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First International Beer Festival at Gyula – Part2

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The Central European Beer Awards 2018 beer competition was announced at the  Beer Festival at Gyula on Saturday afternoon in the spa town of Békés.County. The prizes were awarded in two categories, and the grand champion prize for home amateur breweries was awarded to Ákos Krakow. In the category of small craft breweries, the main prize was awarded to Győrújbarát Vaskakas Co. Ltd., American Hop Dog.

In the home amateur brewer’s competition awarded nine international bronze medals, two silver medals, four gold medals and four champions. In the category of craftsman six bronze, ten silver, eight gold and six champion prizes were awarded as special prizes. In the latter category, several Slovak, Czech and Polish cooks were awarded.

Thursday, Day 1 as the sun slowly went down, reflection of colored light shone on the big stage, and the awaited highlight to the evening came the EDDA band on stage. Ongoing enormous ovation filled the air as receiving the well-known songs and tens of thousands in the audience sang along. Many visitors were from outside Gyula, arriving from Baja, Békéscsaba, Szolnok even from Pécs.

Friday, Day 2 organized a conference where among other things the hood looked at small-scale brewing. The beer revolution in domestic and worldly manifestation of the new excise law also held presentations by interested parties. The festival’s guest of honor was from Fót.

Still on Friday, a mass of beer lovers also joined the party day tasting the wide scale of beers. In the late afternoon hours the Hooligans band was extremely welcomed, the crowed sang together with the hits of the band. Unfortunately, the evening’s concert started later than in advance play time by Duo Majka and Curtis and the audience were rather impatient and sounded out of their dislike.

Saturday, Day 3 the Apostles band and the Irigy Hónaajmirigy (Envy Armpit gland) band attracted their fans with various styles of music to all expectations.

The whipped cream on top of the cake was  late Saturday night’s concert. Not even one step space to enter the gigantic crowd. The more than ten thousand  Tankcsapda band (TankTrap) lovers were curious about feeling the tricky lifestyle of the band. Beer in the hand, singing loud as possible the lyrics along with cheering and applause to the Tankcsapda songs  proved the huge togetherness. The audiences were hypnotized , full of joy of their at the concert.

Sunday, Day 4  Throughout the day  to visit the festival was free of charge to visitors. The Irigy Hónaljmirigy (Envy Armpit gland) band closed the series of superb concerts.

From Day 1 up to Day 4 proved this part of Hungary has hunger for finest craft and artisan beers and attracted to the various styles of good music. Throughout the festival the venue fulfilled with incoming visitors from the opening, arriving to the large premise around the Castle of Gyula.

See you Next Year…Visit Gyula.

Report and snaps Aggie Reiter

Békéscsaba – Jókai Theater – Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors”

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Attended at a theater performance you just don’t find on every corner. Was Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors” at the Jókai Theater at the City of Békéscsaba. This play was the first premiere of the new season. The play is still popular anywhere, anytime around the world since the Renaissance. Shakespeare’s masterpiece is filled with laughter and always in a way tragic, but surely provide some lessons to be heard! An unbridled comedy where complications, jealousy, vanity and human weaknesses show up. Even  though this  piece of Shakespeare was written in 1592, we may feel familiar within the similarities in the 21st century and some tragic lessons can be recognized even to-day.

At the entrance of  the Békéscsaba Jókai Theater invited guests were welcomed along the red carpet by Péter Fekete – former long time director  of the Békéscsaba Jókai Theater, who applied for the position to be the Head at Hungarian Circus and Variety Office  and Zoltán Seregi former deputy director  who is from  August, 1., in charge acting director at Békéscsaba Jókai Theater.

The scene takes place at city of Ephesus where, as each city can be found among the inhabitants the bad girls, merchants, privileged people and servants, so it is simple as that.  Shakespeare perfectly presents the audience laughter and tragedy at the same time.

The performance offered a parade of stars who were all to ensure perfect evening. Imre Csiszár – Jászai Mari Prize and Outstanding Artist directed a quality performances at Békéscsaba. In the role of Antipholus of Ephesus – Zoltán Bezerédi -Kossuth Prize actor from the Katona József Theater in Budapest played the role. Shakespeare’s comedy was staged by the translation of Imre Szász. The costume designer – Györgyi Szakács – Jászai and Kossuth Prize. The music has been compiled by  Virág Csiszár. The stage movement was designed by Péter Mlinar.

Shakespeare’s works focus on the ageless and people skills that make the play  eternal, high-quality performances perpetuate, Solinus, the role of the Duke of Ephesus was the Jászai-winner – Gyula Bartus, Aegean Syracuse trader Ferenc Jancsik. A set of other great actors with their colorful diction was Ferenc Katkó, Attila Gulyás, Lajos Csomós,  Tamás Presits,  Lajos Szabó, Attila Czitor and Keve M. Ormandy. Emilia, Aegeon’s wife and the nun prioress was played by Edit Kovács, Adriana, Antipholus of Ephesus’s wife by Anett Komáromi, Luciana, her sister by Melinda  Liszi. The House of Theater Studies students were given a chance in many multi-playing acts.  Individual and community conflicts, situation comedies and characteristics an inexhaustible reservoir.

