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Part2 – OMÉK – 1 Drop Pálinka (1 Csepp Pálinka) – Hungexpo

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At the OMÉK on the campaign rumbled at the Pálinka National Committee Booth, whereas Béla Géza Master of Pálinka – Member of the National Pálinka Council gave a lecture and tasting of “1 Drop Pálinka” (1 Csepp Pálinka) made from different plums grown in Hungary.

The “1 Drop Pálinka” received the most prestigious achievement the “Best Hungarian Pálinka” in 2015 and the “Most Successful Pálinka Distillery of Hungary” in 2018 and had also received awarded medal rating of 9 gold 5 silver 5 bronze. The pálinka distillery was founded in 2013 and housed in the 105-year-old “Machine House” which was renovated at Hegykő in the area of ​​Fertő-Hanság National Park. Familiar environment has the tradition of making pálinka with the most modern technology.

Upon the tasting time by Béla Géza Master of Pálinka – Member of the National Pálinka Council were served ten Pálinka all made from plums growing in Hungary.  A couple in nutshell: The Besztercei  Plum Palinka made from best type sweet plum. This old traditional Hungarian pálinka is most people favorite strong spirit. It appeared in Hungary at the end of the Middle Ages. Presumably of Syrian origin. The Stanley plum Pálinka produced from quality plums. Origin 30 km in the Körös valley. It has a slightly yellowish color, a pleasant taste and smell. It was told, “It brings love out of the heart!” It featured high quality and it faithfully reflected the fragrance and flavor of the fruit. The Nepocita plum origin from Kisvárda with the fruity typicality, with a strong presence of chocolate, spicy notes, discreet but warm fruit sweetness and a mild background seed flavor characteristic of stone nuts.

It is an old Hungarian and especially true saying … “That what can be used to make jam is also good to make Pálinka.”  Of course there is a long way to go for real delicious Pálinka. Excellent Pálinka can only be made from first-rate mash, and the base of the mash bringing excellent fruity taste Pálinka.

Overall …  Pálinka is part of cultivated alcohol consumption and is a complement to gastronomic delights.

Pálinka is part of Hungarian culture, Hungaricum!

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Part1 – OMÉK – An Appertizer to the “Catch it!” Booth – Hungexpo

The National Agricultural and Food Industrial Exhibition and Trade Fair (OMÉK – ’79) – venue HUNGEXPO. still until Sunday, September, 29. 2019., not worth to miss!

Giant aquarium and a show kitchen “Catch it!” Booth – Hunexpo – Budapest

The appetite maker to the “Catch it!” Booth is in the “A”pavilion, 104/Stand)

The Agricultural Marketing Center (AMC) awaits visitors to the booth at the 79th National Agricultural and Food Exhibition and Fair (OMÉK) with a twenty-thousand-liter giant aquarium, visual kitchens and tastings. September 26-29, 2019 between fish consumption in the areas of HUNGEXPO not only serve the audience with fine cuisine and delicious fish dishes framework of incentives “Catch it!” campaign, also made professional presentations representatives of the fishing industry. Twice Michelin-starred chef Jenő Rácz  makes  fish finger foodies by his own recipes and the visitors may have a taste on the spot.

The OMÉK on the campaign rumbles on in promoting fish and fish dishes with a show kitchen twice a day on the spot  so said Péter OndréManaging Director of the Agricultural Marketing Center.

Ferenc LévaiMember of the Board of the Hungarian Aquaculture and Fisheries Trade Union (MA-HAL), drew the attention of visitors to the booth for some programs that are of interest to the professional and the general public. Among other things, visitors can learn about freshwater fish found in Hungary.

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OMÉK – Hungexpo – 2019.

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The National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair (OMÉK) is the largest and oldest agricultural event in Hungary, with rich traditions and more than a hundred years of history. In many respects, the 79th OMÉK will be a novel event offering a wider selection of programs than the last one, which took place two years ago. This year’s guest exhibitor country is Morocco.

The National Agricultural and Food Industrial Exhibition and Trade Fair (OMÉK – ’79)  at  HUNGEXPO (Congress and Exhibition Center). September 26-29. 2019., not worth to miss!

Pavilion A: Departments and background institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture, partner country Morocco, international partners, agro-food companies and professional organizations.

