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Feel like Heaven on Earth when Pavarotti sings! – Documentary Movie – Budapest

Feel like Heaven on Earth when Pavarotti sings.

American-English music film, biography, documentary, 114 minutes, 2019.

Budapest Premiere: Thursday, October, 10. 2019.

At the 1990 Italian World Cup was the event when the opera broke the closed world of the elite, reaching the masses. Pavarotti was a rare individual, a genius and a world-renowned celebrity who used the power of his god-given talent to promote the opera to the widest possible audience.

The opera starred with Pavarotti’s tenor companions Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras in Rome, and attracting millions of audiences worldwide. Unforgettable “Nessun Dorm” processing still lives in one of the most famous and popular as the world’s number in the public mind, Pavarotti was achieved long-cherished dream: made known to the world of opera to the widest possible audience.

Pavarotti set out to work so that all music lovers could find something for themselves in the opera genre, and by virtue of his talent, he captured the world’s greatest stages and captured the hearts of millions of students.

In the documentary Luciano Pavarotti in addition to well-known people are among the actors, such as: Bono, Nelson Mandela, Spike Lee, Steve Wonder, Princess Diana, Zubin Mehta, José Carreras, Kofi Annan, Phil Donahue. Screenplay Writer: Mark Monroe – Producer: Jeanne Elfant Festa, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Michael Rosenberg, Nigel Sinclair – Music: Ric Markmann, Matter Music, Dan Pinney,Chris Wagner. Cameraman: Michael Dwyer

The Oscar-winning documentary by the director on Howard tells the story of the sensitive approach to the star, showing that the iconic tenor kind of man he really was. Features curiosity interviews with the artist’s colleagues and relatives, as well as unprecedented footage, all with high-quality Dolby Atmos sound. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Distributor: Big Bang Mediaer.

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Herald News: “Music in the Forest” – Visit Gyula!

Having second thought where to spend  the coming week-end? May not look any further for those who enjoy being  in harmony with nature because at the City of Gyula awaits children, young adults and elder folks to “Visit Gyula”.

September, 27-29, 2019., the “Music in the Forest”  event starting on Friday at the Körös Rivers valley awaits visitors at the oak-tree jams of the Csigakert. Saturday activities in Gyula – City Forest, the Forest School programs. On Sunday‘s event day, may visit the Bishop’s Bath near Oradea across the border.

The “Music in the Forest” events have for years brought the values ​​of sustainability through the combined power of the forest and music to the Körös Rivers organized by the Bihor County Council, the Oradea Philharmonic, the Bihor County Tourism Destination Management, the Romsilva Bihor County Forestry Directorate, the Oradea Forest Hunting Inspectorate.

During the weekend, visitors will learn about on the woodland walk about the site’s unique flora and fauna, the diversity of the forest community, the features of sustainable forest management, the role of forest-based forest schools in sustainability education and the stress of everyday life. Day-by-Day: Friday in Gyula, Gyula will highlight the importance of city parks in the Csigakert, as these green spaces make the everyday lives of urban people more livable.  Saturday in Gyula – Városerdő, the flood plain forest is covered by Hungarian ash and peduncle oak trees. Sunday in Gyula  at the Bishop’s Bath, the sight of evergreen prickly shrubs a special natural experience to the visitors at the forest theater.

The three-day event features high-quality physical and mental refreshment programs for all family members. Featuring a colorful palette of forest concerts, “Music in the Forest” provides an opportunity to introduce local artists, introduce local values, and perform nationally and world-renowned performers with classical music, folk music and world music at forest venues. – In the City Forest the performance of Bea Palya and János Gerzson.

Forest record show concert from the collection of Béla Bartók in Békés County, featuring Júlia Kubinyi, Balázs Szokolay Dongó and Gyula Rácz. The album was released by DALERD Zrt. and the Muzsikál by the Forest Foundation.

Classical music is represented by the Monarchy Symphony Orchestra, the Cantores Ecclesiae Brass Band and the Intermezzo String Quartet of the Oradea Philharmonic.

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“The Legends” International Guitar Festival @ Budapest 2019.

District, VI., 8. Liszt Ferenc Square

Classical guitar greats, three Grammy Award-winning legends will be guest at this year’s International Guitar Festival @ Budapest during November 8-10. 2019.

This year’s International Guitar Festival  was named „The Legends” by the Eötvös couple. Although in terms of music history, guitar history, in this title may seem not too much. Those who visit the concerts in November at the Academy of Music, will hear the legends live who have completed making a musical instrument accepted worldwide.

The prestigious festival, founded by József Eötvös – Liszt Prize winner guitarist and Head of department of the Academy of Music, focuses on classical guitar music for over six years, showing the outstanding artists of the instrument and its literature.

David Russell – Friday,November, 8., will hold Master Course through 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at György Solti Hall of the Academy of Music – Ticket: 2000HUF.

