Asha – the “baby” elephant birthday celebration – Budapest Zoo – 2016.

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On Valentine Day the Budapest Zoo was crowed, especially knowing of Asha having its 3rd birthday. Many were out to see this special occasion. At  11 a.m.,  small kids and folks of all age surrounded the elephants enclosures.

The Budapest Zoo’s small elephant Asha was born three years ago on this very special day, the Valentine’s Day. Although in the beginning for the two days it was pretty tough for her because the workers had to struggle to feed him. Did not want to eat anything at all. At the time being the “small in weight” Asha was 70 kilograms. To-day weights 1500 kilograms to “small animal.

Asha, on its 3rd birthday received a specially prepared birthday cake on this prominent occasion.

A delicious “mountain” cake was made of straw, bran and oats made over the dough and on the topping was apples, bananas, small bamboo any veggies. Asha’s birthday cake was specially baked at a bakery.  Asha with its family seemed  to enjoy the delicious treat and ate eating it all up.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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