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“An Evening with Pat Metheny” – Grammy winning guitarist coming to Budapest – 2017


8 p.m. November, 4. 2017.

Twenty  time Grammy winning guitarist Pat Metheny has announced an extended run of dates around the world for  2017 under the auspices of “An Evening with Pat Metheny”. Recently inducted into the Downbeat Hall of Fame as its youngest member and only the fourth guitarist (joining Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery), Metheny will present a range of music from throughout his career.)

After the massive worldwide successes of his Grammy winning “Unity Band” and “Unity Group” records and the extensive touring that followed, Metheny took a bit of a break in 2015.

While 2015 may have been less active than usual for Metheny on the touring front, he nevertheless created the critically acclaimed large-scale work.

For this upcoming 2017 touring period, joining Pat this year once again will be his long time drummer Antonio Sanchez who has been his most consistent associate in a huge variety of settings since 2000. Antonio’s score for the Oscar-winning Alejandro G. Innaritu film was nominated for a Golden Globe award and 2016 Grammy award as well as dozens of other prizes around the world.

Malaysian-Australian bassist – Linda May Han Oh has been extremely active on the New York scene for the past few years, playing with many of the major musicians in the community.

Rounding out the ensemble is British pianist – Gwilym Simcock, one of the most exciting new pianists to emerge from the UK in many years

The year’s concert could be anything and everything. A bunch of new music inspiring just by the thought of his presentation. Could be that playing only old music one night or even playing entire albums. Most probably with Antonio, Linda and Gwilym will do a wide range of things from throughout all of it – and maybe uncover what the next period has in store as well”.

Have to be there to witness and even though November is far away, good idea to keep in mind the date and get the tickets before they are sold out and have an awesome night.

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Sodarmustra – Gyula – Championship results – 2017.

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Gyula was ready to shoot off in competition to the Pork Sódarmustra on Friday morning at the Castle Gyula Garden. The festival was officially open by Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Major of Gyula. The traditional three-day event of this year  had fewer visitors than least year, yet the sausages, smoke meat products were highly above of the this year’s sale.

At Gyula the sausages and hams were judge on Saturday morning at the VII. Gyulai Sausage and Sódarmustra. The competition began with the Gyergyószentmiklós  – Transylvanian butchers cutting the pork into pieces by the team members. The audience could watch how the handy hands were working. Their mission can to an end by filling the sausages  and preparing the other pork meat to be cooked. At the exhibition tent  the dry sausage and smoked meat products were evaluated by expert butchers within a jury team. These goods were brought by butchers from near and far from the country. The sausages were mainly been observed by the use of raw materials, spices in the process and by its properly loading, how it was smoked and preparing.

On Sunday early morning the members of the Gyula  Traditional Butcher’s Association  – Manufacture Ltd.,  also started their day by cutting the pork. Again many visitors were extremely interested how they  process.  This time as the day before the weight of the pork was 120 kilograms and from this amount of pork meat 28 kilograms of minced meat  was  filled in pig intestine and from there on the sausages were ready set to be fried sausages. For roasting sausage was good at this point the 120 kilos of pork, but for  smoked ham is used to 120-140 kilogram of pigs meat.

During the muster days the visitors could choose from the lineup of meat products by tasting then in advance at the stalls set up tents among the home-made meat products. Was the best time to shop smoked meat for the coming season of Easter and many visitors did just that beside the tastings to get familiar with different regions  special flavors. A butchers came from all over the country, and naturally the local Gyula butchers each brought their own specialities in flavors and of course  from across the borders. The Sodarmustra beside having a gastronomic tourism in favor also valued in addition to increase the number of arriving tourism to the city as well. arriving tourism as well.

At the three-day event during the evening time the musical tent were filled at the concerts where it was entirely full with young and elder folks singing, dancing along and enjoying the entertainment shows presented by groups and bands.

All things must pass, but for the butchers  made their day … with the final juries decision …

Results to 2017. competition in ham and smoked goods were:

Special Award  – The Knights of Ham –  Bábolna special prize – Pallér Sándor

Special Award – Ham categories – Domokos Géza Tar – Surroundings

Special Award –  Cut, tied ham – Oravecz Kálmán – Gyula

Special Award  – split, tied ham – Thomas Szilasi H – Orosháza

Special Award  Bacon animals – Petrina Sándor – Gyula

Special Award Bacon animals – Tóth László – Turkeve

Ham category – prize – Bálint Imre – Gyula

Cuts, ham tied Award category I –  Knyihár Michael  – Békéscsaba

Bacon Miscellaneous category – first prize – Csörnyei Ákos – Orosháza

Other categories – First Prize – Brad Mihály  – Gyula

This year was announced that the title also  to the King Ham Smoked Goods main prize of the year  – Kothencz Tibor – Algyő

Dry Sausage competition: Special Award – Lukács Sándor – Gyula – passes, Special Award – Kovács Imre – Orosháza – passes, First Prize – Adamik János – Mezőberény

Manufacturer Product category: First Prize – Lezy Ltd – Cork

Viharsarki Sausage Championship III. award – Pallér Sándor – Újkígyós Award – Molnár Imre – Orosháza

First Prize of the Year Master Sausage MakerSzilágyi Sándor

By-the-way…if missed to Visit Gyula this unique city during the Sodarmustra of this year, then absolutely worthwhile to mark the date for the 8th Sodarmustra coming up  in 2018. The festival is usually just upon the coming weeks before Easter time.

