Gyula Castle Days … Gastronomic, Sport, Culture Festival – 2016.

Castle of Gyula – 71. Széchenyi Street – Gyula

May, 20. – 22. 2016. 

This time not rolling in budapest, but bring your steps to rolling in gyula!

Within the Castle of Gyula the Castle Days Gastronomic, Sport and Culture Festival a 5-year-old tradition of cooking the wild-meat national competition held in Gyula, and a fine time to spend an outdoor event. The 3-days festival hold many adventures to discover the neat City of Gyula  The sporty lovers will surely find their fun of the day. Countless cultural programs in-and-around the Castle of Gyula. Within the 3-days festival an exciting show to be presented. On Friday, May, 20.  at 6 p.m. the Békés Band will bring for the nostalgia lovers their place is to be. On Saturday, May, 21. on stage with the Samurai Kyokusin Karate performance. Dancing time with the Bakator band and folk dancers will be one of the highlight program.  Still staying on the Saturday’s program, the main attraction starts off  at 7 a.m. with the National Wild Meat Cooking Competition on  the Sport courts. Of course this does not mean the visitors have to wake-up so early to be at the start, but definitely worthwhile to take a visit and see how the competitors are doing, then after enjoy the taste of the Hungarian way of  unique A’la wild-meat. Sunday, May, 22. will be filled with superb events to be visited  as … Python magician show, VI. Gyulavári Castle Cup – a-side football tournament, plenty of concerts one after the other and last but not least being in the area of Gyula, stroll around the spectacular romantic park, enjoy the sights in-and-around the Castle of Gyula, the pond with wonderful old trees around the paths, not to mention worthwhile to go for dipping into the superb AquaPalace – Medicinal baths and the Castello Wellness and Sauna Park.

For those visitors arriving from other parts of Hungary, the City of Gyula can be reached easy through: GPS: 46.64509963989258 | 21.282100677490234.

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