Complete works, validity and popularity of Shakespeare  are authoring wisdom, humor, based on visual points. The performance on stage was very lively, a real bustle.  Four buildings … two residential building, a convent and a locale  and the actors were  running in-and-out,  around the places.

Everyone is looking for something … in a rush for their money, looking for their  pair,  or just wants to fulfill their master’s command. Because of the confusion the roles are mixed  up. They do not find their place in the world, they feel they slipped their ground from under their feet, have lost their personality, their identity, became a stranger in their own environment, they experience serious spiritual crisis. Quite ordinary story, it happens often, even to-day, with, in and around us. Quite often to be left no legs to stand on.

The dramatic tension dissolves only at the end of the play when the roles are clarified and come to be a Happy The-End.

After the play, the guest were invited to the reception party at the theater’s hall, whereas the  award ceremony also took place during the evening of the Wine Knights of the Region. Beside the seven men there was only one lady who bore the title of wine knight arriving from Szeged.

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Life is not a movie script, yet this love story happening, rolling on the Orient Express railway track deserves to be seen!

The time and date of arrival will be sharp at

2 p.m. on Saturday, December, 13. 2014.,,

by the artists arriving from the Jókai Theater in the  City of Békéscsaba to the Art of House at Gödöllő.

The premiere show begins at 7 p.m. Saturday, December, 13. 2014.

For the time being, the musical performance in Budapest will also be on show at

1.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Monday, December, 15. 2014.

As previously mentioned early this week, it is also predicted to be held a series of the Orient Express show in May, 2015.,  and will be listed in the theatrical programs of the Jókai Theater in Békéscsaba.

For further information to see what the future hold visit:

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“One night in Szarvas!”

Water Theater evening – Bulgakov – Pontius Pilate

On the evening of August, 29., from Ukraine, the Kherson  festival’s award-winning performance Bulgakov – Pontius Pilatebased on the play – The Master and Margarita troupe arrived to the  Water Theater at Szarvas. This was the last  theater performance in the summer closing season.  Before the play awards ceremony the Ukrainian Independence Celebration took place.

Thereafter, the highlight of the night begun with Bulgakov’s work, with subtitles in English and Hungarian. Pontius Pilate was Bulgakov’s Russian-speaking award-winning plays, which was an adaptation of the novel – “The Master and Margarita”. The play was brought by the  Kherson’s – Mikula Kulis Theater – Ukraine to the audience at the Water Theater at Szarvas. The evening’s  protagonist Hasid is famous in his homeland in the film industry. He  was the  protagonist in the movie “Chernobyl”  which will be running at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Master and Margarita is not the only  showing the 20th century Russia, but also one of the vertices of the universal literature. A multi-layered creation interpreted many ways since its was released. It fulfills a  mixture of a lot  genres and styles.  Never-the-less, they form a more or less unified whole. The mysterious history shows the multi-threaded Bulgakov of acts  and the contemporary Moscow.  The play takes us back in time to Biblical Judea area, where Jesus and Pontius Pilate shows the very realistic life, everyday events through the mythical legends in time and space. Brilliant satire and philosophical works of Bulgakov from the XXth century.  The performance actually include our two thousand years. The Mikula Kulis Theater’s   Pilate and Jesus  is processing of personal history, director – Sergei Pavlo Nikolajevich. Brilliant stage venue, superb acting performances, so unique  planning.

Indeed a salute goes out to the extraordinary theatrical performance in also celebrating  the Ukraine’s Independence anniversary. After the Ukraine’s Independence celebration,  Dr. Imre Lázár – Human Resources Department – International Cultural Relations Department, Alexander Zhuravchak – Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Mykhailo Junger – Ukraine interim charge d’affaires, Vaszil Visinanyuk – honorary consul of Hungary,  Mihály Babák – Major of the City of Szarvas, László Szabó – Secretary-Hungarian Theater Company, Dr Peter Hoppál – Secretary of State for Culture – Ministry of Human Resources, Péter Fekete –  Director – Jókai Theater at Békéscsaba and Water Theater at Szarvas, Zoltán Seregi –  Manager Director at Jókai Theater at Békéscsaba, András Casztvan Director – Cervinus Teátrum  Szarvas, Dr. Gyula Fodor – Deputy Rector – II. Rákóczi Transcarpathian Hungarian College, István Balogh – Director  at Ukrainian Cultural and Information Institute, Aleksander Knyiga – Director Kkersoni Mikola Kulisa Theater (Ukraine),  Péter Cseke – Director at Katona József Theater at  Kecskemét, Ilona Darvasi – Director at Turay Ida Theater all  attended  to see the play.