David Russell – Englishman guitarist, lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He is known worldwide for his unique musical talent and inspirational art. Has been a member of the Royal Academy of Music in London since 1997 and has twice won the Julian Bream Award during his studies. He spends most of his time on world tours and regularly performs at famous concert halls in York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Toronto or Rome. His audience admires his musical genius and his captivating stage presence.

Manuel Barrueco – Friday evening concert November, 8. at 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. György Solti Hall of the Academy of Music. Ticket price: Up to September, 30, 5500HUF and 6500HUF in advance, and  7000HUF and  8000HUF from October, 1.

Manuel Barrueco – Cuban-American descent concert and Paul O’Dette, an American lyricist, the purest example of a genius who touched on this instrument. O’Dette really helped to establish the technical and stylistic standards that 21st-century musicians aspire. Each world-renowned guest artist will share a solo evening with the audience.

The classical guitar has long been overshadowed by the instruments of the Hungarian musical tradition. Fortunately, in 2002, a radical change began in the Hungarian development, as guitarist József Eötvös started the classical guitar department at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy. In a short time, it proved to be a worthy partner for other instruments, with over two dozen positions in international competitions over the past 15 years.

The event has grown into the largest classical guitarist event in Hungary in the last four years, and its high-quality concerts take place ina full house.

Tickets and passes for the festival’s concerts are on sale through until September, 30,, and entry to the Master Classes is also open on October, 15. 2019.

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Made in Asia @ Hundred-Year-Old Hopp Museum Budapest

The Centenary of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts

The exhibition can be visited between Tuesday – Sunday from 10  a.m. to 6 p.m. ending at August, 30. 2020.

Curators: Dr Györgyi Fajcsák, Virág Hársvölgyi

Our new exhibition titled Made in Asia. The Centenary of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts running for a full year will display the best pieces in the collection of the hundred-year-old Hopp Museum. Opening at the end of June, the show will portray the great periods in the museum’s history, spanning from the interwar period linked to the institution’s first director, art historian Zoltán Felvinczi Takács, to the period of Buddhist exhibitions, linked to Mária Ferenczy, a renowned sinologist, who passed away in 2017.

The more than 500 arte-facts – including temporarily displayed pieces – are arranged according to the most important periods in the museum’s history. The display allows an insight into how – based on what opportunities and collecting criteria – the most representative items and groups of objects entered the collection. In order to protect the condition of the arte-facts selected for the exhibition, in some cases we introduced quarterly replacements of certain items or groups of items. We will remember the prominent figures in the museum’s history: directors and staff members who played a key role in maintaining the operation of the museum and in shaping its collecting activity in those periods in the twentieth century that were fraught with tragedies in Hungary (and across the world). We will acquaint visitors with the – often adventurous – stories of the highest quality pieces, thus allowing them with a unique opportunity to ponder twentieth-century history in the context of the Asian arte-facts of a Hungarian museum.

Besides the centennial exhibition, there are more surprises to come. The publication of a gap-filling reference book about the history of the Hopp Museum’s collections and the descriptions of its most prominent arte-facts is closely linked to the jubilee year (the volume will be available both in English and in Hungarian). The near future will also see the publication of the special jubilee edition of our Portable Museum Education Library, which will be devoted to the life and work of Ferenc Hopp, while a bilingual volume presenting the history of the Hopp Villa and its garden and illustrated with archival photographs will come out in the autumn.

We always try to bring the museum’s seasonal exhibitions close to the public by organizing a diverse range of events. This year in addition to the usual guided tours and museum education workshops, we will even open an open-air cinema in the garden for the summer. Prime importance will be attached to some outstanding anniversaries of Asiatic cultures such as the hundred-fiftieth anniversary of Japanese–Hungarian diplomatic relations, the hundred-fiftieth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the thirtieth anniversary of Korean–Hungarian diplomatic relations.

More info: –

The venue’s backyard is such a cool environment, that visitors might have the feeling they have just dropped over for a day to Asia … enjoy the exhibition and the relax for a while in those rushy days.

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Herald New: Italy’s Barry White – MÜPA @ Budapest

Friday, September 27. 2019.

8 p.m – 9.45 p.m.

Palace of Arts (MÜPA)

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

District, IX., 1. Komor Marcell Street.

Whether heard previously about Mario Biondi or not here will be a coming up concert worthwhile to be present at the Müpa. His voice baritone and mellow coupled with romantic, melancholy melody will surely entertain the audience  to hear Barry White’s (R.I.P.) catchy tone.

The Italian Barry White – that pretty much sums up everything about the Sicilian-born Mario Bondi: with his sensually crooning voice, he is an extremely popular interpreter of soul and R&B tunes. Born Mario Ranno, the singer probably had his fate set out for him in advance, as his father, Stefano Biondi, was himself a hit factory, while other family members – his grandmother as a singer and his great-grandfather as a painter – also enjoyed widespread acclaim in the arts. Mario launched his professional career as a teenager: he was all of 17 years old when he took the stage alongside Ray Charles, with the cream of the crop of Italian vocalists also taking up inviting him to their recording sessions and concerts. He would not deny that Isaac Hayes, Luther Vandross and Donnie Hathaway all had a major influence on the development of his own style.

