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Ten days to come – Valley of Arts Festival – Hungary

This year Valley of Arts Festival is celebrating its 29th year in continuing the event as the largest multi-art event in Hungary!

Valley of Arts  event will take place between July, 19-28. 2019 at three neighbor villages of Kapolcs, at Taliándörögd and at Vigántpetend.

All the events and concerts listed in participating can only be accessed by visitors with valid wristbands. A number of stages differing in size and genre at these venues.

Just for the notice … the Valley of Arts reserves the right to change the event line-up in certain cases. For instance, in case of bad weather, events will be stopped and will be continued once weather conditions allow it.  To ease information of the programs  whereabouts,  can be followed by mobile app to receive the latest Valley updates. English-speaking Valley staff will be on the spot for guidance if needed. For locals and tourist visiting the event for several days keep in mind to book accommodation in advance at There are  nearby accommodation capacity but they  are limited, make sure you book in time. The catering is easy to trace as well. To get around with the “Csigabusz – Csiga Bus” as the official Valley transportation, which runs all day between the Valley and nearby villages.

Use of the “Csiga” bus is free of charge having valid wristbands, follow the buses within the app as showing the exact time of running. For further information visit The website has English language information as well.

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Visiting SZÁNK and KISKUNMAJSA. The terrain is located in the Danube-Tisza area.

Excellent day trip for relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends.

SZÁNK is a cute village. In fact, it is one and a half hours by car from Budapest, and reminder …there are a few kilometers in the last section, where you have to get around the potholes, but not inaccessible. However, if you want to get here by public transport, it is good if you pack a bunch of sandwiches, the fastest way from the capital is to go for three hours with two transfers. In any case, the village is worthwhile to visit.

SZÁNK, one of the jewels of Bács-Kiskun County, was a dead-end village long ago.

KISKUNMAJSA is still an undiscovered surrounding for many locals and foreigners visiting Hungary.

A short history of the enormous bath of to-day … residents were looking for oil in the area, instead thermal water was found. In the vast landscaped area of the Kiskunmajsa, the whole family can find the right time from enjoyments to relax. Spa, thermal and water parks, a children’s pool, great buffets and comfortable armchairs, shaded cafes, as well as an artificial sandy shore lake awaits the visitor. Among the special outdoor pools, sea waves imitating pool, also colorful water slides is very tempting for young and elder folks.  Indoor Spa 2 Pools, Thermal Swimming Pool and Thermal Pool, which is very cozy and popular especially throughout wintertime.

Kiskunmajsa’s largest restaurant was launched in 1991. From 2019, Lópofa Inn (Csarda) has been working as a family business. Already arriving to the entrance gate, can see that the place was an old horse-riding venue, now-a-days, has become an oasis of tranquility. Large garden with foliage-shaded trees with playground. The shady mini fenced poultry yard, which is also home to the peacocks, is loud from cacao crusting, which is part of the impeccable rural feeling. Cockroach dishes are served, which are partly made from local ingredients. Crispy and delicious, baked bread on the table with an appetizer, had a waffle of local cheeseplate, then came the „Legényfogó” i.e. Bachelor Catching Soup and if that wasn’t enough to fill the stomach, came the wooden plate of all sorts of meat and dressing. The open-air furnace baked countryside cakes are worthwhile to taste. Last but not least come the local Pálinka. In summer, a series of events are offered to visitors such as holding event: weddings, family  gatherings, anniversaries there. From Thursday to Saturday, live music performances are held in collaboration with the Jonathermal Spa and Adventure Bath. Along the side at the Lópofa Inn, there is a wonderful lavender plantation where the fragrant and magnificent purple carpet in blooming of lavender bushes catch the eye. Next to the lavender plantation a huge “HoneyHotel” was designed to the bees.

Road to Historical Heritage Park … The Visitor Center levels are now fully accessible with elevators and ramps. The continually updated, interactive exhibits of the Rotunda are living sources of information that enhances a deeper understanding and a ride back in time.

A tunnel to the Past … Kiskun Memorial Site “The History of the leader of Szánk was presented by Zsolt Patkós, Mayor of Szánk, commemorating the appearance and settling of Cumans the former settlement of Szánk in Hungary.

