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Budapest – Lisbon on its first low-cost W!ZZ Air flight

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 By the time reading this update the W!ZZ Air flight from Budapest has ready landed at the Lisbon Airport and the almost 200 travelers en route are already enjoying the sights and sound of the City. 

The W!ZZ Air is also expanding in Budapest throughout the year 2015. Here is the latest which was launched today from Budapest above the clouds to Lisbon!

On the occasion to the first flight from Budapest  to Lisbon a ceremony connected with a  press conference took place at the Budapest Airport, whereas Joaquim FL Pimpao – Representatives of Portugal Embassy in Budapest (Economic and Commercial Counselor – aicep Portugal Global), Henrique Sousa – Maintenance W!ZZ Air Quality Maganer at Budapest, Balazs Bogats – Head Airline Comerica Bussines Development Unit – BUD Budapest Airport and Mihány Hardy – Communications Director – BUD Budapest Airport welcomed the press individuals.

At first, Joaquim FL Pimpao outlined the importance of having this direct flight to-and-from Budapest, which will open windows for not only the Hungarians, but the Portuguese as well to see, learn more about the two countries culture, gastronomy and way of life. He added … Lisbon, as a city is not just an ordinary place … it has the „must see” sign on guide list for tourist … not to be missed and same goes for the Portuguese tourist to come to Budapest.

Balazs Bogats talked about the pleasure of having this direct flight, which was for some time awaited by the travel addicted individuals. He also stated, on this first flight almost had fully reservation and only has a limited number of seats remaining on its flight back to Budapest – Hungary.

During the press conference was said …The good news is that most of the W!ZZ Air flights from Budapest had previously been pushed more towards the East and now by flying to Lisbon takes the sky’s direction to the West!

There were two huge cakes and before heading to the runways, a slice of the Barcelos Rooster cake was offered to the invited press individuals being present. The other cake was taken onboard the plan heading to Lisbon where Daniel de Carvalho, W!ZZ Air spokesman was awaiting to celebrate at the Lisbon Airport with this  mouth-watering yummy cake prepared in Budapest at the Zila confectionery.

The usually ceremony on W!ZZ Air’s first destination flight is having the water cannon sprinkling the aircraft. This to-day was absent, because the of the rain. Only viewed the passengers on their way to get onboard W!ZZ Air’s first flight to Lisbon.

Two countries connecting people … Another interesting destination for curious traveling lovers to take an adventuring tour from Budapest to Lisbon or from Lisbon to Budapest to get to know each country’s rich history, culture and gastronomy.

Just in brief  about “The legend connected of the Rooster of Barcelos” … It revolves around a dead rooster that crows to prove an accused man’s innocence. However, there are variations to the story.  The Rooster of Barcelos also symbolizes honesty, integrity, trust and honor.

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Monday, September, 23., 11.05 a.m. of this morning, the first W!ZZ AIR flight lift-off  from Budapest to Moscow with 149 passengers on board. On this occasion the press was invited to see the happening.  The plane  will arrive to the Vnukovo Airport in Moscow.

Officials of W!ZZ AIR in the meantime are having five flights during the week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday). starting from October, 28. of this year the flights will be 7 days a week.

The passengers reaching the plane were pretty surprised when seeing a bunch of people standing beside the stairway, taking snaps. Mr. Victor Sorokin from the Russian Federation stepped to tell the excited passengers, that to-day is W!ZZ AIR’s first flight from Budapest to the  Vnukovo Airport in Moscow and when they saw the celebration cake with the Russian  Matuska dolls and the W!ZZ AIR plane on top of the cake, they understood this a special day for them as well.

This will be for many a memorable day… first flight on board W!ZZ AIR from Budapest to Moscow … first passenger reaching the stairway … was a couple of weeks old baby on the arms of a young lady. Now this is another proof there is no limit to age to fly on W!ZZ AIR! (see lady stepping on the red line on the slide-show).

Probably, ears are sharpen now to hear the low-price, well the one-way trip cost: 15.990.-HUF and this fee covers: includes taxes, non-optional charges and a small hand luggage. The W!ZZ AIR flights to-and-from  Budapest-Moscow already sold out 13 thousand tickets, which reflects on the intensify connections relating to both countries in the area of business, trade and tourism.

Mr. Daniel de Carvalho, spokesman for W!ZZ AIR said this morning, Quote: “We are very excited that W!ZZ AIR is landing for the first time in Russia today, this event is a milestone.  To-day’s passages were greeted on the first W!ZZ AIR flight from Hungary to  Russia by  traditional live Russian music and when they came on broad and heard the sound of the piano accordion  playing the KALINKA tune (composed by folklorist: Ivan Larionov – 1860), some folks danced their way to their seats.  Have had already seen the passengers enthusiasm which reflects on the importance of bringing the airline as a bridge to connect directly Russia and Hungary.  Upon the view of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the  Russian tourists are considered to be on top spending  a lot. Now the low-fare services surely will bring new affordable means of travelling for those who want to come to Hungary.”

