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Budapest – Lisbon on its first low-cost W!ZZ Air flight

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 By the time reading this update the W!ZZ Air flight from Budapest has ready landed at the Lisbon Airport and the almost 200 travelers en route are already enjoying the sights and sound of the City. 

The W!ZZ Air is also expanding in Budapest throughout the year 2015. Here is the latest which was launched today from Budapest above the clouds to Lisbon!

On the occasion to the first flight from Budapest  to Lisbon a ceremony connected with a  press conference took place at the Budapest Airport, whereas Joaquim FL Pimpao – Representatives of Portugal Embassy in Budapest (Economic and Commercial Counselor – aicep Portugal Global), Henrique Sousa – Maintenance W!ZZ Air Quality Maganer at Budapest, Balazs Bogats – Head Airline Comerica Bussines Development Unit – BUD Budapest Airport and Mihány Hardy – Communications Director – BUD Budapest Airport welcomed the press individuals.

At first, Joaquim FL Pimpao outlined the importance of having this direct flight to-and-from Budapest, which will open windows for not only the Hungarians, but the Portuguese as well to see, learn more about the two countries culture, gastronomy and way of life. He added … Lisbon, as a city is not just an ordinary place … it has the „must see” sign on guide list for tourist … not to be missed and same goes for the Portuguese tourist to come to Budapest.

Balazs Bogats talked about the pleasure of having this direct flight, which was for some time awaited by the travel addicted individuals. He also stated, on this first flight almost had fully reservation and only has a limited number of seats remaining on its flight back to Budapest – Hungary.

During the press conference was said …The good news is that most of the W!ZZ Air flights from Budapest had previously been pushed more towards the East and now by flying to Lisbon takes the sky’s direction to the West!

There were two huge cakes and before heading to the runways, a slice of the Barcelos Rooster cake was offered to the invited press individuals being present. The other cake was taken onboard the plan heading to Lisbon where Daniel de Carvalho, W!ZZ Air spokesman was awaiting to celebrate at the Lisbon Airport with this  mouth-watering yummy cake prepared in Budapest at the Zila confectionery.

The usually ceremony on W!ZZ Air’s first destination flight is having the water cannon sprinkling the aircraft. This to-day was absent, because the of the rain. Only viewed the passengers on their way to get onboard W!ZZ Air’s first flight to Lisbon.

Two countries connecting people … Another interesting destination for curious traveling lovers to take an adventuring tour from Budapest to Lisbon or from Lisbon to Budapest to get to know each country’s rich history, culture and gastronomy.

Just in brief  about “The legend connected of the Rooster of Barcelos” … It revolves around a dead rooster that crows to prove an accused man’s innocence. However, there are variations to the story.  The Rooster of Barcelos also symbolizes honesty, integrity, trust and honor.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

The Budapest Zoo is now on the home to Hungary’s only koalas.

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Less than four years ago Molly and Wally the two combats arrived straight from Melbourne to the Budapest Zoo. On Friday, March,3 again was a big day in the history at the Budapest’s Zoo. Two unique newcomers Vobara and Nur-Nuru-Bin koalas arrived again to enrich the Zoo’s community.

Subspecies: Queensland – Nur-Nuru-Bin born at Wild Animal Park Mechelen Planckendael (Belgium) on June, 15.2012. Vobara came into the world on July, 29. 2012. in Germany, at Duisburg Zoo.

The koalas names bear in the Australian Aboriginal language “south wind”.

They both came to Hungary within the international koala program, which needed in advance 6 years of hard work, filling 660 pages, 60 individuals work, 1066H’s of training and documenting in Germany and Belgium the koala care personals. Their doctor was trained in France. In deed, welcoming the koalas needed a special environment – home that was built especially for the comfy. As for the daily feeding to provide the on eucalyptus plant … they both eat ½ kgs/day. Furthermore, taking into sum of other tasks. which also says at first the new zoo residents can only be males.

Nur-Nuru-Bin  and Vobara  koalas both are males … This is always the case when koalas are given to another Zoo. Hopefully, in a couple of year there will be a chance to have a female, replacing one of the male koala and time will tell if and when the koala baby will be born at the Budapest’s Too.

The koalas consume just about 50 types of eucalypt of the several hundred species and have a strong preference for young, juicy leaves. The koalas are offered an extremely varied menu in Budapest. They have a choice between several species of eucalyptus, most of which originate from Southern English. The freshly harvested shoots can be kept for about a week in fridge room, at a temp. of 7C (44.6F)

Throughout Eastern and Central Europe this is the first arrival of the koala bears. In Europe there are eight zoos having koala bear, one in Lisbon, one in Madrid, one in Beauval, one in  Edinburg, one in Vienna, two in Dresda,  one in Schönbrug and one in Duisburg . Form to-day now-on the Budapest’s Zoo  as the 9th zoo having koala bears in Europe is proud to say, two more unique animals originally living  Downunder  can not only be seen on TV or magazines, but can be visited see alive sleeping on top of the trees. As at the press gathering was said, lucky will be those visitors who come around 1 p.m. cause that is the feeding and weighting time and can see them walking around their environment as well.

Before heading to the koalas resident, the director of the Zoo and the DHL representative signed a co-operation agreement that stood for the daily delivery of koalas meals, the Eucalyptus leaves.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter