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A few days ago, Dezső  Takács, Rudnay-winning graphic artist,  teacher, painter, graphic artist  has stepped into his 8th decade and on this occasions the City of Pécs’s  Gallery, at the Szécsényi Square opens an exhibition of his art work.

January, 25 to be seen until February 24. 2013.

The exhibition will be opened by Kossuth Prize winning architect and professor Zoltán Bachmann.

In the beginning of his career  for  two years  worked as a teacher  at Villány. Moved to Pécs in 1961 where from then on he lived and worked.  His significant works as an art teacher, as an inspector,  as a consultant in planning  art education  at the surrounding school in Pécs.

At Leipzig was a scholarship, where he was at a local college and educated himself at lithography workshops. Between 1977-78 took part in the creating community by reorganizing art at Mako. For many years to come he taught artists from home and abroad of stone and printing preparation at the occupations Graphics and Creative Workshop for Educators Workshop. For sixteen years, founder and teacher at the Creative Arts Workshop,  Head of the Fine Arts in Mecsek Mining Circle (now Medgyessy visual artist Francis Circle).

Basically, deals with graphics. In the 60s produced mainly lino technique . In the second opart of the ’60s, he had his first solo exhibition, also in this period brought the ink drawing geometric-constructive concept.

His most characteristic works can be seen  at the city of Pécs  o the etchings depicting buildings. Dezső Takács have had already 100 solo exhibitions. Also held exhibitions in many European countries, Pretoria, South Africa.  His permanent exhibition at Pécs  can be viewed at the Aquarium and Terrarium at the English-German Language School Center.

He also has a number of different graphic communicated in the daily and weekly newspapers. His most characteristic works of the city of Pécs sights etchings depicting buildings.

Dezső Takács known series: Miner’s Life, Old Pécs, Gates at Pécs,  Monuments of Pécs,  Churches, Temples, Baranyai German’s minority villages, and Region Tettye, Reflections, Villany-Siklos Wine Route.

Awards and Honors:  National Service Medal of Merit Gold Standard.

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