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First International Beer Festival at Gyula – Part2

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The Central European Beer Awards 2018 beer competition was announced at the  Beer Festival at Gyula on Saturday afternoon in the spa town of Békés.County. The prizes were awarded in two categories, and the grand champion prize for home amateur breweries was awarded to Ákos Krakow. In the category of small craft breweries, the main prize was awarded to Győrújbarát Vaskakas Co. Ltd., American Hop Dog.

In the home amateur brewer’s competition awarded nine international bronze medals, two silver medals, four gold medals and four champions. In the category of craftsman six bronze, ten silver, eight gold and six champion prizes were awarded as special prizes. In the latter category, several Slovak, Czech and Polish cooks were awarded.

Thursday, Day 1 as the sun slowly went down, reflection of colored light shone on the big stage, and the awaited highlight to the evening came the EDDA band on stage. Ongoing enormous ovation filled the air as receiving the well-known songs and tens of thousands in the audience sang along. Many visitors were from outside Gyula, arriving from Baja, Békéscsaba, Szolnok even from Pécs.

Friday, Day 2 organized a conference where among other things the hood looked at small-scale brewing. The beer revolution in domestic and worldly manifestation of the new excise law also held presentations by interested parties. The festival’s guest of honor was from Fót.

Still on Friday, a mass of beer lovers also joined the party day tasting the wide scale of beers. In the late afternoon hours the Hooligans band was extremely welcomed, the crowed sang together with the hits of the band. Unfortunately, the evening’s concert started later than in advance play time by Duo Majka and Curtis and the audience were rather impatient and sounded out of their dislike.

Saturday, Day 3 the Apostles band and the Irigy Hónaajmirigy (Envy Armpit gland) band attracted their fans with various styles of music to all expectations.

The whipped cream on top of the cake was  late Saturday night’s concert. Not even one step space to enter the gigantic crowd. The more than ten thousand  Tankcsapda band (TankTrap) lovers were curious about feeling the tricky lifestyle of the band. Beer in the hand, singing loud as possible the lyrics along with cheering and applause to the Tankcsapda songs  proved the huge togetherness. The audiences were hypnotized , full of joy of their at the concert.

Sunday, Day 4  Throughout the day  to visit the festival was free of charge to visitors. The Irigy Hónaljmirigy (Envy Armpit gland) band closed the series of superb concerts.

From Day 1 up to Day 4 proved this part of Hungary has hunger for finest craft and artisan beers and attracted to the various styles of good music. Throughout the festival the venue fulfilled with incoming visitors from the opening, arriving to the large premise around the Castle of Gyula.

See you Next Year…Visit Gyula.

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First International Beer Festival – Gyula – Part1

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Need not go to the doctor to get a prescription to heal, relax, watch the world go by before attending to the First International Beer Festival in the City of Gyula. Not-so-secret goal was by many beer and concert lover visitors to attend, taste the smooth craft  and artisan beer enjoying their time. A 4 days event with good live music concerts, food, playground for children and most of all not just the official juries to jury the craft beers and breweries  but the visitors were welcome to taste the smooth craft beers and to have a ball.

Gyula used to be the capital of the county, until the First World War. For mainly visiting Gyula in the first place is its healing hot spa and whilst in the city visiting other main attractions such as the Almássy Palace, the former home of count Almássy and the adjacent Medieval Castle. Since the 19th century in its current form, but the original structure dates back to the 17th century. The city was the main home of the Almássy Family until the World War II.. The size of the city is 255.8 km2 (98.8 sq miles) and the population is cca. 40 thousand. Taking into account of the size of Gyula, visitors beside visiting the so-called “liquid bread”  i.e. beer, were most probably witnessing many touristic venues not even expected.

The fan off Thursday welcoming the audience was by Dr. Ernő Görgényi  – major of Gyula and prominent members of the beer business. Within opening the festival spoke about the aim of the competition jointly with the festival to bring beer culture, a chance to introduce itself at  Gyula. The goal was to get acquainted with several small breweries products and their members. At the opening ceremony was urged the prizes to be handed over to the beer winners award on Saturday. Also added that there are two breweries operating in Gyula and in Békés County aBékésszentandrás distillery as well, This beer festival from now on will also call the tourists visiting Gyula whilst  healing at the hot spa to have an unforgettable memory happening at Gyula in  Békés county. This tipical event was organized for 17 years at Békéscsaba. This year, the event will not take place there. The local government of Gyula was immediately next to having the beer festival. Therefore, to the new venue an agreement was made between the major of Gyula  and Varga-Bora to organize the beer festival surrounding the Castle of Gyula. Most probably not on my own by saying there is no other Beer Festival in Hungary and maybe in Europe that is arranged in the heartbeat of a Medieval Castle, not to mention  having its peaceful hot spa just steps away from the event and many other attraction.

The 4 days of the craft beer masterpieces and street food dishes were the focus of attention, as well as publication of the Central European Beer Awards 2018 competition. The beer competitors came from Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to participate in the international beer festival, namely small brewery breweries and homemade breweries in the competition. It was in 16 categories with 167 samples examined by international jury, with Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian members.  Exactly 15 people tasted the liquid bread jointly 3-member commissions. The competition director was László Kovács from Slovakia who said,  lot of very good quality beer had arrived. He explained that drinks were thoroughly criticized for fragrance, taste, overall impression and other aspects using a state-of-the-art computer program, according to an American system.

To be continued … part 2

report and snaps Aggie Reiter

The IXth Honey and Gingerbread Festival – Gyula


Come along to the City of Gyula where life is mellifluous!

Honey Knights and Honey Queen … Visitors will find out which honey will receive the title of “Excellent Hungarian Honey of the Year 2016!

