Budapest’s Central Theater – “A WEEK AGO” – Magyartenger (Hungarian Sea) Premiere


Coming up in a just couple of days, on November, 5. – 7:30 P.M. a first full-length independent play by Bence Bíró on stage at the Central Theater Budapest. The contemporary drama takes place over 24 hours in a holiday home at Lake Balaton. The scene is a typical family holiday depicted in an unusual way. Kinda comedy with six male and four female characters. Sceen … gathering stormy clouds on the shores of the lake … chats are going on about politics adding comments here-and-there, surrounding five pounds of love and armed garden gnomes. Great actors such as Móni Balsai, Tibor Fehér and Zoltán Schmied take the stage in the main roles with also other actors such as: Eszter Földes, Éva Szabó, Kata Pálfy, Ódor Krostóf, János Papp and Bálint Rada. The show’s director and set designer is Róbert Alföldi, who said earlier “No matter how hard the times are, family is family and Lake Balaton is Balaton. And skeletons can tumble out of the cupboards, there can be all kinds of spoken or unspoken problems and sorrows … Lake Balaton is still Balaton … and the family is just family … that’s why it comes difficult sometimes … but love is still love. In the meantime, many may have a smile during the play in recognizing their own selves.

During the play, may see how the audience and the actors find joy in the play.

The scenery was designed by Robert Alföldi, and the costume designer was Eszter Kálmán.

The presentation is in Hungarian language.

Recommender Aggie Reiter

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