In 2019 open with its main building of the visitor center takes the visitors back into the past centuries with the help of modern methods. The thematic pathways display with historical accuracy the ever-changing living-space of the Cumans integrating into the Hungarian people. In the cinema room the exhibition commissioned by the government of Szank with the help of the Katona József Museum of Kecskemét. The experts participating in the project were Zoltán Boldog, Zsófia Lukács, Márta Mészáros, István Pánya, Szabolcs Rosta and Szabolcs Varga.

Visiting the Kiskun Memorial Park relics excavated archaeological site on the sledge-like experience show tourists visiting the memorial site. The building can be visited by guests accomodations fully suitable for barrier-free use. Visitors can learn about the changes in the life of the cohorts by presenting four types of houses and related lifestyle changes. Such as:  round-shaped, yurt-like, Árpád Age House, XIV-XV. century mansion house, XIX century farmstead. At the exhibition space present four Cuman period of their history,and at the video room switch back through the time tunnel:  Cuman early history of early Hungarian relations …  Cumanians  moving in the Kingdom of Hungary, Mongol invasion … Classical Middle Ages, chair kun system … Turkish occupied areas , Redemptio. Mayor also expressed his plans in the sabretache, but  for the time being having horse, dog and baranta shows, Kun-quiz, kun-test, gastronomy programs, tastings the Past Life of SZÁNK!

Next station: 1956 events  … The exhibition space commemorates introduce the former 1956 events. In addition to presenting historical history, within commemorates local and nearby people from the time being.

After the history travel, the next station was to the Sweet Tooth House… Sophisticated hand-made cognac sour cherry at Szánk, freshest heavenly fragrance that tastes enthralled. The Taste House produces daily an average of 2500-3000 cognac sour cherry., so said Mária Orbán Rizelné as she was preparing the cognac sour cherry sweeties. Rum aroma of matured spirits, is covered with chocolate. All made by hand and using special machines. Once tasted the these cognac sour cherry covered with Belgium Choco.  Who once taste the Szank sweeties will remember by the taste where it is from! Heavenly delicious, be sure to taste it once you visit Szánk!  Was not just the guided tour exciting, but can watch how to make your own craft cognac sour cherry. The house is designed to showcase baking compote cooking, jam making, and look at the technique to cheese making and the real tension strudel dough here. At Szánk the local cognac sour cherry is used as a trademark of the settlement! Disgusting, that these sweeties are renamed and soled in several places of Budapest.  The original Szánk cognac sour cherry is renamed in Budapest as “Retro cognac sour cherry sweetie 😦

Wild Tobacco Honey … Honey from SZÁNK is nationally renowned, very fine and of good quality. For over 11 years the Honey and Cherry Festival has been organized and locals and visitors from far are pleased to join the event. On the spot at the House of Flavors, thanks to the Csontos beekeeper and his son introduced the way honey spinning is done. In between he spoken about the bees living gathering the nectar to collect the wild tobacco honey on the unique settlement that only grow at Szánk had tasting of the of the fresh wild tobacco honey… no wonder the bees like it!

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Herald News – Luis Fonsi VIDA on World Tour coming up @ Budapest

Who does not wish to miss the party of the year and want to dance and sing with with the Latin music king Despacito, Échame la Culpa, Imposible, Sola keep in mind or grab  your gadget save the date August 17, 2019 and be at László Papp Sport Arena @ Budapest.

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Herald News @ Hopp Museum – Budapest

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Made in Asia.

The Hundred-Year-Old Hopp Museum
June, 20. 2019. – June, 30 2020.

Opens the art of history to the visitors of to-day!

The upcoming show will delineate the history of Asian cultures and arts in Hungary in the last hundred and fifty years, focusing on the collections of the museum. Worthwhile to take a visit in the back yard of the museum it has a quite, unique garden which has the curiosity visitors to feel a bit as being in Asia with the huge stone statues, that play an important spot in the everyday life of the museum.