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Gyula – 7th. Sausage and Sódarmustra Festival – Part2. – 2017

It is not controversial that at the City of Gyula you must eat sausages made in Gyula .

The  first Sausage and Sódarmustra Festival was established in 2010. In the beginning there were only a few butchers but ever since then it continued to grow year-by-year. It was a milestone in development of the Sódar Competition and Festival as the boarders were open to foreigner butchers and have joined on the international stage measurment. As of to-day we can count a number of foreign butchers amongst to returning partners.

The festival’s aim is to combine qualitative culture with mouth-watering delicacies at a wonderful natural surroundings and historical attractions for hungarian and the international visitors and audience.

First Day program starts off – Friday, March 31. beginning at 1 p.m, where the visitors can view the smoked goods, specialties, including hams, sausages out on display at the Exhibition Tent brought by the members of Gyulai Traditional Butcher’s Association HQ’s.  After the official opening of the festival demonstrating the professionalism of commemoration will be introduced the famous butchers of Gyula. Followed by the a superb entertainment by the Hevesi Happy Band bringing the audience the best  rollicking songs also on stage with Josh among others, Pali Balázs, Attila Tilinger and many more.

Second Day – Saturday, April, 1. opens much earlier at 9 a.m. at the castle’s garden surrounding with delicious food shows. There will be as tradition, a live pig from Gyula and pig slaugthter followed by an insight into the culture of the Transylvanian gastronomy. Following cuisine presentation, ham sculpture, Hungaricum tour, lavish and sausage. On the spot the  ham jury at the exhibition and then after  the audience are invited to a “Good Gyula” lunch. One of the highlights of the day will be VIHARSARKI Sausage Championship with the winters of sausage makers from the last year’s tournament. In addition to  having  a feast  of hams no one will be in trouble, because after lunch there will be programs provides to great movement, as introducing the culture of dancing by Kata Vidó with the NRG. In the afternoon entertainments continue by Poldi Dream rod fitness, Over3 performances on stage. The Saturday night party takes care of the Dirty Slippers CD release concert Republic and the year’s first major two-hour concert  ever in Hungary! Anyone who does not get tired by then may spend the evening at the Karaoke on podium.

Third Day  – Sunday,  April, 2., it will be no shortage of appetizing dishes. Full day with invitations by the butchers at their stand offering wonderful sausages, smoked hams and rich flavors. Before noontime  upon tradition show introducing the Gyula method in slaughtering the pig. In the afternoon hours concert  begins by The Boys live concert and Pernahajder Campbell at four o’clock, definitely  “heat up the crowd”.  For Hungarians and the foreigners, tourists already spending time out at Gyula should not miss the excellent sights-and-sounds offered by  the City of Gyula.

The organizers pay special attention to show the culture of sausage and ham production to the smallest children, to learn about how these yummies are prepared and programs to participate in sausage-making demonstrations and thereby acquire a slice of the Hungarian gastronomy. Also  all sorts of programs just for them.

Admission: Daily ticket: 1000HUF – Three-day pass: 2500HUF

Peak into the previous heralding:

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John Malkovich – “Just call me God” – Palace of Art – Budapest

Tuesday, April, 4. 2017.

7.30 p.m.

Palace of Arts (MÜPA) Budapest — Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

District, IX. ,  1. Komor Marcell  Street – Budapest

Spring is in the Air and it’s coming up the 17th Spring Festival in Budapest  to be held  between March, 31 till April, 232017.

Get ready for a  hot  evening  at the Concert Hall when John Malkovich performance  “Just call me God”.

What else to be expected … a dictator’s final speech when John Malkovich takes the initiative and explains everything.

Cast: John Malkovich, Sophie von Kessel – prose.  Featuring: Martin Haselböck – organ, Franz Danksagmüller – electronica, Writer – Director: Michael Sturminger.

Returning to the festival, Malkovich will perform a new piece for theatre and music scripted by German author Michael Sturminger, titled: Just Call Me God, it explores the nature of despotic rule. ­

Since time immemorial, there have always been rulers or leaders to whom people attribute supernatural power, omnipotence, or even divine capacities. How is that possible? Why are we like that? Could it be we are so gullible and corrupt?

Following the Giacomo Variations, and Infernal Comedy – Confessions of a Serial Killer, which was also performed in Budapest, John Malkovich and Michael Sturminger have made another production of theatre and music, which will have its world premiere at the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg’s futuristic concert hall. Following the premiere, Malkovich will put himself in the shoes of the tyrants of all times in London and at the Budapest Spring Festival, to make us confront the technology of despotism.

The musical counterpoint will be provided by organist and conductor Martin Haselböck, who also played an active part in the earlier productions. His selection represents a special cross-section of musical history, from Bach, through Messiaen, to György Ligeti.