During the history of W!ZZ AIR in Hungary, it has have been searching, looking for the possibilities to wider open the sky. The past years, it also has open its wings beside the domestic lift-off to new international routes. Maybe, by now needless to say, but there might still be 1-2 persons who does not know … W!ZZ AIR is the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe’s and probably not too far by saying it is also a low-cost airline considering flights to Tel-Aviv, Dubai or Azerbaijan, where the W!ZZ AIR wings also fly you there.

Working hard during the week…then relax hard on week-ends, or taking a break and save on the low-cost it is said you have come to the right place.  Light flights for business, trade travelers and travelfanatic individuals. W!ZZ AIR  is about to offer 95 cities within 35 countries to drop by. In the meantime there is a list of other destination and handy information at

Jump straight to the internet grab your tickets, go for one of your most popular destination you have been dreaming of and leave the rest to care about for the W!ZZ AIR!

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Budapest, 24th January 2013: Wizz Air, Hungary’s largest airline, today announced its new Budapest-Malta route which will initially operate two times per week from 17th May 2013.

Wizz Air’s latest growth in Budapest will increase the number of routes served from Hungary to 35 and also marks Wizz Air’s entry to the 30th country it operates to. Wizz Air’s newest route is good news for Hungarian holiday makers and weekend sun seekers as for the first time passengers between Budapest and Malta will enjoy really low fares paired with Wizz Air’s great service and direct flights. Seats are now available for booking with fares from just HUF 7,990* on


Starts: May, 17. 2013.

Weekdays: Monday-Friday

Schedule: 6.45 a.m.

Fare price from: 7,991 HUF

Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, said: “Wizz Air is very pleased to introduce yet another great destination to the Hungarian travel market. The historical Mediterranean island-state of Malta boasts idyllic coves and beaches on three different islands and offers twice as much sunshine per years as cities in Northern Europe. Wizz Air’s Monday and Friday flights will make this destination very attractive for weekend trips to the Med. But the good news don’t stop there: the people of Malta are enthusiastic travelers, often flying to the mainland for shopping. We believe Budapest’s offer of culture, gastronomy, high street shops and excellent hospitality, soon will conquer Maltese passengers which will further boost tourism traffic in Hungary.”

* one way price including taxes and maximum booking fee

Wizz Air is the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe and operates a fleet of 39 Airbus A320 aircraft from 16 bases with over 250 routes connecting 84 destinations across 30 countries. At Wizz Air a team of 1,500 professionals deliver superior service and very low airfares making Wizz Air the preferred choice of over 13.5 million passengers in 2013.

For more information: Daniel de Carvalho ; Wizz Air Group; +41-22-5559889″

I have been planning to visit Malta for ages. Now it seems it will be more convinient to go and  enjoy the landscape and hospitality I have heard so much about.

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Wizz Air confirms terminal bus service at Budapest Airport Current airport walking and tent boarding don’t meet

Wizz Air’s safety and service standards.

Budapest, 12th November 2012: Wizz Air, Hungary’s low-cost, low-fare airline, today confirmed its return to bussing passengers during boarding and disembarkation of all its Budapest flights from tomorrow, 13th November. Over the last week the airline has tested a low-cost facility proposed by Budapest Airport which did not allow for Wizz Air to carry passengers by bus. To use these temporary facilities passengers have to wait outside in tents to board their flights.

After carefully monitoring this trial and collecting passenger feedback on it, Wizz Air now confirms it will return to its original procedure of using busses to comfortably and safely carry passengers to and from the aircraft as the temporary low-cost facilities proposed by Budapest Airport do not comply with Wizz Air service and safety standards.  Should these low-cost facilities and processes significantly improve, Wizz Air will evaluate the airport proposal again.

Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, said: “Wizz Air is always open to work with its airport partners to ensure lower costs and lower airfares. Just seven months ago Wizz Air agreed to move from Terminal 1 at Budapest to Terminal 2, to help the airport lowering its own operational costs. We certainly welcome the airport’s commitment to find new ways to lower costs by suggesting different boarding procedures and Wizz Air happily tested these and collected passenger’s opinion. On behalf of our passengers  we cannot accept substandard facilities such as those currently in place at Budapest Airport, that effectively leave passengers in the cold waiting to board their aircraft with no access to sanitation nor adequate protection of adverse weather conditions. We do not compromise on these standards and until a much improved customer friendly solution is proposed by the airport, Wizz Air will provide a bus service for its passengers to and from the aircraft.” 

The announcement received from the W!ZZAIR – Hungary

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