The work only saw the light of day a quarter of a century after the author’s death, 1966-1967. Since then, however, among of the most widely read and analyzed literary works. Surely, one of the largest real classic creations, which have had been still ongoing, processed countless times in the theater and film industry. Was a splendid night at  Szarvas brought superb art by the Ukraine artists  by the  River of Körös at  the Water Theater.

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Four days fiesta staring on Thursday, June, 12.until Sunday June,15. 2014.
Ticket price: 1000HUF from Thursday to Saturday 1000HUF. Sunday is free of charge!

Participated at the press call arranged at the Béke Hotel – Budapest, whereas an announcements were made by the event’s Chief organizer – Imre Bora,  Béla Prohászka the host of the culinary,  Péter Fekete – Director Jókai Theater – Békéscsaba, Zoltán Farkas President of Peaceful Assembly to spread the news to the forthcoming event to take place at Békéscsaba. The director’s opening words were the following: Q.:”Since the year 2001 the Csaba Beer Festival has become the traditional in the region of Békés ,whereas the leading Hungarian brewers represented and promoted their latest products. These beers are well-known and loved brands all over Hungary. Around thirty types of new products  will be introduced to the visitors. Internationally well-known beers will be also available on the spot … Australian, Belgium and other beers.  The audience will be entertained day-by-day with live concerts every. As it was said at the press gathering, on the opening day paratroopers from the sky will be bringing the first barrel of beer to land on the grounds at the festival. On Saturday a group of friends may gather and show their knowledge in cooking a pot of knuckle stew over an open fire.  Sunday holds the day of competition in cooking gnocchi with smoked pork knuckle.”  At the press gathering Ms  Zsófia Kisfaludy singer, actress at the Békéscsaba Theater – gave short performance from the  “Earl of Monte Cristo” Musical:

Here comes the list of programs:

Thursday, June, 12. to be open from midday:

1 p.m. NGOs knuckle stew cooking competition. 5p.m. Cooking Competition Winners Announced. 5.30 p.m. Meeting Cluj Judge, King Matthias – Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba. 6.30 p.m. Not just feels like heaven, but comes from heaven comes from heaven … the first barrel of beer to be served by „King Matyás and Queen Beatrix” on the spot – costume show. 6.45 p.m. Official opening. 7 p.m. Strip band live in concert. 9 p.m. Edda live concert. 11 p.m. Mystery Gang live concert in the Mátyás Beer Tent. 00.30 p.m. Meet Toldi performance by a Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba.

Friday, June,13. opening at 11a.m.:

Noontime: Körösvölgy Youth knuckle stew cooking competition Since the year 2001 the Csaba Beer Festival has become the traditional in the region of Békés ,whereas each year the leading Hungarian brewers represented and promoted their latest products. 1.30 p.m. Békéscsaba Jókai John Golden Theatre Tibor Zala: lecture by Told. 3 p.m. Carpathian Basin National Values and Hungaricums Exhibition and Fair Opening. 4p.m.Youth knuckle stew cooking competition Winners Announced .4.30 p.m. Ákos Csordas concert
5.30 p.m. Gabi Tóth concert. 6p.m. Viennese operetta gala show by the members of the Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba held at the Mátyás Beer Tent. 6.30p.m. Magdi Rúzsa live concert 18:00 Mexico, Cameroon . 8.30 p.m. Chart – Edda musical starring Tibor Pinter. 11 p.m. Hooligans live concert. After midnight … 00.30 a.m. Laszló Tóth B. retro disco in the Mátyás Beer Tent.
Saturday, June, 14. opening at 2 p.m.

10a.m. Knuckle stew cooking competition. 10.15 a.m. Arrival of King Matthias and Queen Beatrix (costume show). 11a.m. Nótár Mary live in concert. 12.30 p.m.Viennese operetta gala held by the Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba . 1.30 p.m. Comparison band live in concert . 3 p.m. Cooking Competition Winners Announced . 4 p.m. Gigi Radics live concert. 5.30 p.m. Monte Cristo cabaret musical gala presented by the Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba at the Mátyás Beer Tent. 6.30 p.m.Andras Kallay Saunders live concert. 8.30 p.m. R-GO live concert. 10.30p.m.Saragossa Band live in concert. 00.30 a.m. Retro disco DJ József Kovács at the Mátyás Beer Tent.

Sunday, June,15. Openning at 9a.m. – This day is free of charge!

10a.m. Barbecue for Children – Charity knuckle stew cooking competition. 10a.m. Bóbita theater presented by the Békéscsaba Jókai Theater at the Mátyás Beer Tent.  11 a.m. Joint program for children with the Kaláka group at the Mátyás Beer Tent. 3 p.m. A large families knuckle stew cooking competition and Results. 3.30 ap.m. Songs and Dances from the Book of Jungle.
5.30 p.m. „István the King” songs and dances performed by the Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba.  7.30 p.m. Young dancers on stage. 8.30 p.m. Television broadcasting the gala.

The cultural festival partner is Jókai Theater from Békéscsaba.

The exhibition is under the patronage of Dr. Sándor Fazekas, Minister for Rural Development

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter