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Monday, September, 23., 11.05 a.m. of this morning, the first W!ZZ AIR flight lift-off  from Budapest to Moscow with 149 passengers on board. On this occasion the press was invited to see the happening.  The plane  will arrive to the Vnukovo Airport in Moscow.

Officials of W!ZZ AIR in the meantime are having five flights during the week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday). starting from October, 28. of this year the flights will be 7 days a week.

The passengers reaching the plane were pretty surprised when seeing a bunch of people standing beside the stairway, taking snaps. Mr. Victor Sorokin from the Russian Federation stepped to tell the excited passengers, that to-day is W!ZZ AIR’s first flight from Budapest to the  Vnukovo Airport in Moscow and when they saw the celebration cake with the Russian  Matuska dolls and the W!ZZ AIR plane on top of the cake, they understood this a special day for them as well.

This will be for many a memorable day… first flight on board W!ZZ AIR from Budapest to Moscow … first passenger reaching the stairway … was a couple of weeks old baby on the arms of a young lady. Now this is another proof there is no limit to age to fly on W!ZZ AIR! (see lady stepping on the red line on the slide-show).

Probably, ears are sharpen now to hear the low-price, well the one-way trip cost: 15.990.-HUF and this fee covers: includes taxes, non-optional charges and a small hand luggage. The W!ZZ AIR flights to-and-from  Budapest-Moscow already sold out 13 thousand tickets, which reflects on the intensify connections relating to both countries in the area of business, trade and tourism.

Mr. Daniel de Carvalho, spokesman for W!ZZ AIR said this morning, Quote: “We are very excited that W!ZZ AIR is landing for the first time in Russia today, this event is a milestone.  To-day’s passages were greeted on the first W!ZZ AIR flight from Hungary to  Russia by  traditional live Russian music and when they came on broad and heard the sound of the piano accordion  playing the KALINKA tune (composed by folklorist: Ivan Larionov – 1860), some folks danced their way to their seats.  Have had already seen the passengers enthusiasm which reflects on the importance of bringing the airline as a bridge to connect directly Russia and Hungary.  Upon the view of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the  Russian tourists are considered to be on top spending  a lot. Now the low-fare services surely will bring new affordable means of travelling for those who want to come to Hungary.”

During the history of W!ZZ AIR in Hungary, it has have been searching, looking for the possibilities to wider open the sky. The past years, it also has open its wings beside the domestic lift-off to new international routes. Maybe, by now needless to say, but there might still be 1-2 persons who does not know … W!ZZ AIR is the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe’s and probably not too far by saying it is also a low-cost airline considering flights to Tel-Aviv, Dubai or Azerbaijan, where the W!ZZ AIR wings also fly you there.

Working hard during the week…then relax hard on week-ends, or taking a break and save on the low-cost it is said you have come to the right place.  Light flights for business, trade travelers and travelfanatic individuals. W!ZZ AIR  is about to offer 95 cities within 35 countries to drop by. In the meantime there is a list of other destination and handy information at

Jump straight to the internet grab your tickets, go for one of your most popular destination you have been dreaming of and leave the rest to care about for the W!ZZ AIR!

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Soon Azerbaijan will be posted on the W!ZZ Air’s flight map.

Flash news: Thursday, April, 11. 2013.  Wizz Air, the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe held a media gathering  at the Corinthia Hotel- Budapest, to announce that it will commence the Budapest-Baku service from  June, 17. 2013. The route will initially operate twice weekly and is expected to carry over 30,000 passengers in the first year.

The announcement marks Wizz Air’s entry to Azerbaijan, one of the fastest growing economies in Asia in recent years. With over two million inhabitants Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, is also the cultural, trading and economic center of the Caspian Sea and Caucasus due to its subtropical climate, historical heritage, favorable location and wealth of natural resources. As a touristic attraction the city certainly stands for it’s the most European city in Asia” trademark.

Budapest, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities will also offer Azeri tourists Hungary’s highly developed health recreation facilities and culinary delights. W!ZZ AIR’s Budapest network with 34 destinations will also serve as a logical gateway to Europe for Azeri travelers. The new route will connect the two countries directly for the first time, boost bi-directional tourism and establish an important link for trade and business between Hungary and Azerbaijan.