“Our new exhibition titled Made in Asia. The Centenary of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts running for a full year will display the best pieces in the collection of the hundred-year-old Hopp Museum. Opening at the end of June, the show will portray the great periods in the museum’s history, spanning from the interwar period linked to the institution’s first director, art historian Zoltán Felvinczi Takács, to the period of Buddhist exhibitions, linked to Mária Ferenczy, a renowned sinologist, who passed away in 2017.
The more than 500 artefacts – including temporarily displayed pieces – are arranged according to the most important periods in the museum’s history. The display allows an insight into how – based on what opportunities and collecting criteria – the most representative items and groups of objects entered the collection. In order to protect the condition of the artefacts selected for the exhibition, in some cases we introduced quarterly replacements of certain items or groups of items. We will remember the prominent figures in the museum’s history: directors and staff members who played a key role in maintaining the operation of the museum and in shaping its collecting activity in those periods in the twentieth century that were fraught with tragedies in Hungary (and across the world). We will acquaint visitors with the – often adventurous – stories of the highest quality pieces, thus allowing them with a unique opportunity to ponder twentieth-century history in the context of the Asian artefacts of a Hungarian museum.

Besides the centennial exhibition, there are more surprises to come. The publication of a gap-filling reference book about the history of the Hopp Museum’s collections and the descriptions of its most prominent artefacts is closely linked to the jubilee year (the volume will be available both in English and in Hungarian). The near future will also see the publication of the special jubilee edition of our Portable Museum Education Library, which will be devoted to the life and work of Ferenc Hopp, while a bilingual volume presenting the history of the Hopp Villa and its garden and illustrated with archival photographs will come out in the autumn.
We always try to bring the museum’s seasonal exhibitions close to the public by organising a diverse range of events. This year in addition to the usual guided tours and museum education workshops, we will even open an open-air cinema in the garden for the summer. Prime importance will be attached to some outstanding anniversaries of Asiatic cultures such as the hundred-fiftieth anniversary of Japanese–Hungarian diplomatic relations, the hundred-fiftieth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the thirtieth anniversary of Korean–Hungarian diplomatic relations. (Source – Hopp Museum)

 The exhibition can be viewed daily, except on Mondays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The invitation goes for locals and foreigners to have a break from the everyday’s activities to join and celebrate the centenary of the Hopp Museum together.

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The 5th International Day of Yoga @ Bálna Center – Budapest

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To commemorate 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Hungary, the Embassy of India, Budapest. Due to this occasion a series of cultural events to be organised between  June, 21-23. 2019 across 19 cities of Hungary. These events will showcase yoga, Indian classical and folk dances, Indian classical music, henna painting, folk art and gastronomy.

In Budapest, a special event is being organized to mark the occasion on  June, 22. 2019 at the Bálna Center

District IX., 11-12 Fővám Square – Budapest.

Entry free. All are welcome to attend.

The United Nations General Assembly had adopted a Resolution on December 11, 2014, with an unprecedented 177 countries as co-sponsors, to adopt June 21 as the International Day of Yoga.   Since then, this Day has become one of the biggest mass movements in the quest for good health and well-being and events are organized all over the world to showcase Yoga, which has been acknowledged as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. During the last four years, a number of cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina have been enthusiastically celebrating the International Day of Yoga and this year’s celebrations will build on the success of earlier events.  Ms. Ankita Sood  – teacher of Yoga and Indian Culture at the Embassy together with the yoga instructors of prominent yoga schools will conduct Common Yoga Protocol, which has been specially designed by Indian yoga masters to suit the requirements and physical conditions of the general public. A demonstration of advanced yoga techniques will also be undertaken. It may be recalled that speaking about Yoga, the Prime Minister of India had said that Yoga is the journey from ‘me’ to ‘we’, and that yoga makes us better individuals in thought, action, knowledge and devotion.

The Embassy of India organizes the 5th International Day of Yoga program in Budapest on June, 22. 2019 from 10 a.m. -1 p.m., with support from the Mayor Office of Budapest.

Bálna Center – District IX., 11-12 Fővám Square – Budapest. Entry is free! The timetable to the Yoga program goes: 9.45 a.m. Arrival of guests

10 a.m. Welcome Remarks by Master of Ceremony

10.02 a.m H.E. Kumar Tuhin, Ambassador of India’s address

10.05 a.m. Remarks by the Chief Guest

10.15 a.m. Standard Yoga Protocol by The Yoga TIC, Ms Ankita Sood, accompanied by other local Yoga Schools

11 a.m. Advanced Yoga Performed by Ms Ankita Sood TIC plus other Yoga Instructors.