December, 9. – 11. 2016.

Entry and tasting free of charge!

Gingerbread, bee-keeping, culinary experiences and tourist attractions inviting you! Central event in Gyula, Associate Sports Hall Events and throughout the city.

During the three days event a handful of programs awaits the Hungarian and foreigner  visitors, such as:  Bee-keeping Exhibition and Fair, preparing and tasting special dishes made with honey an appetizer program.

Advent is in the air and a bunch of creative activities for children to take part at the arts and crafts programs.  It will be possible to visit the museum at  discount price.  Also cosy Honey Gala and “Luca Day” surprise will highlight the event.

Be sure to attend the festival on the first day when “Honey knighthood Day” will take place … Honey Queen torchlight parade through the city to the Castle of Gyula… Receiving Order of the Honey Knights of St. StephenKnighthood ceremony at the Castle of Gyula, and to  warm up the visitors honey, pálinka and wine tasting will be available. At 8 p.m. Honey “Sauna magic” at the Castle’s Bath. On the second day … Regional bee-keeping vocational day. On the closing day programs will continue indoors at the Sports Hall with  many creative and skill tasks …the Castle Elementary Art School Folk Dance TutorialDrawing Contest award ceremonyImre Hevesi  magic and musical entertainment show.

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Gyula Castle Days … Gastronomic, Sport, Culture Festival – 2016.

Castle of Gyula – 71. Széchenyi Street – Gyula

May, 20. – 22. 2016. 

This time not rolling in budapest, but bring your steps to rolling in gyula!

Within the Castle of Gyula the Castle Days Gastronomic, Sport and Culture Festival a 5-year-old tradition of cooking the wild-meat national competition held in Gyula, and a fine time to spend an outdoor event. The 3-days festival hold many adventures to discover the neat City of Gyula  The sporty lovers will surely find their fun of the day. Countless cultural programs in-and-around the Castle of Gyula. Within the 3-days festival an exciting show to be presented. On Friday, May, 20.  at 6 p.m. the Békés Band will bring for the nostalgia lovers their place is to be. On Saturday, May, 21. on stage with the Samurai Kyokusin Karate performance. Dancing time with the Bakator band and folk dancers will be one of the highlight program.  Still staying on the Saturday’s program, the main attraction starts off  at 7 a.m. with the National Wild Meat Cooking Competition on  the Sport courts. Of course this does not mean the visitors have to wake-up so early to be at the start, but definitely worthwhile to take a visit and see how the competitors are doing, then after enjoy the taste of the Hungarian way of  unique A’la wild-meat. Sunday, May, 22. will be filled with superb events to be visited  as … Python magician show, VI. Gyulavári Castle Cup – a-side football tournament, plenty of concerts one after the other and last but not least being in the area of Gyula, stroll around the spectacular romantic park, enjoy the sights in-and-around the Castle of Gyula, the pond with wonderful old trees around the paths, not to mention worthwhile to go for dipping into the superb AquaPalace – Medicinal baths and the Castello Wellness and Sauna Park.

For those visitors arriving from other parts of Hungary, the City of Gyula can be reached easy through: GPS: 46.64509963989258 | 21.282100677490234.

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The 10th Shakespeare Festival brought new blood into the circulation at Gyula with organizing for the first time the Shakespeare Fringe Festival, which basically gathers theatrical productions as dance, music, comedy all in action, held on the street. This time the performance was on the lawn area under a tent beside the Castle of Gyula.



Presentated by the Studio of the Lajos Soltis Theater from Celldömölk.

Cast: Anna Boznánszky, Beatrix Hajba, László Sipos, Leticia Lang, Flóra Lestár, Mercédesz Marton, Ádám Piller, Franciska Stangl, Renata Varga, Gergő Szekér, Renata Varga, Veronika Mihácsi.

Directors: Agnes Benkő,  Zsolt Nyári

Grand selection of Shakespeare works interpreted in comedy and drama. In the audience were young children and folks of all age and in a very short time they got into the rhythm and seeing their reactions to the plays, surely had fun on the pieces.

The „Shakespop” was presented by 11 young adults being in their third-year studies at the studio of Lajos Soltis Theater.  They were presenting parts from Shakespeare’s drama, as: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.Thoughts were implemented, borrowed from R.D. Laing psychologist writings and from movies. Within their plays a selection of popular songs lyrics had been included expressing emotions. Deals with issues in collaboration, such as love, pairs living together, adoption, work conflicts, issues of acceptance of others.

Pieces of the theater performances have been recognized on several occasions and received several awards. For example at the XXIV. National Student Drama Festival  at Vasvár, whereas special awards have been given … Hamlet’s monologue by Balázs Szabó,  the quality of vocal music for the enforcement and original text handling. For director’s work the stakeholders were to Ágnes Benkő and Zsolt Nyári.

Had the pleasure to spend two-days at Gyula, and enjoyed being present on the first day watching the “new wave”  performance … whereas gestures becomes action. Good choice by organiser  to bring the Shakespeare Fringe in the frame of the Shakespeare Festival concerning it has not been  held previously anywhere in Hungary. It was a special treat.

For furthermore followup  on the Xth Shakespeare Festival can be soon spotted here concerning the following:  Sunday, July,10 attended at the press call having actors from London’s Globe theater to be playing „Much Ado about Nothing” and were also in the house the stuff and actors to be on stage with the freestyle Macbeth arrived from Petersburg Baltic House Festival, representing the National Theater, Balti House. Day 2… during  the early afternoon hours participated at the first day of the 2-days International Conference titled: „Is Shakespeare still our contemporary?”

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