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International Day of Yoga … Yoga @ Home … Yoga with Family … Yoga @ Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Center @ Budapest

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Everyone has a sake in International Joga Day

Yoga … implies perfect harmony of body and mind. It implies the harmonious integration of personality. The most common benefit of Yoga practice is the sense of well being at all levels of our existence

The Embassy of India in Hungary was celebrating this year’s  6th International Day Of Yoga –  21st June, 2020

This year the theme for the International Day of Yoga is “Yoga From Home’”. Keeping the theme in mind, Embassy of India is to organize a series of events that will not just follow “social distancing” but would also connect with as many people of Hungary as possible.

It is specially designed to be easily adoptable by majority of the people irrespective of age and gender, and can be learnt through simple training sessions, even through online classes (individuals facing health issues are advised to consult a physician before taking up Yoga practice).

To celebrate the International Yoga Day, Embassy of India has collaborated with eminent Yoga teachers from major cities in Hungary included Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen and  Pecs to participate in „Live Streaming” of Common Yoga Protocol from their studios,  led was by Ms. Ankita Sood, Yoga teacher of Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Centre @ Budapest from the iconic Hero’s Square in ’Live Streaming’ method.

Highlighting the importance of this occasion, Ambassador of India in Hungary, Mr. Kumar Tuhin has said, „This year, the whole world has faced  unprecedented challenges. The global pandemic has severely impacted the world economy, our health –  physical and emotional,   and  our well being.  The positive role that Yoga plays in teaching us the path from illness to wellness and in connecting our body, mind and soul  so as to bring holistic health, is well recognized. As the theme itself beautifully conveys, Yoga is able to meet diverse needs and is adaptable in different situations,  it gives the maximum health assurance at  individual, family, society, and global levels.”

Also H.E. has several initiatives been taken up under his stewardship to propagate and promote Yoga across the country and abroad. Through various digital activities, Embassy of India in Hungary is hoping to further expand the outreach of Yoga this year and involve as many persons as possible on the digital domain paving way for a unique experience for the yoga enthusiasts and also contributing to the success of this significant international event.

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Battle of Legends – Gyulai István Memorial Hungarian Athletics GP @ Székesfehérvár – Hungary

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The best athlete in the world will start @ Székesfehérvár – Hungary

Wednesday, August, 19. 2020. 

Take place: Bregyó-közi  – Regional Athletics Center 

During the morning hours the press conference was held at the Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium Press Center in announcing some background figures about this year’s Gyula István Memorial Games which will be from this year part of the Wold Athletics Continental Tour (WACT) Gold series. The 10-station Gold Section of the Continental Circle, will include several numbers in its program that are Diamond League-level in value and strength. There are only 24 in GYL from 2020, and those who missed out will be on the Gold competitions.

Take place Bregyó-közi  – Regional Athletics Center – Székesfehérvár … On the 19th of August. 

Press meeting was open by Márton Gyulai, the competition director, announced Olympic and world champions will undertake to compete was announced at the press call and starting off with one of the headlines … Dalilah Muhammad can also be there coming to Székesfehérvár as she indicated to compete. Added,  for this year’s competition the numbers are: for men, 100, 200, 400 meters, 110 hurdles, triple jump, discus and hammer will, while for women 200, 400, 100 hurdles, 400 hurdles, long jump, discus and hammer. Added  there will be a traditional competition, but they will be forced to impose certain restrictions, such as no more than 400 meters. The reason for this is the regulation of the International Federation (WA), as WA allows the adoption of recommendations. Taking about the athlete at previous Gyulai István Memorial  Hungarian Grand Prix … already 12 athletes who have already competed at the Gyulai István Memorial were able to take the second stage of the world championship podium, including 10 individual silver medals and 14 athletes finished in third place, including 8 individual bronze medals. In Doha, a total of 39 athletes won 46 medals (including 29 individual numbers) who have visited Hungary in the last eight years – between 2011-2019 – and started at the Gyulai István Memorial. In Doha – among the starters of the Hungarian Athletics Grand Prix preformed in 67 places …  4-8. 38th place, 1-8.
In 2019 ., 17 international issues were held at the Gyulai István Memorial at Székesfehérvár. 10 athletes competed with Hungarians that year, who later won gold medals in Doha (including 9 individual world champions). Athletes who later won the World Cup in Doha started in 14 numbers.

