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The 10th Shakespeare Festival brought new blood into the circulation at Gyula with organizing for the first time the Shakespeare Fringe Festival, which basically gathers theatrical productions as dance, music, comedy all in action, held on the street. This time the performance was on the lawn area under a tent beside the Castle of Gyula.



Presentated by the Studio of the Lajos Soltis Theater from Celldömölk.

Cast: Anna Boznánszky, Beatrix Hajba, László Sipos, Leticia Lang, Flóra Lestár, Mercédesz Marton, Ádám Piller, Franciska Stangl, Renata Varga, Gergő Szekér, Renata Varga, Veronika Mihácsi.

Directors: Agnes Benkő,  Zsolt Nyári

Grand selection of Shakespeare works interpreted in comedy and drama. In the audience were young children and folks of all age and in a very short time they got into the rhythm and seeing their reactions to the plays, surely had fun on the pieces.

The „Shakespop” was presented by 11 young adults being in their third-year studies at the studio of Lajos Soltis Theater.  They were presenting parts from Shakespeare’s drama, as: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.Thoughts were implemented, borrowed from R.D. Laing psychologist writings and from movies. Within their plays a selection of popular songs lyrics had been included expressing emotions. Deals with issues in collaboration, such as love, pairs living together, adoption, work conflicts, issues of acceptance of others.

Pieces of the theater performances have been recognized on several occasions and received several awards. For example at the XXIV. National Student Drama Festival  at Vasvár, whereas special awards have been given … Hamlet’s monologue by Balázs Szabó,  the quality of vocal music for the enforcement and original text handling. For director’s work the stakeholders were to Ágnes Benkő and Zsolt Nyári.

Had the pleasure to spend two-days at Gyula, and enjoyed being present on the first day watching the “new wave”  performance … whereas gestures becomes action. Good choice by organiser  to bring the Shakespeare Fringe in the frame of the Shakespeare Festival concerning it has not been  held previously anywhere in Hungary. It was a special treat.

For furthermore followup  on the Xth Shakespeare Festival can be soon spotted here concerning the following:  Sunday, July,10 attended at the press call having actors from London’s Globe theater to be playing „Much Ado about Nothing” and were also in the house the stuff and actors to be on stage with the freestyle Macbeth arrived from Petersburg Baltic House Festival, representing the National Theater, Balti House. Day 2… during  the early afternoon hours participated at the first day of the 2-days International Conference titled: „Is Shakespeare still our contemporary?”

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