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Janis Joplin – „Little Blue Girl”  – Movie – Budapest

Janis Joplin was the greatest blues singer of all time and the queen rock and roll!

Monday, 7 p.m. February, 11. 2019.
Ben Cinema
District, II. 5. Margit Blvd.

An Icon of the 60’s – Janis Joplin was the first woman to turn the audience up-side-down where ever she stepped on stage and rocked the house down her way that sound devilishly good, hypnotizing!  Unfortunately the music business screwed her up … twisted her like a sponge. She died from an overdose of drugs. The documentary movie is presented by  Amy Berg.  Cat Power – musician narrates the story of Janis Joplin how she stepped on the road to stardom. In the movie featuring the letters that the raucous rock singer wrote to her close friends, family and collaborators.

For those born in the 20th century and loved Janis voice will have a flash back to see, hear her on-screen again this fascinating movie, but for those who have not heard  … hardy any … of Janis will be something to like or not is the future. She would have been 76 yrs. old in January, but legends never die!

The documentary film is in English with Hungarian subtitles.

About the cinema: In 2016, the film screening started in the 108-year-old Bem Movie Theater, as for culture and classic movies. In the past decades  film that made history, the films of pop culture have been projected from 35mm cinematography works in original language … with Hungarian subtitles.

Here is a flashback:

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The 15th European Maccabi Games – 2019 – Budapest – Hungary

The 15th European Maccabi Games  (EMG) is to be hosted this year in Hungary.

July, 29. – August, 7.2019.

Going to be the largest multi-sport event in Hungary.

In 2019, the Metropolitan of Hungary also holds the Capital of Sport of Europe. Under this umbrella Hungary will host the largest Jewish sport and cultural event in Europe.

Approximately, 3000 athletes (adults and youths) are planned to participate at the event in around 20 branches of sports. Hungarian medals are expected mainly in martial arts, water polo, fencing and also successful in other sports. The EMG will be  held in several locations in and around Budapest.

The majority of sports will have one Masters category, but there are some which will have more. For the first time in history, two para sports, and tennis will also be in within the program.

The organizers plan to have several age groups for Masters athletes competitions in the following: Half Marathon: 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+. Golf (stroke play, team, mixed team): 50+. Maccabi Men/Women: 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+. Swimming: 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+. Tennis (singles, doubles, mixed doubles):  35+, 45+, 55+, 65+.

Athletes from outside Europe countries such as from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Mexico and Republic of South Africa are  on the list in arriving to the EMG  2019 – Hungary.

Hungary will be vibrant in sport games, a true metropolis awaiting the visitors in offering unforgettable experience … make your own  …  participating or be present watching the Maccabi Games.

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“Tracking Piedone’s Footprint” – „Slapping Hero” – portrait film of Bud Spencer.


“Tracking Piedone’s Footprint” – Hungarians favorite flying fists – slapping machine arrived to the Hungarian cinemas, introducing the most comprehensive portrait of Bud Spencer.

Piedone,  the spaghetti western guy, placed himself into the hearts of many movie lovers across  the World. Originally, started his career as a successful athlete, he was a professional swimmer and water polo player. He was the first Italian swimmer to achieve a one-minute result in 100m freestyle. For many of us, luckily he stepped out of the pool and began filming and became an actor and what an awesome actor!

The extended version, color, Hungarian portrait, 90 mins, 2019. Hungarian sync. Age limit above 6 years old.

There is hardly a generation who has not met … seen any Piedone films. Many say those where the days when heading to the movie was a real gig, growing up on his movies. During the period of the 70s-80s gained such a success not just in Hungary but throughout the world,  even yet to-day … no matter how many time it was seen before is still extremely popular. Bud Spencer – born Carlo Pedersoli went ahead June, 27.2016. in Rome at the age 86. His fans mourned around the world. Gone with him a true renaissance man of our modern age.
This year would he would be 90 years old. Unfortunately, our „slapping hero” is no longer with us. In honor to the anniversary, within the 90-minute-cut cinema film can catch-up, hear interviews from his era’s artists, never seen archival materials, family photos, his former athletes, colleagues and co-workers talking about Bud Spencer, and of course bits-and-pieces of his iconic films will also not be missing.

The film was recorded for over four years in five countries with forty-five contributors. The film presents a lifetime of the legendary to the less well-known side of his exceptional personality.

Carlo Pedersol more better known as the tough fists Bud Spencer portrait film had its premiere  on February 28, 2019  at Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen, Balassagyarmat, Szombathely, Eger, Szentendre, Zalaegerszeg, Jászberény, Nyergesújfalú … to reach fans at the four corner of Hungary.

The film was brought to Hungary by the Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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Dance of Elves at the Italian Institute of Culture – La ridda dei folletti – Budapest

6.30 p.m. – Thursday, February, 7. 2019.

Italian Institute of Culture – Giuseppe Verdi Hall

District, VIII., 8. Bródy Sándor Street.

It is always very exciting when different continents and distant cultures meet … Tibor Szomora violinist Artistic Director at the Con Spirito Chamber Orchestra will be heard at his concert introducing how does the Italian music connects to Argentina and Hungary. Guest conductor Sebastiano De Filippi – Con Spirito Chamber Orchestra.

The prominent Hungarian string orchestra and the famous conductor of the Chamber Orchestra of the Argentine Parliament will hold an unforgettable music journey from the Baroque to XX. Century.

An event that should not be missed. Mandatory Reservation until 4 February, 4. 2019. through |

For attention  … Only members of the Italian Cultural Institute with a valid membership card (+1) may participate.