Performance in English with Hungarian subtitles.

Source: Palace of Arts  – “This is your place”

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Goran Bregovic – “Three Letters From Sarajevo” – Palace of Arts – Budapest

17th Spring Festival – Budapest – Palace of Arts (MÜPA)  – Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

Sunday, April, 2. 2017.

 7.30 p.m.

District, IX. ,  1. Komor Marcell  Street – Budapest

Herald News for local and foreigner audience  to the upcoming performances at the Palace of Arts.

During the Spring  Festival produced by the Palace of Arts,  Goran Bregovic will be presenting the  with the Wedding and Funeral Orchestra his new work “Three Letters From Sarajevo” inspired by the multiculturalism of his native Sarajevo – a city of several religions.

In its history, Bosnia has been part of many empires: Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Austro–Hungarian … each has left its imprint and its religion – Catholic, Orthodox, Islam, Sephardic Jews – expelled from Spain, arrive in the 16th century.

Sarajevo becomes the city of four religions, ”Jerusalem of the Balkans”, and a metaphor for a peaceful cohabitation and also the horror of hate. From Sarajevo come the greatest number of children born of mixed marriages in ex-Yugoslavia. The First World War started in Sarajevo.  In the Second World War the Muslims of Sarajevo hid the Jewish families from common enemy, images of the greatest horror dating from the recent war in Bosnia come from Sarajevo.

Goran Bregovic’s new work Three Letters from Sarajevo is inspired by this metaphor. It is written for a solo instrument, the violin, that -played in Western, Oriental and Klezmer way.

Unites on the allegorical level the three religions that are the biggest treasure and curse of Sarajevo.

Orchestration for this work was entrusted to four talented musicians from Serbia: Aleksandar Sedlar, Isidora Zebeljan, Ninoslav Ademovic and Ognjan Radivojevic. Conductor: Gábor Hollerung.

Source: Palace of Arts – “This is your place”

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The internationBalLET presents: “New Choreographers’ … “Nuovi Coreografi” – Budapest

The internationBalLET presents: “New Choreographers’ … “Nuovi Coreografi”

7 p.m. on April, 3. 2017.4

Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest

District, VIII. 8. Bródy Sándor Street – Budapest

The performance will be on for  this night only!

The project was founded by italian dancers Mark Biocca and Angela Mingardo last year and successfully presented the evening of dance “Passion, Love…Life” both in Budapest …

and in Italy (Padova and Rome).  Now the goup is back and has grown to include 21 dancers and a brand new set design by Józsa Anka to show the audience in the production at the Sala Verdi Hall.

The 7 international choreographers will present new modern ballets, dancing by the 21 artists from the Hungarian State Opera.

Entry is free of charge, but registration in advance is needed … Deadline date: March, 30.2017.

I N V I T O – internationBalLET presenta: “NUOVI COREOGRAFI”

Sala Giuseppe Verdi – Istituto Italiano di Cultura
ore 19.00 – 3 aprile 2017 – Partecipazione gratuita
Posti limitati Registrazione obbligatoria entro il 30 marzo 2017 –

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Flashnews … Andrea Vigh on harp Concert – Gyula.

Visit Gyula and attend at the harp recital by Vigh Andrea.

Gyula Castle Theater Chamber Hall

13. Kossuth Str. – Gyula

Tuesday, March, 28. 7 p.m.

An evening in the air with the sound of the harp – exquisite eternal beauty !

Andrea Vigh  – Liszt – winning harpist will be giving a unique concert  at the Gyula Castle Theater – Chamber Hall. Vigh Andrea Liszt Prize-winning artist teaches harp at the Music Academy since 1996, November 2013 Rector of the Academy of Music. Ten solo album appeared, the majority of German Capriccio label. 1993 to 1996 contributor of the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

She has participated on an European Tour at Salzburg Festival – led by Solti György. Celebrating the anniversary of Béla Bartók gave concerts at the Carnegie Hall – New York. Since 1993, each year holds a solo concert at the Music Academy. In 1997 participated with conductor Zoltán Kocsis and the Budapest Festival Orchestra. In 2003 with the Budapest Festival Orchestra during the Budapest Spring Festival. In 2005, at the Winter Gala evening’s gave concert with Ilona Tokody and Éva Marton. Participated at many TV recordings. In 2006 her concert was recorded on  DVD – Hungaroton. Also in competition Mozart flute-harp along with Béla Drahos of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Andrea Vigh had been a jury member in Welsh, in Arles, in Belgrade, in Gödöllö. She was thee founder of the Gödöllő International Harp Festival in 1999 and artistic director.

In Hungary at the International Harp Competition in Szeged also was a jury member. Been on a Japanesse tour  2010 with cellist Csaba Onczay in and also  in 2014 at the Kitara Hall at Sapporo – Japan held a concert harp on.  In 2012 Brussels gave a solo recital and master class at the Brussels Academy of Music. Vigh Andrea gained her habilitation in 2002, “Doctor of Liberal Arts” degree in science.

Tickets through:  on the spot and  through:

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