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But before heading to the a/m announcement at the press call of this morning by the representatives of the W!ZZ AIR here is a brief overview about the W!ZZ AIR, even though many already know and have had experiences to fly with W!ZZ AIR … but could be (!?!) many have not yet flew, been on board the largest low-cost, low-fare airline in Central and Eastern Europe…

Strong and Consistent Growth … easy to follow the data’s.

In the year 2004 when W!ZZ Air first landed in Hungary, carried 0.7 million passengers throughout Europe. compared to the past 9 years, this figure has increased to 12 million passengers in the year 2012. The numbers speak for themselves and clearly can be seen the position W!ZZ AIR has achieved in growth. This coming year, 2013., the figures are expected to reach 13.8 million passengers.

Young, efficient fleet with high levels of utilization.

Airbus 320, the most efficient narrow-body aircraft, with 180 seat, provides low unit costs. The age shows the new aircraft, needs less maintenance and are higher reliability. Also the utilization: 13 hours/day to spread fixed costs.

Focus on cost efficiency.

Flying to secondary airports: lower airport costs and the possibility for a faster aircraft turnaround. The internet distribution: low distribution costs. About the innovation: passenger services that help deliver lower fares – always. The latest technology assures operational reliability and long-term cost saving. A productive organization: 8,000 passengers per employee per year. Experienced management team with in-depth understanding of regional markets. Anybody will surely have the  “Best in Class” experience on the fleet. The Airbus A320 aircrafts are maintained by their partners as Lufthansa Technik, whom share the Airline’s commitments as to the high standards of safely and quality. Can be well followed the W!ZZ AIR’s significant cost advantages.


Oh well …. before someone has a second thought … this is not a contemporary art!  It shows W!ZZ AIR  operations over 250 routes throughout 30 countries to 84 destinations with the number of 39, Airbus A320 aircrafts and  the number of 1500 employees.

 Seat for Sale!

Fares from INSERT VALUE – on one way, incl. taxes.

What is !NEW! … all you have to do is just  pick one and  click at a package price.

Here are some options to choose: W!ZZ XXLong … extra space for legs, W!ZZ Reserved Seat …reserving a seat in the first two rows, incl. priority boarding, W!ZZ Flex … available to change dates, routing to ones flight, online on numerous occasion until 3 hours prior to the scheduled lift-off, W!ZZ Discount Club … promotional tickets which can be cheaper up to 10EUR/one way flight than the usual regular price, W!ZZ Xpress … boarding first and W!ZZ Premium .

Unbeatable value for money, but what is also so important not just for to-day, but as for the future generation on our Planet ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and have to admit the W!ZZ AIR fleet in age is the youngest and indeed the clearest aircraft in Europe. Just to be in the picture, here are some data:  Fleet  of age and the O2 emission: W!ZZ: 3.2yrs. – 70g/RPK, RYR: 3.8yrs. – 77g/RPK, EZY: 4.2yrs. – 85g/RPF, AF-KLM: 9,5yrs.  –  93g/RPK, BA: 13yrs. – 103g/RPK, LH: 12.9yrs. – 105g/RPK.

Alright, not going to take anyone’s precious time away any longer by throwing the wet ball into the net. Here comes the herald news  as mentioned earlier being at this morning’s press  announcement.

W!zz Air’s new iPhone application to book flights will be available for all iPod and iPhone users starting from next week!

Iphone application

This morning  in time, the same announcement took  place at the countries following: Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic Poland, Romania and Slovenia. Some questions many might already have in mind. Here is a couple of answers to the thoughts: Will it work on the tablets? We were told it ain’t yet been developed as a separate computerized application. They are keeping that in mind to have it later rolling along just as well as on the use of iPod and iPhone. The Android’s new app is already at the AppelStore, but said for the W!zz Air it will only be available in May, 2013., because at the moment it is under the development stage. W!zz Air  came out with its mobil application in use to  book for any flight, but unfortunately only W!zz Discount Club members can take the advantage of all the features. Mobile check-in cannot be in use, but it was said it will be available this coming March. There are no plans running on yet in charging the accounts at  the W!ZZ AIR. Those passengers already registered are able to sign in immediately and going through the “pages”  can book their tickets.  Once the reservation is carried out there will be no  possibility to modify it. As for the future it is expected to be able to register on the application, until then it can still be made on the website.  Caution… Only the members who pay the 8900HUF annual fee  for W!zz Discount Club membership can use it. The system does not memorize the credit card information for safety reasons, but as soon as  the function becomes available then notice will appear on the website. Unfortunately, at the moment still have to get your ticket using the „old way”, e-ticket printing method. The fact that by the use of the mobile phone  to check-in is still ahead, was told it will take two to three weeks. It requires further appropriate negotiations and going through in the development stage. Naturally, some places have to pay for that service, and as for the mobile boarding pass reading development and investment on the ground handling companies obviously will have to be paid by the airline. After the booking the reservation can do with acredit card or with the usen of the person’s account balance! The cards eccepted: MasterCard,Visa, Wizz Card Hungary, Wizz Card Romania, Wizz Card Poland. Simply tap the submit payment button after finalizing the booking procedure.

Easy to follow, because the app are available in Hungarian, English, German and Romanian languages ​.



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