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The A to the Q to which is the most-watched TV sporting event after the Formula 1 in Hungary, some folks perhaps should need more than a minute and only a few could immediately give the right A, which would be „The Giants Live Budapest”.  The last year’s competition was broadcasted through the largest European sports channel, so thanks to the EuroSport channel millions of fan were interested in viewing the „strongies” nearly in 90 countries, mostly  broadcasting  live on time.  The contest in June, 2012 took place at the Ramada Resort Aquaworld in Budapest, Hungary. It was the most prestigious strongman contest of our last quarter of our century. Many may have followed and know it ended with domestic success.

The finalist in the competition,  gained the Giant „V” was fought by Mr. Akos Nagy, who won the award and the right as to be the official World’s Strongest Man. After ten years break, Hungary was granted further representation.

After last year’s Hungary’s  participation in organizing such a successful competition won the right to organize this year again the World Cup qualifiers Giants Live strongman competition.

Who will be the strongest … this isn’t the Q of head-or-tail! There will be out there 10 already strongest men to hold your breath with them at the same time.  An amazing spectacular competition, with the contestants to “mobilize” around 2 tons in a single event.

This year’s comnpetition  are benchmarked with five competitive strength of numbers from 10 country’s “strongrest man”

Here is the list of the competitors:

1 Michael Burke … In 2012, the US’s Strongest Man in 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic 5 prize, The World’s Strongest Man 2 Tomi Lotta … Finland’s strongest man, twice a finalist in The World’s Strongest Man.

3 Alen Radosevic  … Serbia 2 Strongest Man, from novice to pro.

4 Marc Van de Haer … South Africa 2 strongest Man.

5 Tamas Hajnal … HSMA Hungary 2 strongest Man.

6 Ákos Nagy … Former junior world weightlifting champion, professional powerlifting champion Hungary, the Budapest Live Giants 1, 2012 prize, The World’s Strongest Man 7 Eddie Hall …  In 2011, in 2012 Britain’s Strongest Man, The World’s Strongest Man 8 Alex Curletto … Italy’s Strongest Man, The World’s Strongest Man.

9 Sergey Romanchuk … Ukraine’s Strongest Man, the 2011 Strongman Champions League finals and the first Giants Live Ukraine prize, The World’s Strongest Man.

10 Bjorn Andre Solvang … Norway’s Strongest Man (2013).

Judges … In 2001, the World’s Strongest Man

Colin Bryce from Great Britain and Svend Karlsen  from Norway.

Time … Date … Place:

2 p.m. Saturday,  June, 22. 2013.

Ramada Resort Aquaworld Budapest

 District, IV. 16. Íves Road – Budapest

Update  by Aggie Reiter

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