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Eros Ramazzotti World Concert Tour – „Vita Ce N’è” Tour – Budapest – 2019.

Eros Ramazotti  returning to Budapest

October, 24. 8 p.m.

Papp László Sport Arena
 District, XIV. 2. Stefánia Road

The Hungarian audience who have heard and enjoyed his emotional expressing songs at his previous concert will surely be at his 4th concert in Budapest at 8 p.m. on October, 24. 2019. at the Papp László Arena. But before arriving to Budapest Ramazzotti will be having many concerts at major cities in Europe before heading overseas to 5 continents.

Over the decades Eros Ramazzotti is still popular in Italy and most European countries. Since 1984, Ramazzotti has released 12 studio albums, 4 live albums and 37 singles. Eros Ramazzotti is one of the most internationally renowned Italian singers and songwriters of all time. He is returninng on the stage, on a concert tours over 5 continents. Staring in Europe from February and coming to Budapest this year on October, 24.

Sold over 60 million records in his 30 years of career. Has preformed duets within many prestigious artists such as: Tina Turner, Andrea Bocelli, Joe Cocker, Luciano Pavarotti, Cher, Laura Pausini and Ricky Martin.

The new Vita ce n’è World Tour promotes and introduces the eponymous recently issued album, a triumph of sweet though energetic songs that celebrate the beauty of life.

In co-operation with Italian Facebook, Eros Ramazzotti has become the first artist in Italy who announced his new album and tour using debuting video premier tool.

His latest album „Vita Ce N’è” was released last year in November and Ramazzotti choose naming his concert tour with the same title.

Fans can expect to hear his well-know famous superb songs, but in the meantime here is one of Ramazzotti and Tina’s superb joint performance of course many know it by heart …

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Czech Film Carnival – Toldi Art Movie – Budapest – 2019

TOLDI Art Movie – Budapest

District, V.,  36-38 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Rd.

The Toldi Movie is the most modern art-house in Budapest and a popular venue for film festivals and events since 1932 and soon coming to hold its next film festival i.e. Film Carnival  from February, 13. – February, 17. 2019. The traditional Czech film carnival arrives within February as  the month represent the  season of the carnivals. The Toldi Art Movie will be screening the best of contemporary Czech filmmakers movies with the new faces, film debut and genre experimentation.

The Czech movies are the rich harvest of  year 2018  and now offering a menu to choose by being the lovers of the   Czech film to have a pleasant and joyful time at the movies. Probably there are Czech speaking individuals  staying in Budapest on a tour , who have not seen these film at their homeland and for them it may be a good opportunity to layback and watch some of them early evening here at the Toldi Art Movie.

Films are screened in original language with Hungarian subtitles.

The audience can meet the film directors and actors at the end of some of the screenings.

The main sponsor of the Czech Film Carnival is once again the “Staropramen” Prague’s one of the most famous beer in the world.

Tickets can be purchased on the spot at the box office 30 minutes before the first screening takes place. Online booking system is also available on the Toldi Art Movie web page.

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70th Republic Day of India in Hungary

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The Embassy of India in Hungary celebrated the 70th Republic Day of India on Jan 26, 2019.

The celebration started in the morning hours with H.EAmbassador Kumar Tuhin unfurling the national flag at the Embassy premises. Also read out the message from the President of India and raised the National Flag of India.

The celebrations continued in the evening hours by  attendance  to invited members of the Diplomatic Corps, dignitaries, senior government functionaries, prominent representatives, the Indian community, Hungarian political, business and cultural scenes, also by India’s friends and supporters.

At first the evening proceeded with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp and the two countries anthem. The India Ambassador to Hungary H.E. Kumar Tuhin and appearance of Guest of honor Ms Cecilia Szilas, State Secretary for Development of Eastern Relations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially opened the celebration event at the Budapest’s  Marirott Hotel.

Ambassador Kumar Tuhin conveyed his festive greetings to the audience and said that India’s relations with Hungary is steadily growing and the interaction in diverse sectors, especially in economic and commercial sectors, is increasing. Hungary had been one of the first to recognize India’s sovereignty and the two had established diplomatic relations in 1948. India was one of Hungary’s most important trade partners and other links included over 200 Indian students coming to Hungary and around 40 Hungarian students going the other way.

He continued by emphasizing the significance of this year’s celebration as it not only marks 70 years of India – Hungary diplomatic relations but also 70 years of the promulgation of the Indian Constitution. (The  Republic Day commemorates the occasion on January 26, 1950 when India, after gaining independence from Great Britain in 1947, adopted its Constitution … 1949. January 26 was already an auspicious day for India because in 1930 it was declared as Independence Day by no less than “The Father of the Nation” – Mahatma Gandhi.  H.E. Tuhin said India had the largest, most vibrant and probably fastest growing democracy in the world. Hungary had been one of the first to recognize India’s sovereignty.

Ms Szilas expressed her warm wishes for the occasion and outlined the commitment of the Ministry in strengthening the diplomatic relations between India and Hungary in future.

A video was broadcasted for the invited guests  to have a peck into the official celebration in New Delhi – where more than l.5 billion India individuals awoke up to their special day … the Republic Day of India. Below a full overview of the celebration in India can be followed:

The Ambassador expressed his thanks to the guests for attending and celebrating this special day together.

The highlight of the evening was followed by the group rendered enchanting Hungarian musicians and Kathak performance by Sonali Roy and her group on a soulful Sufi song sung by Abida Parveen.

Entertainment and Flavors were not missing … After the colorful cultural program a reception followed to experience ” The Taste of Incredible India”!

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