Gyula – 7th. Sausage and Sódarmustra Festival – Part2. – 2017

It is not controversial that at the City of Gyula you must eat sausages made in Gyula .

The  first Sausage and Sódarmustra Festival was established in 2010. In the beginning there were only a few butchers but ever since then it continued to grow year-by-year. It was a milestone in development of the Sódar Competition and Festival as the boarders were open to foreigner butchers and have joined on the international stage measurment. As of to-day we can count a number of foreign butchers amongst to returning partners.

The festival’s aim is to combine qualitative culture with mouth-watering delicacies at a wonderful natural surroundings and historical attractions for hungarian and the international visitors and audience.

First Day program starts off – Friday, March 31. beginning at 1 p.m, where the visitors can view the smoked goods, specialties, including hams, sausages out on display at the Exhibition Tent brought by the members of Gyulai Traditional Butcher’s Association HQ’s.  After the official opening of the festival demonstrating the professionalism of commemoration will be introduced the famous butchers of Gyula. Followed by the a superb entertainment by the Hevesi Happy Band bringing the audience the best  rollicking songs also on stage with Josh among others, Pali Balázs, Attila Tilinger and many more.

Second Day – Saturday, April, 1. opens much earlier at 9 a.m. at the castle’s garden surrounding with delicious food shows. There will be as tradition, a live pig from Gyula and pig slaugthter followed by an insight into the culture of the Transylvanian gastronomy. Following cuisine presentation, ham sculpture, Hungaricum tour, lavish and sausage. On the spot the  ham jury at the exhibition and then after  the audience are invited to a “Good Gyula” lunch. One of the highlights of the day will be VIHARSARKI Sausage Championship with the winters of sausage makers from the last year’s tournament. In addition to  having  a feast  of hams no one will be in trouble, because after lunch there will be programs provides to great movement, as introducing the culture of dancing by Kata Vidó with the NRG. In the afternoon entertainments continue by Poldi Dream rod fitness, Over3 performances on stage. The Saturday night party takes care of the Dirty Slippers CD release concert Republic and the year’s first major two-hour concert  ever in Hungary! Anyone who does not get tired by then may spend the evening at the Karaoke on podium.

Third Day  – Sunday,  April, 2., it will be no shortage of appetizing dishes. Full day with invitations by the butchers at their stand offering wonderful sausages, smoked hams and rich flavors. Before noontime  upon tradition show introducing the Gyula method in slaughtering the pig. In the afternoon hours concert  begins by The Boys live concert and Pernahajder Campbell at four o’clock, definitely  “heat up the crowd”.  For Hungarians and the foreigners, tourists already spending time out at Gyula should not miss the excellent sights-and-sounds offered by  the City of Gyula.

The organizers pay special attention to show the culture of sausage and ham production to the smallest children, to learn about how these yummies are prepared and programs to participate in sausage-making demonstrations and thereby acquire a slice of the Hungarian gastronomy. Also  all sorts of programs just for them.

Admission: Daily ticket: 1000HUF – Three-day pass: 2500HUF

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