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To-day the World’s strong man was the American Michael Burke  who won the World Championship qualifying race  in the contest of  the „Giants Live” in Budapest.  An extreme day in all sence  not just the  talking about the weather  but the participants veins were also boiling. From three continents represented themselves with their strongest man, including two Hungarians. They all were out to fought for three more place in the forthcoming „World’s Strongest Man” final to be held at Sanya, China.

The Giants Live competition was arranged for the second year at the Ramada Resort Aquaworld, Budapest.  Burke, who last year was the most powerful man in the United States of America. The 39 years old American “giant”, Burke won the strongest man title here in Budapest at the “Giants Live” competition.

The Hungarian Ákos Nagy, who is not fond in eating potatoes, 12 times handled, pushed over his head the 160 kilograms in weight of potatoes.

Nobody defeated Burke except Akos Nagy, only in one number. Behind Mr. Burke, from Great Britain Eddy Hall finished second, while at the third stand the Norwegian Bjorn Solvang finished. Tamás Hajnal, the other Hungarian participant finished in the fifth place.

Obtained points: Michel Burke (USA) 54 points,  Eddy Hall (Britain) 52 points,  Bjorn Solvang (Norway) 47, 5 points, Ákos Nagy 43.5 points,  Tamás Hajnal 30 points.

Last year’s winner the Hungarian Ákos Nagy finished fourth. The American Burke got a free card to Sanya, Chine and the good news for Ákos Nagy is that although he finished in the 4th place, now stepped one place ahead so he will be in the pack of three to go for the title „The World’s Strongest Man” finals in August, in Chine. 

Photos received from Press Chief Mr. Dezső Dobor.

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The World’s Strongest Man contest … have had  proved already to be an interesting and eventful day at the Ramada Resort Aquaworld. 

Tomorrow,  2 p.m. Saturday, June, 22. 2013.

That will be the DAY! when we will see the World’s Strongest Man competition on the spot and also this day will be for many an unforgettable event to see them walk the line in blood, sweat and tears!

See previous  Herald News  concerning the competitors:

The Ramada Resort Aquaworld had created an awesome locale for this year again , just like in 2012. The „Giants Live”  will be arranged for the second time at the same place. The  series  of  Giants Live is a superb and popular event throughout the world. The Giants in every sence are here in Budapest and no one will miss not seeing the competition minute-by-minute if they roll over to the Ramada Resort Hotel, District IV., 16. Íves Street, Budapest, By car , GPS N.47.5190263,  E19.0612392. Within Public transportation can be reached  on bus number 230, back-and-forth from the Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station to the Ramada Resort Aquaworld, Budapest.  The bus runs every hour.

At this morning’s press conference we not only heard about what tomorrow may bring, but also nine out of ten giant competition were present at the press gathering. Unfortunately, the Ukraine competitor Mr. Sergey Romanchuk had a hard time with overdose of delay flying  to reach Budapest, but tomorrow he will be just fine, so we were told at the press conference.  Of course within this number two out of ten  are on home soil Mr. Ákos Nagy and Mr.Tamás Hajnal.  Mr. Szabolcs Juhász – Director of the Water Theme Park welcomed the  media representatives and expressed his and the Park’s organizers team the pleasure to have the buddies and mates back for the second time. He also mentioned, Quote: The visitors to the event will experience two-in-one! First of all … cheering  the Giants Live strongest men and thereafter splash into one of the most attractive WATERVILLE in the world. To be a viewer at the competition is free of charge, but later on who wish to enter  the land of the Aquaworld, must purchase an entry ticket. Also said, Quote: „It became a world trend to visit countries around the world, whereas sporty interest takes place on time and on the spot. Definitely, it will be THE DAY tomorrow … it will be longest day … (In the Northern Hemisphere on June 21 is the summer solstice.  The maximum altitude of the Sun will be on the horizon.) … count on the extreme heat wave, which will make the competition hot…hot…hot for the Giants and surely be a DAY TO SURVIVE!  

Mr. Colin Bryce may not immediately ring the bell for all when it comes to think about the worlds strongest man competition, but indeed many may know him to be involved with the competition for several years and who has met many of the past and present strongest men. Colin has been working along with several sporty channel. One of the tops was being the commentator at the Eurosport on the Sydney Olympics, Last year on Channel5, (UK), 1.2 million viewers watched 25 minutes of summaries, six times a year of this magnificent GP. As for the World’s Strongest Man, Quote:” I have a few roles with Worlds Strongest Man. During the year I help organise the Giants Live Qualifying Tour.”

