The IXth Honey and Gingerbread Festival – Gyula


Come along to the City of Gyula where life is mellifluous!

Honey Knights and Honey Queen … Visitors will find out which honey will receive the title of “Excellent Hungarian Honey of the Year 2016!

December, 9. – 11. 2016.

Entry and tasting free of charge!

Gingerbread, bee-keeping, culinary experiences and tourist attractions inviting you! Central event in Gyula, Associate Sports Hall Events and throughout the city.

During the three days event a handful of programs awaits the Hungarian and foreigner  visitors, such as:  Bee-keeping Exhibition and Fair, preparing and tasting special dishes made with honey an appetizer program.

Advent is in the air and a bunch of creative activities for children to take part at the arts and crafts programs.  It will be possible to visit the museum at  discount price.  Also cosy Honey Gala and “Luca Day” surprise will highlight the event.

Be sure to attend the festival on the first day when “Honey knighthood Day” will take place … Honey Queen torchlight parade through the city to the Castle of Gyula… Receiving Order of the Honey Knights of St. StephenKnighthood ceremony at the Castle of Gyula, and to  warm up the visitors honey, pálinka and wine tasting will be available. At 8 p.m. Honey “Sauna magic” at the Castle’s Bath. On the second day … Regional bee-keeping vocational day. On the closing day programs will continue indoors at the Sports Hall with  many creative and skill tasks …the Castle Elementary Art School Folk Dance TutorialDrawing Contest award ceremonyImre Hevesi  magic and musical entertainment show.

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