The Budapest-Baku line follows Wizz Air’s earlier announced Eastern expansion, to countries such as Ukraine, Israel, Georgia and the United Arab Emirates. Flights on Wizz Air’s new route to Baku are already on sale and can be booked immediately on with incredible fares starting from just €59.99 or  17990HUF.






Fares from

Budapest – Baku  June, 17

Mon, Fri

8.35 P.M.


Baku – Budapest  June, 18

Tue, Sat

3:55 A.M.




Mr. József Váradi, CEO – W!ZZ AIR – Quote: “W!zz Air pursues “Go East” to stimulate low-cost flying in one of the most dynamically growing regions in the world. The expansion of our Budapest network with Tel Aviv, Kiev and Dubai reflects on Hungary’s appeal to the ever-growing potential of incoming tourism from Eastern markets. Now the opening of the Budapest – Baku route follows suit. Our incredible fares starting from 17990HUF will make Hungary an attractive destination as well as an entry point to Europe for Azeri travellers. The direct air link will also help to foster economic and cultural developments between the two countries.”

Mr. Péter Szijjártó, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations,  Quote: “Today’s announcement is the next milestone marking the success of our external economic strategy called „Opening to the East”. Hungary is interested in further strengthening the economic cooperation with Azerbaijan, therefore creating a direct air link between the two countries is particularly important. As a result of the new route we expect a significant growth in business and tourism traffic.”

Mr. Shahin Mustafayev, Minister of Economic Development, Quote: “This important event is a clear indicator of the high level of relations between Azerbaijan and Hungary, based on mutual respect, trust and friendship. The opening of this direct air link between Baku and Budapest is very important in terms of the expansion of the existing relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Hungary in the field of politics, economy, trade and tourism. It will serve to strengthen ties between the business communities of the two countries, increase the traffic of passengers and goods, and ensure competitiveness in the market.”

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Budapest, 3 April 2013: Wizz Air, the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe today announced that it will operate the new Budapest-Dubai route initially four times a week starting on 28 October. The airline will fly to Dubai World Central designed to become the largest airport in the world, and which is conveniently located to serve both Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. W!zzAir’s Hungarian route network now consists of 36 routes underpinning the airline’s undisputed market leadership in Hungary.

The UAE has displayed one of the most impressive developments in the world over the past few decades to become one of the most wanted tourism destination. W!zzAir will be the first European low fares airline operating to Dubai and a launch customer for Dubai World Central. The Dubai World Central Passenger Terminal will open in October for scheduled passenger flights and is planned to become the city’s main airport hub until the mid 2020s, when with five runways and a capacity of 160 million yearly passengers it will be the largest airport infrastructure in the world. Flights on W!zz Air’s new route to Dubai are already on sale and can be booked immediately on with incredible fares starting from just HUF 19,990*.




Fares fromoCTOBER, 28

October, 28. 2013.

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun.


Operated on Airbus A320           





Speaking in Budapest today, Mr. György Abrán, Chief Commercial Officer of W!zz Air, said: “I am very pleased to announce this new Budapest route to Dubai. Dubai World Central Airport will also conveniently serve most of the UAE markets, particularly Abu Dhabi. It is great news for Hungarian inbound tourism as well as Hungarian and European holiday makers who now can easily reach one of the most dynamically developing regions of the world with incredible touristic and leisure attractions, and all of that for a fraction of the costs of today’s travel. This is another step W!zz Air is making to enhance Hungary’s connections with East and West. We will continue to offer price conscious consumers very low fares, keeping Hungary flying!” This process is on one way route including taxes.

Many may have heard about W!zz Air  in the world of  the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe… yet never too late for those who haven’t  heard of this splashing good news, it is worthwhile to repeat  this information.

It  operates a fleet of 40 Airbus A320 aircraft from 16 bases with over 260 routes connecting 93 destinations across 32 countries. At W!zz Air a team of 1,500 professionals deliver superior service and very low airfares making W!zz Air the preferred choice of over 13.5 million passengers in 2013.

Wizz Air’s state-of-the-art iPhone app is now available at

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