Pavilion B: animal husbandry and veterinary demonstration programs.

Pavilion D: Horticultural Exhibition and demonstrations, plant breeding technologies.

F Pavilion: Opening ceremony, professional programs, conferences, large stage shows and concerts, interactive programs.

G Pavilion: Treasures and small farmers of the Carpathian Basin, children’s stage and playground, interactive adventure economy.

Gastro Passage: Food and Hospitality.

Indigenous courtyard: Indigenous animal show and equipment exhibition.

Outdoors: exhibition of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery and equipment.

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Feel like Heaven on Earth when Pavarotti sings! – Documentary Movie – Budapest

Feel like Heaven on Earth when Pavarotti sings.

American-English music film, biography, documentary, 114 minutes, 2019.

Budapest Premiere: Thursday, October, 10. 2019.

At the 1990 Italian World Cup was the event when the opera broke the closed world of the elite, reaching the masses. Pavarotti was a rare individual, a genius and a world-renowned celebrity who used the power of his god-given talent to promote the opera to the widest possible audience.

The opera starred with Pavarotti’s tenor companions Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras in Rome, and attracting millions of audiences worldwide. Unforgettable “Nessun Dorm” processing still lives in one of the most famous and popular as the world’s number in the public mind, Pavarotti was achieved long-cherished dream: made known to the world of opera to the widest possible audience.

Pavarotti set out to work so that all music lovers could find something for themselves in the opera genre, and by virtue of his talent, he captured the world’s greatest stages and captured the hearts of millions of students.

In the documentary Luciano Pavarotti in addition to well-known people are among the actors, such as: Bono, Nelson Mandela, Spike Lee, Steve Wonder, Princess Diana, Zubin Mehta, José Carreras, Kofi Annan, Phil Donahue. Screenplay Writer: Mark Monroe – Producer: Jeanne Elfant Festa, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Michael Rosenberg, Nigel Sinclair – Music: Ric Markmann, Matter Music, Dan Pinney,Chris Wagner. Cameraman: Michael Dwyer

The Oscar-winning documentary by the director on Howard tells the story of the sensitive approach to the star, showing that the iconic tenor kind of man he really was. Features curiosity interviews with the artist’s colleagues and relatives, as well as unprecedented footage, all with high-quality Dolby Atmos sound. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Distributor: Big Bang Mediaer.

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ROGER WATERS: THE WALL – World Premier – October, 2. 2019.

Far and wide in Hungary and World Premier!

Former bassist-songwriter Pink Floyd’s hit concert tour on US + THEM’s solo tour in Budapest.

A concert film 135 minutes in English, with Hungarian subtitles.

Director: Sean Evans, Roger Waters – Cast: David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Dave Kilminster, Snowy White, G.E. Smith, Jon Carin, Harry Waters, Graham Broad. Production company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The concert will be most probably one of their favor to the rock fans. Screened at the same time as the world premiere on October, 2., – Budapest … at the Uránia National Cinema (October, 2), Corvin Cinema (October, 2), Pólus Cinema (October, 25) and Csepel Kultik Cinema (October, 29), as well as in several other major cities across the country. Will be out also on display at these cities as well: Debrecen, Pécs, Szombathely, Kecskemét and Szolnok.THE WALL the road movie of Waters’ reckoning with the past. The film carry a powerful message of freedom and love, a stirring anti-war film, highlighting the human cost of conflict and of powerful message of human rights.

The 156 + US + THEM World Tour has toured Europe, Australia, Latin America and North America. Roger Waters, a founding member and band of Pink Floyd, sang in front of over 2 million people, including the Budapest audience, recalling the most significant songs in his career as a band and solo.

Beyond the outstanding music, Waters continues to reflect on the impact of war on his own family as he embarks on a deeply personal pilgrimage. Woven throughout the film, the journey offers a revealing, candid portrait of a man who has been through enough, and lived in the world long enough, to be passionately and unapologetically anti-war.

The ticket office opens 30 minutes before the first screening and closes 15 minutes after the last one. Tickets available at the cinemas on the spot at the ticket box.

Distributor: Pannónia Entertainment

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Herald News: Károly Gundel Prize Winners of 2019.


