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The Jelly Meat Festival organizers from Miskolc and the  „MÁV” Experience Nostalgia Trains Ltd. held in advance a press conference at the Városliget’s Ice Rink , Budapest.

One of Hungary’s best-known awarded tourist festival is at the City of Miskolc. Now-a-days have had outgrown of its place where in the past 12 years it was arranged.  Well,  in just 3 days to come, between February 22-24 and the entire city center will be the scene of the 13th Jelly Meat Festival.
They Jelly Meat Festival has what it takes for the local folks and absolutely sure the foreigners to come have never seen, been to such an awesome gathering. Especially the jelly meat (not all with meat…there will be jelly fruits and veggies balls as well … (I am hungry already for the jelly meat) and food…food…food so many culinary values​​ not to be missed. Be prepared (!) you won’t be hungry in Hungary! Get ready for the special wines from the surrounding areas to ease your thirst. Traditional Hungarian hand-made folk art works will be also available. The Jelly Meat Festival is one of Hungary’s largest and if not the most popular social event. As in the previous years, this year it is also expected to have over 300 thousand visitors.

Each year there is a foreign country’s city invited. This year will be the city of  Kosice  the guest of honor, which is the European Capital of Culture in  2013. Slovakia. 

In addition, during the festival, photographic exhibition can be seen of Kolontár, the red sludge disaster victim’s village showing the unity and strength of their soul.

This year, the City of Mezőkövesd will be the nation’s special guest of honor. Connected to the  occasion the  popular Matyó folk art , will be placed on the List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Beside the land of Matyó, debuts Szomolya, Gönc and Monok. The Matyó Folk Dance Group, the Tard’s and the St. Stephen’s traditionalist groups will be on stage.  The well-known folk art gingerbread from Matyó will not be missing. Members of the Matyó folk art association, will be presenting some amazing embroideries and their woven technic. The representatives of the Tourist Office of Mezőkövesd will join the festival to inspire, bring the attention to the nature hot spa at the Bath of Zsóry.

The „MÁV” Experience Nostalgia Trains will also roll on the tracks to the Jelly Meat Festival  on Saturday, February, 23. to Miskolc. The company wish to make it easy to reach Miskolc by offering to their passengers  a one-day special ride back-and-forth to the Jelly Meat Festival with reduced ticket prices. But that’s not all, rolling on the tracks to Miskolc: light snacks, welcome drink, surprise gifts  and entertainment like live band and dancing on the train will definitely shorten the ride.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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