Chairman of the organizing committee Péter Deutsch mentioned, based on the decision of the international association, the Hungarian Grand Prix was placed in a special elite circle. From 2020, the classification of one-day athletics has changed in competitions with seven categories created. Continued, will be from 2020, the classification of one-day athletics competitions has changed, with seven categories created and will be in the second priority category after the Diamond League, competitions and have become part of the Gold series Hungarian organizers do not want to make in order to preserve the seriousness of the fight and as an example said that one of the recommendations is to start runners with a handicap, and if overtaking, athletes should wear a face mask.

Sports Director Attila Spiriev highlighted in this regard that the current classification of the competition is a huge recognition and is on a par with traditional competitions such as Tokyo the Hengelo or Kingston Athletics Army Parade. The sports director emphasized that this was not a coincidence, as the Gyula Memorial produced better results year-after-year, with 16 athletes who had previously participated in the Hungarian competition won a total of 19 gold at last year’s Doha World Championships. In 2019, ten athletes later world champions started also in Gyula. Several of them have signed for this year as well. Spiriev also emphasize that there is a lot of uncertainty about the corona virus epidemic, it is not yet known whether those who promised can come. However, according to the current position, Dalilah Muhammad – American Olympic and world champion of the women’s 400 dam, who ran two world tops last year. Also the audience will see again Christian Taylor of the United States triple jump epochal figure, unique ruler of the 2010s London and Rio Games, furthermore who won World Cup champion at four outdoor competition, also Steven Gardiner from the Bahamas who triumphed in Doha last year on 400 meter within 43.48-second parade time … just mention a few awesome athlete to be on the startshot at Székesfehérvár In addition to the three overseas stars, Polish Pawel Fajdek – four-time world champion in men’s hammer throwing, has also promised to compete in the competition, and in addition to World Cup bronze medalist Bence Halász, he will certainly have to contend with London Olympic champion Krisztián Pars hammer thrower.

Mayor of Székesfehérvár, András Cser-Palkovics was pleased to say the Gyulai István Memorial Games is a very import part of the life of the city with the International stars liven up the city. Athlete lovers from regions of Hungary and foreigners from around the world will have a chance to see these superb athletes live. The mayor also emphasized that the Athletics Games need to be kept as a traditions and carry on.

Last but not least it was underlined to the visitors who may see, bump into the athletes in the city,  still common interest from both side to keep as a precaution to the distance regarding the corona virus, so this time non taking snaps, autograph request or hugs is undesirable.

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Olympics Games 2016 – Countdown – Downtown – Fan Center – Budapest!

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Having Friday on your mind  … well done  …  great way to start the week-end … as to go to watch the Olympics flame arrival to the  Rio’s Maracana Stadium in Budapest at the country’s biggest Olympics Fan Center –  District, V., 15th of March Square – Budapest.  The sporty supporters get a chance to watch throughout the 31st Olympics Games in Rio on a 35-square-meter screen. Live broadcast will be given by TV – M4  beside the expert analyses from commentators of the World and Olympic champions in the studio.

The gates open on August. 6 to a range of exciting broadcasts, such as the Hungary-Serbia water polo match starting at 2 p.m. Those interested viewers will also have the chance to cheer swimmers  – Dávid Verrasztó and Katinka Hosszú, gymnast –  Vid Hidvégi, fencer – Emese Szász and last but not least watch the finalist in the Wimbledon tennis doubles – Tímea Babos.

Now how does that sound?

So .. no one can complain about missing superb sporty events  cause it can be followed live through enormous LED wall at the Fan Center, with doubled vantage point to watch at the 700-square-meter site.  The Fan Center accommodate 600 people at the same time, but those nearby will also be able to see how the competition events unfold. The organisers also thought in providing easy to navigate and accessible to those with disabilities to make their comfort.

Absolutely a superb place  not only for watching the Olympics Games, but especially for the foreigners, tourist a special treat … lookout point to view at the top of the awesome unique sight of Budapest.