He exploded onto the international music scene and public consciousness in 2004 with his first real hit: This Is What You Are. This number, which he recorded with the High Five Quintet, climbed to the top of numerous charts, inspired numerous remixes and was performed at the Sanremo Music Festival. But Biondi still would not end up sticking with this style, instead going on to experiment with other musical directions ranging from jazz and funk to pop and Brazilian sounds. His popularity has continued unabated into the current decade.

Outstanding proof of this fact is his 2013 album Sun, which features such guest artists as Leon Ware, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau and James Taylor. Never waiting for the wave of success to subside, Biondi instead rode it and came out with Mario Christmas, a CD of holiday tunes that kept him in the spotlight. He performs his songs in impeccable English. Although it is rare for him to sing in his mother tongue, at the Bridging Europe festival he will deliver a few songs in Italian.

(Müpa Budapest is one of Hungary’s best known cultural brands and one of its most modern cultural institutions. It brings together the many and varied disciplines of the arts in unique fashion by providing a home for classical, contemporary, popular and world music, not to mention jazz and opera, as well as contemporary circus, dance, literature and film. The venue known to Hungarians simply as Müpa opened its doors in 2005 to offer cultural events of the highest quality to the diverse audiences for the above genres.)

Please note that only tickets purchased from the Müpa website and official ticket offices are guaranteed to be valid.

Ticket prices: 3900HUF/5900HUF/7900HUF/9900HUF/12900HU

Source: Müpa Budapest

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Are you Ready? … Brian Adams says… „Here I am!”


Heroes Square (Hösök Tere) -Budapest , Hungary

Saturday, September, 28. 2019

Follow the Flow!

Adams will perform on a temporary stage at Budapestʼs Heroes Square.

Hungaryʼs state-owned lottery company „Szerencsejáték” had announced having its 20th Birthday of Hungarian Lottery, „Szerencsjáték Zrt.,  in celebrating with a concert by the Canadian rock star Bryan Adams, free of charge and open to the public.

The “Wellhello” (Hungarian group) opens the show at 6 p.m, followed by Bryan’s performance at 8 p.m.

Last year, Szerencsejáték hosted a free concert by the pop star Sting in Budapest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its Pick Six game.

The Heroes Square is an ideal venue to to be held concerts. In the previous year live concert performances were held by Elton John, Mick Hucknall, Sting and Shaggy, Omega and Scorpions.

Heroes’ Square is the most spacious, most influential square in Budapest, Lays in the district, XIV area. In the narrower sense, denotes the Millennium Monument. Heroes’ Square, along with Andrássy Avenue in front of it, is a World Heritage Site.

Be aware in advance … At the Heroes Square and surrounding areas are to be expected to have traffic restrictions due to the concert on Sunday, it is not only on-and-around the Heroes Square where several routes will be closed.

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Night of Art Jewelry @ Budapest 2019.


Exhibition opening and award ceremony:

 Friday, September 20, 2019. –  7 p.m.

Location: György Ráth-villa District, VI., 12. Városligeti Ave. – Budapest

The exhibition can be visited through September, 20. – October, 20. 2019.

For the fifth time in September this year, a series of contemporary jewelry programs, at the Night of Art Jewelry, featuring works by outstanding national and international jewelry designers. This time, the organizers launched an open international competition called CONTROLS / CTRL + S. The material of the exhibition was selected out of more than 130 applicant’s 230 entries, this year is no easy task for the team by a professional jury members. The exhibition will showcase the artworks of 48 chosen artists. The unity of novelty, conception, choice of materials, craftsmanship and aesthetics were the determining factors.
According to the biennial theme of the event, in a couple of years we can see a series of exhibitions taking place at many venues – which provides primarily opportunities for domestic artists – while in the odd years an exhibition of internationally open application materials will be presented.

This year, Jorge Manilla, a Mexican-born jewelry designer, as well as Erato Kouloubi and Niki Stylianou, Greek-born jewelry designers (organizers of Athen Jewelry Week), and Etentuk Inemesit, editor-in-chief of Artlocator magazine, form the impartial jury.

It is especially important for the event organizers to provide creative opportunity for the representatives of the Hungarian jewelry design profession, where participants can take on a whole new approach to jewelry design and production. In addition to the presentations, Jorge Manilla is also conducting a five-day themed workshop designed specifically for the Jewelry Night event, and attended by a team of 12 Hungarian artists.

As a result, this year’s Design Week will feature in Budapest’s series of programs, as part of special guided tour, where Katalin Spengler, an art collector and curator.

Last but not least, the exhibition will be hosted by the beautiful György Ráth villa, part of the Museum of Applied Arts, where contemporary objects, coupled with an interior with Art Nouveau features, invite visitors to experience exciting aesthetic experiences.

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