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In the recent days a press conference related to the forthcoming marathon days of the 10th Summer Festival was held at the National Opera House Budapest by Teodóra Bán festival director, Deputy Mayor Miklós Csomós, Ókovács Szilveszter Opera Director, Secretary Monika Balatoni, Géza Kovács, Director General of the NFZ and Tamás Solymosi ballet director.

Just to pull your attention before rolling into the deep,  not just the weather will be hot this summer, but be prepaired for the 10th summer festival’s hot days and hot nights!

So … upon the opening at the press conference  Mr. Miklós Csomós Deputy Mayor said, quote: „The capital city is proud of the leadership of the ten summer festival, which will be  filled with  rich and diverse programs. The summer festival will hold from the folkdancing and the folk music up to the opera events. From the variety of programs there will be for everyone to choose from programs that suites their own taste.” The Deputy Mayor also pointed out that this year the Margaret Island Open-air Stage will celebrate its 75-year saying, quote: „One of the jewels of the capital” and the government and the capital support the cost to renew the stage by 700 million Hungarian Forint. This will cover this year’s and the next year’s cost renewer. The modernization is an important element  and there will be a roof pulled above the stage as well.”

The first phase of the renovation will be completed, by June,14, when it opens to the works of Verdi and Wagner concerts. The National Symphony Orchestra director Géza Kovács said there will be the overture from popular melodies and “reconcile” the two giant composers whose attitude toward life was far from cloudless. Both born 200 years ago, two of them one of a kind, very opposite personalities, yet indeed were linked together by the harmony of music.

The  festival strategic partner will be the Hungarian State Opera House, which will present  two operas and one ballet staged at the Margaret Island. Trustee of the Opera ballet director Tamás Solymosi said that a renewed  ballet choreograph will take place  in honor and memory of the one year ago gone ahead  Mr. Laszló Seregi  the first dramatic ballet choreographer. He was also 40 years on stage with grand success playing Spartacus.

Mr. Ókovács Szilveszter stressed, quote: “Those amazing cultural resources, which in Hungary have become apparent will be in the Budapest Summer Festival Programs.” Under his institutional managament will be brought on stage Madame Butterfly and beside Puccini’s evergreen, the summer season holds one of the world premiere of, Stephen the King composed by Ferenc Erkel.  So far the Hungarian National Library of Music Collection held the manuscripts but for the first time at the Summer Festrival’s concert  the sheet music will be available told the good news for sheet music lovers Ms. Theodóra Bán director of the Festival.

Representing the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Secretary, Ms. Mónika Balatoni made an announcement, quote: „One day before August, 20 the public holiday, wish to highlight the event with Cardinal Péter Erdős Primate of Hungary  who will patronage by his presence at the Stephen the King – Erkel’s opera at the gala performance whereas, beside the Members of the Government and the foreign delegations jointly with the public audience will be invited and to be promising a real social experience.”  The Stephen the King opera’s costumes and scenery will be seen by designer Centaur, descendant of Erkel family, so this time he will learn firsthand the values ​​ of arrangement and grandiose he will lay infront to see for the audience. The title role will be sung by Mr. Gábor Bretz.

During the festive season, many artists will take the stage. Ms. Andrea Rost opera singer for the first time will be in the title role of Madam Butterfly, the National Philharmonic Orchestra  will be conducted by Carlo Montanaro  at the festive opening concert. Ms. Andrea Caré Italian tenor will be seen for the first time in Hungary in the Puccini opera.

The 10th Place in Budapest Summer Festival festive season will include among the shows: Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” by well-known opera soloists as: Ms. Beatrix Fodor, Ms. Viktória Mester, Ms. Anna Herczenik, Ms. Bernadett Wiedemann, Mr. Szabolcs Hámori Szabolcs. There will be a co-operation gathering staged into to-day’s history, an orchestrated work directed by Mr. Andrew Hábetler. They present a The grand classic Viennese operetta author Mr. Karl Zeller’s „Birdwatcher” play will be shown, a   piece of play which hasn’t been staged for more than  forty years,  starring Mr. Géza Egyházi. Both shows will be presented at the Városmajori Outdoor Stage where the kids are awaited to see fabulous fairytale performances week-by-week.

This year the Theater Review will be renewed at the Városmajor outdoor stage will welcome seven provincial theaters from Nyíregyháza, Veszprém, Kaposvar, Szombathely, Kecskemét, Székesfehérvár and Transcarpathia with drama productions and classical music pieces as well. The performances will be accompanied by a professional jury and audience. At the end of the Theater Review, the best male and best female performance category will receive a gift awards.

The protocol lecture dated 19 prestigious guests call the Secretary of State, but those interested in the Outdoor Theater website can register for free tickets. The next day’s lecture ticket prices they go gifts inventory, the 20th of may 2000 HUF per person entry to change.  Information in-depth will be after June, 10. follow atwww.szabadter.hu

The Budapest Summer Festival will present exhibitions connected to the City and Theater History, whereas the 75-year’s anniversary of the Margaret Island Stage can be seen beside the Deák Square at the City Hall park opening on June, 1. The title of the exhibition will be „Margaret Island Anno.”  The next exhibition to open will be the „Metropolitan Archives postcard”collection can be visited from June, 14 at the exhibition of collected Historical Photographs taken at/ by the water tower on the Margaret Island. These images are from the legacy collection of the 100 years old Mr. György Klösz. Within this collection: photos, posters and theatrical specialties from the first moment to open the Margaret Island Open-air Stage in 1938 and the Water Tower courtyard of the era will be on view for visitors.

Minding the visitors, just like last year, the Margaret Island can be reached by the special Theater Boat Service. The standard scheduled boat service operates 5-times /day . Rolling over to the Island the  visitors  and the audience members can enjoy the unique sights while reaching Island. The boat stops just a couple of steps to the  Open-air Theater  and before the performance the 102-years old Water Tower may counted in to visit.  There is a 100-years old giant Platanus tree, that ain’t a usual thing to see in its glory in a metropolitan city.  Taking a short walk to visit and see the Saint Margaret Ruins, as well as the monument of the Premontre Monastery would be a pitty to miss if your out on the Island.

Well these are just in a nutshell of some events to mark and worthwhile to keep an eye on!

There will be  many more  eye catching events coming up, as the slogan says:


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