The Giants Live two judges were also present, Mr. Svend (The Viking) Karlsen, the former Norwegian strongman, powerlifter, and IFBB professional bodybuilder who has an awesome rich sporty history along with 30 Norwegian records, 3 European records, and 1 world record. He was pleased he could make it this time to Budapest cause last year he missed it.  So he added to the tomorrow’s competition, „Quote: This is a qualifying opportunity of this year’s World Championships in the powerful man … the World’s Strongest Man grand prix. So here in Budapest the competition is „worth a golden ticket” to the final which will be at Szany, China. It is not just the prize money that counts, it is the Olimpia  game of this sporty. The other judge is no less well-known Mr. Darren Sandler, a British strongman competitor, winner of the World Strongman Challenge in the under 105 kg category, and notable for being a repeat competitor at the World’s Strongest Man.

Mr. Sándor Német,  Biotech, one of the supporters of this event. He said, Quote: „ The Biotech is present over the five continents around the world and being the representative here in Hungary, it is most natural and with pleasure  we will all wow for Mr.  Ákos Nagy, the Hungarian champion of last year. Also for the second Hungarian competitor Mr. Tamás Hajnal.

Of course the main protagonist of the event will be the World”s Strongrest Man qualifying competition, but that doesn’t take as long as to end the day, so after the glory and award goes out anybody can go for their splash at this superb  adventure park  and view the sophisticated  constructions to make you feel you’re in another World, but of course you have arrived to the Aquaworld in Budapest.

Pretty sure many who haven’t been there have missed a lot. Even some of the worldwide Waterville could have a word or two of the Hungarian awesome environment which is all about water-and-water-and of course fun, entertainment, food and drinks,  throughout the day.

Six out  of ten competitors have been in the previous years  participating in the World’s Strongest Man competition.

About the challenges of the ten competitors where they will have to  turn their gear on … in strength, speed, stamina and skill to compete in different types of „battles with their energy wouldn’t like to spoil the party by going into  the number of events, must go to see one-by-one for yourself. Wishing all out to be there a splendid day!

Attached video showing a brief intro of the competitors, the draws and measuring the size of their biceps:

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The A to the Q to which is the most-watched TV sporting event after the Formula 1 in Hungary, some folks perhaps should need more than a minute and only a few could immediately give the right A, which would be „The Giants Live Budapest”.  The last year’s competition was broadcasted through the largest European sports channel, so thanks to the EuroSport channel millions of fan were interested in viewing the „strongies” nearly in 90 countries, mostly  broadcasting  live on time.  The contest in June, 2012 took place at the Ramada Resort Aquaworld in Budapest, Hungary. It was the most prestigious strongman contest of our last quarter of our century. Many may have followed and know it ended with domestic success.

The finalist in the competition,  gained the Giant „V” was fought by Mr. Akos Nagy, who won the award and the right as to be the official World’s Strongest Man. After ten years break, Hungary was granted further representation.

After last year’s Hungary’s  participation in organizing such a successful competition won the right to organize this year again the World Cup qualifiers Giants Live strongman competition.

Who will be the strongest … this isn’t the Q of head-or-tail! There will be out there 10 already strongest men to hold your breath with them at the same time.  An amazing spectacular competition, with the contestants to “mobilize” around 2 tons in a single event.

This year’s comnpetition  are benchmarked with five competitive strength of numbers from 10 country’s “strongrest man”

Here is the list of the competitors:

1 Michael Burke … In 2012, the US’s Strongest Man in 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic 5 prize, The World’s Strongest Man 2 Tomi Lotta … Finland’s strongest man, twice a finalist in The World’s Strongest Man.

3 Alen Radosevic  … Serbia 2 Strongest Man, from novice to pro.

4 Marc Van de Haer … South Africa 2 strongest Man.

5 Tamas Hajnal … HSMA Hungary 2 strongest Man.

6 Ákos Nagy … Former junior world weightlifting champion, professional powerlifting champion Hungary, the Budapest Live Giants 1, 2012 prize, The World’s Strongest Man 7 Eddie Hall …  In 2011, in 2012 Britain’s Strongest Man, The World’s Strongest Man 8 Alex Curletto … Italy’s Strongest Man, The World’s Strongest Man.

9 Sergey Romanchuk … Ukraine’s Strongest Man, the 2011 Strongman Champions League finals and the first Giants Live Ukraine prize, The World’s Strongest Man.

10 Bjorn Andre Solvang … Norway’s Strongest Man (2013).

Judges … In 2001, the World’s Strongest Man

Colin Bryce from Great Britain and Svend Karlsen  from Norway.

Time … Date … Place:

2 p.m. Saturday,  June, 22. 2013.

Ramada Resort Aquaworld Budapest

 District, IV. 16. Íves Road – Budapest

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