In the previous months  several sporty events were placed with huge screens around the capital, lately the Euro 2016 or speaking about the Red Bull Air Race 2016., as the sport-loving viewers  where supporting and celebrating international success together with friends at also several outdoor venues.

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Heraldnews … Aviation Heroes – July, 16 – 17. 2016. – Budapest’s Red Bull Air Race … Your place to be!

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To-day was held a press conference to share the update for the coming week-end organised on the banks of the River Danube. It will be the awaited most exciting race to come.  Appearing high above, the Red Bull Air Race will shoot off for the 9th occasion in the capital of Hungary and having its 70th international race. The only female pilot, Mélanie Astles, the series on flight and sports director – Clemens Jaeger, and the sport’s „Godfather” – Péter Bessenyei and CEO, Zsolt Gyulay – Hungaroring Sport Zrt held the press conference.

The most exciting air race is to come with 14 pilots to cut through the air waves. Since 2002 were first developed the specially designed aerial racetracks,  the unique inflatable pylons forming the Air Gates, were first developed in 2002. They are constructed to be robust and safe. If by any means during the event of a pylon hit it can be fixed, repaired by a minute.

Zsolt Gyula said Q.: „I think it is right to feel a little bit of our own series, as we were to witness the birth of the sport. In 2003, in Austria and Hungary, and at the Tököl airport started to bring fame and conquer to this exciting race. The series has always been arranged at the most popular site in Budapest. In 2009, there were 650 thousand spectators excited all the way through the 2 days air race. The huge interest in constantly on.The spectators on the spot will be witnessing the breathtaking race at the extraordinary Red Bull Air Race.” Also added, the Red Bull Air Race the visual sight unlike any other. The secret of high-speed, low altitude and extreme maneuverability lies in the combination, which is really just the world’s most experienced and best pilots capable to do so!

Clemens Jaeger – One of the characteristics of this year’s track will be the modified path, which consists of three separate pylon and the usual distance of 125 meters between the pylons changed – it will be interesting to see how the pilots will cope with this new format. At Budapest is the only venue where the air race is sitting in the heart of the city, so he said.

The legendary Hungarian air racerPéter Besenyei – a.k.a. “Godfather” to his fans need not to be introduced. Actually, he was the one who after retiring from the race in 2015 who was the brainchild of the fastest and most spectacular Motorsports’ idea. So Besenyei will be on the road again, I mean up… up in the air again! The fans of air race for the last time can follow live, slicing through the air.  This will be the occasion when and where he will officially bid farewell to his fans at this coming Red Bull Air Race. As he told at the press conference, he is very happy to do so, cause there at least he may express his gratitude to the Air Race domestic audience and thank the love that came from them during the recent years. He admitted the flight, the track itself will be missing, while all the other inherent organizations and meetings are not.

At the 2 days air race, the first woman to confront the male air racers, namely… Mélanie Astles is a five time French Aerobatic Champion who has earned top ten rankings at the World and European aerobatics, is now a new member of the Challenger Cup, she’s writing history as the first woman ever to compete in the Red Bull Air Race. At the Budapest looking forward of vast experience. So far-seeing a part of the capital she admitted it is a historical city and looking forward against the opposition. One of the biggest challenges will be the heat … yepp insupportable, and ont he other hand if it gets windy, because the wind along the river against may blow. She previously heard that the gates are close enough to each other here, so the speed will be the factor.

For this special air race taking in place in Budapest, she changed the painting signs on her white helmet to “Les Ailes du Petit Prince”, which stands for the name of a  French organization that intends to turn the dreams into reality of seriously ill children.  So as the ambassador she will be carrying carry with herself symbolically these kids. After the race my helmet will be auctioned, and the proceeds dedicate for helping the children organization. Here is one of Mélanie’s favorite quotes  from Steve Jobs, which worthwhile to keep in mind for all of us … “The only way to do GREAT work is to LOVE what you do,” and for Mélanie, much more important to be an A level in your life than at school.” SO TRUE!

The race season is once again on in  Budapest and a large number of air race fans will be expected having a chance to watch the spectacle venue as the pilots artistically directing their planes.

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