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Eros Ramazzotti World Concert Tour – „Vita Ce N’è” Tour – Budapest – 2019.

Eros Ramazotti  returning to Budapest

October, 24. 8 p.m.

Papp László Sport Arena
 District, XIV. 2. Stefánia Road

The Hungarian audience who have heard and enjoyed his emotional expressing songs at his previous concert will surely be at his 4th concert in Budapest at 8 p.m. on October, 24. 2019. at the Papp László Arena. But before arriving to Budapest Ramazzotti will be having many concerts at major cities in Europe before heading overseas to 5 continents.

Over the decades Eros Ramazzotti is still popular in Italy and most European countries. Since 1984, Ramazzotti has released 12 studio albums, 4 live albums and 37 singles. Eros Ramazzotti is one of the most internationally renowned Italian singers and songwriters of all time. He is returninng on the stage, on a concert tours over 5 continents. Staring in Europe from February and coming to Budapest this year on October, 24.

Sold over 60 million records in his 30 years of career. Has preformed duets within many prestigious artists such as: Tina Turner, Andrea Bocelli, Joe Cocker, Luciano Pavarotti, Cher, Laura Pausini and Ricky Martin.

The new Vita ce n’è World Tour promotes and introduces the eponymous recently issued album, a triumph of sweet though energetic songs that celebrate the beauty of life.

In co-operation with Italian Facebook, Eros Ramazzotti has become the first artist in Italy who announced his new album and tour using debuting video premier tool.

His latest album „Vita Ce N’è” was released last year in November and Ramazzotti choose naming his concert tour with the same title.

Fans can expect to hear his well-know famous superb songs, but in the meantime here is one of Ramazzotti and Tina’s superb joint performance of course many know it by heart …

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Boots List – Sausage Taxi Tour – City of Gyula

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Campaign – In Gyula to Gyulai Sausage on 8 wheels!

Make your own Boot List!

These were the welcoming words to the media, press invited persons at the Gyulai Meat Shop in the City of Gyula at the transfer of fees in connection to the performance review of the Hotels and Service Providers evaluation lodging 2017/18 year.

However, at first a bit back to have to go a year or two. The first step joint with local companies gathering goes back to the year 2014. At first the joint promotion and image campaign began with the Gyula Castle Bath, Gyulai Tourist Office Ltd. and Gyula Meat Ltd. In 2014 took the initiative from Gyula to Gyula. The goal was in the presentation to introduce more widely the Hungaricum – the Gyulai sausage. This option was and is highlighted then and even to-day by flyers placed on desks at the hotels to draw attention to the tourists visiting Gyula as an option to visit the meat shop and purchase delicacies. After all, as the saying goes … nothing is better than your own experience. The highest number of the guests from hotel’s arrived to shop showing the leaflet received at the hotel, the Gyula Meat Ltd. as a gesture rewarded the hotel for their support with a present of their products.  By the autumn of 2017, the Visit Gyula city program included as an option for tourist staying in Gyula to join the Gyula Sausage Tour.

In 2018, a joint collaboration was launched with Gyulavári Castle, Gyula Tourism Ltd. and Gyulai Meat Ltd. with the pedestrian sightseeing tour and the Gyulai Sausage Taxi on the Road. Was so successful that the opportunity to once a week  tour was upgraded to twice a week back-and-forth to the store and for the passengers on the Gyulai Sausage Taxi. Passengers could enjoy the trip while on a small sightseeing tour as well.

Highlighting some mouth-watering  appetizing flavors of the Gyulai Meat products … Dry Sausages, Salamis, the Gyulai sausages and salamis have characteristic taste, which formed by the microclimate of valley of Körös rivers, the traditional smoking technology, produced by the history of one-hundred years. The Gyulai-Royal Deer products in the line was awarded with Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2014, and was selected for New Product Expo in Amsterdam in 2015. It is a real gourmand delicacy!  The Liver Pastes is very popular among kids. Besides the classical taste there is one other flavor with a touch Marjoram. The Ham and Cold Cuts are one of the main favorites, especially the so-called Mályvádi ham, which is heavenly tasty. Once tasted it surely be favorite but can only be purchased at the  local shop or at the presence of Gyula Meat on a gastro event. Was awarded with Hungarian Quality Product Award. The name Mályvádi comes from the nearby Mályvádi forest. Cooked-Smoked Products, besides the traditional drying method, cooked and smoked sausages and cold cuts are also popular. The Hungarian „paprika potatoes” are not real without the Gyulai lecho sausage. Lacto-free meat products are also made at the Gyula Meat Factory. In 2013 the Gyulai Sausage was graded HUNGARICUM by the Technical Committee. Also in 2015 Gyulahús Ltd. was awarded by Hungarian Product Economy Grand Prix. The „Gyulai” brand also won the title of HungarianBrands, SuperBrands and Business Superbrands. The line of the Gyulai-Royal Deer products in 2014 received the Hungarian Product Grand Prix.

