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Tuesday, April, 15. up to Tuesday, September, 30. 2014.

Opening hours: From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday … Closed on Monday… except on Easter Monday!


Did you know Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist and artist, whether or not then here is tip, a great opportunity to roll over to the City of Pécs where you can admire Leonardo’s sophisticated nearly 100 art of works by one of the famous artist of the 15th century. All tools were prepared exactly according to the original plans.  Indeed, worthwhile to keep in mind to take a trip, especially in the coming 4 days holiday season of Easter or a week later during the 3 days of non-working holiday connected to the 1st of May.

Took part on a media trip to participate at the opening ceremony of Leonardo Da Vinci arrival and dressed in Pécs – Southern boarder-side of Hungary. Upon arrival to the city of Pécs headed to the Martyn Museum, whereas the indoor official opening ceremony took place along with the organizers and the invited local authorities. Giovanni Di Pasquale – organiser – Italian Florentine Galileo Science History Institute welcomed the guest on Tuesday,  and expressed his delight that this exhibition celebrates Leonardo da Vinci 562 birth anniversary and opens in existence currently celebrating the 110 years anniversary of the Janus Pannonius Museum. He also made a point, Quote: „The exhibition is to accurately observed how the art of the Renaissance affected science and vice-versa, and how the artist was able to successfully combine all of this in one.” Before our tour took began, the intellectual architect of the exhibition, the chief curator of the institution Professor Paolo Galluzzi – Director who could not make it to Pécs to the exhibition opening sent a video message. He greeted the individuals at present and said the following, Quote: „The Banca di Cambiano was founded 130 years ago which means it is the oldest co-operative credit institution in Italy. In 2004 the BANK sponsored the “Leonardo’s Automobile” exhibition to celebrate its first 120 years of life. Now living in 2014., the Bank celebrates its 130th anniversary and emphasized the venues of Pécs. Visitors to come to the exhibitions will be able to see a wide scale of superb illustrating techniques and most of all vision portrays, everything through the eyes of Leonardo and discover in master’s paintings the perspective of natural forces and discover the relationship between them.”

Thereafter, walked over to a small park beside the Lajos Nagy High School where arriving along with the parade of authentic period dressed musicians came Zsolt Páva – major of Pécs.  He welcomed the V.I.P guests, the media and local residents by saying the following, Quote: “After Tokyo – Japan, California and San Jose – USA, Pécs feels the honor to debut in Europe for the first such a form of Leonardo’s works. In 2007 there was already a similar event organized at Debrecen, but here at Pécs the size and scope is beyond of what was held at Debrecen. This grand exhibition, all about Leonardo is expected to be the Year’s exhibition in Hungary, and from now most probably in Central Europe.” The major deeply hopes that this exhibition after being within the series of program as the European Capital of Culture now again Pécs will be the center of attention for many culture local and foreigner visitors. Upon this grand opening the major was the first to purchase a ticket to enter the Janus Pannonius Museum’s Modern Gallery.

Our magical mystery tour started by visiting the construction of the working model Leonardo’s “automobile”, whereas our magnificent guide was Giovanni di Pasquale who emphasized the magnificent construction of the working model of Leonardo’s “automobile” by saying: Quote: „Leonardo’s inventions was far ahead of its time! More to it added, Quote: „Using to build the automobile was by 5 types of different wood and some metal components shows what a marvelous inventor he was. These materials were well-known at the time of Leonardo. For instance … Ilex: gear pegs, cams, wheel axles and gear pivots, Beech: wheel beams, Ash: large toothed wheels, main leaf springs, escapement leaf springs, steering mechanism. Elm: wheel hubs, classic structure. Oak: circumferences of the wheels,  chassis finishing. The metal components were to cover the wheels, chassis stiffness, auxiliary mechanisms, adjusters and tensors of leaf springs. Da Vinci’s Leonardo’s self-propelling wagon has been the subject of important studies by some of the most illustrious Leonardo scholars of the 20th century.

Here at the exhibitions many Leonardo’s drawings are reproduced by marvelous scholars to see in use to a better understanding of the birth and the functioning of the self-propelling wagon.” At another hall, the flying model of man in full size took eyes focusing to the ceiling.Visitors may see the artist’s operating principles of scanning machines, inventor of the innovative architects and the flight, the scientists studying anatomy.

As a part of our study tour we have had time to visit the fiberglass replica of the Colosses, the sculpture of „Sforza Colossus” which is to symbolise and promote the exhibition. Leonardo made a model from clay and intended to cast the final sculpture in a single piece of  bronze, but even though he worked on the sculpture for over 17 years, this never happened.  As many other Leonardo’s technological dreams and projects, as the Sforza Monument aroused lively interest among those scholars and partons keen on the well-known Renaissance artist. Here at Pécs we see a modern hypothetical recreation of  Leonardo’s 8.5 meter- high model of just a horse that might have looked like. More to it this monument weights 13-ton and about 8,000 liters of water was placed inside the base in order to reach the appropriate of balance.

The exhibitions are displayed at two venues  …  Janus Pannonius Museum’s, Modern Gallery – Address.: 5, Papnövelde Street

… Janus Pannonius Museum’s, Martyn Museum – Address.: 4. Kápolna Street.


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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