First Beer Festival Gyula – European Central Best Beer Awards

June, 7 – 10. 2018

Gyula is a lovely small City and if you are looking for a place where you can have a truly unique atmosphere, the Beer Festival your place.

In Hungary do not just like craft beers only in Budapest, but at the City of Gyula has breweries at this part of the country and they are quite popular as well. Therefore the organizers decided to popularise the Craft Beers and breweries at their venue as well within a Festival.

The goal is to organize this coming festival with high-quality programs, home and cross-breed brewery crafts, and to invite more local and foreigner visitors to Gyula.

During this four days handicraftsmen and street food will be the focus of attention. Few know, but at Gyula will be organized for the first time beer festival and would like to open up this tradition, which has for over brewing beer for three centuries.

The European Central Best Beer Awards2018 Beer Competition will be announced as an accompanying event at the festival, which will be announced for commercial and small breweries and home breweries. The aim of the competition is to promote small craft, crafts and home brewery. In the competition, small brewery brewers (commercially available products) and home breweries start in a separate category.

A national professional conference will also be held as an accompanying event of the festival, which will provide both professional and general public with handy, useful knowledge.

Of course, there are no indispensable music programs at the festivals, and there are several live music concerts every day. Further info who is on live stage visit:

Lease ticket: 4290HUF

Daily ticket: 1500HUF

The festival is free of charge on Sunday!

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