Sausage  goes well with beer  … they are pretty good in company! Within visiting Gyula would be a pitty to miss the Brewery – City tour – Sausages! This year at the Gyulavári Castle a range of gastronome is at their fingertips … “Alakor” organic wheat beer, the “Corner” Brewing beer for tasting by the visitors. The plant plan is to strengthen their 6 beer on the tap with bio products as well. Gastro tour every Wednesday of the week from 2 p.m. – 5.45 p.m. departing from in front of the Tourinform Office, maximum 12 persons.

Beers and a visit to the World of Tastes every Thursday of the week from 3 p.m. – 7.45 p.m. departing from the Tourinfom Office, maximum 12 persons. Beer Corner has a selection of Elixbeer craft beer: India Pale Ale, Gyulavári Stout, White Wheat beer.

Last but not least it was said beside the above heard at the press gathering the Gyulai Meat Shop’s wish is to reach at least once a week at the hotels in Gyula to introduce at the daily breakfast the wide variety of Gyulai Meat products, so for the tourists and locals arriving from other regions of Hungary would meet the flavors.

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Czech Film Carnival – Toldi Art Movie – Budapest – 2019

TOLDI Art Movie – Budapest

District, V.,  36-38 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Rd.

The Toldi Movie is the most modern art-house in Budapest and a popular venue for film festivals and events since 1932 and soon coming to hold its next film festival i.e. Film Carnival  from February, 13. – February, 17. 2019. The traditional Czech film carnival arrives within February as  the month represent the  season of the carnivals. The Toldi Art Movie will be screening the best of contemporary Czech filmmakers movies with the new faces, film debut and genre experimentation.

The Czech movies are the rich harvest of  year 2018  and now offering a menu to choose by being the lovers of the   Czech film to have a pleasant and joyful time at the movies. Probably there are Czech speaking individuals  staying in Budapest on a tour , who have not seen these film at their homeland and for them it may be a good opportunity to layback and watch some of them early evening here at the Toldi Art Movie.

Films are screened in original language with Hungarian subtitles.

The audience can meet the film directors and actors at the end of some of the screenings.

The main sponsor of the Czech Film Carnival is once again the “Staropramen” Prague’s one of the most famous beer in the world.

Tickets can be purchased on the spot at the box office 30 minutes before the first screening takes place. Online booking system is also available on the Toldi Art Movie web page.

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70th Republic Day of India in Hungary

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The Embassy of India in Hungary celebrated the 70th Republic Day of India on Jan 26, 2019.

The celebration started in the morning hours with H.EAmbassador Kumar Tuhin unfurling the national flag at the Embassy premises. Also read out the message from the President of India and raised the National Flag of India.

The celebrations continued in the evening hours by  attendance  to invited members of the Diplomatic Corps, dignitaries, senior government functionaries, prominent representatives, the Indian community, Hungarian political, business and cultural scenes, also by India’s friends and supporters.

At first the evening proceeded with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp and the two countries anthem. The India Ambassador to Hungary H.E. Kumar Tuhin and appearance of Guest of honor Ms Cecilia Szilas, State Secretary for Development of Eastern Relations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially opened the celebration event at the Budapest’s  Marirott Hotel.

Ambassador Kumar Tuhin conveyed his festive greetings to the audience and said that India’s relations with Hungary is steadily growing and the interaction in diverse sectors, especially in economic and commercial sectors, is increasing. Hungary had been one of the first to recognize India’s sovereignty and the two had established diplomatic relations in 1948. India was one of Hungary’s most important trade partners and other links included over 200 Indian students coming to Hungary and around 40 Hungarian students going the other way.

He continued by emphasizing the significance of this year’s celebration as it not only marks 70 years of India – Hungary diplomatic relations but also 70 years of the promulgation of the Indian Constitution. (The  Republic Day commemorates the occasion on January 26, 1950 when India, after gaining independence from Great Britain in 1947, adopted its Constitution … 1949. January 26 was already an auspicious day for India because in 1930 it was declared as Independence Day by no less than “The Father of the Nation” – Mahatma Gandhi.  H.E. Tuhin said India had the largest, most vibrant and probably fastest growing democracy in the world. Hungary had been one of the first to recognize India’s sovereignty.

Ms Szilas expressed her warm wishes for the occasion and outlined the commitment of the Ministry in strengthening the diplomatic relations between India and Hungary in future.

A video was broadcasted for the invited guests  to have a peck into the official celebration in New Delhi – where more than l.5 billion India individuals awoke up to their special day … the Republic Day of India. Below a full overview of the celebration in India can be followed:

The Ambassador expressed his thanks to the guests for attending and celebrating this special day together.

The highlight of the evening was followed by the group rendered enchanting Hungarian musicians and Kathak performance by Sonali Roy and her group on a soulful Sufi song sung by Abida Parveen.

