Curry House Restaurant … 2nd year’s anniversary … Budapest … Hungary

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The Curry House – Indian Restaurant just turn to be two years old!

District, VIII., 1. Horánszky Street – Budapest

Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

The Bollywood film has already invaded among the cinema lovers in Hungary, but to learn even more about India food through the stomach is the best way to do it by the Hungarians and foreigners. They  can easily be acquainted with the yummies at the Curry House Restaurant in Budapest, which is just celebrating its 2 year’s anniversary. The Indian food is coveted around the world. Well known with its hodgepodge of ingredients and intoxicating aromas.

The Bangladeshi businessman, owner – Zulkarnain Saer Khan of the restaurant welcomed the invited guest to celebrate together its second birthday. He said, there are overall 30 Indian restaurant and within this number 10 ten of these restaurants can be taken in the fast-food category.  The Curry House treasure their guests and are committed to an exceptional level of service and food quality. They offer the very best in modern and Indian-fusion cuisine.

Mr. Saer, recently received the Global Business Excellence Awards “Outstanding Entrepreneur” nomination, as well as in the operating in Budapest Bangladesh Consulate trade and investment adviser.

Also said,Q.: „The company is not so big and not easy of source ingredients in Hungary. Everything we use in preparing the food we are using healthy ingredients. Have to be important the spices, ingredients from India, except the fresh items, as veggies, chicken, beef, lamb which are all locally acquired, from checked suppliers. We are up to moderate the prices for everybody to be available to have a taste of India. We try to serve those indian foods which are known from all the region of India in a selection of one group of meals. The number of local visitors to the restaurant are coming up and even pleased to say tourist group also make reservations.  As can be seen ongoing work replacing the old in redressing the venue with new sidewalk and roadway, by the government putting on investments. The nearby surrounding area is the National Museum, the Italian Institutes of Culture, the Bródy House and few other investments around and often make their way to the Curry House. So it is quite a busy neighbourhood. The Hungarians have become more to enjoy the indian food and the visitors often raised the question how can they know more about the culture of India. Therefore, already in planning several culture program for the summer of 2016.” He  added, he  is in good relationship with the other Budapest’s Indian Restaurant owners and from time-to-time drop by to visit their restaurant. They do not have a so-called official Indian association for the Indian restaurant owners here in Hungary

The restaurant works with four Indian chiefs. The kitchen’s chief – maganer Kumar Deepak Negi has 30 years experience behind him. He is the one who creates the new meal combinations, while staying true to traditional techniques, so perfectly unique.

The Curry House is the People’s restaurant formed and created to meet the overall needs of their valued customers. Once visiting the Curry House restaurant will change the way you think about Indian food.

Also offer’s catering services that are driven to fulfil your needs and wants. The caters for all occasions and with its professional and skilled team will ensure that “Customer is King”.

The Curry House success demonstrates to open similar restaurant at the Buda area in Budapest. Its name will be different, but the best of Indian cuisine will be present aswell.

At the end of the presentations we were invited on a  tour to India for a delightful Indian cuisine.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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