11.10 a.m. Meditation Music, OM Chanting, Relaxation

11.20 a.m. Technical break

The timetable to the Cultural Program: 

11.30 a.m. -12.30 p.m. Indian folk and classical dance performances.

Local and foreigner who wish to participate at the event are requested to bring their own Yoga mat for the program!

The aim of the International Yoga Day is to raise awareness of healthy and conscious lifestyle whereas the locals and foreigners staying in Hungary are all welcomed!

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Over the years WineNet supplier of Sziget and several major summer festivals

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The Wine Nets meet the great summer festivals this year, the fourth consecutive year – as the exclusive supplier to the catering unit basic and premium wine of supply – the Volt and Balaton Sound, Sziget, the and Beach Festival. The company continuously monitors the consumption habits and patterns of festival goers.

Superb music festivals across the country with non missing taking place along side fabulous wines Made in Hungary! Locals and foreigners attended at these music festival had already experiences, the increasingly popular wines, name it Red, White or Rosé.

In the heat of the night to cool and be in the mood at the music festival grab a plastic cup and go for mostly recommended the “Fröccs” – Splasher, a.k.a.  Spritzer wine actually wine (mostly white wine) with soda water, but also pure succulent wines are now a stable for summer events. The “Fröccs” – the Spritzer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Hungary.

When thirsty gain a cuppa “Fröccs” – Spritzer along comes Rosé, and as for the premium wine, the white wine is the most wanted at the festivals.

Decades ago the growing up generation well knew the tastes and as they  were getting elder surely enjoyed having their snip again, but as for to-day’s generation most probably as a new taste will be the winner at the music festivals. Various Spritzer types made of Rosé are the favorites of the festivals – says Kathona Krisztián, founder and owner of WineNet also responsible for wine procurement. The WineNet wish to achieve an increase in wine consumption per visitor to major summer festivals. Q.: “Taking into account the needs of consumers, we bring good-natured, acid-rich white and slightly smoother, drinkable, and a little more fragrant, the fresher Rosé to the Sziget event this year, and the red has a representative role, as many music festival fans come to Hungary for the first time, and this is their first encounter with Hungary’s high-quality wines” added Krisztián Kathona. 

The Sauvignon Blanc is based at the Sziget … White and the Kékfrankos with Pinot Noir blend, to be served as plain or as “Fröccs” -Spritzer. As last year, the WineNet’s partner will be the Dubicz Winery representing the Mátra Wine Region.

The Sziget White and Sziget Rosé will be sold in bottles, joining them the third Kékfrankos and Cabernet Franc blended for Sziget Red.

Since 2016, WineNet is the official wine supplier of Sziget festivals. Currently, there are nearly 50 WineNet wine trading stores in Hungary, The number of regular customers is over fifty thousand. WineNet  as franchise was founded in early 2013 with the aim to make it available to a wider circle of good taste of wine in/from Hungary. At the WineNet more than 400 premium wines and wine specialties are offered on the spot.

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The Milk 3in1 … Life, Strength and Health

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Milk Interprofessional Organization and Product Council on World Milk Day gathered secondary school  pupil  gathered for a full day playing and call attention to drink more milk. The  winner of the drawing competion was also announced.

Milk production is one of the driving sectors of Hungarian agriculture, which increased by 1 percent last year, to HUF 185.5 billion, and milk processing by 11 percent of food production by nearly 300 billion last year, according to the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture at MOM Sport garden venue.

Sándor Farkas at the morning press conference on the World Milk Day said: The livestock population in Hungary has increased by 30 percent in the past 8 years, now the cow population is about 403,000. In terms of milk yield, the country is among the first in the European Union (EU), with yields increasing by 10 percent between 2012 and 2012, which was accompanied by an increase in the share of dairy cows in addition to improved genetics and nutrition.

Was at the gathering Laura Kondra, Deputy Chairman of the Hungarian State Treasury. András Kis Péter, spokesman for the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV). Miklós Istvánfalvi, President of the Inter-professional Organization and Product Council (TSZSZT). They also took part in numbering  figures, reported data  from the past year. Underlined the important to the growing up kids their daily consumption of milk.

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