Károly Gundel (1883-1956) established the Károly Gundel Prize in 2014, with the involvement of professional organizations, in the memory of the iconic restaurateur. The award will be given to individuals who are exemplary followers of Károly Gundel’s career and gastronomy in the Hungarian hospitality industry. The prize is awarded to those who have been outstandingly successful in the Hungarian hospitality industry for at least 25 years, have a solid professional history and an exemplary career, cherish the historical traditions of Hungarian hospitality, support the young generation’s professional development, and contribute to in the promotion of Hungarian hospitality. Recognition can be granted to the best in the hospitality industry, up to three per year.

The Industry Council publish the names of the winners each year, so we learned this morning’s press conference at the Hungarian Museum of Commerce and Hospitality in Óbuda. The date of  its notification is connected to the birthday of Károly Gundel  – 23rd of September.

There was 13 professional organizations, delegates from 3 institutions, the Gundel Restaurant and a representative of the Gundel family to decide on the nominees for this year’s winners. This year there were 14 people who were in the nominations. According to the consensus of professional organizations and institutions, this year’s winners were Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll chef and Tibor Meskál. So that means next year Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll will mark the Banquet Lunch at the November’s Gundel Prize.  This year’s winner to celebrate the 125-year-old Gundel Restaurant, the chef award winner, in this case is Tibor Rosenstein takes care of it.

The Banquet Lunch celebration event  with the awards has been changed and the new venue will be at the Kopaszi-Gát Gulf House Event Center – Budapest.

Organizing committee of the gala lunch will be Lajos Bíró (Bock Bistro), László Kovács (MVI president, La Fiesta Party Service Kft. József Balázs (Tacuba Café) and Bíró Bernadett (professional secretary of MVI).

On this event will be held out the  “Taste Guide” booklet which covers over sixty colleagues and friends recalling their memory moments in common with illustrated with pictures and recipes of own homemade recipes, is edited: Zsuzsa Gyimesi.

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“The Legends” International Guitar Festival @ Budapest 2019.

District, VI., 8. Liszt Ferenc Square

Classical guitar greats, three Grammy Award-winning legends will be guest at this year’s International Guitar Festival @ Budapest during November 8-10. 2019.

This year’s International Guitar Festival  was named „The Legends” by the Eötvös couple. Although in terms of music history, guitar history, in this title may seem not too much. Those who visit the concerts in November at the Academy of Music, will hear the legends live who have completed making a musical instrument accepted worldwide.

The prestigious festival, founded by József Eötvös – Liszt Prize winner guitarist and Head of department of the Academy of Music, focuses on classical guitar music for over six years, showing the outstanding artists of the instrument and its literature.

David Russell – Friday,November, 8., will hold Master Course through 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at György Solti Hall of the Academy of Music – Ticket: 2000HUF.

David Russell – Englishman guitarist, lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He is known worldwide for his unique musical talent and inspirational art. Has been a member of the Royal Academy of Music in London since 1997 and has twice won the Julian Bream Award during his studies. He spends most of his time on world tours and regularly performs at famous concert halls in York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Toronto or Rome. His audience admires his musical genius and his captivating stage presence.

Manuel Barrueco – Friday evening concert November, 8. at 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. György Solti Hall of the Academy of Music. Ticket price: Up to September, 30, 5500HUF and 6500HUF in advance, and  7000HUF and  8000HUF from October, 1.

Manuel Barrueco – Cuban-American descent concert and Paul O’Dette, an American lyricist, the purest example of a genius who touched on this instrument. O’Dette really helped to establish the technical and stylistic standards that 21st-century musicians aspire. Each world-renowned guest artist will share a solo evening with the audience.

The classical guitar has long been overshadowed by the instruments of the Hungarian musical tradition. Fortunately, in 2002, a radical change began in the Hungarian development, as guitarist József Eötvös started the classical guitar department at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy. In a short time, it proved to be a worthy partner for other instruments, with over two dozen positions in international competitions over the past 15 years.

The event has grown into the largest classical guitarist event in Hungary in the last four years, and its high-quality concerts take place ina full house.

Tickets and passes for the festival’s concerts are on sale through until September, 30,, and entry to the Master Classes is also open on October, 15. 2019.

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