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Stepping in to the Heineken White Lounge Bar – Le Meriden Hotel people arrive into the world of mainly green rays and soft lounge music as they were welcomed by the hostesses with the brands beer. The atmosphere is pretty cool with the white color furnitures. The event to which the Heineken and Design Terminal VIPs, designers and journalists were invited was connected to the opening of „Heineken RemixOurFuture and exhibition”.  The ceremony was  opened on Thursday, March, 21. by the marketing director of Heineken Hungaria Breweries Ltd. Mr. Bram Westenbrink and by Mr. Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, strategic director of the Design Terminal and Mr. Zoltán Kapitány, senior PR menedzser – ACG PR.

Within the invited guests another two Dutch gentlemen joined to celebrate, so the three Dutchmen in Budapest can be also seen rolling along the snaps.

Beside the Heineken beers a wide scale of other soft, cocktails, long drinks are to ease the thirsts and if anyone feel a bit hungry unique  finger-food and snacks will take away the hunger.

Mr. Westenbrink first words were „The Heineken is on constant reconstruction, redesign for renewal innovation and the occasion of our gathering is to show the Hungarian designers art of work. They are out of 300.000 starters in the Heineken’s new bottle design competition, and at the end 100 graphic competitors were chosen and at the end a number of 10 bottles of Hungarian designer’s climbed their way through to be in the upcoming competition. Here are the 10 bottles and the designers names along with their graphic creation: Zsombor Kiss, who was lucky enough to have all his 3 designs to be chosen the “Rubik style”, “Star of the Future”, “What is in the bottle?” Was great to see a lady int he pack to get through the selection: Eszter Nyári with her “Your Hero” graphic. Csaba Robob’s design was named the “Constellation”. Kiss came alone with his design named “Remixourfuture”. Balázs Szabó “Neonsign” and as he said. “I tried to create traditional ticketing on the bottle. I used hand-writing and drawn the letters of the original Heineken bottle. I consumed the star and the copy – with minimal assortment adapts to the colors of the original image.” Miklós Mendrei  came out with the “robot clone” graphic. Richard Orosz told me about the idea of his “Lollipop bottle” … „I was inspired by a party straw and a lollipop. The sinuous, colorful lines and the graphic game are suggesting sence of space, and these are having an effect on us, just like the beer does inside of us.”

Many will probably have in mind … why is the red star in the Heineken logo?  There is a legend to it … and as known the legends remain legends. So here it goes … in the middle age  it was the symbol of the European brewers and they thought that it has a mystical power which protect the beer … but actually we will never find out  the exact origin and better for Heineken to keep on having the red star on their brands, to be or not to be superstitious!

Below is a link to catch up of the next day’s, Friday, March, 22. at the countdown with spectacular light installation started at 7 p.m. on Madách Square, whereas the celebration and handing over the limited designed Heineken bottle of beer  as to celebrate together with the public the 140 years of its anniversary … I mean a bottle shape made of tin … were welcomed indeed by the gathered Heineken lovers:

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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