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Heraldnews … Aviation Heroes – July, 16 – 17. 2016. – Budapest’s Red Bull Air Race … Your place to be!

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To-day was held a press conference to share the update for the coming week-end organised on the banks of the River Danube. It will be the awaited most exciting race to come.  Appearing high above, the Red Bull Air Race will shoot off for the 9th occasion in the capital of Hungary and having its 70th international race. The only female pilot, Mélanie Astles, the series on flight and sports director – Clemens Jaeger, and the sport’s „Godfather” – Péter Bessenyei and CEO, Zsolt Gyulay – Hungaroring Sport Zrt held the press conference.

The most exciting air race is to come with 14 pilots to cut through the air waves. Since 2002 were first developed the specially designed aerial racetracks,  the unique inflatable pylons forming the Air Gates, were first developed in 2002. They are constructed to be robust and safe. If by any means during the event of a pylon hit it can be fixed, repaired by a minute.

Zsolt Gyula said Q.: „I think it is right to feel a little bit of our own series, as we were to witness the birth of the sport. In 2003, in Austria and Hungary, and at the Tököl airport started to bring fame and conquer to this exciting race. The series has always been arranged at the most popular site in Budapest. In 2009, there were 650 thousand spectators excited all the way through the 2 days air race. The huge interest in constantly on.The spectators on the spot will be witnessing the breathtaking race at the extraordinary Red Bull Air Race.” Also added, the Red Bull Air Race the visual sight unlike any other. The secret of high-speed, low altitude and extreme maneuverability lies in the combination, which is really just the world’s most experienced and best pilots capable to do so!

Clemens Jaeger – One of the characteristics of this year’s track will be the modified path, which consists of three separate pylon and the usual distance of 125 meters between the pylons changed – it will be interesting to see how the pilots will cope with this new format. At Budapest is the only venue where the air race is sitting in the heart of the city, so he said.

The legendary Hungarian air racerPéter Besenyei – a.k.a. “Godfather” to his fans need not to be introduced. Actually, he was the one who after retiring from the race in 2015 who was the brainchild of the fastest and most spectacular Motorsports’ idea. So Besenyei will be on the road again, I mean up… up in the air again! The fans of air race for the last time can follow live, slicing through the air.  This will be the occasion when and where he will officially bid farewell to his fans at this coming Red Bull Air Race. As he told at the press conference, he is very happy to do so, cause there at least he may express his gratitude to the Air Race domestic audience and thank the love that came from them during the recent years. He admitted the flight, the track itself will be missing, while all the other inherent organizations and meetings are not.

At the 2 days air race, the first woman to confront the male air racers, namely… Mélanie Astles is a five time French Aerobatic Champion who has earned top ten rankings at the World and European aerobatics, is now a new member of the Challenger Cup, she’s writing history as the first woman ever to compete in the Red Bull Air Race. At the Budapest looking forward of vast experience. So far-seeing a part of the capital she admitted it is a historical city and looking forward against the opposition. One of the biggest challenges will be the heat … yepp insupportable, and ont he other hand if it gets windy, because the wind along the river against may blow. She previously heard that the gates are close enough to each other here, so the speed will be the factor.

For this special air race taking in place in Budapest, she changed the painting signs on her white helmet to “Les Ailes du Petit Prince”, which stands for the name of a  French organization that intends to turn the dreams into reality of seriously ill children.  So as the ambassador she will be carrying carry with herself symbolically these kids. After the race my helmet will be auctioned, and the proceeds dedicate for helping the children organization. Here is one of Mélanie’s favorite quotes  from Steve Jobs, which worthwhile to keep in mind for all of us … “The only way to do GREAT work is to LOVE what you do,” and for Mélanie, much more important to be an A level in your life than at school.” SO TRUE!

The race season is once again on in  Budapest and a large number of air race fans will be expected having a chance to watch the spectacle venue as the pilots artistically directing their planes.

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