Entertainment and Flavors were not missing … After the colorful cultural program a reception followed to experience ” The Taste of Incredible India”!

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Online – Hungarian Dance House Movement – Budapest

For the attention to the 1st. online English-language platform that is dedicated to the non-Hungarian speakers. The Hungarian Dance House Movement is an online platform dedicated to the local Hungarians, foreigners working, staying in Budapest and also to those who are just interested in Hungary’s traditional fol  dances to get an insight into the Hungarian culture better.

Well known fact, to become to know a country is mainly about its gastronomy, sights-and-sounds, but definitely not remain in understanding the cultural values of the country. The Hungarian folk music and folk dance also strengthen Hungary’s cultural diplomatic connections.

The main goal of creating “I Dance Hungary” is to build a bridge between non-Hungarian speakers, the Hungarian diaspora … a venue to Hungarian culture and folk dance. The dance house movement began in the 1970s and by now became one of the most important retaining powers to the Hungarians living abroad.

At the different regions in Hungary are belonging to own traditional folks dances  … for instance dances of the “Mezőség” … “Szászcsávás”…”Katólaszeg” are unique. The so-called “táncház” – “dance house” bring communities dancing and singing together.

To dance … to sing no need to have communication knowledge in Hungarian language … at the dance lesson tutorials accompanied by English subtitles. Therefore, the non-Hungarian speakers participating in the dance house may easy carry on at these gatherings

“I Dance Hungary” will host a webpage launching dance house event at 8 p.m. this coming Saturday at Fonó Music House in Budapest.

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Herald News … Hear To-day … Here Tomorrow … David Duchovny … Budapest

During his European tour 2019. – “Every Third Thought” will be held in Budapest from now in 21 days!”

When hearing the name David Duchovny, the first thing that comes to mind might be Fox Mulder, special agent of The X-Files or Hank Moody – Californication, the Double Golden Globe Award winner.

This time, however, the celebrated actor takes a break from the silver screen to show his musical side. Every Third Thought Tour released in 2018 is David’s second album crafted with elements of folk, classic rock and pop, showcasing Duchovny’s eclectic influences. David has earlier performed this album on tour in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and now  “Mr. Moody Mulder” coming on stage to Europe.

Duchovny emerged to become one of the most highly acclaimed actors in Hollywood as the star in one of the well-renowned television series in the past for over two decades within The X-Files. His name is also synonymous with television shows such as Aquarius, Californication, Twin Peaks, amongst cult feature films, Kalifornia,  The Rapture and Julia Has Two Lovers.

Over the course of his career, David Duchovny has been an award-winning actor, film-maker, director and published author with already out with three bestselling novels.

During his 2019 tour for the first time coming to  Budapest/Hungary. Meet, See, Hear the actor, screenwriter, songwriter, film-maker, director,  best-selling author,  and now the singer Mr. Moody!

Monday, February, 11. 2019 …  8 p.m. … MOM Culture Center – Budapest …  District, XII., 18. Csörsz Street

Don’t miss the gig!


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Bethlen Square Theater … “Nőkből is megárt …” @ Budapest

Photo from the Bethlen Square Theater

The Bethlen Square Theater and the production of Manna

“Nőkből is megárt …”  – The  mother becoming grandmother can be harming her daughter.

Teri Tordai – Mother, Lili Horváth – Girl (Nóra), Edina, Psychologist, Cseh Judit – Director

The story realizes that we dare to still say from experience from something has passed … also not to be afraid to meet new situations … and shows humor is one of the most important things in life.

The two actress is mother and daughter in real life. The play is about a family story … A mother-daughter story of how a parent will be a grandparent and a mother of a child. Time goes by aging from the outside, but there is an inner core, which freely roars independently of the body. What happens to us when we wake up to the fact that we are aging in the eyes of society, but not within us!?!

In the play, Teri Tordai explores the mysteries of family relationships with sensitivity and humor. Lili Horváth appears in several roles … plays as the psychologist and loving wife beside the main character being the daughter.

The production is played in Hungarian language, and hopefully there will be subtitled in the future for the  foreigners and  tourist audience staying in Budapest without having Hungarian language knowledge. In the meantime for those having a little knowledge in Hungarian will surely enjoy the performance for all ages. Such as: theatrical, temporary dance performances, folk performances, festivals, musical programs and exhibitions. The theater also has a line of programs for families and children. On Sundays plays for children, free screenings, and exhibitions at the Gallery await the audience every month.

Even if you stay in Budapest even for a short time, it is worthwhile to visit a cultural spot.  At the entrance hall, a little hall of fame where there are not just photos exhibited of great Hungarian actors from the past.

Bethlen Square Theater …  a little jewelry box where past meets present. It is a rather small theater. In 2012, it was re-named as Bethlen Theater – the same name it had before it was closed in 1937. The change of name went hand in hand with a change of profile: before the reopening, the place functioned as a dance theater for more than 15 years; since then it is a production theater.

Make it one of your favorite theater!

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