

The document series “The Power of Sport” started recently on the Eurosport channel, in which viewers can watch interviews with the world’s top athletes. The 30-minute, 15-minute series starts with exclusive interviews: among others, the Polish soccer player with an amputated leg, Marcin Oleksy, and Gabriela Andersen-Schiess, a former Swiss long-distance runner, who took part in the first Olympic women’s marathon at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. The episode can be seen today from 18:38 on the Eurosport channel, but it will be shown several times in the coming weeks.

Fanny Szalai 3

The episode that will be broadcast today (April 12) will also have quite a few Hungarian aspects! An exclusive interview will be shown with one of the youngest and at the same time most talented competitors in the domestic triathlon sport, Fanni Szalai, about whom Eurosport also wrote that “a 15-year-old Hungarian super talent kicked in the triathlon sport with two feet.” In the video, in addition to Fanni, another well-known representative of the sport, Csaba Kuttor, with more than 30 years of experience as a triathlete, also speaks, who is also Fanni Szalai’s coach.

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The channel will also show the Paris-Roubaix cycling race and the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament. Further episodes will also deal with Pride month, World Refugee Day, and the Ocean Race.

The final episode will be broadcasted on July 26, when the one-year countdown to the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics begins.

Scott Young, Vice President of Content and Production, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe, said: “The power of sport lies in its ability to unite people around the world through diversity, competition and, above all, the sacrifices made by athletes who inspire fans to achieve outstanding performances. As we prepare for what promises to be a particularly exciting summer in the world of sports, our goal is to get to know the athletes on a deeper level with the fans and tell their stories, with which we go far beyond content limited to live broadcasts.”

The first season of The Power of Sport was launched spring 2022 and featured more than 60 reports, including interviews with Janja Garnbret (Olympic sport climbing champion), Susie Wolff (CEO of ROKiT Venturi Racing), Tim Gajser (three-time motocross world champion) and with Bartosz Zmarzlik (two-time slag engine world champion). He recounted the journey of iconic athletes to success and presented initiatives by which participants in the sports world support the communities they come from.

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